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Old World has been updated to version 65497 (GOG update number 62468).

Changelog posted on the game subforum:
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Updated from 2.0.7n to 2.0.7o for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 2.0.7o

Hello, crusaders!

We’re back with hot-fix 2.0.7o. We got a couple of reports that, when playing with a controller, specifically on Steam Deck, and starting a new game, it was impossible to select spells during character creation. This patch fixes this issue.

Happy crusading!
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: Offline installers updated

No Changelog
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Windows installer of V1.4.3641 rev629 is now available as well.
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Field of Glory II [Part 1/2]

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.5.40 ⇒ 1.6.6.
v1.6.6 – 26th January 2023
⯈ Manual:
---• English EBOOK and printer friendly manual fully updated with all changes since original game release.

⯈ MP Login and user names:
---• FOG2 MP Login will now accept usernames up to 32 characters long (was previously 16), and combined Slitherine/Matrix account creation has been corrected accordingly – it previously accepted usernames up to 64 characters long. This caused some tournament battles not to function if one of the players signed up to the tournament with a username longer than 16 characters.
---• If your current username is longer than 32 characters, it will not be changed automatically, but please email about changing it to a shorter version.

⯈ Custom Battles:
---• New scenario types added:
----- Own Side Defending
----- Enemy Defending
----- Ambush (Own)
----- Ambush (Enemy)
----- Open Battle (Enemy Overconfident) (SP only)
---• These new scenario types can happen in Quick Battles and Sandbox Campaigns.
---• Increased storage area for unit pre-deployment in map border. This is necessary for Very Large armies to fight on very narrow maps (using Advanced Options to reduce the map width to much narrower than the recommended minimum for the army size), otherwise the previous storage area was exceeded and units were culled from the lists so the available maxima in game did not match the number in the preview.

⯈ Map Types:
---• Added Mediterranean, North European, Middle Eastern and Tropical Plains.
---• These have been added (10% chance) to Pot Luck terrain selection in Custom Battles. (Agricultural reduced from 60% to 50% chance).

⯈ Fight Now!
---• Will now pick a quick battle at random from the main game or any DLC that you own.

⯈ Quick Battles:
---• In addition to the individual DLC Quick Battles modules, there is now an “All Quick Battles” module that includes all Quick Battles from all DLCs. (You still need to own a DLC to access battles from it.)
---• Added Macedonian vs Greek (x2), Macedonian vs Galatian, Greek vs Galatian and Macedonian vs Spartan battles to Quick Battles (Immortal Fire and All Quick Battles)

⯈ Gameplay:
---• Pike basic POA is no longer dependent on having 3 full ranks of models. It remains 100 POA regardless of losses. Deep Pike POA still degrades as the 4th rank falls.
---• Heavy Chariots now get +50 POA in Impact and Melee vs steady Defensive and Offensive spearmen. (Unless these are behind an obstacle). Not against steady pikes.
---• Routers now disperse if they have not rallied after 3 consecutive rout moves. (it was previously 5). As there is no chance to rally after the initial rout move, this effectively reduces the number of turns in which routers who have outdistanced pursuit get a chance to rally from 4 to 2, and consequently halves the overall chance of routed troops rallying. (The reduction is actually more than that, as routing units that have been pursued further than the normal permitted number of turns of rout – see below - no longer get a last chance to rally when the pursuers stop pursuing).
---• Note that this also reduces the distance away from the main battle that routers can travel and still rally. However, it does not reduce the distance that pursuers can pursue because routers do not disperse while they are being actively pursued. (Precisely so that pursuers do have the opportunity to pursue long distances). So this change intentionally won't speed up the process of getting units that pursued back into the action. When the pursuers do finally stop pursuing, if the routers have reached or exceeded the normal number of rout moves, they will disperse next turn without any opportunity to rally.
---• If a general joins a routing unit that is not being actively pursued, and is not autobroken, it will take an immediate rally test. Of course if it does not rally then, or in any subsequent rally test, the general will be lost when the unit Disperses.
---• Generals now prevented from joining routed units that are autobroken or being actively pursued.
---• Unmanoeuvrable units are now allowed to make a single square diagonal move if the only reason for being unable to do so is the cost of turning 45 degrees. This helps to avoid AI units getting stuck.
---• The check for whether a Falling Back unit must take a Cohesion Test now ignores enemy 45 degree turns that would not prevent a charge. (Because charges can include a free 45 degree turn even for Unmanoeuvrable or out of command range troops).
---• Note also that the enemy unit does not actually have to be able to charge, just to be non-routing non-light troops, and in a position where it could charge if no other units were present. (Fall Back cohesion tests are intended to simulate irrational panic, not logical thought).
---• Heavy Artillery can no longer be used in Multiplayer Custom Battles except in “Own Side Defending” or “Enemy Side Defending” scenarios.
---• Bow-armed light chariots now count as close combat troops for the purpose of triggering the non-combat bowmen shooting malus when within 2 squares. (It was an oversight that they did not previously do so).

