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OpenTTD has been updated from 13.0-RC2 to 13.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

OpenTTD 13.0

Posted by michi_cc

Breaking news: OpenTTD 13.0 is now available! Depending on your perspective, we’re either two months early for our usual April 1st release, or a bit tardy for the Christmas 2022 release we intended.

We think the wait has been worth it. This is one of the largest releases we’ve done in several years, with numerous features and improvements covering the user interface, gameplay features, and modding extensions for NewGRF and Game Script creators.

Some of the highlights are:

Variable interface scaling at whatever size you want (not just 2x and 4x), with optional chunky bevels for that retro feel. This includes better automatic scaling when using HiDPI or mixed DPI setups.
Direct access to NewGRF/AI/GS settings from the new game window.
Various small tweaks and improvements to several windows.
NewGRFs can now provide engine variants that are shown hierarchically in the purchase list.
Multi-track level crossings to keep road vehicles from stopping in the middle of the crossing.
Custom league tables for GameScripts.
More natural rivers which get wider as they flow downstream.
And much more, which can be seen in the changelog or the previous release announcements!

In addition to these features and improvements, we’ve fixed lots of bugs. (If you played with the RC2 testing release, most were fixed before then. See the changelog for full details.)
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.599.2 to 0.602.6 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer for 0.602.5. Don't know if that's a typo, or if there was an unacknowledged very swift bugfix release on top of this:
0.602.5 - Space Construction

OCP-209 available on the second-hand market
Obonto Microengineering has announced that it is decommissioning the 209 model of their Orbital Construction Platform, and they are now available on the second-hand market. Designed for habitat construction, the OCP-209 features a massive side-loading cargo bay, twin heavy mountings, and a comfortable habitat with the ability to provide rotational G, making her suitable for extended construction or resupply missions.

Obonto Microengineering is offering these decommissioned ships at an attractive price, so don't miss out on this chance to get your hands on some of the best construction craft in the solar system.

Physical displays make a comeback
While virtual displays may dominate space exploration, one company is bringing back physical screens with the release of its OCP-209 HUD. Obonto Microengineering offers a physical display that is both reliable and robust. The physical hardware offers more protection than a virtual display can offer, while the transparent panes offer more visibility.

SAN-BUS recall
Many computer systems sold for commercial mining craft have been recalled due to an error that caused erratic release of system locks for some equipment. The upgraded SAN-BUS components will improve consistency and predictability with equipment such as point defenses, drones, and manipulators. Captains can upgrade or replace their systems by contacting your local dealership.

Maintenance Logs
- New ship: Obonto Construction Platform 209.
- New HUD: OCP-209.
- Cargo Containers and similar equipment will not boot up and use their thrusters when your ship travels back to Enceladus Prime station.
- HUDs using physical displays are now more resilient to electromagnetic damage.
- Returning to the Enceladus Prime station will no longer cause your ship to burn a massive hole in the rings at the location you left.
- Relative skill stats on the Crew Hire menu will immediately update when you hire someone.
- Improved performance when swapping equipment on your ship on the Enceladus Prime station.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash when tuning nanodrone systems to specific values.
- The remote microseismic scanner display will now be only shown on the equipment simulations related to it.
- Certain systems, like the Point Defence Turrets or Nanodrone systems, would keep their lock on an object indefinitely if you turned them off when they acquired a target, causing other systems (including the AR1500 Salvage Manipulator) to ignore that target.
- When playing on the peaceful difficulty, it was still possible to encounter a pirate trap by following a quest.
- Increased the speed threshold on which the Daredevil mood triggers with its accompanying soundtrack.
- On some ship configurations, the geologist panel controls would not show up.
- Fixed typos in ship names. The fix will affect only newly encountered ships.
- Mineral Market will not close itself automatically on the Steam Deck anymore.
- Fixed a race condition that could crash the game when a ship equipped with a physical display de-spawned, such as when changing from the Enceladus station to the Rings and back, or purchasing new equipment.
- Updated translations.
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And yet another update for Rain World from version 1-27-2023_1.9.03 to version 02-03-2023_1.9.04.
No changelog.
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Updated to

Changelog from SteamDB:

