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art of rally

Updated to 1.4.2a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog but somebody asked the devs on Discord. Here's the answer:
Online events fix.
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Hustlefan: Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#902-winmaclin-gog@60a1006 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac)
Linux installer now updated as well.
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Flat Eye

Updated to 1.1.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch notes - 1.1.5

Greetings, Managers! We bring you yet another update just before the weekend:

- Reworked the pathfinding to prevent random crashes
- Removed shop panel animation when already opened
- Fixed "naturally stressed" / "relaxed" perks mood min or max bug
- Updated notice document view
- Fixed robots being stuck in front of the module
- Fixed a crash in the grid
- Fixed some UI behaviour
- Fixed typos and bugs in dialogs
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Old World has been updated to version 1.0.64244 (GOG update number 60662).

From the dev on Discord:
Small hotfix release today, which fixes a bug in hotseat that could prevent players from taking actions such as chopping and pillaging. Main branch is now 1.0.64244 release 12/02/2022
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House Party

Updated to v1.0.6.
GOG was behind several updates, as the last one we had was v1.0.3. Apparently the devs labeled v1.0.4 as an alpha and v1.0.5 as a beta release. Weeeeeeeird way to number your versions, but okay.

Edit: dear fucking god GOG, this forum software is the most horrific god awfully (not) working pile of shit.

Go to the devs website for a changelog. It seems some random letters in a row is too fucking hard for GOG to handle.
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Foundation (In Development)

Updated to alpha (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch Is Now Available!

Hello everyone!

Patch is now available. Here’s what’s included:


- The parent building upkeep cost will now be updated dynamically after deleting a part instead of having to close and reopen the building window to see the change
- Better wording about the monthly upkeep of sub-buildings
- Updated localization

Bug fixes

- Hovering over the conditions to unlock a new tier of progression displayed the Estate Splendor tooltip instead of Estate Rating
- Sub-buildings displayed the tax amount of the parent building instead of their own in the building panel
- Splendor was gained even though buildings/monuments weren’t completely built
- The disabled trade route button was missing a tooltip
- The Trading with the Abbess event was adding its debuff on top of the applied debuff on each reload
- The Help window for control keybinds was displayed again after reselecting a building even if the player chose to dismiss it
- The first sculpture’s required resources were being multiplied by the total number of sculptures
- Required statues for some monuments’ parts were being converted to something else on load, which could prevent them from ever being completed
- Fixed a large number of typos

Crash fixes

- Crash linked to switching a Refectory (from the Monastery) to any other sub-building function
- Crash when quick reloading while the Parts list window of a monument is active and a newly added part is still under construction


- Expose additional sub-buildings functions
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AI War 2 has just received another update, taking it from 5.527 to 5.528 for Windows and Linux. Mac is still at 5.527.

5.528 Juice, Upgrades, And MP
(Released December 3rd, 2022)


* Necromancer structures now force-sync themselves 10 seconds after creation.
** This hopefully will get around some reports of necromancer structures not appearing for MP clients.

* MP Clients have the current location of all player-controlled flagships sync'd to them every 10 seconds.
** This is to get around reports of stale flagship locations.


* Add a new Sandbox Galaxy Option: Grant additional Templar Rift choices
** This can give the necromancer access to a lot more choices, but it's quite OP

General Changes

* Ships shown in at local planet that are loaded into something (ie. a transport or a guard post) now show with the correct faction color.


Dyson Sidekick

* Dyson Sidekick Flagships no longer get to the next tier level with an upgrade. Instead they need to kill things. After killing enough ships the flagships will move up in tier.
** The Dyson Sidekick already has a ton of things to spend Cuendillar on, so instead they now get a bonus for fighting a lot.

* Dyson Sidekick Transports are a bit faster

Ship Line Upgrades

* Fixed the mod's dependencies: It now requires DLC 1 instead of DLC 3, and AMU to function.
** Thanks to Dismiss for noticing.
* SLU now displays the correct values of ship line counts when upgrading and downgrading.
** Thanks to Dismiss for reporting.
* Brought the codebase folder structure in line with AMU. At some point this may change, but right now it should be uniform.
* Fixed the Siege Frigate and its upgrades, the Ion Disruptor and Devastator Frigates not being up/downgradeable.
* The hack for the upgrades now no longer depends on factories. In theory it now exists on every planet, but will only show wherever the player's king unit is.
** This fixes the hack showing multiple times for Ark Empires when the starter Ark was on a planet with more than one factory.
*** Thanks once again to Dismiss for reporting.

Juicy Journals
* New mod by @Juic3
** Journal entries made consistently formatted and all from an in-game voice, with few exceptions.
*** Give it a try please and give feedback on Discord. To see them all in-game type in chat "cmd:alljournals".
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Crypt of the Necrodancer

Update to V3.3.1-b3498.


