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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Update to 0.603.6.


0.603.6 - Tactical Retreat

- Tapping "disengage autopilot lock" (G by default) when no target is selected will disable your autopilot.
- Tapping "engage the target in front" (F by default) will engage the autopilot immediately, even if there is no target in front of your ship.
- EIAA-1337 and NPC now understand that if an ore chunk is touching their excavator and moving with a very similar velocity to your ship, the thing to do is open the excavator and speed up. This prevents NPC and EIAA-1337-equipped ships from pushing the ore around with closed excavators.
- Computer kinetic damage (faulty sensors) resistance depended on the time scale. While not apparent during normal gameplay, kinetic impacts during extreme slowdowns, such as with the OMS screen open, could cause up to 10x more damage than they should. In some edge cases, this could cause your computer rapidly receive damage as soon as you open up the OMS menu.
- Reworked the way your Astrogator interacts with your LIDAR display. Instead of highlighting nearby contacts in their Tactical Awareness range, your Astrogator will now expose the Tactical Markers they put on ships on your LIDAR. Tactical Markers need to be entered into your on-board computer by your Astrogator and will appear only within their Tactical Awareness range - they, however, do rely on tightbeam radar rather than LIDAR, so they are not obfuscated by loss of line of sight, are not affected by the LIDAR refresh rate and will present a location of a ship for much longer. The markers will remain on the edge of the screen for ships exiting the displayed range of LIDAR.
- Fixed a rare race condition that could cause the game to crash when you returned to the Enceladus station.
- Ores and asteroids will not disappear from the screen while you still can see them during the return burn to Enceladus.
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Prison Architect

Updated to The_Jailhouse101_11011 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Paradox Forum:
Jailhouse Hotfix - UI Scaling & Miscellaneous

Hey Wardens!

There was an issue encountered with the Jailhouse Update (released alongside Jungle Pack) that caused some serious scaling issues.

We have isolated the issue and pushed a hotfix to PC that fixed it.

We’re also taking this chance to patch foundations removing internal plans and snipers. Max Capacitors Plus are NOT in this hotfix as they’re still being finalized and will be available in the next update, so please stay tuned (apologies for the confusion).

Be sure to follow us on our social channels to stay updated on the latest news!
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Moonshine Inc.

Updated to 1.0.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch 1.0.6 & Police Quests

Hello Moonshiners!

The day has come to announce that the first of two anticipated February patches, the one including Police Quests is now released!

The titular Police Quests are a certain type of Side Quests that serve the purpose of reducing the Global Alert Level and Stash Alert Level. Read more details about it in the patch notes below.

Besides, we’ve worked on additional fixes and adjustments reported via Steam and Discord.

Patch notes:


- Police Missions - After the player raises the Global Police Alert level to 3 or the Stash Alert level to 6, a mission will spawn. After the player completes it their level will decrease. Objectives are randomly generated based on their performance
- after choosing a destiny for a delivery, a stash window will pop up giving the player an opportunity to check batches weariness


- adjusted the "Good Samaritan" event giving the player more meaningful choices
- adjusted workshop panel showing more information about the apparatuses
- fixed the temperature value in the Fermentation window not being shown correctly when the fermentation was in progress after changing it using Temperature Control technology
- fixed Remove button preventing the player from canceling delivery to the side missions
- fixed dynamic quest tracking issue on older saves
- fixed not working Recreate feature preventing player from crafting apparatuses during the ongoing production process
- fixed issues with delivering the batch to stashes
- fixed workers not making deliveries available after their promotion
- fixed numbers of alcohol liters disappearing for archived missions after loading the save
- fixed alcohol amount in liters shown in the archive after loading the game
- fixed mission expiration time and mission log on the map shown in the wrong place

Right now you don't have to worry about the game over.

As intended, the second and most anticipated update - Sandbox Mode - will be released on February 23rd and will give you the freedom of exploration and production. Stay with us because soon you'll be able to build your exceptional bases with no boundaries.

Check out the updated RoadMap
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Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

Changelog from Steam:
Patch notes v3.0.20.30933:

- Clan of the Ox : Fixed an issue with the taunt
- Clan of the Bear : Fixed the relic and Warchief issue
- Clan of the Lion : Fixed Foraging Post that protrudes on another tile when upgraded to a farm
- Clan of the Dragon : Fixed the neutral unit to no longer count in the warband when captured
- Clan of the Rat : Fixed SFX of overwork that stop before the end of the effect
- Cross of Vidar : Fixed an issue with the cost of the banquet meal
- Fixed multiplayer black screen at the start of a game
- Fixed Conquest “Call of Blood” : there is no longer any natural walls
- Some balancing conquest
- Fixed some localization
- Fixed some UI
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Updated from to for Windows and Linux.

