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Stellar Tactics

Offline installer updated to 0.610

Changelog posted by the dev in the game's forum:
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Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game updated to version 0.8.247

changelog from STEAM message board:

[i] ECLSS Changelog

- Auto-unloading ammo from weapons you sell and loot.
- AI improvements regarding enemy priority, especially regarding the value of DR. AI is much less likely to attack enemies they can't damage.


- The option to travel to the habitat is available on top guards at all time.
- Shield gadget got new visuals and now covers all around the user.
- Distortion field zap damage is now 4-6/7-9/10-12/13-15 (from 4-6/6-8/8-10/10-12).
- Cloak field detection is now 35/30/25/20 (from 50/40/30/20).
- Aimed: Weak Point critical effect is now 50% penetration (no longer lowers constitution).
- Healing Factor stat regeneration increased to 2.
- Turrets now have 50 thermal vision.
- Energy turret now has 4 natural DR (reduced other DRs by 4).


- Thermal vision now works as a counter to cloaking field.
- Yellow tiles range reduced to 10 (from 15). Prowler range is now 25 (from 30).
- Modified noise balance. Each level in sneak now reduces noise, higher sneak level needed to achieve similar results as before.
- Tunnel Runner: Noise per tile is now +1 (from +2).
- Ghost: Now -2 noise per tile (from -1). No longer cuts takedown noise in half.
- New feat! Throat Slitter: Takedown AP Cost reduced to 3AP and noise cut by half. Takedown +10.
- Increased learning point rewards from stealth.

Weapon changes

- Maverick penetration increased to 20%.
- Shredder graze reduced to 24.
- Rusty XM5 and Raider AP cost reduced to 5 (from 6). Range reduced by 2.


- Fixed skill level on the main panel's weapon slot not counting tag.
- Fixed lack of combat XP on Menzel's fight.
- Fixed turret using wrong critical modifier (was 2x instead of 1.2x).
- Fixed lack of stealth XP and reputation on F14.
- Increased sneak placement area in F14.

August 4th Update

Balance tweaks

- Pulse grenades against robots and turrets now deal 16 damage and disable shields. Knockdown is now 1 turn (they get up at their turn start).
- Lowered ballistic and energy DR of robot a bit.
- Robot now uses a different attack for reaction shots, that have -15 accuracy, +15 graze, -10 critical chance.
- Robot regular attacks don't have a random chance to cause knockdown, now it happens on critical hits.
- Robot attacks now always cause a minor stagger (-2 AP).
- Increased penetration of energy weapons by 10 (smg has 20), and lowered damage of rifle by 2.


- Fixed robot not attacking when engaged on melee.
- Fixed energy turret running out of ammo.
- Fixed energy shield not registering hits.
- Fixed energy shield missing on turrets on reload.
- Fixed an animation issue with panic and knockdown.
- Fixed Skill Monkey increasing skills in Character Creation. [/i]
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Updated to 1.8.16611 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Issabel Cosplay DLC & Summer Armors DLC available now.

Changelog from SteamDB:
Succubus Shamanic Update

Hello Martyrs!

Summer is in full swing, and the mood is good, so we've decided to spice things up with a free update featuring brand new content for Succubus!

The Shamanic Update will enrich several of our levels with a new, MENACING opponent - the Satyr - a mighty demon who summons nasty creatures to fight unwanted intruders such as Vydija :D
But that's not all!

The Shamanic Update additionally includes:
- a brand new whip variation;
- a new Looped Dream scene;
- Bugfixing; (patch notes below)

Check out for yourself on which levels you will come across our fresh adversary. The update is available to everyone for free right now!

