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This is my message/request to the GOG Managment. I have been a customer of GOG since its beginning as your reacords should show? My current list of over 60 games should confim what a big fan and supporter of GOG and its system I am.

I hate with equal passion steam and its draconion policys, and attitude, which is why i now buy ALL my games exclusivly on GOG.

So PLEASE!!!! Come on guys put more time and resourses into aquiring more modern (and even older) games.
I could list at least 25 current games on the much hated Steam right now, that i would buy (TODAY) if they were on GOG!

Thir is a glaring hole in the choices for Race sims and statergy on GOG, surley Steam can't have control over everything yet?

Keep up the great work and attitude to your customer but please more time on Aquisions.

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Your profile shows you have been here since February 2017.
I am sure they are trying to get more games here all the time.
This thread is not really the way to send a message to GOG. Try the 'We are listening to your feedback' thread or some such or use the wishlist.
Ok. so bear with me, I am dealing with some issues rn, so I can't Find the current (2019) release list. All I want at this moment is a link to this year's releases for 2019. Thank you!

Edit: Gosh, I'm an idiot
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It will be great to play in wolf pack or silend hunter 5 on GOG. It will be?
Hey, I am waiting on a game to be released on steam and before I buy it there I would like to ask if Gog plans to have it...

Its called Crying Suns.

I will not buy if I know it comes to Gog and wait for Gog, thanks.
2thick2know: Its called Crying Suns.

I will not buy if I know it comes to Gog and wait for Gog, thanks.
This is the only official list of games that are coming but GOG releases most titles without ever listing it in this list:

What you can do is ask the publisher of the game whether they plan to bring it here.