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Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem recieved another Hotfix update today (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Hotfix Update 1.06b (December 22, 2022)
• Fixed Serious Editor incorrectly displaying text information/icons.
• Added fireworks to make discovering Christmas areas on levels easier.
• Fixed a few instances of drones getting stuck out of player’s view and blocking level progression.
• Improved displayed message in situations when the player has the “Way to Go” button, used to open NG+ upgrade menu, unbound.
• Adjusted Lasergun “overheating” sound effects and Deathray visual effects.
• Fixed the bug where another player could enter Minimech while it’s already occupied in Song of the Stormbringer in Co-Op.
• Fixed a few navigation issues in Crime and Punishment.
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Geralt_of_Rivia: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Update to V3.4.1-b3666.

No changelog.
Changelog from SteamDB:

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.4.1 is now available!

New features

Added All Zones Mode completion achievement for Reaper


Fixed Reaper's souls inflicting damage when Reaper teleports
Fixed Eli being able to obtain the Blast Helm
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

A new update 2.0.6k has arrived!


Fixed a remaining issue with the disappearance of the dropped loot when changing locations;
Fixed some crashes on the global map, and during the transition between chapters;
Fixed the consequences of the previous bug, where some essential characters could die. For example, if Early Sunset or the travelers in Pulura’s Fall died, you can load a previous save when they were still alive, whereas before you had to reload a save much farther away, or restart a whole chapter. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused for some of our players;
Fixed the issue with negative statuses you got due to Flying Time Undertow not being removed even after you left the island.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


Fixed a computer you could walk through in Blackwater;
After fighting Deskari in Iz, skipping the cutscene could lead to the party getting stuck – fixed, it's no longer possible to skip that cutscene anymore;
Fixed a bug, when Galfrey and Irabeth could die during the siege of Drezen. If they already have before this patch, you need to load an earlier save, where they are still alive (before storming the gates, for example);
Fixed the bug in Pulura's Fall, when suspicious travelers could die during the battle with the undead. If that already happened, you will need to load an earlier save, before the beginning of that battle;
Fixed the cutscene after a battle with Marhevok in Wintersun, where he would get up and start fighting again;
Fixed the issue that could prevent the party from boarding the ship in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
Fixed the issue with Early Sunset's death at the Fleshmarkets. If he already died before the patch, you will need to load an earlier save, when he was still alive, before you left Nexus and went to Fleshmarkets with him;
Fixed the issues with the walkway to the port in Alushinyrra Lower City;
Improved the navigation and positioning of mobs on one of the treasure islands in the DLC;
Improved the navigation in Iz in Inevitable Excess DLC:
It was possible to pass through some walls in Blackwater, if you are lucky enough – fixed;
Sometimes the Commander and their party couldn't board the ship in Alushinyrra's port in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC – fixed. If the option to board the ship is still missing, resting nearby or exiting the location and re-entering will fix the issue.


A quest to find the missing crusader in Drezen could break if Camellia was dead – fixed. If you are already having a problem with this quest, you need to load a save before entering Drezen, and resurrect Camellia;
Fixed the issue with The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, when the Find the last treasure quest from the stand-alone mode became available in the main campaign;
If during the storm of Drezen one of the crusaders with a battering ram is killed, the gates will still open;
If Lann acquired an animal companion during his journey, it would mess with his romance by blocking your access to the note and bottle he was supposed to leave for you in Nexus – fixed, the loyal animal will let you pass now;
Ignoring the Undead Uprising quest during the 3rd chapter could later cause trouble for the Lich - fixed, now the quest will fail, if you didn't complete it in chapter 3, or will be resolved, if you already took the next quest in chapter 5;
Wenduag could be present during the meeting with Iomedae and Nocticula,
– fixed.