Patch notes:

General Changes:

- Powers available in the Latex of Love armor again display correctly
- Numerous adjustments have been made to beach bodypaint textures
- Super Succubus armor will no longer mess up bodypaints
- We have decided to slightly nerf the Abomination on lower difficulty levels so that new players do not find the ugly monster too much of a challenge

Vydija's Cave:

- The scarlet mist present on some variations of the decorations will no longer materialize in front of your eyes
- Changes regarding the appearance of Vydija's body will no longer raise the volume of the game
- The Martyr from our summer set will no longer interfere with the shrine present in the Orgy decorations
- We have adjusted the censorship of some elements in Vydija's Cave
- IT HAPPENED! From today you will never again trip over the Spider present in the area, as we have disabled the annoying collision for every single one of them. Hurray!
- A bug regarding Agretha's interaction with many of the decor elements has been fixed - her face should no longer melt like ice cream left in the sun
- We have a lot of fans of our 'Looped Dreams' here, so we've fixed some transitions between animations specifically for them so they don't ruin the atmosphere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- We have removed the annoying blockage present in the corridor after selecting the summer decorations
- The Martyr in the stairwell was asked to change his seat and rest his body's weight on something more material
- If you've seen blood flowing through the air in Kethar's chamber before, then you won't see it again; no thanks needed

Mountain of Pleasure:

- We had a slight problem with twitching martyrs, which skeletons have made into shooting targets. Currently, they should behave normally after being hit 'mistakenly' with a fireball
- We fixed the collision of rocks in the arena at the end of the level
- Those curious about the design of our levels will be pleased to know that the collision trap present at our famous 'turkey' will no longer block you
- The mountain got some affection from us, and from now on, several unnecessary walls blocking the way for players have been removed
- The teeth adorning the wall of one of our tunnels will no longer change shape when you approach them

Arena of Sacred Blood:

- We have improved the placement of the palm trees in the summer decor of the level; we do not want our plants to levitate joyfully in the air

The Great Kali:

- Turning off the 'Abortion Minigames' will no longer cause unwanted character collisions dedicated to the two-level variants

Forgotten Lair:

- We gently pointed out the way to a lost Martyr because of whom some players could not complete the arena challenge
- If once again, you wish to lock yourself in one of the holes in the arena with the statues, I must sadden you, but we have effectively blocked access to some of them

Forest of Flesh:

- One of the stone ribs present on the path to the chapel with the hammer will begin to resist you if you once again wish to unite with it as one being (。+・`ω・´)

Kethar Workshop:

- No more tripping over the body lying on the stairs blocking the way in the Forge

Vortex Temple:

- The lost black object visible from the check-point terrace will no longer spoil the landscape for you
- There was a small tentacle hiding in the wall on that level; we felt sorry for it and took it to its new home. Hopefully, it will be happier there :3
- We have also improved the performance on the level near the bone church; we hope this will make it easier for you to fight the Amazons

Brighlight of the Forest:

- The tentacle hanging in the air on the opening cutscene will no longer bother you with its whizzing;
- We have corrected the collision of the fleshy arch so that it is no longer possible to look inside it again
- The upper area of the arena has been separated from the players so that they don't accidentally get off the map
- We corrected the collision of several stones present on the path to the temple
- If you were previously unable to complete the level because of the Czort blocking himself in one of the chambers of the temple, he too has already been dealt with :D

So yeah... there is still a lot of work ahead. We're aware of many things that could use some fine-tuning, but we're on track to get everything done. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new free content.

We are counting on the wicked Satyr getting a juicy BONK on the head from you, even more than once (◐ω◑ ).

Stay safe, drink plenty of water, and good luck with your hunts!
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Offline installer updated to 0.10.2. Changelog from Steam :

Howdy Guardians!

Hope you're doing fine.

Continuing our effort to bring more languages to Roboquest, we just released an hotfix updating some of the languages and implemented new ones. The others are still being worked on by the community translators. In addition, we started localizing the store page in various languages. Make sure to check out the supported languages displayed in the right-part of the store page section to know if your language is currently in the game.

Of course, we also included the fix of some of the gamebreaking bugs of the game.