Hotfixes - Changelog

• Fixed the freezes reported by some players when playing with the native cursor enabled. Returned the option to enable it in the settings.
• Fixed some empty vessels being able to apply their targets with “Wetness” and “Covered in Alcohol” when thrown.
• Fixed wolf packs getting stuck in the “Howl” loop.
• Fixed the possibility of avoiding death by moving to another location on the same turn as receiving lethal damage.
• Adjusted the menu layout for the 1280x800 screen resolution.
• The cursor size now adapts to the game window size.
• Fixed “Rune of Enfeeblement” and “Rune of Fortifying” granting their effect regardless of the distance to a runic boulder.
• Fixed the occasional crash caused by killing Girruds.
• Fixed the issue with displaced container menus.
• Reduced the intensity of the “Drunkenness” visual effects.
• Fixed Necromancers using the same speech lines as the generic Undead.
• Fixed the bug causing enemies to use incorrect speech lines under certain circumstances.
• Tweaked the effectiveness of alcohol and the Bloodletting Lancet to make Pain and Intoxication more manageable during the early stages of the game.

There Is No Light

Updated from to

No changelog.
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HROT recieved a new update today (Offline & GOG Galaxy). This update adds the following:

• Just added e3m5 (Incinerator) and e3ms (Rathaus)
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Dead Age 2

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.113 ⇒ 1.114.

In-game version is 1.1.8.
we made a small update to fix a problem in the inventory in the end of the tutorial
✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰


Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 0.42x0693a ⇒ 0.42x0874a.
Balance by Community – 0.42x0874a

To all crews ... The main command module has received a large number of orders. Allow for protocol edits!

Hi everyone who follows the updates. This time our community has expanded a lot! It means a lot to me, the last two weeks we have been chatting to you and listening to all your feedback on our Discord server. And this update will introduce the fixes and suggestions that we have highlighted! Before I start talking about the update, I want to say thank you for your interest!

And now let's get to the update:

The most popular thing you asked for is a balance of asteroid mining:
• I've sped up asteroid mining by 3 times.

Also a lot of people said that "Gravity hook" should be improved, I decided to improve it a bit:
• Gravity hook speed 2 → 6.
• Range Hook 16 → 30.
• Hook Radius 0.27 → 0.35

I was not very surprised when I saw that when mining the debris they turned into something unknown. The reason for this is the deformation of objects still in prototype stage, but I still tried to limit the appearance of this kind of bug. Now the debris won't shrink very much.

Preparing for the new builds:
Most likely the first thing that will come up in the next updates will be new builds. For this reason I have redesigned the UI at Blueprint. And also according to your wishes I have split the buildings into Inside and Outside buildings. Now if you want to build a wall inside or outside the ship, you need to select it.

This will probably not be visible to you, but the ship's flight system was redesigned. Sometimes players get a bug that their ship goes into radiation zone, but now this should not be the case.

I tried to rework the lighting and now the game looks brighter than it was. Soon I will add brightness settings, etc.

The option to re-assign any control buttons has been added!

Now let's go over the list of fixes:
• Fixed critical bug with missing Access Card and Black Boxes
• Fixed "Empty Death Backpack" bug, impossible to interact with the backpack that falls out after death
• Fixed a bug that prevented items and death backpack from saving
• Some bugs with displaying gamepad icons have been fixed
• Enlarged text on interaction buttons
• Fixed a bug that caused the control to break when moving an item in your backpack
• Fixed some gamepad controls
• Lights on your ship will be turned off due to engine bugs
• Little fix for entering the ship at speed
• Added automatic engine shutdown on total power outage
• When dying with blueprint, you can't press Respawn
• Fixed glare on close range
• Fixed many minor bugs
✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰


Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.2.5 ⇒

No Changelog
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Airship: Conquer the Skies has been updated to 1.1.3.

Heraldry Update
27 new heraldic charges, 8 new charge bonuses, 5 new layouts

Based on requests and ideas from the Discord community, I've added a whole bunch of new heraldic charges to the game. (Heraldic charges are the images of animals and objects and so on that are found in coats of arms.)

I've also added bonuses to eight of them: Each of these has an image associated with them.

+30% armour blast resistance

No maintenance cost for town upgrades

-75% armour HP, double lift

Spies can pursue intrigues, with an increased success rate

Additional unrest from towns and cities, building cost and maintenance is halved

+50% Spy defense

Double research and reputation from universities

Double reputation from sending delegations

Finally, I also added five new heraldry layouts.

