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Foundation (In Development)

Updated to alpha (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch Is Now Available!

Hello everyone!

Patch has just been released. Here are the details:

Game Balance

• Butcher and Fishing Hut’s output was modified:

* Increased Butchery’s output from 4 to 5 meat
* Decreased Fishing Hut’s output from 8 to 7 fish


• The following workplaces now clear grass under their position:

* Blacksmith
* Coal Hut
* Iron Smelter
* Weaponsmith

• The Map Generator’s sliders tooltips will now be displayed when hovering over the icon in addition to the name label
• The advanced onboarding linked to a lack of tools will now trigger if:

* Tools are not set to be purchased nor assigned to a Warehouse
* Tools are set to be purchased but not assigned to a Warehouse
* Tools are not set to be purchased but assigned to a Warehouse


• The Promotion Mandate was greyed out in the mandates list on older saves despite its cooldown being over
• Deleting the Berry Brew sub-building while tracking Berries caused a crash
• A modded Great Hall sub-building prevented players from promoting individual villagers
• Reaching a Prosperity of 10 triggered a notification players should only see a bit later
• Clicking on the confirmation button to destroy a building or part after dismissing its window (backspace, right-click or close all windows) caused a crash
• Clicking on the confirmation button to switch a sub-building’s function after dismissing its window caused a crash

Thanks for playing and see you soon!
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Under Contract (In Development)

Updated to v0.4.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from
Demonic Voices v0.4.4

Welcome back, employees! A fresh new patch is ready to be enjoyed! This is going to be our final patch before the Early Access launch on Steam! Afterward, all future patches will then be applied to all stores at the same time.

So let’s talk about what is new in v0.4.4 of Under Contract!

The biggest overall change worth going into more detail about is the newly added voice recordings for all the characters in Under Contract. We do plan to add a whole lot more to the game to fix lines that repeat too much and add a better vibe to the content we already have. But overall the new lines add so much more polish to the game.

• Richard - HiJenx VO
• Dominique - FreeStyle Audio
• Bliss - Empress Blue
• Monika - MimiHung
• Tracy - cutie-tooty-booty
• Kelly - BakuSatsuHo VA
• Marketing Minions - KumBomb
• Frida - KumBomb


• Voice clips were added for combat and narrative for all characters.
• Updated Credits to include voice actors with the new voice lines.
• Bliss combat music was added.
• Added party tab button prompt on Overworld.
• Controller buttons and analog changes for movement and gem collections.
• Win effects added.


• Skip overlay added to sex intros.
• Solid block hazards are easier.
• Bombs give more raceline energy.
• Blizzards no longer spawn after completion.
• Visible snowflakes were removed on completion.
• Visible spikes were removed on completion.
• Shooting minions no longer destroy gems.
• Optimized blaster g-hand component calls (game runs faster).
• Added more special gems to levels.
• Optimized map lines (overworld is faster).
• Volume changes for music across the whole game.

We hope you all enjoy the new patch! We are super duper excited about the Steam release and have a lot of exciting plans to bring you all in on!
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

No changelog
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Under Contract (In Development)

Updated to v0.4.4c (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from
Hotfix v0.4.4c

Hello, just a quick update. Thanks to our community we found a critical softlock bug in the previous version. We have hotfixed the build to version 0.4.4c which will fix this bug. If you were soft locking on transitions before this is now corrected.

Please make sure you update to the latest version to have a smooth gameplay experience.

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Updated to

Changelogs from SteamDB/Steam: "Equipment III" is out!


This update IS COMPATIBLE with old saves, but we still recommend you to start a new game, as some changes won’t take effect until then.

• Added “Armored Combat”, a new utility tree with 8 abilities. It will serve well to any character that fights in melee regardless of their preferred armor type.