Here is the list of changes:

• Updated localization for Chinese, French and Portuguese-Brazilian
• Added localization for Persian, Dutch, Korean and Italian
• Added localized version of the store page for the languages above and others
• Updated the store page to reflect what languages are currently supported in the game

Developer's Note: Please make sure to check out the supported languages on the store page to make sure your language is available.

• Updated and fixed several text issues

General Changelist
• 'Artishock' can no longer instantly kill you when coupled with the 'Electro Mastery' perk
• 'Elemental Weapon' no longer triggers the bonus effects of items twice
• 'Master Exploder' upgrade now works properly
• 'Sharp Wave' visual effect no longer disappears after dying once and being rebooted
• You can no longer be stuck forever if the client player disconnects during the end game screen, the victory screen or right after he died
• Fixed a few other crashes
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EVERSPACE 2 (In Development)

Updated to 0.9.28028 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

PART 1 / 2
Patch Notes - 0.9.28028 - Changelog

We've just released our big summer update Drake: Gang Wars. Please see the complete list of changes below. Highlights include the all-new star system Drake, complete with new locations, factions and side missions.

Please note that we are using Text-To-Speech again for newly added dialogs, these will get replaced after the next recording session. Also note that added UI text is not localized in other languages, yet. If you'd like to send in corrections for currently available translations, you can actively contribute to the localization via the cloud-based tool Crowdin:

Note that this new update does not require you to start a new game, you can continue playing with your old save game. However, we encourage you to start a new game to enjoy all the changes we've made.


- Added new star system: Drake
- Added new side missions
- Added new faction: Coalition
- Added new enemy faction: Retaliators
- Added new enemy faction: Zurilia
- Added mutators to high-risk areas
- Added crafting of consumables
- Added new companion perks
- Added new player perks
- Increased level cap to 25
- Added new music
- Added new challenges
- Added new consumables
- Tier 3 ships are now available at ship dealers
- Added new ship modules
- Added new decals
- Added new weapon sounds
- Added new secondary weapon bonus attributes
- Added new passives for all ship sub-classes
- Added new map mode to show resource deposits
- Added new job type in Drake system: "Battle Support"
- Added option to enable TrackIR v5
- Added option to enable AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution
- Added option to hide XP numbers
- Added tracking of resources
- Added action to craft from an empty equipment slot
- Added an info banner when all secrets have been discovered in a location
- Added shortcut keys (and bindings) to directly open specific menu pages like "Missions" and "Perks"
- Added pre-caching and quick refresh for crafting tab to improve performance
- Added proper (gamepad-) navigation for crafting inventory incl. implicit scrolling
- Added various new G&B turrets