No changelog.
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Elasto Mania Remastered

Updated from 1.06 to 1.07

No changelog.

Edit: Found changelog posted by the developer deep in the jungles of the Steam forum:


Removed some unused marginal features.

Fixed some issues including displaying incorrect level names.
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Edit: Mostly deleted.

Let's hope they add Elma Crime to Extras here.
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(ø,ø): snip
DoomSooth: It's probably for this:

Elasto Mania Remastered

A new update and a new name to commemorate the changes of the last two years
Elasto Mania has seen a lot of changes in the past two years, including an additional update today. This update adds two more level packs by the community contributor Sla to the game, as well as remastered graphics, based on original, never-before-seen high quality assets.

The culmination of the past years of work are thus here, and to mark this day, 22 years after the original launch, we're renaming this new version of Elasto Mania to Elasto Mania Remastered. This brings the Steam version in line with the newly launched console and other platforms.

We hope you continue to enjoy this game and look forward to even more elma-adventures!

Let's hope they add Elma Crime to Extras here.
That's an older update, the new update is much smaller. Found changelog in the Steam forum and updated the post.
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Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask

Updated to 1.61 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch Notes v1.41

Yeah, baby! Back by popular demand: the original prologue The Yellow Mask is back on the store, now with the Supporter Pack DLC included for free - wohoo! This patch includes just small visual UI changes and general improvements. Enjoy!
I know, different version numbers but it should be the right changelog. :)
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House Party

Updated to 1.0.9 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from the developer's website:

(Beta Release 02/03/2023)

- CSC: major CPU and garbage allocation optimizations made that will notably reduce the UI “lag” experienced when manipulating many CSC elements, dropdowns, text fields, etc. Note that these optimizations required minor changes to the UI. Some functionalities like sorting/arranging elements are now controlled strictly through user-interactable elements like arrows, the copy/paste functions, and insert/remove
- CSC: added “CharacterGroup” behaviors. This allows for the creation of targeted groups of Characters that can then have GameEvent, Criteria, Event Trigger, and/or CriteriaGroup behaviors executed upon them selectively or en masse. Note that not all GameEvents and Criteria are available for use with this system
- In the Original Story: Updated Brittney’s behavior towards the player after they hook up
- In the Original Story: Fixed an issue with Amala not being disabled properly after leaving the party
- In the Original Story: Fixed an issue with Amala kicking the fence not firing correctly when loading a saved game
- In the Original Story: Overhauled the intimacy mechanics in the CSC to utilize character groups
- Increased size of LoadingDock slightly and adjusted LoadingDockZone accordingly
- Fixed an issue that could cause Player motion to stutter excessively if no NPCs (or only DialogueCharacters like PhoneCall) were enabled
- InteractiveItems can now internally (on our end) be flagged for automatic disabling upon start of a Custom Story game session, as can their ScriptObjects
- The following InteractiveItem(s) have been flagged to get disabled entirely whenever a New Game of a Custom Story starts: Drone, FilmCamera, HotTubCoverUnfolded, PizzaBoxFortification, PlanksFortification, PlanksFortificationExtraNails, DeadSnake (in front yard), Firetrail, and GlassCover (for the hot tub). Note that the save/load system will be relied upon to maintain InteractiveItem state between sessions, so this will only ensure that these items are disabled upon the start of a new Custom Story session. This automatic behavior can be disabled by toggling on the new UseEekDefaultItemEnableBehavior property in the Story Collection object in the CSC
- The following InteractiveItem(s) have been flagged to disable their ScriptObjects upon start of ANY Custom Story game (loaded games included): HotTubBase. Note that the save/load system does NOT maintain state of ScriptObjects. CSC scripting will be needed to address this.
- This automatic behavior can be disabled by toggling on the new UseEekDefaultItemEnableBehavior property in the Story Collection object in the CSC
- The Front Yard Crowd will automatically be disabled upon start of ANY Custom Story game (loaded games included)
- Minor redundancy and CPU/Memory optimization-related cleanup across a number of engine, data, Criteria evaluation, and UI-related scripts
- Fixed an issue that could cause unintended and sporadic camera “bouncing” when simply running around the game world over flat surfaces
- The Debug Log will begin logging slightly earlier than before, allowing it to catch more pre-session diagnostic info
- Minor optimizations to Debug Log to reduce garbage allocation
- Fixed an issue that was disabling the downstairs Window Blinds (against the front yard) on every game start. These have been the ScriptObject1 of the PlanksFortification for some time, and can be controlled via the CSC as needed
- The Window_Broken object will no longer be enabled by default on every game session. This has been the ScriptObject2 of the PlanksFortification for some time, and can be controlled via the CSC as needed
- Optimization pass on CharacterManagerTick loop CPU usage performance as well as performance for related methods
- Slightly optimized GPU draw calls by removing several obscured/unused environmental objects within the house and disabling Cast Shadows on a number of indoor objects that were not creating noticeable shadows
- Fixed an issue with Character/ItemGroup behavior that could allow a “shared” action to populate on the radial when a criteria check should have prevented it from doing so
- Updated Volumetric Lighting plugin, which should confer minor performance benefits for some users
- Minor optimization to FixedUpdate code that handles door rotation or position change
- Improved in-house supplemental occlusion culling support to ensure that doors specific to certain zones are taken into account when deciding to render Characters
- Rebaked lighting with slightly tweaked Ambient Occlusion settings
- Rebaked and slightly reduced footprint of occlusion culling data
- Wired up EnableScriptObject/DisableScriptObject and other ItemFunction behavior(s) for newly added assets/items
- Very minor adjustments to the Fridge door’s hard-coded auto-close behavior. Should not be discernible in normal gameplay
- Minor tweaks to VFXManager that handles certain character effects and some newer…ambiance stuff. Adjusted certain Phone-light-related behaviors to auto-adjust based on this totally spoiler-free ambiance-related tomfoolery
- Added a blackout effect
- Added a breaker box model in the garage
- Added a knife model
- Added a new fridge + alternative material option
- CSC: updated core Unity .dlls
- CSC: fixed an issue that could cause a NullReferenceException and the inability to use certain StoryCollection-related functions when initially creating a brand new StoryCollection via new GameObject
- CSC: added the Gender Criteria, which for now should be reserved for use in conjunction with CharacterGroup-derived behaviors
- CSC: cleaned up some inconsistent alphabetization behaviors
- CSC: miscellaneous internal cleanup of large swaths of the CSC/Editor codebase
- CSC: minor expansion of auto-data cleanup and error message handling in some additional situations