⯈ AI:
---• AI will now advance Heavy Artillery into range.
---• Removed 90% maximum for AI units’ chance of charging. Previously (to simulate stupid unit commanders) they had at least a 10% chance of not charging, however good the odds.

⯈ UI:
---• Campaigns and Epic Battle modules now listed in alphabetical order, with user-created content listed at the end and asterisked.
---• Map Types now listed in alphabetical order in Custom Battle set up screen.
---• Added “Can Form Square” to unit panels for units with that ability.
---• Added Cursor Lock Enable/Disable to Options. The Default is Disabled.
---• Enabling Cursor Lock locks the mouse cursor to the game window, which should allow moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the game window to move the map reliably when using windows smaller than the full screen resolution, or other custom setups.
---• The Shadows options have been moved to the More Options page to make room.
Models and Units:
---• Chariot units (at default scale) represent 50 chariots. Heavy Chariot crews ranged from 2 to 4 men in different armies and at different times. To minimise confusion, TotalMen in Heavy Chariot units standardised to 150 men.
---• Pseudocomitatenses (previously only available as a campaign upgrade) now have their own textures.
---• Added Muslim Light Horse Archers model.
---• Thracians with rhomphaia increased to “Above Average” Quality 125 (where Average is 100 and Superior is 200), giving them +12 POA. Cost increased accordingly.
⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ CONTINUED BELOW ⤵︎
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Field of Glory II [Part 2/2]
⯈ Unit Costs:
---• Reduced cost of bow chariots by 4 points per unit:
---• Superior Heavy Chariots Bow from 64 to 60.
---• Superior Light Chariots Bow from 48 to 44.
---• Above Average (150) Light Chariots Bow from 42 to 38.
---• Average Light Chariots Bow from 36 to 32.
---• Reduced cost of Bow-armed Cavalry and Camelry by 2 per unit (1 for 50% bow units):
---• Superior Armoured Bow, Sword from 66 to 64.
---• Above Average (125) Armoured Bow, Sword from 52 to 50.
---• Superior Protected Bow, Sword from 56 to 54.
---• Average Protected Bow, Sword from 44 to 42.
---• Average Unprotected Bow, Sword from 40 to 38.
---• Rhoxolani/Cimmerian noble Cavalry from 52 to 51.
---• Superior Byzantine Lancers, 50% Bow from 72 to 71.
---• Above Average (125) Byzantine Lancers, 50% Bow from 54 to 53
---• Byzantine Klibanophoroi from 84 to 83
---• Superior Assyrian-style Armoured Cavalry from 68 to 67
---• Average Assyrian-style Armoured Cavalry from 48 to 47
---• Average Assyrian-style Protected Cavalry from 40 to 39
---• Arab Camelry from 48 to 46.
---• Improvised Camelry from 56 to 54.
---• Reduced cost of Bow-armed Light Horse by 4 per unit:
---• Unprotected, Average, Bow from 32 to 28.
---• Unprotected, Average, Bow, sword from 40 to 36.
---• Unprotected, Superior, Bow, Sword from 48 to 44.
---• Byzantine flankers from 48 to 44.
---• Increased cost of sling:
---• Increased cost of Average slingers from 24 to 27.
---• Increased cost of Balearic slingers from 33 to 36.
---• Reduced cost of Average Warbands and Deep Spearmen. (But not Superior or Raw as they are cost-effective already):
---• Reduced cost of Average Protected Warbands from 58 to 55.
---• Reduced cost of Pictish Spearmen from 54 to 51.
---• Thracians with Rhomphaia increased from 42 to 45 because of increase in quality – see above.
---• Cost of Superior Protected Heavy Foot Offensive Spearmen increased. Above Average increased proportionately. Note that the unit costs are higher than in FOG2 Medieval, because Offensive Spearmen capability is cheaper in Medieval because of the changes to balance resulting from the addition of Knights to the game.
---• Veteran Muslim Spearmen raised from 54 to 60.
---• (Drilled) Veteran Hoplites raised from 60 to 66.
---• Dismounted Dark Age Cavalry raised from 48 to 51
---• Dismounted Dark Age Lancers raised from 48 to 51

⯈ Army Lists:
---• Added Heavy Chariots (probably ex-Babylonian) to Achaemenid Persian 545 to 481 BC army list.
---• Pseudocomitatenses added to appropriate late Roman lists – 285-312, 313-378 and 379-424 AD.
---• Removed mandatory Mercenary hoplites from Greek 460-281 BC, Spartan 460-281 BC, and Kyrenean 460-322 BC lists, and increased Citizen Hoplites in the first two, so army without any mercenaries can be fielded.
---• Added Muslim Light Horse Archers to Andalusian list.