• Added 57 new items:
• Headgear: Academy Circlet, Battlemage Circlet, Gilded Circlet, Topaz Circlet, Ruby Circlet, Court Mage Diadem, Hermit Wreath, Dwarven Circlet
• Chestpieces: Vehement Gambeson, Battlemage Gambeson, Mail Mantle, Mercenary Cuirass, Vehement Brigandine, Red Silk Mantle, Maen Mantle, Court Mage Mantle
• Gloves: Riveted Gloves, Court Mage Gloves, Battlemage Gloves, Novice Hand Wraps, Mage Bracers, Mystic Gloves
• Boots: Fancy Boots, Court Mage Boots, Magehunter Boots, Engraved Greaves, Sardar Boots
• Belts: Fur Belt, Ornate Girdle, Fancy Belt, Court Mage Belt, Rope Belt, Plated Belt, Duelist Belt, Nomad Girdle, Mercenary Waistband
• Rings: Silver Insert Gold Ring, Ancient Copper Ring, Brass Ring, Brass Signet, Steel Signet, Brass Agate, Ring, Berserk Ring, Mastercrafted Silver Ring, Silver Jade Ring, Hermit Ring, Morion Ring, Gold Diamond Ring
• Necklaces: Runic Amulet, Coin Talisman, Carved Topaz Amulet, Crescent Necklace, Mastercrafted Emerald Pendant, Mastercrafted Aquamarine Necklace, Trophy Necklace, Hexer Talisman

• Updated and improved ability hovers, making them more concise and informative. Most of them were standardized to leave little to no ambiguity when it comes to describing mechanics.

All active abilities were split into 5 categories: Attacks, Charges, Maneuvers, Stances, and Spells. Some of the reworked passives and effects have special interactions with specific ability types.

Spell hovers now display their previously hidden Armor Penetration stat as well as their current Backfire Chance and Backfire Damage.

• Reworked curses - both buffs and debuffs are now static, which should noticeably streamline the system. Other than that, added 2 new curse types.

(If you’re playing on an old save, any cursed items that you’ve already acquired will retain their existing bonuses without the downside of constantly increasing penalties. Enjoy!)

• Added a new achievement, “Enemies Closer”, awarded for unlocking and learning every Armored Combat ability.


• Reworked and tweaked most of the existing abilities. The changes primarily affect Ranged Combat, Shields, and Warfare (former Combat Mastery). The full list is humongous (12 pages!), so we decided to post it separately:

• Rebalanced all armor and shields. Changed the system for categorizing armor types: in previous versions of the game, gear type usually correlated with its level (most light armors were early game), but now armor types are represented more evenly across all levels. This change strongly affects light armor, allowing it to stay relevant even during the later stages of the game.
• Nerfed most enemies to compensate for the changes to armor and shields.
• Removed Passive Bonuses from most abilities (excluding Spells).
• Rebalanced weapons’ critical effects:
• Swords: [+50% > +25%] Bleed Chance
• Axes: [+50% > +30%] Bodypart Damage
• Maces: [+50% > +25%] Daze Chance
• Daggers: +50% Crit Efficiency now correctly applies to common crit strikes as well. Increased the Energy Burn threshold [20 > 25].
• Two-handed swords: [+75% > +50%] Bleed Chance
• Two-handed axes: [+75% > +60%] Bodypart Damage
• Two-handed maces: [+75% > +50%] Daze Chance
• Spears: [+75% > +50%] Immobilization Chance
• Staves: [replenish 10% Max Energy > +50% Energy Drain]
• Bows: +50% [Immobilization Chance > Knockback Chance]
• Crossbows: [+125% Knockback Chance > +100% Immobilization Chance]
• Strength: each point grants [+3% Bodypart Damage > +1.5% Weapon Damage]. Each threshold grants [+15% > +10%] Crit Efficiency and [+5% Weapon Damage > +7.5% Bodypart Damage].
• Willpower: each point grants [-1% > -1.5%] Cooldown Duration and Abilities Energy Cost. Each threshold grants [+5% > +7.5%] Magic Power.
• Changed the counterattack mechanic: each individual enemy can now trigger only one counter per turn. The same applies to the player character as well: enemies can’t counter them more than once per turn regardless of the number of received strikes.
• Fumbling a shot will now halve its damage (similarly to melee strikes) and not just break an arrow or bolt.
• Spike traps will trigger only once, just like all other trap types.
• Added additional effects to “Confusion” (-25% Block Chance and -25% Counter Chance)
• Fortitude now affects the damage received from DoT effects (Bleeding, Poisoning, Burning, Acid Bath), and each 1% Fortitude reduces received debuffs’ duration by [0.5% > 1%]. Lowered Fortitude cap: [100% > 50%].
• Reduced Durability loss rate for both the player character’s equipment and enemies’ Armor.
• Reduced Pain gain from receiving damage by 15%.
• Increased the base effectiveness of Immunity on the passive Intoxication decay: [1:0.75 > 1:1]
• Changed starting Affinities of the following preset characters:
• Arna: swapped Maces for Armored Combat.

to be continued...
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Stoneshard continued...

