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The great 2015 DRM-free Summer Sale has finally drawn to a close and we can all take a breather, scroll down and take a look at what was going on throughout June that may have slipped your attention due to so many awesome deals.

Get yourself comfortably seated, grab a summer-appropriate beverage of choice, and prepare yourself for a satisfyingly organized list of goings-on in true digest format!


June 1st -- Massive Chalice

This kickstarter-born Double Fine strategy came to as a day one release. Enjoy

Works on: Windows, OS X and Linux
Extra content: The game’s Original Soundtrack is available separately and 100% worth it.

June 2nd -- Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition

The tactical ship combat simulator joined a number of other Star Trek titles in our catalogue and we’re pleased to say it already feels at home.

Works on: Windows

June 4th -- The Masterplan

It’s a 2D top-down tactical heist sim, 70’s style. Your heist doesn’t have to be quick, and it sure doesn’t have to be easy - but it has to be spectacular.

Works on: Windows, OS X, and Linux

June 6th -- D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

This fresh and different adventure game comes from the creators of Deadly Premonition. Go on a tireless search for your wife’s killer.

Works on: Windows
Extra content: The Special Edition (or upgrade your game) grants the Special Costume Set (12 Beers) DLC, the Special Art Book, the Season One Voice Over Script, and the Mini Soundtrack.

June 9th -- The Walking Dead: Season One

It’s a game of character development, survival, and quite a few emotions. You can expect plenty of difficult choices and getting too attached to characters that inevitably wind up dead. Not enough?

Works on: Windows
Extra content: The DLC episode, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, is also available.

June 9th -- The Walking Dead: Season Two

Remember those difficult choices from the first season? Here, they resonate and ripple across the story that lies ahead - so if you haven’t played yet, do be careful.

Works on: Windows

June 9th -- The Wolf Among Us

It’s a modern take on old fables with a gritty, mature, and violent neo-noir feel available for Windows. Beware of the improved choice and consequence system - it will only make the game more challenging - and stay alert to catch comic book inspirations.

Works on: Windows

June 10th -- Kholat

It is a game of survival and exploration, a walking sim gone horror, narrated by Sean Bean. Try not to get too inspired by your narrator’s movie roles and survive the Dyatlov Pass, where so many hikers mysteriously lost their lives.

Works on: Windows

June 19th -- [url=]Tales From the Borderlands[/url]

Continue the recklessly irresponsible race for Pandora's vaults, Handsome Jack is here to break the Internet!

Works on: Windows


June 2nd -- Guild of Dungeoneering

Become the dungeon. Instead of controlling a hero, you get to create the field they are to explore. Combined with some awesome deck-building and watch things go according to plan or hilariously wrong.

Works on: Windows
Pre-order bonus: “Pirates Cove”, the first announced DLC pack

June 8th -- Armikrog

This unique stop-motion claymation comes from the creators of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood, and you will be able to enjoy its’ eccentric writing, surreal worlds, and lovable characters.

Works on: Windows
Extra content: The Deluxe Edition preorder comes with the game’s OST, composed by Terry Scott Taylor (the man behind the music from The Neverhood)!

June 11th -- Kyn

It’s an unforgiving Viking-themed cRPG, so be warned. Hand-holding? Don’t count on it. Active-pause? Ha-ha, nope. You’re a Viking, after all.

Works on: Windows, OS X and Linux.
Extra content: The Deluxe Edition comes equipped with the awesome soundtrack.
Pre-order bonus: The “Legendary Firemaster” armor set, including the “Eye of the Fire Axe” for extra fire and weapon damage and greater attack speed.


June 3rd -- Bloodstained coming to

We announced that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming in full glory to - and that we’ll be supporting the upcoming release with DRM-free versions to all Kickstarter backers of the game who pledge $28 or more.

June 14th -- Yooka-Laylee coming to

We are also supporting Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter with DRM-free versions for backers that pledge $15 or more. The game will be available for Windows, OS X and Linux starting on day one, so you can start getting excited!

Every Wednesday -- More free DLCs for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Six free DLCs for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
went live, bringing the total count up to ten (of the promised sixteen). In order of appearance, we added:
-- the Nilfgaardian Armor and Elite Crossbow Set,
-- the Fool’s Gold quest and a new Gwent card set,
-- the Wolf School armor set and new look for Triss
Read all about them or simply install ‘em all and start playing!
Lemon_Curry: (...) So is it an adventure? :P
Grargar: Witcher 3 is neither Kyn, nor has a Deluxe Edition, you know. :P
petchema: Why is Armikrog listed as working on all environments when the game page only lists Windows, are other platforms upcoming, or is that a plain mistake?
RichardHallas: And why is KYN listed here as being only for Windows, when the developer's site makes clear that it's for Windows, Mac and Linux?
Fixed! Sorry, I must have gotten a little dizzy while copying and pasting the available systems and trying to navigate between the various bits of text to add necessary links/info - but thank you for pointing it out!
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