Turn-based mode

Charge didn't work right in turn-based mode when the mount had an active status effect which affected it – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

A duplicate of Arcane Armor Mastery feat was available for some classes upon level up – fixed;
A duplicate of the Second Bloodrager Bloodline feat will no longer appear when leveling your character;
A status effect from Burning Infusion wasn't displayed on the enemies – fixed;
Bonuses from Magic Fang and Magic Fang, Greater could be lost after saving and loading the game – fixed;
Dragon Disciple prestige class now has the right prerequisites for interacting with the Bloodrager class;
In Through the Ashes DLC, the Icy Prison spell Sendri casted during a cutscene worked incorrectly – fixed;
Permanent status effects Ageing, Middle Age, Old Age, Venerable Age, and Staggered weren't removed after the Flying Time Undertow stopped affecting the group – fixed;
Some characters could get overzealous with Leading Strike, and use it against their friends – fixed;
When transitioning from Bloodrager Primalist to Dragon Disciple, it was impossible to select a draconic bloodline – fixed;
You won't be able to select the same sorcerer bloodline twice now (for Crossblooded archetype and Second Bloodline mythic feat).


An icon of the selected ability could be missing from the cursor – fixed for both mouse and controller;
For playing with the controller, the interface could get stuck after opening the menu while an info window or a glossary window were open – fixed;
Improved the interaction with overtips (interaction icons) on various levels, when playing with the controller;
Improved the layout of the bug reporting window for some languages;
It was possible to select a feat from the red (inaccessible) part of the list by taking a step back, then step forward during leveling up (the character didn't get the feat after the process of leveling up was complete, though) – fixed;
It was possible to switch between the controller and mouse in the tactical battle results window, which could lead to a loss of control – fixed;
Now, when you hide the interface in photomode, it will also hide the cursor;
Pre-generated characters couldn't select some deities, even if they had all requirements to do so – fixed;
Under certain circumstances, when playing with a controller, character cards and menu cards could stay on screen and not disappear – fixed.


Fixed crashing into the main menu in some cases, when transitioning between the 1st and the 2nd chapters;
Fixed the issue with the return of the fog of war area on some maps;
It was possible to skip time while traveling on the global map, which could lead to a crash to main menu, after triggering a random encounter – fixed, you will no longer move while skipping time.


Fixed a number of issues which could lead to the party getting stuck on an empty treasure island in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC. Also, changed the difficulty of some enemies you meet during the late stages of the DLC;
Fixed the issue when the dropped loot would disappear regardless of the settings; the settings regarding dropped loot applies properly now;
In some cases, Areelu wouldn't start talking to the player in the final scene – fixed;
Skipping a cutscene while mounted could cause the character to get stuck – fixed.
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Wildermyth updated to 1.11+461 Firlow

1.11+460 Firlow
Added official support for German and Latin American Spanish!
New Events:
* Moss
* Rings of Story (generic campaign start event)
4 New Tidings!
Gorgon Changes:
* Gorgons now have corrupt path when damaged
* Gorgons now leave behind corruption when they die
* Corruption now deals 1 magic damage when moving onto it
* Corruption no longer grants enemies temporary health
* Corruption stays on the map for two hero turns
* Corruption tile feedback is more visible
* Removed corruptionTouch calamities for gorgons
* Seacaller now appears earlier with reduced health and tentacles
* Gheist Maul no longer deals damage, only shred
* Bogmoor has a calamity that increases Noxious Tongue range
* Bogmoor "Bloated" passive: explodes into corruption on death
* Bartoth Thundering Blood Explosive enemies explode when
killed dealing full damage to heroes and half to allies
* New Noxious Tongue sfx and vfx
6 New Hairstyles!
20 New Augments!
Added tooltips for tile effects like fire, corruption, acid, etc.
Slight increase to hide & fabric costs on armors
Removed a few useless calamities like damage bonus to Kinnestend
Adjusted many abilities so audio plays at the target tile
Drathix and Terrorbird special abilities deal damage when they
receive a damage calamity
New maps for Grove and Earthworks sites
Adjusted How to Play page for retreating
Adjusted Ulstryx Hurl Beast ability animation
Fix a bug where Sharpshooter didn't work with Ambush or Burning Arrow
Fix a bug where Lover's Vengeance affected Shieldshear & Shadowchase
Fix a bug where hero would gain a tail too soon in the Merchant
Fix a bug with Child of Night history lines showing wrong hero
Fix a bug where 3 newest pets don't count toward achievements
Disabled retreat button in Ulstryx ch2 capstone
Fix a bug where progress toward "Thwack!" achievement didn't work
for multi-tile enemies
Fix a bug where Spiritchase would deal damage if a hidden hero used it
(It should only ever shred warding)
Fix a bug where Burning Arrow wouldn't work with theme attacks
on multi-tile targets
Fix a bug where branching attacks wouldn't show up in the combat log
Fix a bug where Wailing Trees couldn't be destroyed (hotfix 1.10-454)
Fix a bug where some theme ability sounds weren't playing
Fix some typos
Tools: Added audioAtPosition field to Animate outcome
Tools: Added appendHistory field for creating entities
Tools: Added rigOverride|RIG aspect to override a unit's rig
Tools: rigs.json and humanAging.json files now merge
Tools: Added nameFormulaOverride|FORMULA aspect that can be used to
override the default maleName/femaleName generation
Tools: Mods can now override images in human/unpacked by putting
images in human/misc
Tools: Unit skeleton data can now be loaded from mods
(e.g. spine/Bobblehead warrior.json)
Tools: History entry ids 500-599 now treated as gender/orientation
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Steel Division 2 updated to version 86859

