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No Man's Sky

Updated from 4.08 to 4.10.
Patch notes from the official site (1/2):
4.1 Patch notes

* No Man’s Sky now fully supports PlayStation®VR2.
* PS VR2 benefits from a high-res display, as well as higher quality textures, improved particle rendering, terrain tessellation effects, increased planetary details, increased draw distances, and much more.
* Support has been added for PS VR2 headset vibration.
* Support has been added for PS VR2 Sense controllers, including advanced haptics and adaptive triggers.

* All VR players with a higher resolution headset now benefit from a sharper UI, placed at a more comfortable default distance from their eyes.
* The VR play area boundaries are now far more lenient, reducing instances of the play area warning occurring unnecessarily.
* Fixed an issue that could cause shaky or inaccurate VR cursor positioning over time.

* VR players can now use hand controllers to position the Personal Forcefield directly, allowing for advanced combat tactics.
* VR swimming controls have been significantly improved.

* The VR base building experience and UI has been significantly improved.
* The VR base building menu now correctly appears as part of the wrist projector.
* When base building in VR, snap-points and part previews now track the player’s head position rather than cursor.

* The VR galaxy map experience and UI has been significantly improved.
* It is now possible to travel through the galactic centre in VR.
* Fixed a VR-specific issue that could block interactions after using the galaxy map.

* The VR surveying experience and UI has been significantly improved.
* Markers for objects belonging to other players are now easier to target in VR.
* Fixed an issue that could cause a visual lag in Multi-Tool positioning in VR.
* The projector menu on the rear of larger Multi-Tools now has a custom, more appropriate position.
* Fixed an issue that could cause custom markers to be positioned incorrectly in VR.
* Fixed a rendering glitch that could occur when scanning in VR with the HUD disabled.
* Fixed a clipping issue that could occur with the player’s head when entering Photo Mode in VR.
* Player hands are now shown correctly in VR Photo Mode.

* The “Scan” and “Change Weapon” right-hand wrist projector options are now usable inside starships and exocraft.
* With the combat auto-follow behaviour engaged, players are no longer required to have their hands on the flight stick to fire starship weapons in VR.
* Changing speeds in the starship now gives a small amount of vibration in VR, to provide feedback that the throttle adjustment was successful.

* The ship and companion summoning UI has been improved and clarified in VR.
* Fixed an issue that caused the UI to move around while interacting with creatures and companions in VR.
* Fixed an issue that could cause areas of the Space Anomaly to load or unload incorrectly, based on where the VR teleport preview was currently aimed.
* VR players can now adjust their jetpack direction mid-flight while the teleport preview is being aimed.
* Fixed an issue that could occur when using VR teleport movement to navigate between the freighter hangar and bridge.


* A new section has been added to the Catalogue – “Wonders”.
* The Wonders Catalogue tracks your play and records notable discoveries, planetary extremes, and unusual objects collected.

* Sections include:
* * Planetary records, such as temperature, toxicity, highest point reached, overall hostility quotient, and so on.
* * Creature records, including various size records and noteworthy environmental adaptations.
* * Flora and mineral records, measured against a range of categories.
* * A record of rare items with the highest market value on the galactic exchange.
* * The number of times you have interacted with rare planetary glitch objects.

* Any entry in the Wonders catalogue can be selected to take you to its detailed entry in your discoveries list, allowing you to easily mark and visit its parent star system.


* Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players can now enable motion-sensor based gyro controls.

* Gyro controls allow for accurate fine-tuning of camera movements using controller motion on top of thumbstick control.
* Gyro controls can also be used to move the cursor in UI screens.
* Gyro controls can be enabled from the Motion Sensor section of the Controls options.
* A wide number of tuning options are available for players to customise their gyro experience.


* The various options menus have been reworked and reorganised to accommodate a new suite of options, as well as to help players quickly navigate to whichever option they wish to change.

* Options can now be adjusted from the boot and save select screens, allowing for customisation before starting a game.

* On PC, video and graphics options have been merged into one page for ease of use.

* An option has been added to allow players to set the in-game language to be different from the default system language of their device.

* An option has been added to reset your current position while aboard a freighter, to provide a safe return aboard after becoming stuck.

