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Just like in any good RPG, you don’t have to spend hundreds of gold pieces to have fun. All you have to do is visit GOG.COM and discover a collection of engaging titles to enjoy without having to spend a single coin. Below we’ve prepared a list of freebies you should definitely look into.

Create a GOG GALAXY account and enjoy the game
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is a cult classic that only a few people haven’t heard of at this point. Set in a unique dark fantasy world, this RPG features a deep story, complex characters, and tough choices that actually matter.

To get this game free of charge, all you have to do is download GOG GALAXY and create an account. After that, go to the "Recent" view and check the banner at the top. Click the giveaway button if you agree to receive news, updates, and GOG offers. After a while, the game will show up in your game library.

This means you are ready to join Geralt of Rivia on his epic adventures!

Free Games Collection
If you’re searching for cool games to explore right away, one of the first places to browse through on GOG.COM is the Free Games Collection. It is an ever-growing page full of classic and new titles that will surely keep you entertained. Here are a few of them:

Beneath a Steel Sky
This classic point-and-click adventure game follows the adventures of Robert Foster and his sentient robot Joey as they loom through the streets of the dystopian Union City ruled by the all-powerful computer, LINC. Among the many pros of Beneath a Steel Sky is a free digital comic book by Dave Gibbons.

Here’s something for horror fans. CAYNE is a grim adventure game set in the STASIS universe where you join Hadley, a woman who wakes up pregnant in a mysterious facility. In order to escape to safety, she has to solve many stomach-churning puzzles.

Flight of the Amazon Queen
Yet another point-and-click adventure game, this time with a humorous twist. In Flight of the Amazon Queen, you play as pilot Joe King, who sets off on a quest inspired by pulpy comic books from the past. Before finishing the game, you’ll explore over 100 exotic locations, interact with over 40 wildly funny characters, and solve many challenging puzzles.

Tyrian 2000
After a few adventure games, it’s time to dive into an exciting, old-school vertical shooter. You sit behind the cockpit of an airship as a former space marine, to repel an assault on the Tyrian planet by limitless armies of the Microsol corporation.

Ultima™ 4: Quest of the Avatar
Here’s a treat for all RPG buffs. Ultima™ 4: Quest of the Avatar is part of the legendary series created by Richard Garriot, aka Lord British. Become the hero Avatar and travel through the vast and diverse world of Sosaria, which is full of daemons, dragons, and long-dead wizards.

War Wind
If you love the classic RTS genre, you simply cannot miss this title. War Wind allows you to view an epic sci-fi struggle through the eyes of four unique alien races, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Achieve victory in 28 scenarios through diverse means, such as ferocious combat, spellcasting, and alliances.

Role-playing games, real-time strategies, and point-and-click classics – all available within your grasp! Discover both the GOG GALAXY client and the Free Games Collection on GOG.COM to enjoy hours of engaging gameplay.
Postal, Shadow Warrior, Bio Menace = Best free gaemz on gog!
I was expecting another free game . For example Thronebreaker .
It's a goddamned travesty that GWENT is on that page.