no changelog
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Jupiter Hell:
==Full Changelog==
Release 1.6 - Watcher - December 21st, 2022
NEW #1599 - new enemy - Watcher - available in 4 variants!
NEW #1777 - strong enough toxin/fire/acid will "melt" (gib) enemies
NEW #1775 - LETHAL and TOUGH exalted keywords (weaker DEADLY/RESIL)
NEW #1775 - RESIST, ICE, HELLFIRE, TOXIN exalted keywords added!
NEW #1752 - armors and helmets have manufacturer perks
CHANGE #1778 - gibbing once again prevents Nightmare respawns
CHANGE #1777 - dual weapons take into account next weapon when gibbing
CHANGE #1780 - Bladedancer decreases move time by 10%/lvl
CHANGE #1780 - improved Gunrunner bonuses
CHANGE #1780 - Assassinate stealth refund from L1, L3 is +200% crchance
CHANGE #1780 - Bulletstorm - ammo use 50% at L1, pistols/L2 penalty 110%
CHANGE #1780 - Headshot - Pistol/Semi only, if pistol crit chance is 2x
CHANGE #1775 - Inferno keywords match enemy type exalted keyword pool
CHANGE #1775 - exalted warlocks will appear not only as respawns
CHANGE #1774 - Hunt events on Io and Dante have 90/120 turns timers
CHANGE #1773 - Mines exalted reaver weaker on EASY and MED
CHANGE #1773 - fanatic explosion dmg difficulty dependent (lower on E/M)
CHANGE #1781 - smoke creation and med/stimpacks remove flames under user
FIX #1781 - negative ignite resistance no longer escalates fire dmg
FIX #1766 - fixed corpse/debris remove options
FIX #1766 - fixes to Mimir friendly bot counter and target issues
FIX #1766 - fixed late demons not spawning on high level Callisto maps
FIX #1766 - fixed blue keycard costs not matching code in Valhalla
FIX #1775 - Inferno exalted enemies won't get extra keywords
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with JJ2+ v5.10 added under Extras


Dec 2022 (5.10) - JJ2+ is back with a new update featuring the longest changelog in seven years!