- Armor can now be swapped out at any time
- Prevent Flak projectiles from triggering while player is inside damage radius (prevents most cases of accidental self-damage)
- Armor hits will now also trigger the "Percussive Maintenance" perk
- Consumables now have item rarities assigned to them
- Freshly installed primary weapons now start with 0 energy and need to charge first
- Potential mining yield display on the star map can now be unlocked earlier with a HIVE perk
- Vanguard Time Extender ULT will now leave the ship mostly unaffected by the time dilation
- Changed movement pattern and speed of first Outlaw boss' ship so it can be hit easier
- Wrecks will now fully repair a Vindicator drone when used
- Enemies now have better accuracy when firing at stationary targets
- ARC-9000 explosion can now be triggered manually by deactivating the ULT prematurely
- The Flying Dutchess is now also offering a handful of ships (via perk)
- An alternative set of passives of offered ships can now be chosen (via perk)
- Ship dealer offers can now be rerolled every 10 minutes (via perk)
- Shops will now sometimes offer equipment 1 or 2 levels above the player level
- Jobs now give faction-independent "renown" instead of faction-based "standing" (consolidated old save files by transferring "standing" into "renown")
- Decals are now unlocked after completing certain side missions, reaching a certain renown rank or when completing Prescott Starbase location 100% (when loading old save games decals are given retroactively)
- The small lines at the top and bottom of the HUD now turn red while in combat (if any enemy is targeting the player or if any enemy is within 2km range)
- Tweaked look of G&B ships and turrets
- Tweaked look of Maddocks' freighter
- Refined many environments and assets
- Moved autosave file generation after undocking to start of animation to avoid freeze while flying out
- Integrated localization changes suggested from Crowdin community
- EMP Generator "Shield Surge" mode will now restore 10% shield hitpoints for each target hit, instead of an explicit value
- Fusion Hook now takes ship mass into account
- Balancing: Rebalanced loot rarity drop chance
- Balancing: Doubled effect of high-velocity affix
- Balancing: Mainframe Expansions will now increase an attribute's value by 5%, not by 20 points
- Balancing: Reduced player ship base shield and plating hitpoints
- Balancing: Increased armor and shield bonuses of most player ships across the board
- Balancing: Increased player ship hitpoint scaling from tier level
- Balancing: Reduced Structure attribute scaling
- Balancing: Increased base weapon damage but reduced Firepower scaling
- Balancing: Revised energy economy and leveled out shield, boost and weapon energy to equal ranges
- Balancing: Reduced Quantum Tether duration from 20s to 16s
- Balancing: Buffed "Prime Zapper" and "Equalizer" coil guns and made them feel more unique
- Balancing: Increased Corrosion Injector damage
- Balancing: Reduced Armor Drone buff radius
- Balancing: Increased Annihilator Virus cooldown, slightly reduced range and damage
- Balancing: Switched Annihilator Virus damage types so it will primarily deal kinetic damage
- Balancing: Dismantling items will now yield fewer lower rarity parts
- Balancing: Increasing the rarity of an item now also requires lower rarity parts
- Balancing: High Risk Area bosses and Elite units will have a greater chance to drop higher rarity loot
- Balancing: Decreased Outlaw Drone Carrier deployment frequency for Link Drones
- Balancing: Reduced Scatter Gun charge duration by 50%
- Balancing: Increased Flak range and damage radius
- Balancing: Reduced Rail Gun energy consumption
- Balancing: Increased Missile Defense System duration
- Balancing: Decreased Recharge Booster's recharge delay
- Balancing: Revised Bloodstar Repeater, making it more competitive
- Balancing: Significantly increased Scatter Gun damage
- UI: Reworked catalyst selection including craft & install functionality
- UI: Added option to craft missing components to speed up catalyst and consumable crafting
- UI: Reworked error prone "tap to show" (unlock-) banner behavior and added proper queuing
- UI: Added and improved multiple smaller features for the perk tab like invest indicators
- UI: Perks - Changed that invest indicator is only visible if player can upgrade the perk
- UI: The state of having the dialog board open or closed in the pause menu is now saved
- UI: Added option to immediately resume the game from the "game saved" screen
- UI: Change style of HUD warning that warns players that a mission will fail when leaving the location
- UI: Prototype and Starforged Items now stand out more
- UI: Added border to clickable buttons
- UI: Items now display the name of the companion perk and the current invest ratio if this item is tracked
- UI: Added complete new indicator logic for the crafting tab (e.g. unlocked blueprints)
- UI: Stackable items in shop or container now show the owned item amount in the upper right corner of their item info widget
- UI: Optimized display logic of the item level arrow indication
- UI: Added quick jump markers when buying resources
- UI: Crafting inventory now lists already found resources even if current amount is zero. (To make them trackable)
- UI: Crafting panel - Multiple design adjustments and optimizations (e.g. requirements)
- UI: Crafting: Removed result screen for catalysts and components to speed up the process
- UI: Crafting tab - Added ship cargo empty slot ratio
- UI: Added an error message after trying to unequip an overheated item
- UI: Added an animation for the compare slot indicator image
- UI: Added "new" indicator for devices within device pool (will be reset after device was equipped for the first time)
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EVERSPACE 2 (In Development)