DLC Status:

Still not ready to be announced, waiting for key art.
Still not about naval ships. :D
Development is going well.
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Songs of Conquest

Offline Installer Changelog v0.81.5


Artifact market added
Added gates on adventure map plus garrison when buying town walls
New skirmish maps
Triad Pass, Divided, Proving Grounds
Option to enable End turn confirmation popup. This will be shown if any non defending wielder has lots of moves left
7 new random events for Rana faction

Notable bugfixes

Fixed several issues with troop auras
Fixed bug where pause menu could become bugged if left open while exiting battle
Fixed a bug where buttons could become unresponsive in the pre-battle screen
Fixed a bug where artifact inventory could get full and cause index-out-of-range exception
Fixed dialogue bug where game couldn’t find nearby enemy wielder that was in a town
Ranged units that are reloading can now still perform melee attacks
Repel spell now continues pushing the target even if it triggers mines, attacks of opportunity, etc
Acid Cloud spell now deals damage on each step
If turn timers are active, show the time left for your opponent when it’s their turn


Add small entry transition to kingdom menus
In all game lobbies, human players now default to a randomly selected faction, while AI players default to “unknown random faction”
Fixed exception when deleting numbers using backspace when editing turn timer settings
Missing trait bonuses in research codex should now appear
Missing info for garrison in building codex should now appear
Prevent host migration popups after player has reached win/lose screen
Allow double clicking rewards in “select one menu”
Added a convenience button for upgrading vanilla troops within the troop pool in the troop purchase menu
Added upgrade button in wielder interaction header for troops where whole stack can be upgraded
Beacons of Power indicator on player banner in queue in Adventure (shown only if Beacons of Power is a part of the map objectives)
Threat level colors has been reviewed and updated
Visual update on the partnership-picker (teams/co-op) in lobby
Added faction based backgrounds to menus where wielder is interacting with an owned map entity (town, troop producing entities, rally points)
Added Spell Damage Power attribute to Wielder sheet, Level up menu and trading menu when it has modifications (is not zero)
Added wielder class label to each wielder in Codex
Added Win condition to map select menu
Re-layout of wielder trading menu
Fixed issue with rally point menu endlessly switching towns


Added map settings option for affecting initial size of neutral hostile enemies
Fixed issue with online save games and host migration that could lead to exceptions later on because of ID collisions on entities in the game
Fixed issue with gamestate checksum mismatches after host migration
Fixed bug in hotseat where it was possible to see names of items that should be hidden under fog on parts of the map explored by other players
Fixed bug where a team might lose a round of progress in construction of their buildings when simultaneous turns was turned on

AI - Adventure

Fixed a bug that made the AI think that going through a teleport is always closer than just walking
Fixed bug related to using the wrong distance, in some cases, when comparing length/cost between two positions to target.
Fixed issue with creating too many recruitment options for the same cities/settlements
Fixed bug where the retreat option was scored unreasonably low, making it not selected as often as it should
Added prototype improvement for hostile/choke detection
Improved usage of pathing to create more efficient traversal
Improved interaction logic resulting in more consistent behavior when interacting the with adventure map
Added support for Artifact Market interaction
Added budget system to enable a thrifty AI
Random Map Generator
Added wide connections for layouts. Used by adding “wide” : true to a connection node.
Added guard tier for layout and blueprint. Current tier levels are Random (default), Low, Medium and High.
Added guard tier settings for layouts. Used by adding “guardTier” : “Random” to a connection or child node.
Added guard tier settings for blueprints. Used by adding “guardTier” : “Random” to an entry in the blueprint.
Added guard chance for entries in blueprint. Used by adding “guardChance” : 0.5 to an entry in the blueprint. Any value between 0 and 1 is valid.
Fixed guards in groups not having the same gold value
Fixed static objects spawning inside of towns and settlements resulting in blocked paths


Updated and reviewed all tutorials
Added tutorials for Visiting town
Added tutorials for Rally point
Removed lowest terrain quality setting
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Offline Installer updated to 0.4.6

Seems to be the patch from Feb 1st.

In this patch we added game pause. You can now plan your city without any pressure of day time running out!

Also we added a bunch of new decorations.