• Most of Lori's menu sprites are now reshaded by Bot-chan to better match Jazz and Spaz's art style.
• Both plus.j2a and plus.j2d have been updated; if you're using as your distribution option, make sure to re-extract those files in addition to plus.dll.
• The Game Server Setup menu now supports hosting Cooperative and Race servers. For Cooperative, you select difficulty instead of max score.
• Raised the menu's maximum max score from 100 to 255.
• 5.10 servers tell 5.10 clients upon joining and cycling what the game's difficulty is, so that the clients can load Easy-only/Hard-only events as appropriate, and so on. The new /difficulty command can be used to update this over the course of a server.
• 5.10 clients joining older servers will assume a Medium difficulty at the start of each level.
• In 5.10 Cooperative servers, enemies and bosses now have their movements synced for all 5.10 players. This applies only to enemies and bosses whose behavior functions have not been replaced by any AngelScript modules, since those might need more complicated syncing mechanisms.
• Improved directional support for some controller models.
• Added command line argument -joyinfo to display what values JJ2 thinks are being sent from any attached joysticks/controllers. Useful only if you are experiencing trouble with your devices and want to submit a bug report.
• Controllers can now skip the intro logos and the credits.
• New debug mode when you press F10 (only in single player). Use player 1's directional controls and mouse to move the player to another part of the level without interacting with objects, then left-click to place the player somewhere new and resume normal gameplay. Press F10 again (or Esc) to exit debug mode without moving the player. Other controls (listed on-screen) can be used to place and delete objects too.
• When you press a number key to change weapon when there's only one local player, the "COMMON_HORN1" sound will now only play if you don't have any ammo of the weapon you want to change to. For other options, you can modify the new plus.ini "[General]HornFrequency" configuration setting: accepted values are 3 (always), 2 (only if a weapon other than blaster), 1 (only if you don't have any ammo of the weapon), and 0 (never). Values other than those four are undefined.
• Three new texture effects for use in levels: "Wave" (4), "Cylinder" (5), and "Reflection" (6), not all of which are expected solely for use in layer 8. The AngelScript texture interface has been extended to take that into account. Read about them in the JCS.ini section, and check out the new plusLayers .j2l/.j2as example level.
• Textured layers now mostly support alternate sprite modes and have options for being drawn to only certain areas of a screen, which allows multiple texture effects to be present on screen at a time.
• Fixed all known issues with running JJ2 in long folder paths.
• JJ2 no longer crashes when trying to load levels or tilesets that don't exist or are corrupted. Servers will refuse to cycle to them, and local games will return to the main menu system.
• Added configuration setting "CycleOutsideLevelList" (defaults to true) in the admin configuration file, determining whether members of a remote admin group can use the /c and /n commands to cycle to any level at all, except for those levels listed in the new "BlockedLevels" sections. If false, the old behavior is retained of being restricted to cycling only to levels on the current level list.
• The above two bullet points are together intended to obsolesce the popular "sec.mut" mutator and its !c command, by adding all its functionality into JJ2+.
• The level list readme section has been restored from the pre-4.0 readme and significantly expanded, and includes the following new features.
• The /levellist shuffle and /llautoshuffle commands no longer permanently edit your levellist ini file.
• All gamemodes have their own level lists now. However, if Level List Cycling is enabled but the current gamemode's level list is empty, JJ2+ will try to substitute a different gamemode's list if that wouldn't break anything: for instance, a Domination server with an empty [Domination] list will try to use levels from the [CTF] list instead (because Domination treats flag bases as control points).
• New /levellist <name> command (and -levellist=<name> command line option) lets you use lists with any names at all, rather than only the one named after the current gamemode. Manually chosen lists don't go away when the gamemode changes either.
• Level lists can add any number of chat commands to be run at the start of each level in the list.
• Servers hosting the final level of an episode (i.e. a level whose next level setting begins with "end") will now replace that setting with the first level of the next episode, when available, or else default to either Dungeon Dilemma (castle1.j2l) or Rabbit in Training (trainer.j2l) depending on the server difficulty.
• Servers hosting either Rabbit in Training (trainer.j2l) or Return to Birdland (labrat3.j2l) will now cycle to their proper next levels instead of repeating the same level forever.
• Secret levels such as Gargoyle's Lair are no longer disabled in servers. The secret level's next level setting will be changed to the level that normally follows the level containing the secret level's entrance, e.g. Gargoyle's Lair will cycle to Hare Scare, the level that normally follows Medieval Kineval, as if the /n command had been used once the secret level loaded.
• In Cooperative games, any player collecting a coin will now result in every player collecting that coin, even clients who are spectating or who haven't joined yet. This should allow all players to beat levels where progress is locked behind mandatory coin warps. Client-side change.
• In Cooperative games, dying no longer resets your coins, because (unlike in single player) dying does not cause them to respawn.
• In local SP/Coop games with more than one player, any players who run out of lives will now be revived (with no points or ammo) at the start of the next level, without being stuck seeing GAME OVER forever. If all players run out of lives in the same level, the Continue? screen will appear.
• In SP/Coop servers, the lives system has been removed entirely. You can die any number of times and you will not get a game over or suffer any other consequence. 1up pickups are replaced with carrots if the server is running 5.10 or above.
• Players who die in Cooperative games now respawn at the most recently activated checkpoint. (A checkpoint is considered activated when it shows its springing-out-of-the-box animation.)
• 5.10 servers tell 5.10 clients upon joining which checkpoint was activated most recently (by any player), so that clients in SP/Coop games can start at that location instead of at the level's start position.
• After a level begins, checkpoints in SP/Coop games may only be activated by local players.
• Changes to the esc menu box: In servers, replaced the disabled "Load Game" and "Save Game" options with common multiplayer actions "Spectate" and "Respawn." Moved "Controls" down a few rows.
• Spectating players (including idle servers, and players who ran out of lives in LRS-based gamemodes) no longer produce light, play Spaz's ledge-wobbling sound, or interact with enemies/bridges/etc. at their pre-spectating location.
• AngelScript API additions:
• New jjPLAYERDRAW class with accompanying hook function
• Three new sprite modes: CHROMAKEY, MAPPING, and TRANSLUCENTMAPPING. There are several new global functions for configuring the latter two.
• New ways to distribute custom sprites without building your own .j2a files: jjANIMATION can read and write GIF files, jjANIMSET can load from jjPIXELMAP objects formatted like sprite sheets, and jjPIXELMAP can read and write PNG files.
• jjPAL::load also now supports GIF and PNG files
• Numerous new jjPIXELMAP methods for doing basic image editing.
• All previous textured background styles now use the AngelScript properties jjTexturedBGFadePositionX, jjTexturedBGFadePositionY, and jjTexturedBGStars (or, preferably, their new jjLAYER property equivalents).
• New methods jjPLAYER::spring and jjTILE::setFrames.
• New optional arguments for jjANIMSET::load, jjPAL::gradient, and jjMusicLoad
• New global properties jjDifficultyNext and jjDifficultyOrig
• jjLevelFileName and other filenames are now guaranteed to be all-lowercase for easier comparison.
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files / Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with JJ2+ v5.10 continued...