* An option has been added for all non-Switch platforms to use the enlarged menu text already used on the Switch.

* An option has been added to allow players to customise who has access to the contents of their refiners.

* An option has been added to remove all white flashes from the game and replace them with fades to black.
* An option has been added to allow players to adjust the strength of various hazard-related screen effects, such as visor frosting.
* An option has been added to allow players to disable all automatic “follow” camera movements in third-person.
* An option has been added to allow players to adjust the handedness of their player character in first-person mode.
* An option has been added to allow players to adjust the handedness of their player character in third-person mode and to move the character to the other side of the screen.

* An option has been added for PlayStation 4 VR users to use their DualShock 4 to directly control the cursor while in menus, instead of using the thumbsticks.
* A number of options have been added for VR players to adjust the distance from the screen of various menu elements.
* An option has been added for VR players to adjust the strength of the vignette effect deployed to reduce motion sickness.

* An option has been added to allow players to scan objects with the Analysis Visor without being required to hold down the scan button.
* An option has been added to allow players to toggle the behaviour of the jump button on gamepads, so that it can be used as an alternative “Build” button while in base-building mode.
* An option has been added to allow players to swap the functions on gamepad thumbsticks, i.e. to toggle which stick is Sprint and which stick is Scan.


* Dynamic Resolution Scaling has been added for PlayStation 5. This technology allows the game to maintain a consistent framerate across all scenarios, and results in a significantly improved image quality in some situations, such as during spaceflight.
* PlayStation 5 now supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 technology, providing high image quality and improved framerates.

* The HDR rendering system has been overhauled for all platforms for a richer and more dynamic colour experience while playing on an HDR display.

* The particle rendering system has been improved to add support for high-quality additive particles.

* Introduced a significant optimisation for all platforms when loading large numbers of bases within a single system.
* Introduced a significant number of memory optimisations for all platforms.
* Fixed a visual glitch with tornado rendering on Nintendo Switch.
* Fixed an Xbox-specific issue that could cause occasional flickering.
* Fixed a camera issue that could cause jittering in various anti-aliasing systems.


* A significant number of new player titles have been added, earned by progressing through various core and factional milestones.

* The maximum number of owned starships has increased from nine to twelve.

* Players can now “Quick Charge” a technology, without having to drag and drop the fuel into the selected slot. Select and drop functionality has been retained for players who wish to fine-tune the amount of charging substance used.

* Additional filters have been added to the Expedition and Twitch reward menus, accessed via the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.
* Players can now begin an expedition at any time before the current expedition ends, rather than needing to start two days before the expedition times out.

* A variety of new cooking recipes have been added, making use of various titan worm-related products.

* The accuracy and input tracking speed of inputs on PlayStation controllers has been improved.
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No Man's Sky patch notes (2/2):

* Technologies are now always installed fully charged when playing on a difficulty setting that does not use up fuel.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent a base computer from being moved before it had been claimed as a base.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent Exocraft weapons from being correctly auto-selected after installation.
* Fixed an issue where an Exocraft would not become your primary selected vehicle after building its geobay.
* The Ship Launch Auto-Charger now requires a solar mirror rather than a magnetic resonator to install.

* The “Stories Learned” count in the Catalogue no longer counts every individual word of alien language as its own story.
* The selection highlights for the various collections in the Catalogue have been updated.
* The selection highlights for the various game mode options when starting a new game have been updated.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the words PREV | NEXT to become stuck on the screen after teleporting aboard a frigate.
* Fixed an issue that caused the “destructible” target icon to appear low res.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the creature icons in the Analysis Visor to appear low res.
* The icon used to indicate the presence of a biological horror has been updated.
* Fixed an issue that caused the preview of the jetpack/starship/Multi-Tool etc to be rotated when scrolling a scrollbar in the inventory.

* Fixed an issue that caused base parts to still be flagged as new and unseen in the base building menu despite having been built.
* Fixed an issue that caused descriptions to vanish from the base building popup panel in some circumstances.
* Fixed a visual glitch that could cause flickering lines when viewing expedition milestones.
* Fixed an issue that caused the scrollbar to be in the wrong visual state after changing from one story to another in the Collected Knowledge section of the catalogue.
* Fixed an issue that caused there to be no page count dots on the bottom of some catalogue categories.