Some bugs where fixed:

Large groups of units failing to attack wolf den
Free upgrades of walls and ladders with the new tool

We still have some new things to release as part of this content patch before we begin to work on our new update. More news on that soon!

Also we adjusted regional game price according to new valve recomendations. Base price of $15 was not changed by this, only prices in other currencies where adjusted to latest exchange rates.
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The first patch for Dread Templar is available now (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Dread Templar update 1.0.2b
Bugs / Issues

• Fixed an issue of an incorrect stat in E4M1: the max secrets amount should be 8.
• Fixed an issue where a blood gem was not displayed correctly in E3M5, you can now find it before the boss fight.
• Fixed an issue that the super secret could be activated directly in E5M2.
• Fixed an issue that 2 health packs were blocked by an invisible wall in E4M4.


• Replaced the incorrect music in E4M2.
• Fixed an issue of the character's jumping sound effect.


• Improved display issues in E5M2, E5M3.


• Golden rune "Roar" obtained in E4M6's super secret and its description is now displayed correctly.
• Adjusted ammo consumption when using the golden rune "Roar".
• The silver rune "Inferno Gauntlets Expansion III" can now be found in a secret place in E5M1.
• The silver rune "Trap Launcher Expansion III" can now be found in a secret place in E4M5.

Addition Functions

• F11: Fast switching between default / HUD off / All UI off.
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Into the Breach

Updated from 1.2.86 to 1.2.88 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

January Small Patch - v1.2.88

Hello everyone!

Small patch today with various fixes for reported bugs over the last few months. Please continue sending in reports (our email at is the most effective place). And thanks for playing!

1.2.88 Changelog:

-Fixed cloning Power Cores exploit involving the Store's undo option
-Fixed repair platform exploit for achievements involving healing and using 'undo move'
-Plasmodia, Spider, and Blobber bosses will correctly take damage from Void Shocker
-Kills from the Void Shocker will correctly trigger on-death effects and XP
-Frame Limiting setting and End Turn Confirmation setting fixed
-Alpha Vek icon restored (important for colorblind mode) for some of the new enemies
-Removed Earth Mover / Mine Bots from the Attack Order display. They do not have queued attacks, so any positional order is misleading.
-Restored Terrain Icons in situations where Fire may be obscuring other tile information (Conveyor Belts, Cracked, etc.)
-Using Enrage Shot to make an enemy attack a blank space will now appropriately trigger Void Shocker
-Logic for determining if a tile is "dangerous" has been improved to account for units being pushed. This is helpful for Enemy AI, Pod Placement, and more.
-Enemies should no longer spawn behind the player on the Forest Fire mission (rare issue)
-Earth Mover's tile will can no longer start as Cracked
-Possible fix: Game could hang when it could not find a place for pawns to spawn
-"Let's Walk" achievement will only count enemies now (as described in the text)
-"Minor" enemies will no longer count towards the "Pacifist" achievement (making it easier)
-Fixed bugs around Networked Shielding to make it more consistent
-ACID will now remove Vek Mites even if the pilot has Thick Skin
-Fix for extremely rare cases of Vek corpses being pushed when they should not be
-Fixed numerous bugs around the weapon effect preview UI
-Wind Torrent push-ordering has been modified to make outcomes more consistent with the effect preview
-Minor text / UI issues fixed

Mod Helpers:

-Pilot skill "blacklist" is now a part of the scripts
-Blank "modloader.lua" file is now in the script file to help with mod loadings
-Added "GetFTLPilots" to pilots.lua for generating the Secret Pod pilot list.
-Added access to Pawn:SetBoosted(bool) for the scripts
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Prison Architect

Updated to The_Jailhouse100_10905 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Paradox Forum:
Jungle Pack and The Jailhouse Update Releasing Tomorrow, February 7th, on PC, Xbox One & Playstation 4!​

Jungle Pack (2.99 USD/ 2.09 GBP/ 2.99EUR)​

- Becoming One With The Jungle - New features and items based around nature and wooden materials, to help support your prison in a greener way.
* New Trees - Two new trees have been added, one for just aesthetic purposes and the other as a new export variant for logs and wooden planks.
* Wooden Items - New Variants of existing items made from wooden materials, such as: guard towers, benches, tables, serving tables, drains, and beds.
* Blending In - A new CCTV camera has been added that has been camouflaged to match its jungle-themed destination. It may be less hidden if placed inside...