⯈ Autodeployment:
---• Light infantry less likely to be autodeployed behind mountains on mountainous maps.

⯈ Editor:
---• Editor now displays 3D depiction of unit model in Unit List tooltip.
---• SideID selection greatly improved.

⯈ Hotseat:
---• In Custom Battles, if you deploy the Side B army using hotseat mode prior to switching hotseat mode off and letting the AI control the Side B army, the game will now automatically reassign the units to the appropriate AI teams to allow the AI to work correctly.
---• Previously, if the player redeployed Side B units without re-assigning them to the teams expected by the AI, AI functioning could be significantly impaired.

⯈ Bug Fixes:
---• Fixed bug whereby Heavy Chariots and Scythed Chariots only got +100 instead of +150 and +250 respectively vs non-steady pikes, offensive spearmen and defensive spearmen.
---• Fixed evade decision logic bug that took into account possible flank attacks by other enemy units, but not possible rear attacks.
---• Fixed campaign bug that could allow player army to go into negative points balance in reinforcements scenario.
---• Made bolts show when light bolt-shooters fire.
---• Fixed ghilman animations to use shield in close combat.
---• Hopefully fixed bug that could sometimes cause force selection overlay to stay on screen after force selection is done.
---• Fixed bug that could cause Editor-created reinforcement messages to crash the game.
---• Fixed bug that could occasionally cause double corner slope overlays to appear on the flat top of height 200 hills.
⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ END ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎
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Battle Axe

Updated to 1.0.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Battle Axe 1.1 - Casual Mode Update

Hi everyone,

We recently launched an update for Battle Axe that includes the following changes:

1. New Casual Difficulty Mode. Access it from the options menu.
2. Auto fire! Hold the ranged attack button to move and shoot, making it easier to strafe and navigate combat. Iolo does not have the ability to move and shoot but can now easily 360 aim around him.
3. Improved CRT shader.
4. Other game re-balances. These include changes to enemy placement & spawns, stage hazards, frequency of stronger item drops.

We hope you enjoy!
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Agains the Storm Demo

Update to EarlyAccess0.44.3Demo.

No changelog.
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Old World has received a hotfix. New version is 65550 (GOG update number 62513).

The changelog has been posted by the dev in the game subforum:
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.606.1 to 0.606.1

Changelog from the forum:

0.606.1 - Body Kits

- New tuning option: toggle audio feedback for LIDAR contacts.
- New tuning option: Customize NDCI collision warning.
- New tuning option: toggle autopilot assist for variable geometry crafts.
- Disengaging your autopilot with the G key when you have a moving target selected will now apply the correct velocity to your craft.
- You could click multiple times on the "Launch Dive" button before the launch animation triggered, which incurred multiple launch fees.
- Fixed a race condition that could crash the game whenever a HUD was despawned. This could cause crashes when transitioning between Enceladus and the Rings, adjusting equipment, or tuning options showing your HUD.
- Updated translations.
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Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy

Updated from 1.3.5 to 1.3.8

Changelog from SteamDB:

Hot fix:

A quick patch for two critical issues, one rare, one way too common.

• Generator avoids generating levels for which the structural template is missing.
• Using potions, scrolls, and herbs from the inventory directly doesn’t freeze the game.

Patch 1.3.6 Improves NPC AI

This week our focus was on AI and combat behavior. Over time the AI simply had become too organic, with too many subsystems interacting creating behavior that was erratic and sometimes downright broken. We’ve cleaned out many redundant systems in the AI and made things much simpler and therefore AI behavior should have become more consistent.

The most notable change should be that the AI now respects that for the player combat should be slow and deliberate, so it acts more slow and deliberate itself. Most of the time, anyway.

This is not the last of the AI issues we are currently working on. Problems remain with targeting, and we’ve seen that sometimes the AI acts somewhat erratically. Running NPCs sometimes have trouble getting through doors, and we haven’t really checked how the AI acts around doors that can be opened and closed. Still on the whole, the AI changes should be a pretty big improvement.