* Fixed a large number of issues that could cause cropping text, particularly in VR.
* Fixed a large number of typos and spelling errors.
* Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause some NPC dialogue boxes to be skipped over.


* The networking system for persistent interactions has been rewritten for increased stability and robustness. This fix addresses a number of issues that could cause the saved state of objects such as refiners to be reset upon entering or leaving a multiplayer session.

* Fixed an issue that prevented camera shake from applying correctly while in the vicinity of a black hole.

* Fixed a number of issues that could cause volcanoes to block access to mission critical buildings.
* Fixed a number of issues that could cause players to become stuck inside volcanoes.
* Fixed an issue that caused some planetary objects to appear low detail, even at close range.

* Fixed an issue that caused various buildable doors to fail to connect to power grids (and thus never shut).
* Fixed an issue that prevented base part variants from being duplicated.
* Fixed a rare issue that could occasionally cause freighter bases to fail to sync to other players.
* Fixed an issue that caused freighter colours and engine effects to fail to sync to other players.
* Fixed a number of issues that could cause freighter bases and freighter inventories to be lost or fail to apply correctly when examining a new freighter to purchase.
* The chat message sent to other players upon entering your base now correctly references the name of the specific base.

* Fixed an issue that prevented NPCs from navigating correctly around planetary settlements on PlayStation 4.
* Fixed a visual glitch in the starship heads up display during landing.
* Fixed an issue that caused some substances in the catalogue to offer a non-functional “Locate Substance” button.
* Fixed an issue that could cause mission markers for expedition rendezvous points to use incorrect icons after reloading a save.
* Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate entries to appear in the teleport terminus list during the tutorial.

* Fixed an issue that could occur when cancelling the discovery naming process on Switch.
* Fixed a number of Switch-specific issues that could block progress or cause incorrect mission selection near the end of some expeditions.
* Fixed an issue that could cause visual glitches in starship trails while flying in hailing formation.
* Fixed an issue that could allow VR players to break the mission flow in Nexus missions by taking off too early.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the Nexus Sentinel Pillar missions to fail to find a destination system in particular circumstances.

* The amounts gained and used when refining Di-Hydrogen jelly have been adjusted for logical consistency.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the Minotaur to fail to deploy weapons correctly when under AI autopilot and equipped with a Sentinel Hardframe arm.
* The Minotaur AI will now make correct use of Bio-Mechanical Stun weaponry.
* Fixed a rare crash that could occur while deleting Exocraft race checkpoints.

* Fixed an issue that could allow starship cargo probes to continue after the ship has landed.
* Planetary rings are now correctly rendered while inside a freighter base.
* Fixed a number of navigation and AI behaviour issues that could occur when biological horrors attempted to pursue the player while despawning.
* Fixed an issue that prevented some technologies from correctly appearing in the Exosuit Technology section of the catalogue.

* Fixed a visual glitch that caused NPC ship trade routes to render incorrectly in some circumstances.
* Fixed an issue that caused cape and cloth movement to lag slightly out of sync with player movement.
* Fixed a number of visual issues with the Exosuit backpack seen in the Inventory screen when wearing a cape.
* Fixed a number of visual issues with the status bar lights on the Retro jetpack unit.
* Fixed a number of visual issues with the status bar lights on the Exotic jetpack unit.

* Fixed an issue that caused the Boltcaster to use incorrect audio.
* Fixed a rare hang related to audio playback.
* Fixed a rare audio issue that could cause incorrect environmental effects when in caves.
* Fixed a number of audio issues that prevent correct volume settings from being applied in the mode and save select menus.
* Improved the audio related to meteor impacts.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the pulse engine effects to continue to play after cancelling a pulse jump.


* All Nexus missions, including Quicksilver rewards, are now available to Nintendo Switch players.
* The “Trace of Metal” mission chain is now available to Nintendo Switch players. This story-driven mission has a number of unique rewards, including a drone companion and Sentinel-related customisation options for the Minotaur.