Updated to 0.9.28028 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

PART 2 / 2

- Fixed Gunship turret tracking targets without line of sight
- Fixed Plating Item not receiving condition change when armor hitpoints are healed via Void Swarm
- Fixed that Outlaw ships launched from Redeemer base hangars
- Fixed that some pillar-shaped asteroids in random Zharkov locations still could have a wrong rotation
- Fixed that some "Rips in Space" tasks did not succeed when having them active at the time of installing update 0.8
- Fixed location progression bug where one secret was counted multiple times, leading to > 5/4 display and >100% completion rate
- Fixed question marks shown for location progression on some occasions
- Fixed missing Expertise name for Stinger in Ship Dealer screen
- Fixed compare values falsely transferring from Ship Dealer tooltips to Ship tab tooltips
- Fixed health and ULT ratio falsely taken from different ship when switching ships on homebase and undocking
- Fixed Gunship turret not being hidden when arriving via Spatial Bypass
- Fixed Excessive Force perk falsely working without a shield installed
- Fixed high-capacity secondary weapons not using less energy when flying the Bomber
- Fixed Teleporter's "Parting Gift" Mode mine damage not scaling with Utility
- Fixed ARC-9000 and Quantum Tether recharging their own ULT energy
- Fixed Scorpion Missile having an infinite range
- Fixed upgrading rarity of plating items
- Fixed ULT icon and charge ratio not immediately updating after changing ships on homebase
- Fixed destroying enemies with mines not repairing armor
- Mounted turrets are less likely to hit their owner and do not cause damage if they do
- Fixed Spatial Bypass locations not being selectable on any zoom level
- Fixed that there was an Outlaw Turret in one of the random Redeemer bases
- Fixed hud marker of vindicator drone wrecks disappearing after ULT use
- Fixed that under certain conditions it was possible to infect yourself with your own Annihilator Virus
- Fixed that some location actors like turrets were not respawning after some hours
- Fixed that weapon characteristics like splash damage could carry over if you swap weapons before the projectile hits
- Fixed optimized affix still present on item after installing new affix catalyst
- Fixed corrosion mines spawned from minefields applying too much corrosion damage
- Fixed zero amount pickups being spawned for hardened ore patch explosion
- Fixed that when completing a job with item rewards and pressing tab while "claim rewards" was shown, no xp, credits or renown (used to be standing) were given if item reward was then claimed before leaving the current location
- Fixed that Eclipse weapon switch buff was not granted when directly equipping weapons via hotkey
- Fixed that modify action wasnt displayed for purchased equipment
- Fixed that missile locking animation and sound persisted when uninstalling all secondary weapons while currently in the process of locking
- Fixed Fusion Hook activation VFX
- Fixed that Vindicator drones would attack and potentially kill Maddocks during chase
- UI: Fixed that amount of items in crafting inventory was sometimes clipped while scrolling
- UI: Fixed that longer item names may have been cut off in the shop tab
- UI: Fixed multiple smaller spacing and alignment problems with the numeric font
- UI: Fixed item selection button design in crafting modify panel
- UI: Repair widget gamepad navigation was sometimes broken
- UI: Fixed some minor rendering issues of inventory sorting icons
- UI: Fixed Quickly CTRL+Left click on a lot of items for mass-marking sometimes skips one
- UI: Fixed that item icon shine animation wasn't always working
- UI: Fixed that using the mouse-wheel in the device selection menu could lead to unexpected selection behavior
- UI: Fixed misleading outdated equipment indicator on coilgun in tutorial
- UI: Fixed missing refresh of cooldown slot animation after "craft and equip" of secondaries
- UI: Item selection - Fixed that slot indication frame of source item wasn't properly rendered sometimes
- UI: Item selection - Scroll indication bar at bottom was accidentally shown in case there was nothing to equip
- UI: Item selection - Fixed bug that ship inventory was invisible when trying to swap fully stacked consumables of the same type
- UI: Item selection - Fixed bug in "other ships" category that was listing empty slots after ships slots expansion via Tareen perk
- UI: Item selection - Fixed multiple bugs when installing consumables from another ship
- UI: Item selection - Fixed that initial slot information may have been wrong for modules in some cases
- UI: Fixed bug that ingame inventory could be rendered haft transparent due to stuck fadeIn-animation
- UI: Fixed Preferred compare target slot logic was not fully working in some cases
- UI: Fixed that moving the mouse during crafting (hold-) action may reset the progress sometimes
- UI: Fixed Elek perk requirements. For new games, upgrading the Elek perk now requires an Equalizer (coil gun)
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Stellar Tactics updated to version 0.611