AI Improvements

• Removes many redundancy in the AI subsystems, which should lead to more consistent behavior overall.
• Improves AI combat behavior. It now acts slower and more deliberate in most cases.
• Improves the ability of the AI to find paths, follow paths, and follow leaders.
• Fixes a number of time-scale AI issues which caused AI to go idle for way too long in some cases...

Bug Fixes

• Addresses a generator issue where the container in the Dandelion Pit level was missing.
• Relocates enemies that spawn or are pushed ‘out-of-bounds’.
• When a clan is hostile there won’t be an envoy for them in Haven.
• You can craft bandages.
• Potential fix of a possible crash when talking to an NPC that can give you tasks.
• Fixes a case where the game generated inconsistent water levels.
• If you return to Haven after the end of an episode, puzzle items get discarded.
• When an NPC offers a conversation you don’t automatically turn to face them.
• When an NPC wants your attention, they don’t call out every 2 seconds.
• Small barrows generate more consistently.
• Hit boxes for ‘spitters creatures’ are pulled a little further out of the wall where they live, making hitting them more consistent.
• Flame spitters are actually immune to the flames of other flame spitters.

Other Changes

• Optimizes opening the inventory menu when you have many items.
• Removed the armor for lower level imperials.
• Removed the chance lower level imperials have shields.
• Changed the way the game calls up an explorer window after a bug report. Hopefully this behavior is now more consistent across different systems and OS settings.
• NPCs of a faction that is hostile towards you, but encounter you on the territory of another faction react to you as if they were only angry.

Patch 1.3.7 improves AI further

This week we continued with our work on the NPC AI. NPCs now navigate obstacles and ramps better in and out of combat. We’ve also made the AI behavior a bit more fair where perception and picking up weapons during combat is concerned.

Obviously there also have been a number of bug fixes and other minor changes. Most notably we have redesigned ‘base rings’ which indicate your target, their armor, and their orientation.

AI Improvements

• NPCs take time when picking up items during combat.
• NPCs are careful about when they pick up items during combat.
• NPCs can no longer see you through walls.
• Stealth and AI perception interacts better.
• NPCs navigate obstacles better during combat.
• NPCs navigate cliffs and ramps better during and outside of combat.

Gameplay Changes

• When a shield is ‘up’, it blocks regardless if you are taking an action with your other hand.
• When your shield is up, you cannot charge a power attack with the other weapon.
• The behavior and abilities of quan, quanites, and quanlings have been improved.
• Adding more variety to the type of ‘ruffian’ NPCs you can encounter.
• Tweaked the spread and speeds of the ‘forceful throw’ effect to make sure thrown weapons actually hit the target before the secondary bolts do.
• Tweaks some combat animations for better readability.
• Redesign of the ‘base ring’ to make armor easier to see.
• Base rings no longer get hidden below deep snow.
• Dust, shard, and ice devils have a new ‘hazard’ base ring.

Bug Fixes

• You cannot force gates during the tutorial.
• Asking Raaf to intervene on a bridge cannot push you over the edge and teleport you to the water below.
• The crafting conditions for Legacy Signets are implemented correctly.
• Improves targeting with the staff (the speed correction was off by a factor of 4).
• The soothing flute can be used to play sheet music.
• NPCs can no longer have two health components (it didn’t do them much good anyway).
• The time and weather in the tutorial isn’t copied from the last level you played.
• When the strength buff ends during camping it is removed correctly.
• Ranged weapons can hit shorter enemies when ranged attack aim assist is disabled.
• The death screen allows you to reload a save game with a controller.
• If clans cannot accept a gift they communicate the reason for it correctly.
• Prevents the generator from generating small holes filled with mud.
• Reduces the performance impact of ferns.
• Groups of NPCs remember better which ‘moves’ they already played.

Patch 1.3.8 improves travel flow

This week we have been focusing on making traveling flow better. We have done this by moving enemy and folk encounters to the map destinations. This makes them optional and less intrusive.

Another big change is the spark reward we added to successful fortune tests. Obviously this will have an affect on the overall spark balance and we already tried to compensate for this, but only time will tell how the balance has shifted exactly and whether or not more tweaks are required.

Gameplay Changes

• Enemy and folk travel encounters are no longer encountered on the road, but on your next destination.
• You can now encounter tracks while traveling, which might place a prey encounter on your next destination.
• If you succeed at a fortune test you gain some sparks.
• Redesigned the Lore Flower fortune test.
• If you succeeded at a climbing test, you do not need to test again for making the same climb in the same direction.
• Reduces the chance you can find a spark by 20%.
• The feature to automatically face targets only applies to enemies.