* Introduced a significant optimisation to the mission system during expeditions.
* Fixed an issue that could cause a blocker during the segment of the living ship mission where players must visit the graves of fallen Travellers.
* Fixed a number of issues that could result in duplicate living ship components being awarded.
* Fixed a number of mission issues where an incorrect number of enemies remaining was reported in the mission text.
* Fixed an issue that could cause players to miss out on some recipes while progressing through the Base Computer Archives mission chain.
* Fixed an issue that could cause a blocker in the Trace of Metal if the Sentry drone was dismissed at mission-critical moments.
* Fixed a visual issue in the log that could show Nexus mission objectives as completed before the players have left the Space Anomaly.


* A brand new expedition, “Utopia” will begin shortly after the release of the Fractal update.

* The Utopia expedition will see players working for the mysterious Utopia Foundation as they attempt to rebuild the planets of an abandoned solar system.

* Strange goings on in the system require the shelter of a Utopia Foundation base in order to craft items or install technologies, requiring explorers to plan ahead before venturing out into the wilds, and to work together to establish a network of bases across the system.

* Rewards for assisting the Utopia Foundation in their noble efforts include a set of unique posters; a buildable holographic friend statue; an exclusive new helmet customisation; an exclusive new robotic drone companion; and the brand-new Utopia Speeder class starship.


* The visual effects for portals and their interactions have been significantly improved.
* The colour diversity of non-Euclid galaxies in the galaxy map has been improved.
* Damaged machinery effects have been reworked for improved quality and to match up with audio effects.
* The visual effect for breaking through a starship’s shielding system has been reworked.
* Crashed freighter atmospheric effects have been significantly improved.
* The atmospherics and other visual effects for monoliths and plaques have been significantly improved.
* Abandoned building atmospheric effects have been significantly improved.
* Door explosion visual effects have been reworked and improved.
* The visual effects for Hexaberry harvesting have been improved.
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Rain World was updated from version 02-10-2023_1.9.05 to 02-17-23-1.9.06_(exp_fix).
No changelog.
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Vagrus - The Riven Realms

Updated from v1.1300221S to 1.1300222T for Windows, Linux and Mac.

No changelog.
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Arcade Paradise

Updated to 1016 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

R.O.G.E.R., Penguin Push and Summer of Sports DLCs available now.
These DLCs are also available bundled in the Coin-Op Pack 2

No changelog yet.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.606.8 to 0.607.3 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.607.3 - Rolling Rocks

- Enhanced astrogation: I reworked both the visual effects/camera movement of astrogation and the ice generation during cutscenes. The result is a visible departure/arrival during the astrogation cutscene, and you no longer arrive in a mostly empty area around your destination. Your astrogator should still pick an approach vector that is clear of obstacles.
- When departing through an astrogation jump, under specific circumstances, the game could move all the rocks around the area you were departing from a few kilometres in the opposite direction. This could result in relatively empty patches of space next to dense areas. The effect was most noticeable in extremely dense regions and propeller formations.
- Improved accuracy of depletion tracking for moving asteroids.
- Fixed astrogation selection with gamepad or keyboard alone.
- Easier selection of dive targets on gamepads.
- EIME HUD temperature warning levels are now adjusted to represent dangerous fusion reactor temperatures on Elon Interstellar Model E.
- Cosmetic enhancements to dive target selection screen.
- Updated translations
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Hustlefan: Superliminal

Updated to 1.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog yet.
Changelog from Steam:
Multiplayer improvements patch

We are pushing an update to improve the flow of multiplayer games, particularly the lobbies. Previously, it wasn't necessarily clear when a round would be beginning. There's now a helpful timer, as well as a fancy new alarm clock by the starting bell (you know, the bell that lets the host start the game) that will let you add some extra time to the countdown, in case you are waiting for a few extra people to join.

Here is a list of the new stuff. As you can see, most of it is for multiplayer. Grab some friends and play a few rounds. Maybe you'll see us in there!