• Jorgrim: swapped Shields for Maces.
• Tweaked Velmir’s trait: [-3% > -5%] Damage Taken and [+3% > +5%] Accuracy for each received strike.
• Tweaked Arna’s trait: [-2.5% > -3%] Damage Taken and [-5% > -3%] Cooldowns Duration for each enemy within Vision.
• Tweaked Jorgrim’s trait: [+15% > +20%] Crit Efficiency upon killing an enemy.
• Tweaked Dirwin’s trait: hitting an enemy with a strike or shot for the first time applies them with [-20% > -10%] Dodge Chance and [+20% > +5%] Damage Taken for [10 > 8] turns.
• Reduced Intoxication gain from Poisoning [+4 > +2 per turn].
• “Loud Barking” now generates less noise.
• Increased the “ruby” stat bonus granted for solving the Standing Boulders’ mystery [4% > 5%].
• Increased food drop rates in the Prologue.
• Verren will have 33% Fatigue Resistance and 33% Hunger Resistance when playing as him in the Prologue.


• Ghoul corpses can now be skinned to harvest their fur and hearts (once “Huntmaster” is learned).
• Added fish, crabs, and nets to the Dock Trader’s stock.
• Removed treatises from the Brynn Pawnbroker’s stock
• Standardized the levels of treatises sold by the Mannshire Scribe and Brynn Bookmaker.
• Changed prices of some consumables.
• Throwing potions at enemies now applies them with “Covered in Alcohol” effect.
• Added Durability to Shovels, which is reduced by digging.
• All equipable consumables (Crowbar, Lancet, Shovel) now lose Durability when used as a weapon.
• Renamed Rogue Pyromancer into Hired Sorcerer and swapped his “Ring of Fire” and “Incineration” with “Jolt” and “Seal of Power”.
• Renamed some items.
• Fixed the incorrect order of attack outcomes.
• Fixed the issue preventing “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” and “I.C.B.M” achievements from being unlocked.
• Fixed enemies becoming invulnerable to AoE abilities for one turn upon entering a location, being moved to another tile with a “swap” ability, or being summoned, resurrected, or transformed.
• Fixed certain abilities skipping a turn after being used.
• Fixed action-limiting effects not working as intended in some scenarios.
• Snakes should no longer spawn in pairs, and some traps - trigger twice.
• When moving to another location, the fade to black will now happen after enemies take their turn, not during it.
• Fixed the bug linked to dying on the same turn as moving to another location.
• Fixed one of the abandoned cart POIs always spawning high level brigands.
• Removed the possibility of reapplying Dirwin trait’s effect to the same target.
• All missile Spells (“Fire Barrage”, “Jolt”, “Bolt of Darkness”) now use a standardized system for their chance to hit.
• Fixed “Fire Barrage” always missing all of its remaining firebolts if the first or second one in the series failed to hit the target.
• Fixed the Restless’ “Abominable Vitality” passive not working as intended.
• Fixed “Petrification” not taking its target’s Magic Resistance into account.
• Fixed “Overflowing Power” replenishing Energy when damaging inanimate props.
• Fixed the incorrect interaction between “Rune of Cycle” and “Overflowing Power”.
• Fixed the issue with the Ignition Chance of “Incineration”.
• Miracle casting any Seal now grants its effect additional duration.
• Fixed Damage Resistance enchantments not working when applied to shields.
• Fixed the interaction between drugs and alcohol/Hangover that allowed to avoid Bad Trip after mixing these two together.
• Fixed the issue that prevented Rotten Crabs from appearing in the game.
• Fixed Ol’ Tott’s travel prices.
• Fixed the axe variant of Skeleton Kingsguard dropping two-handed maces on death.
• Fixed the Smithing Workshop Bailiff refusing to accept a bribe if there’s more than three bottles of Elven Wine in the inventory.
• Fixed ranged enemies being able to counter before they actually swap to their melee loadout.
• Fixed the occasional crash caused by Harpies’ “Peck”.
• Fixed the bug that allowed enemies to use ranged weapons and combat abilities while in deep water.
• Fixed the bug causing ranged enemies to take a shot at the player character after loading a save.
• Fixed the penalty for dual wielding shields not working as intended.
• Fixed disarmed traps being displayed with an incorrect sprite after loading a save.
• Fixed Bran not marking his cabin on the map after mentioning it in the dialogue.
• Fixed the Osbrook Inkeeper’s wife not selling food and drinks.


