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low rated
moobot83: so my OP gets voted as low rated which means these people are happy to have spam bots here or are probably spammers themselfs, just trying to suggest good ideas for the community yes what i said in the op was definitly over exageratted, but i think post limit on new accounts, or have to buy a game is a good idea, just sick of seeing the spam bots like most of u guys are
Many of us are against ANYTHING that punishes or limits legitimate customers. It is not the legitimate customer's job to make concessions just because spammers exist. Rather, it is the website's job to prevent the spammers while not punishing the legitimate customers. This goes for any spamming on any website. Also, while I did not low-rate your OP, it is my opinion that ANY "solution" that involves forcing customers to use client DRM, to make a DRM-free store "better" is worthy of low-rating and beyond that borders on trolling. I am not a mod of course so that is all I will say about that.
falloutttt: GOG already stated that they are not going to do anything about it, and simply remove those post manually.
tfishell: Can you provide a link or an idea where this is posted?
na, sorry. was a long time ago.

I just remember that someone from GOG-staff said so.