- Main screen and pause menu UI now scale better when using alternative screen dimensions
- Fixed menu items being clicked during photosensitivity warning screen
- Upgrade multiplayer selection screen to look better and be more readable
- Fixed multiplayer co-op issue where the host has no unlocked levels
- Fixed a Steam Deck issue for joining multiplayer with a private room code
- Fixed Steam Deck language rendering issue
- Fixed multiplayer description overlaps
- Adjusted multiplayer battle royale auto-timer
- Fixed some minor geometry and reflection probe issues in multiplayer lobby
- Fixed missing colliders in multiplayer lobby
- Cleaned and tidied away the holiday decorations in multiplayer lobby

As mentioned above, we'll also be online, playing the battle royale multiplayer mode a bunch this week. Hope to see you around.
I've added the changelog to the original post as well. :)
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Moonshine Inc.

Updated to 1.0.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Explore the SANDBOX mode!

Hello Moonshiners!

The Sandbox mode is finally in the game. Launch Moonshine Inc. and get your hands on the real fun!

If you have wishlisted our game and waited for it to get the Sandbox, it is now your time to do so!

Last weekend some of you tested the sandbox on the beta branch - we would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the beta tests and especially to those who gave us the most valuable feedback. You are the best!
Your beta saves of the Sandbox may or may not work - if they don't, we apologize and hope you'll make up your beta progress quickly.

During the short time between the beta and today, the previously promised patch 1.0.7 release day, we had a short time to refer to all your suggestions. Some of them were fantastic and we will consider working on them shortly. For now, we come to you with the Sandbox mode and several fixes identified by you and our QA team.

Patch notes:

New features:

- Sandbox mode


- added missing translations
- fixed the issue causing the tooltip with nonexistent delivery to appear when saved and loaded the game at the end of the delivery
- fixed the issue preventing buying gas from the shop
- fixed the issue of changing game language when skipping to click "Apply"
- fixed the issue with workers being stuck during the ingredients pressing animation after loading the game
- fixed the disappearing batches after having more than 70
- fixed the Rectified Spirit having a flavor profile
- changed the missions’ descriptions to match the reward the player receives after completing them
- improved the game performance in the Batch Creation screen when the player has all of the recipes unlocked

Please note that the achievements are off in the Sandbox. We hope you'll still like to jump back into the campaign!

Enjoy playing in the Sandbox!

If you're not there yet, come and join us on Discord!
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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Updated to 1.06 (rc3) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Call of the Paragons DLC available now.

Changelog from Steam:
Update 1.06

Hello, Warriors of the Northwind Legion!

As we mentioned earlier, a new 1.06 update will be released alongside the Call of the Paragons DLC
later this month, and today we’d like to give you a preview of what to expect from this update.

The update 1.06 will be free and available to all players who own Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
on February 23rd, before the release of the DLC.

Gift of the Nexus

We wanted to make world exploration even more exciting and rewarding, so in the 1.06 update, a new system called Gift of the Nexus is coming to the game.

You'll be able to find treasure chests scattered throughout the City of Aphes, with various improvements to Hilda's skills, stats, weapons, and more!

As you open the chests, you'll fill up the progress bar. As you reach each level of Gift of the Nexus, a new reward will be waiting for you, so don't be afraid to peek around the corner during your adventures so you won't miss one of these chests!

Your Glimmer has also learned some new tricks. It will now emit a small beam of light when one of the treasure chests is near you. This will hopefully make it a little easier for you to find them.

New Outfits

In addition to permanent improvements to your attributes and armor, Gift of the Nexus also includes several new looks for Hilda. Both Arcanic Phantom Mantle and Armor of the Blue Meteor are available for free and will become account-wide when unlocked.

Mark Stone

You can now leave a colored mark according to your elemental enhancement on a location to help you with directions while exploring. The Mark Stone is visible from a distance and can also be removed remotely if needed. Get it from a new game or the War Table in the Shelter.

QOL Improvements

- A new system option that automatically allows you to skip the re-spawn animation after death has been added.
- A new system option that enables a permanent dash after a dodge action has been added.
- A new system option that allows you to lock target selection has been added.

Bug fixes

- Fixed a rare bug that could cause some players to get stuck in combat in the Glittering Deeps.
- Fixed a bug that caused the Arges Plaza chapter in Journal to show incorrect page titles.
- Fixed a bug that caused players to still gain experience in certain situations when equipped with the Eye of the Abyss Amulet.