• Added animations for receiving all types of Magic and Nature damage.
• New sprites for some abilities.
• New sprites for some items.


• Armor and shield hovers now list their type (light, medium, or heavy).
• Effect hovers now list stats in a more orderly fashion.
• Standardized the listing and rounding of stats displayed in the character menu. This change also affects the hovers of abilities and modifiers.
• Bonuses from enchantments no longer affect the basic stats of items.
• Fixed Girrud abilities displaying incorrect stats in their hover.

Shoutout to @DacianDraco, @Psojed, @RedOrder, @Gura, @Mindwitness, @MassBlin, @Monmon, @Rocket!, @iamyoyoman, @Amadeo, @Mallagar, @Malacar, @Joe Mad, @BlazingBreacher, @Guard, @Manual the Nah and @CommAmethyst for participating in the closed test and making this patch a better experience for everyone else

Hotfix - Changelog

• Fixed "Push the Falling" not taking effects' max duration cap into account.
• Fixed the bug causing some Brigand enemies to use incorrect damage values.
• Updated some of the items' spritework.
• Fixed "Offensive Tactic" not decreasing Fumble Chance.
• Increased the cooldown of "Mighty Kick".

Hotfix - Changelog

- Fixed the bug allowing "Stone Armor" to damage its caster.
- Fixed "Seal of Shackles" and "Seal of Reflection" not receiving a bonus to their duration after miracle casting them.
- Fixed the "flickering" NPC in Brynn.
- Fixed the crashes caused by Injuries and their interactions.
- Fixed the incorrect Stun/Stagger Chance formula of "Battering Ram".
- Fixed the crash caused by opening cupboards in the Catacombs.
- Fixed the crash caused by an incorrect number of crowns in some traders' inventories.
- Fixed belt hovers listing unrelated item type prefixes.
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As seen in the news post today Chasm The Rift was updated again (Offline & GOG Galaxy). The changelog can be found here:
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Arcade Paradise

Updated to 1112 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Vostok Inc. Pinball DLC available now.

Announcement from Steam:
Arcade Paradise Receives Pinball DLC

We are flipping out!

Get that plunger out of the toilet and into the pinball machine.

Announcing a new expansion for Arcade Paradise.

The Vostok Inc. Pinball DLC

A brand new retro-inspired Vostok-themed table that gives players the opportunity to fulfil their pinball wizard dreams with tilt functions and missions designed to test your reflexes to the max! Based on the cult-hit twin-stick shooter sharing the same name, land skill shots across the table to increase your multipliers and hit the multiball for MAXIMUM MOOLAH!

Watch the latest trailer here: Arcade Paradise - Vostok Inc. Pinball Trailer
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Crying Suns (game not demo) updated to 3.0.0 "Last Chance". 92MB offline patch. Changelog here:

Songs of Conquest - 2 offline patches. 127MB & 5MB. Changelog on game splash screen.

Hero's Hour - offline update to 2.5.0a No patch, 671MB. No Changelog.
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AI War 2

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 5.552 ⇒ 5.554.
5.554 Dismiss Spectacular
(Released May 18th, 2023)

---• Human Ark Empires can no longer scrap their Ark by mistake. This would cause the player to lose the game immediately.
-----• Thanks to silentsnack for reporting
-----• This fix also fixes the same problem for the Ark Sidekick

---• Minor tweak to showdown final battle to allow warden to assist more.