• Updated the AngelScript library to a WIP build of version 2.36.0, including all the changes since 2.31.2, our previous update. Among other things, this introduces array::sort and fixes array::removeRange.
• All argument names in AngelScript functions and methods are now applied internally. This means that you will be given more informative error messages if you pass a series of arguments inconsistent with any overloads of a function/method name, and also that you may reorder arguments freely. For example, jjMaskedHLine(xPixel:10, yPixel:20, lineLength:4) and jjMaskedHLine(xPixel:10, lineLength:4, yPixel:20) are both valid. You may also skip over any number of arguments with default values, e.g. jjDrawSpriteFromCurFrame(obj.xPos, obj.yPos, obj.curFrame, layerZ: 1). As the AngelScript documentation notes, "No positional arguments may follow any named arguments," so jjDrawSpriteFromCurFrame(obj.xPos, obj.yPos, obj.curFrame, layerZ: 1, 4) does not compile: you would need to write layerXY: 4 instead.
• Updated the exception messages (e.g. "Index out of bounds") to include line numbers and otherwise be more consistent with other AngelScript messages.
• Added new /spectatingcamerashift command (and corresponding plus.ini "[General]SpectatingCameraShift" configuration setting, and "Spectating Camera Shift" item in the Plus dropdown menu) for configuring whether spectating another player should shift the camera based on the spectated player's current speed (true, default, as has been the case since 5.7) or center the player exactly (false, as in 5.6 and before).
• Removed the /maxspectators setting due to people not intentionally using it.
• Remote admins may now use /spectate, !k, or !swap even when /spectating, /allowsuicide, or /selfswap are disabled, if their admin groups allow the /forcespectate, /k, or /swap commands respectively. (Hosts too for /spectate.)
• Fixed glitch from 5.7 of getting stuck inside walls in the usermade Battle levels "Apocalyptic End" and "Pleased with Presents."
• Fixed glitch from 5.7 of crashes or other errors in response to certain kicks in online servers, particularly remote admins kicking themselves.
• Fixed glitch from 5.0 of the particle explosions from destroying objects incorrectly drawing transparent pixels as opaque black.
• Fixed glitch from 5.0 of incessant noises in stopped servers from shields with six seconds or less remaining.
• Fixed command line argument -nochatlogger, which broke at some point. Added to new command line arguments section.
• Right-clicking a url in chat now copies it to clipboard.
• 5.10 clients in servers running 5.1 or below (including vanilla) use the original chat character limit instead of 5.2's expanded one.
• Restored unused progress bar graphics for downloading files.
• The HUD elements at the center top of the screen (player list, boss health bar, sugar rush time, shield time, and help string) no longer overlap each other when two or more are present. A help string will not be offset by this unless the offset from those other HUD elements is greater than that from any @ characters at the start of the string.
• Reduced HUD text overlapping from pressing F9 twice in Race.
• Removed some HUD elements for spectators because they weren't showing accurate numbers: shield duration, sugar rush duration, coin warp tally, SP/Coop score.
• Score particles no longer appear in SP/Coop servers for points gained by non-local players.
• Signpost objects ("End of Level signpost" and "Bonus Level signpost" in JCS) now work in servers too, not just local games.
• Fixed glitch of signpost objects restarting the current level instead of cycling to the next/secret level, when shot by players with only one remaining life.
• Restored broken code to make bonus signposts animate after being shot.
• Big Box and Big Rock objects are now solid in SP/Coop servers, to facilitate levels that require standing on them to reach high areas.
• Character-specific start position events are now chosen based on your real character, not whichever you most recently morphed into, so e.g. if you're playing Single Player as Jazz and type JJMORPH and JJNXT, you'll start in the next level at a Jazz start position, not at a Spaz start position.
• 5.10 clients in older Cooperative servers are unable to kill bosses locally, which should mean more bullets overall will hit bosses, making it more likely that the server will think the boss has died.
• Several enemies and bosses now flicker and shake slightly while unfreezing, behaviors that were often present but nonfunctional in the original code.
• Various enemies and bosses (Bat, Tuf Boss, Devil Devan) are now better at choosing targets in contexts with multiple players.
• Restored unused death animations for Bubba and Tuf Boss.