Join our community

Make sure to join the official Discord server to chat with fellow travellers, and follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the news!

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And the next update for Rain World to version 02-17-23-1.9.06_(exp_fix__dlc).
Once again no changelog.
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Vagrus - The Riven Realms

Updated from v1.1300222T to v1.1300223V for Windows, Linux and Mac.

No changelog.

However, there is a changelog for the v1.1300222T patch now, found in the Steam forum:

Hotfix v1.1300222T deployed (Feb 23, 2023)

Hey All,
thanks to Schumacker we have identified a bug stemming from our data restructuring efforts to speed up the initial loading of the game. The bug results in fewer faction trade tasks being generated than intended making the game harder. :|
We fixed the issue and now testing the build. We will likely deploy it later today on the public Beta branch and tomorrow morning on the public Default branch.
Thanks, cheers,
The Lost Pilgrims Team

Update: the hotfix that resolves the Trade Task and Faction Offer generation related issues has been deployed on all branches.
Special thanks to @Supergreat for flagging that the same issue affected Faction Offers and jumping on the Beta branch to test and confirm the fix working.
Thanks, cheers,
The Lost Pilgrims Team
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Flashout 3

Updated to 1.0.8 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch 1.08

- fixed drone position - now it flies parallel to the ground
- reduced cluster strike damage
- shield duration increased and its cooldown increased
- fixed the issue where the increased loading time of the race summary popup after several games
- fixed the issue with no weapon sounds in VR mode
- fixed the issue with no weapon sounds in fps mode
- achievements issues fixed
- fixed overlapping popups
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Knights of the Chalice 2

Updated from 1.56 to 1.57 for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.57

Hello everyone! I hope you're well. Here is the latest version of KotC 2.

It fixes a bunch of bugs and adds the following: an option to reduce the walk speed, an option to display the mouse cursor while moving items in the Inventory Screen, new moving-water special effects (you'll have to activate that option under 'Display' in the Game Options screen), and four types of weather special effects.

Please don't hesitate to email me at if you find any bugs and annoyances, so that I can fix the game quickly. A saved game may be very helpful, too. Thank you!!

I'm very glad to report that Knights of the Chalice 2: Augury of Chaos has obtained the Second Place in the RPG Codex Game Of The Year 2022 poll:

Both Elden Ring, the winner of the poll, and KotC 2 received 75% of positive votes. Elden Ring obtained a score of 3.81 while KotC 2 obtained a score of 3.74.

I think that's an awesome result! Thank you so much to everyone who voted in the RPG Codex poll!!

Also thank you very much Dorateen for letting me know about the result!

I'll post a new Kickstarter update soon.

Thank You So Much For Your Support, Mighty Warriors And Wise Wizards! Best Regards :-)