---• Wormhole names in planet view fixed to render over ships as before. Also y-offset of mass driver and ion cannot adjusted upward.
---• Fixed several issues with right-clicking a wormhole, planet, or target, with a selection across multiple planets.

---• Fixed issues with drones not obeying load commands.
-----• This means no more languishing around for all those hive/reclaimer/shredder drones.
---------• An entity that is marked as cannot be garrisoned in a guard post does not imply it cannot be loaded into a transport.
---------• An entity marked as attritioning when its parent is off planet does not imply it cannot be loaded into a transport.

---• Allow scrapping of your drones (whether you can give them orders or not).

---• New feature 'ship variants'
-----• Variants are defined in xml in their own folder, but with the same syntax as an entity.
---------• Variants are like a partial class in that you only include tags you want this variant to change about whatever its applied to. It should not have any copy_from or is_partial tags on it. It should have a unique name within the variants table. It is -not- actually a game entity type nor in that table. What this lets you do is allocate a new game entity type at runtime, that exists only within the game it is created. Think of it as defining a new entity based on an existing one like copy_from, except its not duplicated for every single possible from-target, it can target anything.
-----• Disclaimer: Variants are not used by the un-modded game (though could be).
---------• For mods that intend to use this feature, you should know it is doing some pretty extreme stuff that is highly likely to explode under usage. I myself plan to cause just that, and fix issues as they come up. Contact me on Discord @Dismiss if you find something.

---• Added setting Debug > TurboMode which allows up to 50x speed.
-----• While this setting is enabled, x5 is no longer the limit.
-----• Increase it above that the normal way, or...
---------• Hold down num-pad 'divide' for x25 speed while held.
---------• Hold down num-pad 'multiply' for x50 speed while held.

---• Added InputCheckType.ButtonPressAndRelease which is triggered both on press and release.
---• Added setting Debug > ShowNPCShipOrders.
---• Tracing menu now sorted alphabetically. Enabled items are a different color and much easier to see.

---• Map type settings are now all integers internally (no FInts) but they can be shown in the ui as: dropdown, slider, or bool toggle.
---• Fix to 0 data centers galaxy setting not being obeyed.
---• Much smaller ships colliding with much larger ones now go to the expected side they are closer to and do much less work when decollision planning itself occurs.

---• DZ and DZS upgrades are now handled in a way safe for both to exist in the same game, and also no longer affected by previously loaded games since last restart.
---• DZS now shows debug metrics in the threat panel like DZ.
---• DZS allied to the player was spawning in at planet with an ark empire king ship when hostile strength was there and it was a hostile planet but now properly checks for those things.

---• Fix to splintering spire crash if squad removed during some lrp processing

---• New entity tag append_tech_upgrades_that_benefit_me.
---• Existing entity tag nonsim_rotation_speed now supports xml reload, so therefore live tunable.
---• New entity tag material_override_spin which sets a non-sim rotation speed via the material properties.
-----• This means it spins at a fixed rate in real world seconds and is not 'paused'.

Dire Macrophage
---• New Mod first release!
-----• Thanks to @Arphar the Author!
---• A virulent Macrophage variant has arrived in the galaxy, seeking to propagate and grow. Pretty weak at first, the infestation can grow to monstrous proportions if left unchecked.
---• Uses beefed up stock Macrophage alongside some other exotic ships, such as carriers, siege units or even constructors to build structures in order to hold territory.
---• You may also be able to hack said structures for ships in order to bolster your fleets.
---• Can be allied to any team except for the Dark Alliance.
---• Watch out for Borers!

---• DZ and DZ Svikari can now be made "Allied to AI"
---• The Ark Sidekick can now be gifted ships from a human empire
-----• Ark Sidekicks are generally intended for newer players who might not want to manage a whole empire. This way a human empire can gift them flagships.
-----• The intent so I can give my novice friend Logan new ships so they can merrily take their Golem around and hit things, without them needing to capture planets or hack ARSs directly. Now I can do the hack and just give them the ships.
---• Ark Sidekick gets a few more ship types to choose from when starting the game
---• The Lernean AI Type now has access to a Vampire Hydra

---• New hack at the Scrapyard 'Refit Alien Hull'!
-----• Choose one of your ship lines to permanently buff it.
-----• Gains immunity to zombify, devour, and high exotic damage resistance.
---• Galaxy map Capturable mode now shows Reclaimer stations hackable for ship lines.
---• Fix to Ark Empire's starting home/flagship not being allowed to do reclaim-for-science hacks.

