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Test your skills in classic football management game series from the 1990s. , [url=]Anstoss 2 Gold Edition, and Anstoss 3: Der Fußballmanager are now available on GOG.COM separately or in a bundle with 10% discounts that will end on 16th July 2021, 1 PM UTC.

Please note that Anstoss 2 Gold Edition and Anstoss 3: Der Fußballmanager games are only available in German. While the rules of football/soccer remain universal, knowing the language of the four-time World Cup winners might be very useful to finish both titles mentioned above.

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Well, Anstoss Action was a simple game and pretty easy to play. If you integrated AA into A3, you could play out your team's matches in AA, and the result was then used in A3. But after a few matches you realized how to beat the AI easily and it became pointless.

However, considering that AA (just like Anstoss 4, by the way) was bundled in both the Ascaron Edition and the Anstoss 2007 release, it's a bit of a disappointment not to see the game here.
Wow, you get three fantastic games and still find something to mecker (complain) about. So typical german!
Oh, wait.... now I mecker (complain) about you! So typical german... :-D

Honestly, I never played Anstoß Action.
Never played any of these. I only ever played Bundesliga Manager back then, so this could be something fun and new. :) I'd also have no problem playing the German-only sequels since I know the language even if I'm a bit rustier than I used to be.
Zeewolf: What about the World Cup Edition of the original Anstoss / On the Ball? That was a great game, and it's also in English.
Thiev: Both versions are included.
Oh, thanks. I think I'll have to grab this, then. :)
Okay, Anstoss 2 refuses to start! It says, that it only runs with small type size, but after changing the type size, it still refuses to start, with the exact same message!
Please fix that GOG!
avatar the Anstoss series, long time no play.
Don 't know Anstoss but i do understand german so gonna check around and see if i want it. Also i wonder if there is a chance that we could get cultures gold here which the add-on is only german and is named die rache des regengottes.
The Editor of Anstoss 3 sais that it needs a small font size to work. I set it to the smallest size possible but it still doesn't work...
Never heard of these games but definitely wishlisted.
Hm, never played any of these games. But might be interesting. I only played one football manager game and that was Championship manager 2000. Man, that was a really good game.

Let's see how Anstoss 3 hold's up.