List of changes in Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.57

• Added a new moving water animation effect, which is applied in the Module Editor using a new menu option under 'Other Tools'.
• Added a new option in the Game Options screen, under Display, allowing you to activate or deactivate the display of moving-water animations. Please note: New players should have the option turned on by default, but existing players will have to click on this option in order to display the effect.
• Implemented the weather special effects Rain, Falling Snow, Falling Leaves, and Glows (Will-of-the-wisps). A map can have both rain and snow happening from time to time (one after the other, randomly and according to the duration settings specified in the Map Data screen). Actually, a map can have all of the four effects. All four effects can be turned off by the player by switching off the game option 'Display Environmental Particles' under 'Display' in the Game Options screen.
• Updated most of the maps of Augury of Chaos to add weather effects and moving-water effects. The updated maps are: Green Cave, Red Cave, Finchbury, Ruined Village, Gleegold Keep, Mysterious Cave, Moon Crypt Special Level (Furnace), Water Shrine, Low Sewers, High Sewers, Oubliette. Also updated the Tutorial Adventure. Also added a few Slope squares with altitude 5 on the map of Finchbury. You might use them when fighting.
• In the Module Editor, added to the Map Data screen a bunch of input boxes dedicated to the new weather effects. You can use the Tab key to switch from one box to the next.
• Added a new game option 'Display Cursor When Moving Items', available under 'Display' in the Game Options screen. If you find moving items in the Inventory Screen somewhat difficult, this new option will help you. Thank you very much Steve for this great suggestion!!
• Added a new game option 'Adjust Walk Speed Out Of Combat' under 'Gameplay' in the Game Options screen. You can use it to reduce or increase the out-of-combat walking speed of your characters. Thank you for the suggestion, Steve!
• In the Game Options screen, dragging one of the volume sliders will no longer affect the other sliders if you mouse over them.
• Fixed a bug in the display of the Local Map for some map sizes or screen sizes, due to fractional position values.
• Fixed some issues with creature orientation after a Bull Rush or Pull combat manoeuvre.
• Fixed some issues with screen scrolling when performing a Throw Creature combat action.
• Fixed an issue with combat shortcuts using the Shift key not working when pressed while mousing over the Combat Actions menu or other controls.
• In the help entry about Combat Shortcuts, added a mention of the hotkey N, used to activate the Turn Undead ability of Clerics and Bishops.
• Fixed a bug in the Module Editor when you move an Activable Zone by only a few pixels using Left Control + click and drag. Pushing Contrl + Z to undo would then have no effect.
• In the Map Data screen of the Module Editor, you can now use the Tab key to cycle between the input fields of the three colour components.
• In the 'Creature Properties' screen of the Creature Editor, you can now use the Tab key to cycle between the input fields for Max HP, Current HP, Speed, BAB, Fort, Ref, Will, Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Cha. You can also cycle between the Location X and Location Y input fields.
• In the Module Editor, when mousing over multiple Activable Zones, the editor will now highlight the smallest moused-over zone. Previously, it was difficult to select a small zone positioned within the area of a larger zone.
• Fixed a source of crashes when switching from Windowed mode to Full Screen mode (or the other way around).
• Fixed bugs in the graphics code that could cause display problems depending on the computer's graphics card. I had to go through that part of the code because I was having problems displaying a really huge map, the Crossroad Castle map designed for the upcoming adventure module The Dark Arena.
• Reduced the file size of the overlay image for Finchbury by almost 12 MB by deleting fully transparent pixels on the map. Actually, I had no idea that PNG files would keep colour information even for completely transparent pixels. They do, unless we clear them. I discovered this while working on the overlay image for the Crossroad Castle map. Likewise, reduced the size of the overlay image for the Tutorial Dungeon by 1 MB. Also did the same for four smaller overlay maps of Augury of Chaos. The lighter images should be faster to load when playing, as well as taking less space on your drive. Also reduced the file size of all the big sprites for Dragons.
• Fixed a problem with the display of Torch Lights and Activable Zones that have the 'Overlay' parameter, when there isn't any overlay image on a map. Now they will get displayed even in the absence of an overlay image.
• Fixed a display issue in Module Selection screens in the macOS version only.
• Fixed a problem with the display of Water Splashes in the macOS version only. They were printed two times.
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Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy

Updated from 1.3.8 to 1.3.9

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch 1.3.9

Our focus for the past week has been improving the decorative and structural patterns of the level generator. It is a process that is by no means finished, but you should start noticing the effects in some common adventure sites such as Marang keeps and Raaf temples.

Behind the scenes we’ve also been working on a few other things, such as a new final level to host the prime elemental forge. It is set up to be a true, load-bearing adventure site. But it is not yet quite finished.

Generator Improvements

• Dialing up the cyclic generation for the crypts and similar interior levels for keeps, ruins, and temples.
• Better baseline patterns for corridors and side rooms.
• Better base decorative patterns for larger rooms.
• Better basic purpose and repurpose for dungeon rooms.
• Refactored the order of generation so that hazards and traps can take into account a room’s purpose.

Bug Fixes

• Changes to the wounded status do not cause old save files (version 1.0.8) to corrupt the game.
• Fixes an issue where key items could go missing if certain encounters were present.
• Teleporting spikes don’t teleport the Wayfarer when they damage other creatures.
• Fixes issue with rotated doors.
• Potential fix for issues with poorly generated ramps and stairs.
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Elasto Mania Remastered

Updated from 1.08 to 1.10

No changelog.

It could be this one posted by the developer in the Steam forum, but it's a week old and they don't mention version numbers:

Fixed a startup issue on Windows 7 and 8.