Points of Interest
---• New AI type Wanderer
-----• Converts its bastions and homeworld to nomad planets.
-----• Has significantly more dire guard posts than normal.
-----• Reallocates all its praetorian budget to warden.

---• Choose 'Improved GEN' in your pre-game lobby's Map Populator tab!
-----• I consider this version of it a flat improvement over Standard.
-----• Entity seeding now does a much better job not just avoiding like-stuff adjacent, but actually spreads more equally about galaxy.
---------• MDCs, Golems, and everything else too, is much more evenly spread around and much more rarely all in one far corner.
-----• Handles any number of ais, planets, and map type, with output that is more even than standard.
-----• Also does seeding of ai homeworlds in its own way now.
---------• Like everything else it seeds, aim for even-ness, so there isn't a huge swath of the galaxy then 3 ai homeworlds all at the farthest corner.
---• New map type which came out exceptionally well i think Spiral
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Cultist Simulator

Updated to 2023.4.o.3

No changelog.
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Not for broadcast has been updated to ver. 2023.05.18a (Galaxy and offline)

No changelog.

Edit: Asked on their discord about the changes:

"just a couple fixes, one russian subs fixed to avoid a spoiler and a menu fix - it should be visible somewhere on it but just a very small patch for just those 2 items"
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Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Prologue

Update to V1.1340519K.

No changelog.
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Medieval Dynasty's Official Discord Server

Update to

Greetings, Villagers!

We are coming to you with a message of the utmost importance!
Today we are opening doors to our official Discord Server!

Come and join us in discussion about your medieval adventures, participate in special events and let’s grow this wonderful community together! Moreover, soon this server will play a crucial part in the future of Medieval Dynasty, but currently we cannot share more, as it is a secret.

You simply have to join and stay tuned

Welcome ->

The update notes to


• Social media buttons in the main menu.


• The quest "Sew Me" could be given by a teenager if she was working as an apprentice.
• Set the position of the bandits when spawning.
• Incorrect talent icons when going directly to the skills tab.
• Items flying away on game load (Re-save of the game is necessary).
• Items not detaching from destroyed building modules.
• Drunk physics blend still working on season change.
• Player state updating incorrectly if player dies during skinning, shearing or milking animation and switches to heir.


• Numerous tweaks and improvements to the terrain.
• NPCs quality improvements.
• Improved readability of the talent tree.
• Improved readability of the list of schemes.
• Chinese updated.
• Sound attenuation of projectiles.
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Decision: Red Daze

Updated to 1.2.0(5) Fixed (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Decision: Red Daze - Update 1 Patch Notes

Greetings, Survivors!

We are happy to let you know that our biggest update to Decision Red Daze, Update 1, is available to download today!

The patch includes the following changes:


1. Added a functionality to change keyboard bindings.
2. Added hotkeys for all gameplay-related actions and buttons.

New Weapons:



1. Shared Squad Inventory - added an option to access a list of all items and resources currently in every squad members' inventory in the same, convenient place!
2. Quick Resource Distribution - added options to place resources in the Shared Squad Inventory, distributing them evenly across all squad members, and an ability to quickly stash loot from every squad member's inventory into the warehouse.


1. Building upgrades now require a specific amount of settlers to unlock, to make sure that every building has at least one working settler.
2. Improvements to the Guard Towers - guards will now be visually available in the tower and will physically perform security functions.


1. Player's actions in the inventory will no longer change the order of items on the list.
2. Fixed the display of the fist icon at the used item in the inventory. Now the icon correctly displays the item in use.
3. Improved visibility of information about the possibility of a contract with the merchant guild. Previously, this information was available only after talking with a merchant in the wasteland.
4. Exit button moved to the bottom of the window with the hotkeys in the options window.
5. The ability to open/hide tabbed sections has been added to the lists.