I couldn't find a changelog.
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Technobabylon has been updated to version 2.5a (57807).
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.9i (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
The Tenants - Patch 0.9i


- Fixed the sink hole debacle in the Slums.
- Fixed an issue with the heating damage event failing to properly initialize.
- Fixed an issue with duplicated auctions causing massive fps drops.
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Stellar Tactics updated to version 0.612

I couldn't find a changelog.
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AI War 2 has just been updated from 5.503 to 5.504 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5.504 Multiplayer Bug Smiting Part 2
(Released August 7th, 2022)

* Removed a block of descriptive text for an outguard version of Velociraptor that was false advertising.


* There's now a 3 minute hard cap (time defined in XML for easy modding) for how long a ship can be put into multi-phase
** The actual problem is suspected to be related to stacked ships putting their targets into multiphase for way too long (see for details), but this will resolve the problem very simply
** Reported by a number of players in a number of forums

* Fix a bug where the Nanocaust and Necromancer were getting one extra ship whenever they killed anything
** Thanks to Dismiss and Lord of Nothing for reporting


* Add a "Fast Blast Planet Data To Clients" mechanism, as well as a "Planets are also created on clients when they are created on hosts" mechanism
** This means MP clients should no longer deserialize when new planets are created (like during a DZ invasion)

* Quiet some error logging related to neinzul factions in MP
** The underlying problem is not resolved, but logs are no longer cluttered.


* Did a pass over ticket weights for Early Officer spawns to tone down how often Black Widow was showing up in Humanity Ascendant mode and give the other options more screen time.

* Ambush Drones from DLC 2 can now scale with Ambush tech. Actually they've been split into two versions.
** The original version scales with both Minefields and Ambush Tech and is still assigned to the Ambush Post.
** The new derivative copy starts at mark level three and only scales with Ambush tech. This is the one now deployed by Trailblazer Barges from the cruiser of the same name on death.

* Trailblazer Cruiser Railcannon base damage reduced from 2,000 to 1,500.
** As the Ambush Drones that are released on death from each Trailblazer Barge come in at high marks now some damage got trimmed off here.
* Valkyrie Cruiser Borealis Battlecannon has a max multiplier for missing hull applied now. Approaching near two million DPS at max is a tad excessive.
** Damage multiplier per 10% missing health adjusted down to 1.4x from 1.5x
** Max multiplier based on missing health now caps at 7x at 50% health missing. The same point it stops reviving allied ships. This is just under a million DPS at max potential.
* Radiant Cruiser Starburst takes a huge hit from the nerfbat. Potential max damage of over 157 million per starburst spawned is just brokenly over powered. Especially since with the set build point values it makes ten of them at max mark before dying even if it doesn't get repaired once.
** Starburst base damage reduced from 15,000 to 1,500 and max targets hit per beam reduced from 15 to 5. This still leaves them capable of bursting for just over 5 million damage each in a dense swarm.
* Adjusted Lockdown Cruiser to deal base 3500 instead of 8000 damage on its sniper wave, however reload timer has been adjusted down to 3 seconds from 4 seconds. Parasitic damage value set to be equal to damage dealt instead of 20x. This thing doesn't need to be three times better at making zombies than the Thanatos which is an Ark that has that as its primary mechanic whereas here it is secondary to the special ability of the cruiser.
** Mark 7 damage output of the sniper warp wave is ~163k DPS instead of 280k. This puts it at roughly half as much power as a Thanatos while still having much more range.
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Airships: Conquer the Skies version