• Made Bilsy easier on Easy and Medium difficulties: the timing for dodging behind him so he doesn't throw a fireball has been made more generous, and you don't get instantly hurt if he teleports directly into you. The vanilla behavior is maintained on Hard and Turbo.
• Added alternate behavior for the Bilsy and Xmas Bilsy events that better handles arenas with uneven floors. See JCS.ini section for details.
• Fixed glitch of Uterus sometimes skipping the spike ball phase, without even waiting for Activate Boss events to be touched.
• Fixed glitch from 5.6 of Uterus taking damage when shot while frozen even before all the spike balls had been destroyed.
• Fixed glitchy handling of Uterus falling past the bottom of the level when defeated when there are no solid tiles to land on.
• Uterus spike balls (event 27) now persist instead of disappearing immediately when spawned by Generator objects or crates, and explode into pixels when destroyed instead of vanishing.
• Uterus spike balls in Cooperative servers can only be damaged by bullets and do not fall down, as measures to improve syncing.
• Fixed glitches from having multiple Bolly bosses in a level.
• Restored broken animation code for Bolly's eye.
• Bolly bosses move a little faster and have an extra spike ball on Hard and Turbo.
• Added alternate behavior for Bolly that doesn't stick to an invisible ceiling. See JCS.ini section for details.
• Fixed fallback code for levels with a "Devan (robot boss)" event but no "Robot (robot boss)" event.
• Devan now warps in already carrying a gun instead of having it appear when he starts to move, and drops it when he starts to transform.
• Fixed glitch of the stars spinning around Devan's head after he's defeated moving faster when you shoot.
• Devan and Fencer enemies now have better collision detection.
• Devil Devan and Bee enemies now use their previously unused turning animations.
• Bee and Rapier enemies use simplified attack patterns in Cooperative servers for syncing reasons.
• Restored one unused animation and two unused samples for Rapier enemies.
• Fish and Dragonfly enemies charge at you faster on Turbo.
• Restored some unused/broken code for Dog and Cat enemies, making them run slightly faster while facing a player (only in local games).
• Fat Chick enemies are now more likely to send players flying with their punches, including players who have shields.
• Fixed glitch of Demon enemies always coming to a halt facing the same direction.
• Fixed glitch from 4.2 of copters dropped by Xmas Float Lizards using the wrong animation.
• Bat enemies now go back to sleep upon returning to their place of origin, and use their previously unused idle animation while asleep.
• Fixed glitch of Witch enemies (or other enemies with 5+ health) disappearing in servers if buttstomped while frozen. (Older clients or hosts will still trigger this glitch.)
• Normal Turtle enemies are now better at hiding from bullets.
• Fixed various glitches surrounding killing Normal Turtle enemies in servers.
• Fixed the Pause key and Pause dropdown menu option to work properly in multiplayer and to work the same way as one another.
• The pause screen now shows some reminder text for how to unpause the game.
• While the game is paused, pressing Esc or entering local menus such as the F1 help page now unpauses the game instead of drawing the menus at half brightness.
• The special key changes from 5.7, such as being able to press Ctrl+F7 for 800×600, now apply even when the game is paused.
• Revised tunnel textured background math to reduce 8-bit moiré effects, make the tunnel more circular, avoid slowdowns when F3/F4 are used, and prevent vertical camera position from gradually increasing spiral intensity.
• Fixed player getting stuck when warping while morphing into a bird.
• Fixed glitch of players' glowing trails getting stuck in a loop while the players were frozen.
• Rabbits with shields/flags and airboards now see the shield/flag following them as they bounce up and down.
• Flags are now drawn upside-down when carried by players who are drawn upside-down because of reverse gravity.
• Fixed glitch of frogs with airboards bouncing up and down.
• Fixed glitch of rabbits with airboards and reverse gravity seeing their puffs of smoke in the wrong position.
• Fixed graphics issues from changing jjTexturedBGStyle from TEXTURE::MENU to either TEXTURE::WARPHORIZON or TEXTURE::TUNNEL without refreshing the palette afterwards.
• Fixed memory corruption from AngelScript method jjPIXELMAP::save(jjANIMFRAME@) when used on sprites from the BIRD3D, CONTINUE, FACES, JAZZ3D, MENU, and SPAZ3D animation sets.
• Reinforced already-existing PLUS_REPLACEMENT animations to not occasionally go missing.
• The game will now accurately report the number of active players during idlemode, even if the local player is using splitscreen.
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UBOAT has just received an update to 2022.1: Patch 19.

