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JudasIscariot: It will be the death of you...
Edward_Carnby: Death Gate ?
дед мороз will be very generous albeit slightly late :P

Check your PMs in 5 minutes :) Congrats!
high rated
Just leaving it here...
Post edited June 13, 2018 by Thiev
HereForTheBeer: YAY! The Hint is back!
on probation, kinda ;)
Point_Man: I get a popup from my AV telling me that site is blocked for spyware... Maybe it's a false positive or...?
Dunno, I used Cubeupload for quite a long time for misc image sharing. But I replaced link with Dropbox one to stay on the safe side.
And no, AV triggers weren't part of the hint ;)
Want audio? Have some audio.
mike_cesara: How much time do we have? There are still many possibilities and some of them are so obvious..
20min, give or take ;)
Static was related to intro in both base game and DLC (both Firaxis & 2K logo have distorted-like effect) and audio was also taken from there ;)

and yeah... filename was also part of a hint ;)