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It didn't sell twice as much as GTAV. Its a failure.
timppu: That reminds me: how was the TW3 PC retail version delivered (considering it contains a couple dozen gigabytes of files, I presume)? On several DVDs (how many?)
I think my copy came on 4 DVDs for the game installation, plus one with the soundtrack. Took really long to install, too, probably because of file compression. Still much faster than attempting to download it, though. ( At least on my connection. )
0Grapher: Exactly!!! I don't support censored games either/ never buy a censored version. But, by the time I actually bought Fallout 3 myself, Fallout NV GOTY had been uncensored and I bought Fallout 3 believing that it had been uncensored as well. It is a crime that publishers don't print CENSORED on their games but only print UNCENSORED on them. :P
That's bold in itself but it's nothing compared to one article that said: Gamers don't actually care any more if a game is censored or has DRM. So, if they are not then I think there's nothing wrong with finally printing CENSORED on the games, stop printing UNCENSORED on them and begin warning about the DRM the game has. :D
That's what kept me away from PC gaming for a long time -- you just have to do so much research before each purchase! Is the game censored? Does it use nasty DRM, extra clients etc. ? And then there's the hardware requirements, on top of that.

At least now, with GOG, I can buy pretty much anything and just enjoy playing it, without having to worry about most of these things. That's what the whole "Good Old Gaming" concept is about for me. Reminds me of the old days, where you just bought a game, popped it in and had fun. ( Well, on the old consoles anyway -- I know old PC games could be a pain too. :P )

Shadowstalker16: It didn't sell twice as much as GTAV. Its a failure.
Quick, we need a scapegoat. Let's blame piracy! That one always works.
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Great game, it deserves to be successful
Totally agree :)
darkwolf777: even Skyrim didn't have 4 million sales in it's first two weeks.
Grargar: Indeed. It did so in 2 days. :P
Articles I found had it at around 4.7 million in it's first month. Looks like it got massive pre-orders but the actual sales were spread out more.

ShadowAngel.207: Shows the bad taste a lot of gamers today have and how they never learn out of disappointments or developers who release broken, unfinished game after broken unfinished game with the same flaws over and over.
Same with Call of Duty and Battlefiield.
It's kinda sad.
Oh god, no. Not even close.

Bethesda's games are made to be modded, they're more or less a framework for modders to have fun with, with a short-ish game attached to it.

timppu: What makes you believe that? I think the PC retail has been shrinking further and further even from the TW2 times (2011 or so), in Europe too. (Unless you were thinking about console sales too?)
Yep, been pretty much dead here in America since 2006 or so. You can still find a few stragglers in WalMart or Target, but mostly crap compilation games, 1000 variations on solitaire and so forth. And then inexplicably StarCraft 2 and World of Warcraft and all their expansions. That's about the extent of it.

Now if you see PC games in a GameStop at all, it's on a card with a code to download from either Steam, Uplay, Origin and probably GoG now, though I can't say I've ever seen one.