1. Team list: the tabs are settlements.
2. Inventory: tabs are types of items.

8. Improved display of changes in the number of resources in the results window of the day after sleep.
8. Added a block of information about the consumption of resources in the sleep window. Now before sleeping you can find out if you have enough resources for production.
10. Added animations of the city selection element on the map.
11. Other small GUI improvements.

Balance Fixes:

1. The progress of a turret now depends on all its options. 100% of a turret's progress is the maximum level of defense it creates.
2. Additional radio stations have appeared in larger cities. Now you don't have to run to the other end of cities to get to a radio station.
3. Added a window with information about the new balance of settlements for players who already have progress in the game. The window is only shown once after an update.
4. Fixed settler skill requirements for building improvements. The requirements now take into account the new settler requirement system.
5. Improved the balance of production and consumption of resources in all buildings. Now with a competent game there should not be an oversaturation of any resource.
6. The number of days of factory upgrades has been reduced. Each new factory level now requires only 1 day to build.
7. Added a level 4 factory to Broken Hills. Previously there was a maximum level 3 factory here.
8. Level 4 of the Shelter Survivor Search now adds 5 new settlers instead of 4.
9. Reduced the force of the unit's throwback after a werewolf jump.
10. The number of enemies in defense missions now directly scales with the level of defense of the settlement. The more defense, the more enemies!
11. Slightly increased the number of enemies in the later stages of the game.
12. Increased monetary reward for killing bosses and trolls.
13. Added drafts for modification to bosses and trolls loot.
14. Edited list of resources and items dropped from the bosses and trolls.
15. Slightly increased life parameters of heavy bosses and trolls.
16. Weapon requirements have been increased. Now it is more difficult to find a suitable weapon for the settlers.
17. Corrected running speed limits for light and heavy weapons. With heavy two-handed weapons in hand a character can not run with acceleration.
18. Improve the balance of increasing all skills in the process of appropriate actions.
19. Reduced the number of added skills when levelling up. Now at a new level each skill is increased by 3 instead of 4.
20. Merchants can no longer sell their armor.
21. Corrected the list of items sold by merchants. Added new items and corrected the number of all items.
22. The cost of all quality items has been increased. Powerful items now cost much more.
Small traders in the wasteland have their amount of money reduced to an acceptable level.

Bug fixes, Improvements and Changes:

1. Improved the troll's falling animation
2. Reduced the frequency of falls and remove tossing while fighting the trolls
3. Improved behavior of units
4. Improved the behavior of mercenaries. Now they follow only the nearest leader (player) and will not run to another city if the player changes character.
5. Improved the lighting of shots in the daytime. This will improve the visual quality of the daytime flamethrower shots and make it less over-lit.
6. Fixed the healing process when a character is killed, it should not lead to an instant revival.
7. Fixed incorrect generation of mutants attacking the K-15 factory.
8. Improved scrolling of lists using the mouse scroll wheel.
9. Improved the opening of the dialog with survivors. Do not allow the window to close automatically or the options list to be empty.
10. Fixed Dr. Listov's behavior. He will no longer disappear from the lab and always be available on the radio.
11. Fixed the loose window. Don't hide the interface after pressing Escape.
12. Fixed the display of icons of wearing items in inventory lists. Remove the display of wearing from items that are not in use.
14. Fixed the freeze while interacting with the bed at the moment of hiring.
15. Seriously wounded squad members no longer teleport with the player.
16. Fixed an unnecessary overload warning when transferring 0 resources to a warehouse.
17. Fixed slow running of the character at the beginning of the day. Now the character can run at once with the correct speed.
18. Some elements of the game received improved performance and optimization
19. Added selection sound for settlements in the map window list.
20. Added some obstacles to the global map. Now there is no shortcut between some entrances to out-of-town settlements.
21. Added new game hints in the dialogue with Frank regarding the newest additions.
22. Improved settler behavior.
23. All face masks are set to item type - Accessories.
Other small improvements and changes.

We hope you enjoy the update to Decision: Red Daze, and hope to see you out in the wastes!

--The Decision: Red Daze Team