Fixed "multiplayer disabled, please reinstall" notice.
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Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem updated to version 6.00.04

I couldn't find a changelog.
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Them and Us Bundle

Updated to 1.0.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Them and Us - Patch Update 1.0.7

Hi guys,

We are happy to annonce that update 1.0.7 is now available. In this version we made some changes that have been requested many times by the community.

1. You can now select your preferred camera mode before loading the cleared save date. This will allow you to continue New Game+ in the selected camera angle.

Note: Within a [Cleared] file selected press left or right to select new mode.


2. On Easy and Normal difficulties all items dropped now doesn't cost anymore spiritual essence . You can now drop them anywhere and pickup them at the Ploutus Box.
Hardcore players that play on Hard and Professional are not affected by this change.


3. The divine chalices now doesn't take anymore space from inventory. They are now viewed as special items just like flashlight is.
Note: When there are more than one item on that slot, a red arrow pointing UP will appear, press UP while in that slot to navigate through the items.

Note to players that played the game already:

If the divine chalices are not in your inventory, you need to get them once again for it to show up in the special slot. If the divine chalices are already in your inventory they will be showed now in the special slot.


4. Fixed an issue that prevents unlocking Sci-Fi Casual Costume when finishes traveler ending on hard or professional difficulties.

We hope you will like these changes. Thank you for all your support and feedbacks!

We also want to announce that we are currently working on a new video game by using now Unreal Engine 5!

Thank you,
TendoGames Team
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Steel Division 2 updated to build 78421

changelog from the STEAM message boards

Patch v.78421

added an optionnal time limit in the lobby (20, 30, 40, 50, 60min or unlimited). Note that this feature isn't translated yet.


reduced "internal server error" probability when connecting to multiplayer servers
fixed some wheels and turrets that weren't properly animated


increased CROMWELL VII's availability from 2/4/8 to 4/8/12
incresead CALARASI's availability from 2/4/8 to 3/6/9 + number of cards changed accordingly
increased M5 76mm AT gun's availability from 2/4/6 to 3/6/(9)
increased SG-43's range from 1000m to 1250m + price increased from 25 to 30
(3rdArm) changed ART slots from 1/1/2/3/4 to 1/1/1/2/2/3/4
(3rdArm) changed AT slots from 1/2/2/3/4 to 1/1/2/2/3/4


increased ZB-53's range from 1000m to 1250m
fixed Croatian Do-17 bombers having the same optics as recon ones
reduced Flakvierling's damage from 1.8 to 1.7
fixed SS-GEB. STREIF not influencing the front line

We have noticed some confusion lately about how the different outcomes are obtained at the end of a "Capture The Flags" game. Whether the game ends by score or by time does not matter, the rules are always the same.
Total Victory : have more remaining cohesion than the enemy and own strictly more than 85% of the flags
Major Victory : have more remaining cohesion than the enemy and own strictly more than 75% of the flags
Minor Victory : have more remaining cohesion than the enemy and own strictly more than 50% of the flags
Minor Defeat : have less remaining cohesion than the enemy and own less than 50% of the flags
Major Defeat : have less remaining cohesion than the enemy and own less than 25% of the flags
Total Defeat : have less remaining cohesion than the enemy and own less than 15% of the flags
Draw : any other configuration, for instance you can have 80% of the flags but if you have a lower cohesion than the enemy, it will end with a draw

EDIT: New version 78661 just removes the Oarba map that was work in progress and shouldn't have been in previous version.