- Fever That Holds You Tight - A terrible affliction has been added with this pack that can cause severe damage to your prisoners, luckily your staff need to have all their vaccinations to be able to work at your prison. So that's nice.
* Fever Starts - This event can be enabled from the creation menu but within the game it is first brought into your prison by either deliveries or visitors.
* Fever Spreads - If a prisoner comes into close proximity to an infected item or individual they will have a good chance to gain the affliction.
* Fever Burns - The fever will have 3 stages with symptoms getting worse as time goes by, if left alone victims will die.
* Visitor Reception - Using this new room, any civilians who come to your prison can be checked over for both contraband and for their health, anyone showing signs of infection will be sent away.
* Fire Pits - these lovely big structures not only light up large areas of your prison but they will also keep the "bugs" away from any prisoner within their radius keeping them safer.
* Netted Beds - to prevent your inmates from becoming afflicted during their sleep, these new beds will give any prisoner who uses them a short immunity due to the high quality of netting used.
* Treatment Program - To keep your inmates safer for longer, this new medical program will boost your inmates health for a number of days and make it so that they can frolic safely and freely locked behind jail doors and walls...

- Visuals - Your prison can't only run smoothly and efficiently, it also has to look good too, right?
* Uniforms - It's that time again, the third uniform pack has arrived! Change up the style of your prisoners and staff once more with this green theme.
* Flooring - 5 new flooring types have been added, 2 types of stone tiles to decorate the inside of your prison along with 3 more natural looking flooring types to decorate the outside of your prison.
* Water - Although yes water is also a flooring type, we felt it needed its own section. The new murky water type is available to give your prisoners a more natural but also less clean appeal which we're sure that you will enjoy.
* Walls & Doors - A new type of jail doors and walls have been added, the rusted kind. This set of fortifications come with multiple flooring types below each of the walls and of course both a standard and a large variant for the doors.
* Clock Face - If you ever wanted a slightly more retro looking clock face well now you have it.
* Karr Hide - This well dressed chap is an expert within a jungle environment and will be able to teach your Snipers how to properly use a scope.

Jailhouse (Free Update)​

Update Features

- Capacitor Max Plus - Power Management has always been a challenge, but this new and more powerful (and more expensive!) capacitor may just make it a little easier.
- New Sniffer Dog - It would be unfair of us not to share this sunshine boy with you, so please enjoy the wonder that is Toby and all that he stands and rolls over for.
- Idle Guards - We've made it so that now instead of having large numbers of Guards idling within the delivery area they will now prioritize more important areas of the prison.
- Deployment Scheduler - The scheduler menu has been given a small makeover to improve the user experience, making it clearer and easier to use.
- Quick Build Materials - Now when using a quick build, the last material selected will be saved when using that quick build again.
- Identity Thief - We've re-balanced the Identity Thief reputation so that it can't take over your prison quite so easily.
- Suppression Effects - Inmates will no longer be turned insane as easily when being handled by guards.

Future Tech Pack Fixes:

- The Tracking menu should no longer stack now
- The handgun and stunbaton now correctly render in prisoner hands
- The new future tech cosmetic uniforms no longer have the wrong alignment for the portable medikit backpacks
- Electrified fence now treated as both connectable wall and fence to allow correct door placement
- The advanced search light now shows an error when it is not connected to a CCTV monitor for it to work
- Tracking menu should now scale properly in higher resolution screens.
- Fixed so that doctors and guards have the visitor reception as an idle room
- Fixed so that the robot dog now has a sound when it gets damaged
- Fixed so the robot dogs now have there alternative sniffing sound
- Adv Search light cone should now be shown when the searchlight base outside screen limits
- The router now no longer has a shadow
- "Big head mode" will now cause tracking belts to overlap prisoner's heads
- Guards no longer drop keycards with the Future Tech Pack locked
- The requirements for Future Pack items are now displayed via the Utilities menu
- Dogs will no longer "grow hands" to open doors with keys or keycards
- The Tracking menu will now show prisoners with Pack specific ailments

Undead Pack Fixes:

- Updated Bounty Hunter logic to prevent potential sticking
- The lock/unlock cctv option is no longer locked behind UndeadPack

Multiplayer Fixes:

- Clients are now able to equip prisoners with the tracking belt in multiplayer
- Clients are now able to see the Electrocution effect for climbing electric fences
- The range of routers are now visible for clients
- The revoke belt access UI now syncs correctly for all players
- The Available guard value is now synced between host and client

Misc Fixes:

- Fixed Desk rotation orientations for Quick Build rooms.
- Planning tool no longer allows Fence Walls to be build indoors
- Fog of War is no longer toggled on automatically for warden mode
- Dogs will no longer be left unconscious due to their handlers being injured
- Fixed issue with policy window not showing some policies when Cleared For Transfer is disabled.
- Guards no longer layer over each other when too many of them are aboard the ferry at the same time
- The 'Use Cell Quality Ratings' option should now automatically assign prisoners to cells more efficiently
- Second Chance DLC signs are now aligned with other signs.
- Fixed an issue with snipers not applying damage to inmates
- Fixed so that snipers can now also idle in the staff room
- Birthday presents are no longer obscured when placed on Bunk beds
- Gardener jobs will no longer be displayed within construction menus
- Orderlies will no longer have any issue sedating an insane prisoner
- The planning tool now preserves objects / paths when foundations are placed
- The Scanner machine & scanner monitor are now highlighted for the delivery room
- The single sofa will now satisfy the requirement for staffroom
- Supplies can no longer be stopped from being unloaded from the first boat for Island plot Disconnected maps.
- Staff and prisoners no longer have recovery blocked by illnesses when bedridden.

Console Specific Changes

- Assign Doctors / Cooks - Both Doctors and Cooks can now be assigned to specific Infirmaries and Kitchens respectively.
- Bookshelf Literacy - The bookshelf item will now cater to an inmate's literacy need as it does so for PC platforms.
- End Punishments - Via the prisoner's punishment menu it is now possible to end any punishment that is currently being applied to that inmate.

Misc Console Fixes

- The polaroid now shows up for the kitchen snapshot
- Pest control workers do not infinitely loop.
- Hides the CCTV view cone when the searchlight is on.
- Influence system has now been fixed so that it will broadcast to all valid cells
- Guard towers can't be built on walls
- Made sure to only set stations as jobs for prisoners when using prison labour
- Doors are no longer being overwritten by walls, which causes the area to be inaccessible after walls finish built
- Walls now blocked by all trees correctly. Code matched to Console version

Coming February 7th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

For more information on Jungle Pack and Prison Architect, visit
Price will be 2.99 USD/ 2.09 GBP/ 2.99EUR.

Be sure to follow us on our social channels to stay updated on the latest news!
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A Hat in Time

Updated to 2023 Update 1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
A new minor update is available for A Hat in Time!


- Improved wallclimb to get less stuck on walls
- Fixed several instances of AudioComponents not being destroyed on completion
- Fixed jigglebone crash


- Fixed being able to select "empty" creator DLC when no Creator DLC is installed

Mafia Town

- Mafia Boss now has a reduced height hitbox while doing his horizontal spin attack. This allows players to jump over him without double-jumping.
- Reduced hitbox of charging Mafia summoned by Mafia Boss
- Fixed small rubble blocking the camera on the wooden platforms in Mafia Town

Battle of the Birds

- Fixed typo in Conductor dialogue in Dead Bird Studio Act 1
- Fixed typo in dialogue for the Express Band
- Fixed duplicate 'Bow Down' sticker in Dead Bird Basement
- Conductor / DJ Grooves Tokens now heal +1 HP on pickup

The Finale

- Mustache Girl will now teleport back to center of arena if she falls out of the arena


- Fixed being able to click menu items via mouse click release, when changing menu

Death Wish

- Increased the hitbox of moving golden vault codes
- Made it less frustrating to wallclimb out of ice statue (Mafia's Jumps Death Wish)
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Return to Monkey Island

Updated to 1.5 (570741) (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Twitter:
A fun new Return to Monkey Island update is live on all platforms that adds 70 new trivia cards to find and answer!

Here’s one of the new ones, drop your answer in the replies!
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Updated from to for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch notes 2023-02-07

All seems okay, so we're pushing these changes to the main branch.
Bug fixes

• Fixed occasional-but-annoying lagspikes related to the new warehouses.
• Fixed haulers transporting goods to other districts beyond limits set up by the player.