Update 2022.1: Patch 19
Dear skippers,

There is a new patch available for 2022.1. Changelog:

- Chinese localisation update by Alex Zheng, JM-LeiDao, 36 D, Xenon_Tennessee.
- Portuguese localisation update by AlexShuma.
- Japanese localisation update by Surumeika1987, Largo, [JP]AWPsan, 泥遊戯, Mononok Kori.
- French localisation update by FvJ and Placebo.
- Russian localisation update by Hard.
- Italian localisation update by BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM.
- Czech localisation update by Spid3rCZ.

- Increased frequency of missions with changing flotilla from Kiel to Wilhelmshaven.
- Fix: The optional objective about staying undetected in Gibraltar passage assignment was always marked as a success, even when player was detected.
- Fix: Wolfpacks are no longer commonly organized before May 1941.
- Fix: It wasn't possible to perform Norwegian Campaign missions from Kiel. This fix requires a fresh start to function. If your game is affected, we suggest moving to Wilhelmshaven to finish this campaign.

User interface:
- Fix: Clicking with a right mouse button on a green dot that points mission target in Gibraltar passage assignment wasn't plotting a route towards it.
- Fix: Dialogue subtitles no longer appear in HQ view.
- Fix: After receiving a reply from the command about resupply request, the notification about unread messages was appearing, even though the message was appearing on the screen right away.
- Fix: The notification about unread messages wasn't appearing after loading a game state with unread messages.

- Fix: Small lighting artifacts on Turm II.
- Fix (regression of 2022.1 Patch 18): NPC ships could spawn without texture having a white hull.
- Fix (regression of 2022.1 Patch 18): It was possible for two characters working near Enigmas in HQ to sit in the same place and overlap with each other.

- Fix: Neural Network Physics component should be now useable from the mod projects.