Update 3.3.1 (November 25th, 2022)

Changed item hints of Shovel of Courage, Ring of Protection, Ring of Shielding and Karate Gi to match their new stats
Fixed errors after resuming a saved game from an older version
Fixed Shrine of Space sometimes creating levels without exit stairs
Fixed Monk starting with 7 hearts in Single Zone Mode
Fixed game freezes while loading graphical assets for some mods
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Astrox Imperium

Update to b0.0138.

No changelog.
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Update to V1.4.3563_rev485.

No changelog.
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After the fix of GOG's update system, I got a deluge of blue dots! Here are some updates that, to the best of my knowledge, have not been published in this thread yet:

Master of Magic Classic
cmfw_1.04.05_(57897) -> cmfw_1.04.06_(59097)

Little Inferno
1.3_(21445) -> 2.0.1_(60450)

Against the Storm Demo
pre-alpha_v0.18.13_(41801) -> earlyaccess0.38.3demo_(51827)

Secret Agent HD
v1.0.4.201_(57546) -> v1.0.5_(59730)

Sacred Fire Demo
v.2.6.2_windows_act2_demo_(58093) -> v.2.6.3_f2_windows_act2_demo_(60229)

Colt Canyon ->

Roadwarden Demo
1.3_(58043) -> demo_1.0.6_(59244) {regression?}

Boomerang X
1.1_(50851) -> 1.11_(59629)

8-Bit Adventures 2 Demo
1.0_(54354) -> 1.11_(60369)

Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim DEMO
1.0_(54442) ->

Trifox Demo
v1.01.12_(52889) ->

Flooded DEMO ->

Flashout 3 Demo ->

Tunguska: The Visitation
1.57-3_(64bit)_(60440) -> 1.58-1_(64bit)_(60641)

Chasm The Rift Demo
1.1.19_(64bit)_(59391) -> 1.1.22_(64bit)_(59586)

Sandwalkers: The Fourteenth Caravan
0.1_(59771) -> 0.1.2_(60111)

Lunistice Demo
1.01a-demo_(64bit)_(59818) -> 1.03-demo_(64bit)_(60325)
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Trooper1270: AI War 2 has just received another update, taking it from 5.527 to 5.528 for Windows and Linux. Mac is still at 5.527.
Mac has now been updated to 5.528. :)
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Intravenous was updated to version 1.4.0 today (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

The changelog can be found here: Patch notes - Version 1.4.0
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Scarlet Hollow

Updated from Scarlet Hollow Episode 3 Summer Content Update Patch 7/30 to Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0 to Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0a to Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0b for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Episode 4 is here.

Hey folks!

It's been a long time coming, but Episode 4 is finally here. Enjoy! :)

To celebrate the launch, we've also included an extension on the Wayne plush crowdfunding campaign, so check it out if that sort of thing interests you!

There have been a few changes to earlier episodes over the course of Episode 4's development, with the most notable one being an overhaul of the Mystical trait. Both Wayne and the carvings have their own themes as of Episode 4, and we've also replaced the Original Sin track in earlier episodes with these new recordings.

If you want to join in the community discussion, please check out our Discord ([]( and the Scarlet Hollow subreddit (

The Discord is also the best place to report bugs! Alpha testers did a great job with the new episode, though, so hopefully there won't be too many to find! If you run into weird issues early on, try verifying the integrity of your installation through Steam — I know the first round of patching was a little funky for some of our testers, but that should clear most things up!

Aside from bug fixes and a celebratory stream (date TBD), we'll be taking a month or so off some time off to recover from this deadline. And then it's going to be straight into work on Episode 5 and Slay the Princess.

Thanks so much for your support, and welcome home,
Tony + Abby

PS: As a note, Episode 4 is an escalation over prior chapters, so if you happen to need content warnings, we've updated our website to have an episode-by-episode breakdown:

12/3 Hotfixes

Fixed a few broken achievements and rare logic errors, among other assorted bugs

Another round of hotfixes

Layering issues, a couple of missing sprites, and a couple of messed up variables around the major decision! For the latter, if you ran into an obvious issue at the tail end of the ep (error screen or dialogue that didn't make sense given your choices) you might want to replay from the big choice!
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Scarlet Hollow updated from Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0b to Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0c for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Scarlet Hollow update for 4 December 2022

Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 Player Choices Survey and Patch Notes

Hey folks!

Big thanks to all of you for a truly special episode launch. The reception's completely blown beyond our expectations and we can't express how much it means to us to finally have been able to share this chapter with the world.

We just put out a patch that addresses most of the reported day 1 issues and makes some minor balance tweaks.

Most notable change is [spoiler]to the scene with Stella at the end of episode. If Tabitha is present and has a sufficiently close relationship to the player, she will insist that the player helps her talk to Stella, so it's easier for those two to reconnect without robbing the player of the emotional catharsis of the scene.[/spoiler]

We also have a survey ready for you to share your choices with us, which, as always, we'll compile into a write-up and dev log! Here's the link to the survey:

Thanks again!
Tony and Abby