Bug Fixes

• Dust devils and similar creatures don’t get a base ring when they are inactive.
• Fixes an connectivity issue with certain variants of the mountain top temple template.
• Catches a rare case where inns could not be placed correctly.
• Fixes a possible null-reference while camping.
• When you restore a game, the camera resets its focus on the hero correctly.
• Prevents repeated decoration from spawning in front of gates.
• The ‘no need to explore’ message doesn’t pop-up when certain fortunes are present on the destination.
• Fixes issue that caused certain encounters not to spawn correctly, which was very noticeable for farms and trading posts.
• Improves targeting interactive objects when many are closeby.
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Updated to 1.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Multiplayer improvements patch

We are pushing an update to improve the flow of multiplayer games, particularly the lobbies. Previously, it wasn't necessarily clear when a round would be beginning. There's now a helpful timer, as well as a fancy new alarm clock by the starting bell (you know, the bell that lets the host start the game) that will let you add some extra time to the countdown, in case you are waiting for a few extra people to join.

Here is a list of the new stuff. As you can see, most of it is for multiplayer. Grab some friends and play a few rounds. Maybe you'll see us in there!

- Main screen and pause menu UI now scale better when using alternative screen dimensions
- Fixed menu items being clicked during photosensitivity warning screen
- Upgrade multiplayer selection screen to look better and be more readable
- Fixed multiplayer co-op issue where the host has no unlocked levels
- Fixed a Steam Deck issue for joining multiplayer with a private room code
- Fixed Steam Deck language rendering issue
- Fixed multiplayer description overlaps
- Adjusted multiplayer battle royale auto-timer
- Fixed some minor geometry and reflection probe issues in multiplayer lobby
- Fixed missing colliders in multiplayer lobby
- Cleaned and tidied away the holiday decorations in multiplayer lobby

As mentioned above, we'll also be online, playing the battle royale multiplayer mode a bunch this week. Hope to see you around.
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Dreams in the Witch House

Updated to 1.02 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

- Fixed an issue where Walter wouldn't comment on the exam results, if he got exactly one exam point
- Closing the notes / To-do list no longer disables the fast travel block
- "The King in Yellow" index card in the card catalogue no longer causes issues when talking to Armitage
- When staying the night at Elwood's place, the medicine dialog now shows only the valid medicines
- Fixed an issue on the third dream, where injured Brown Jenkin could freeze the game while Walter was talking to the witch
- Fixed an issue where interacting with the inventory books or the strange rod on the map screen could have caused a crash or a freeze
- Pressing Esc at the dream world epilogue no longer freezes the game
- Replaced one Public Domain store music track with another PD track
- "Even Death May Die" achievement will now unlock if Walter dies during the ritual
- Fixed an issue where showing an unfinished Theory papers to Armitage could have caused an error when showing the papers later again

Thanks to everyone who helped to locate and fix the bugs!
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Bright Memory: Infinite

Updated to 1.42 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:
Update Notes - January 18, 2023

Please find the list of fixes and adjustments included in this update below.


- Increased FOV when Perspective-assist is turned on from 80 to 90.
- Fixed an issue where the ammo of multiple weapons will reduce to 0 when Perspective-assist is turned on, and changing weapons quickly after reloading will cause the machine gun float in mid-air.
- Fixed issue where dodging multiple times consecutively in Perspective-assist mode will cause motion to be laggy.
- Fixed issue where Shelia's model in the swimming scene in "Changes" appears transparent when having the Cyber Rabbit costume or Rabbit School Uniform costume equipped.
Update Notes - January 20, 2023

Please find the list of fixes and adjustments included in this update below.

Additional Features

- Added feature that allows player to view Shelia's model while in Perspective-assist mode

Mouse/keyboard: Alt key + mouse
Xbox Controller: B button + right stick

- Added new standby motion when Perspective-assist mode is turned on


- Fix issue where skill motion is cut off while climbing and using skills with Perspective-assist tunred on
- Fixed issue where player cannot shoot when sliding and aiming at the same time with Perspective-assist turned on
- Fixed issue game doesn't return to Perspective-assist mode when sliding and aiming at the same time with Perspective-assist turned on
- Fixed issue in sneaking mission where climbing the wall can trigger the cleaver swinging motion
- Fixed issue where Defend action does not interrupt firearm's reload
- Fixed issue where certain skills can be activated while climbing
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

No Changelog