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All-new gameplay footage with developer commentary + Q&A session on!

This coming Monday, and CD PROJEKT RED invite you to a special live streamed event at the Twitch channel!

We'll be showcasing 15 minutes of completely fresh The Witcher: Wild Hunt gameplay highlights, while Damien Monnier - Senior Gameplay Designer, and Miles Tost - Level Designer, will be coming in live from the studio to provide developer commentary for the new footage. They'll be offering their insight, and an exclusive peek at the development process behind closed curtains at CD PROJEKT RED.

Once the gameplay commentary is finished, we will hold a live Q&A session on the air. Damien Monnier and Miles Tost will take the time to respond to live comments coming in via Twitch chat, as well as to select questions from the community forums! It's a rare opportunity to ask about all the saucy details of The Witcher: Wild Hunt development.

If you have any questions for the folks at CD PROJEKT RED, you can submit them right here in this thread. You have until Sunday, Jan 25 at 7:00 PM GMT to submit your questions, when we'll be selecting the most interesting ones to throw at the devs during the live chat.

The live stream will begin on Monday Jan 26 7:00 PM GMT / 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST (you will find a countdown clock below) at Follow our channel for an e-mail alert when we go live. We'll see you there!
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Nuh, it's not a joke. It's for ehm, "even and fair cinematic experience" on all platforms.
Nobody cares GPU alone costs as much as console. I read somewhere (why the hell, I never read gaming media), that, ahem, mouse and keyboard controls are not yet optimized. Contrary to gamepad. Which is astonishing. But hey, we are MASTER RACE! With power comes responsibility.
Garrison72: Are they uploading this to youtube?
Its not on youtube but you can watch the archived stream on GOG's Twitch channel, it starts at 11:25.
MOGEnrique: Just watched the gameplay video, they actually downgraded it... Disappointing. I'm also hearing it is "optimized" to run at 30fps, I hope it's just a joke.
Its not downgraded, the stream video is probably not the best way to watch it to get a good idea of just how much detail there is in the game. Here is the link they provided under video description for the uncompressed almost 3 GB version which really shows all the work CDPR has put in to make the game look exceptional.
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Judging by that video, which is of better quality, thanks, stg83, W3 trees apparently casts shadows over other trees, contrary to some statements. At least some trees do. Grass draw distance isn't really impressive (most noticable when Geralt and Vesemir ride towards village), I hope they will have some solution for contrast coloured grass, maybe similar to one ArmA implements. Shadows draw distance as well, short enough.
Some new screenshots, contrary to video, do look odd, though, when it comes to lightning/shadows.

So all I need to learn now is PC controls implementation (especially combat aspects), and more precise info on system requirements/optimization. Should narrative remain on level of W1/2, I'll be happy tank. Regardless of draw distance. :D

P.S. I wonder if wet materials, such as clothing, became darker, same way they did in original Ghost Recon (which is probably the only game with this feature)?
The whole developer commentary and Q&A stream is up on youtube now for those that missed it.
The Witcher: Wild Hunt PAX East 2015 stream is Live Now. You can watch it at the link below if interested.
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The PAX East panel live stream is over but here is the new gameplay video:

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PAX East 2015 Official Gameplay