(Stable Release 02/09/2023)

- For all non-DLC content: updated Spanish (MX) translations
- GameObject name for Key2 is now “key2” instead of “key4”. Should only matter for those cheaty cheats that use a lot of console commands
- Implemented a system to prevent item repositioning based on load game data. This should help prevent the vast majority of issues that could be caused should we decide to…redecorate
- Cleaned up some unused InteractiveItem code and members
- Updated Spanish (MX) translations for the UI
- A new Key item has made its way into the house
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Player to be unable to Interact with their POV/Legacy IntimacyPartner in the rare event that a physical obstruction created a line of sight block between them
- Enabled ItemFunctions on a number of items that previously were unable to make use of them (pretty much every item that starts out in the Fridge, such as the Mayonnaise, Chicken Nuggets, etc.)
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Unforeseen Incidents has been updated to version 1.62 (GOG update number 62316).

No changelog yet.
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Scarlet Hollow

Updated from Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.1a to Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.1b

Changelog from SteamDB:

2/8 Fixes

Fixed a backlog of small bugs and typos, and unlocked some additional dialogue options that were previously inaccessible due to bugs.
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Blade Runner - Enhanced Edition

Updated to 1.2.1075-new (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

GOG changelog:
Patch 1.2.1075.0 (10th February 2023)

- New option to use the original or enhanced graphics. Toggle between both in-game at any time!
- New in-game help for controls
- Restored video localization (non-English audio during outtakes)
- Restored transition video to Tyrell Building
- Improved gun aiming and police maze targeting
- Improved video playback performance
- Improved subtitle coloring
- Improved ESPER controls
- Fixed game freezing after VK test
- Fixed ambient voice clips sometimes not playing
- Fixed ESPER machine muting ambient sound
- Fixed widescreen borders randomly disappearing
- Fixed graphical glitches in various videos and room backgrounds
- Fixed graphical glitches in police scoreboard
- Fixed police scoreboard not being stored in savegame
- Fixed subtitles sometimes showing up blank
- Fixed controller ignoring deadzone
- Fixed cursor moving while invisible
- Fixed various localization issues
Hustlefan: Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask

Updated to 1.61 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
I just noticed that I hadn't received an update message for this prologue.

Is this a new feature from GOG?
Because, for the last weeks I always correctly received the update messages again, for all the games I own.

The only difference with this one is, that I hide all the demos/prologues in my account.
So far - update messages would pop up regardless, even for the hidden games, but not for this one.

Has anybody else made the same experience?

I don't mind it - it's just an unexpected addition to the system (if it's added as a general function), and I know at least one person here who'll love it.
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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Updated to 1.49.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.