- Fix: The newly added setting about disabling torpedo salvo previews wasn't correctly saved into the game states. This meant that this setting was possible to change mid-campaign and the current state was shared by all campaigns.

high rated
Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game

Updated from version 2.6.3 f2 to 2.6.3 f3 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelog posted by the developer on the forum.
Hello everyone,

This update adds a 3rd path through the Act 2 Finale.
(Follow the above link for the rest, as I didn't copy that due to spoilers.)
high rated
Bear and Breakfast

Updated from version 1.4.8 to 1.6.10

Changelog from Steam:
1.6.9 Patch Notes - Bear and Breakfast
22 DEC 2022

Bugs And Fixes
* Added a bunch of memory usage improvements. The game should make overall better use of system memory.
* Made a number fixes for edge cases when discarding changes on a room edit.
* Made a number fixes for edge cases causing loss of furniture items / museum exhibits.
* Fixed a severe bug caused by canceling furniture placement after previously splitting a stack.
* Fixed “Rat Tat To It” granting multiple recipes for French Onion Soup when the quest would get back to “In Progress” if placing the soup somewhere else than the main inventory.
* Fixed NPC sounds that would loop indefinitely if starting an NPC dialogue while they are performing an action.
* Fixed Barbara’s Highlake Call cutscene focus point, which would leave her speech bubble outside the visible area on small resolutions.
* Fixed Achievements never getting to steam if they are granted while offline. The achievements are updated when opening the achievement panel.
* Fixed Guests unable to resolve navigation queries if the game gets saved while they are located in an unbuilt campsite.
* Fixed Guests that never left if their room got deleted while they were scheduled to arrive the next day.
* Fixed some edge cases causing objects to appear as unreachable, even though they were reachable.
* Fixed the snap in Camera Transition occurring when repeatedly changing the focused house.

Balance and Gameplay Adjustments
* Added Recycling - Find it in the A24 near the dump.
* Maximum Stack size for Crafting Materials increased (99 -> 999).
* Took away Gus's Scissors.
* The “Organize” button in the inventory now also auto-stacks items.
* Left Ctrl + Click now automatically transfers the items between inventories while Looting, Stashing or Recycling (Left/Right Trigger on Controller).
* The "Recipe Box" Cooking trinket now attempts to also fill ingredients automatically (instead of just cards).
* Added support for widescreen
* and other more square-ish aspect ratios (e.g. 4:3)
* Added option to turn the “Trail Mix” trinket off in order to reduce the movement speed.
* Blocked the ability to completely remove a room’s tiles when editing an existing room.
* Added a new quest to find Terry-Fin in A24, available after you've discovered the A24.
* Added a new quest to unlock the Recycling feature, available at Anton after you've saved Wade.
* Added a new Special Shop in all buildable areas (Timber Crossing, A24, Highlake, Winterberry and Pinefall)
* Added 31 NEW Winter-themed Decorative objects in the new Special Shop (Available for a limited time)
* Added 3 new pieces of clothing for Hank, available at the new Special Shop (for a limited time).


1.6.10 Hotfix Patch Notes - Bear and Breakfast
23 DEC 2022

Bugs And Fixes
* Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow players to use Ctrl+Click / Triggers to move items from the Inventory to a full Stash, losing the items in the process.
high rated
A Hat in Time

Updated to Winter Update (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
A Hat in Time Winter Event is here!

The A Hat in Time Winter Event starts December 22nd, 2022, and ends January 5th, 2023.

The Spaceship

- The Spaceship has been decorated for the duration of the winter event! Don't ask about the Mafia ice statue. please.

Death Wish (Requires: Seal the Deal)

- A new limited-time Death Wish map has been added! Complete these new festive challenges and earn presents (stickers!)
- 5 new Death Wish challenges
- 5 new stickers
- Note: Some Death Wishes may not be available unless Online Party or Vanessa's Curse is installed (which isn't available on GOG!)


- Grinches can disable the winter event under Game Settings
high rated
dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.589.7 to 0.594.2 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.594.2 - Secret Services

New regulations for Salvage Manipulators
After a tragic accident in the Docking Ring earlier this week, Enceladus Corp issued an updated policy governing independent salvage equipment. Starting today, all ship-mounted articulated manipulators not under the direct supervision of qualified personnel must stay powered down, folded and secured on the ship’s hull.

Elon Interstellar enables new autonomy features
Following surprising Twatter poll results, the CEO of Elon Interstellar announced that he would be adhering to the ages-long tradition of his company and issued an immediate free over-the-air upgrade of all the EIAA-1337 autopilots. Changes include the implementation of often requested SanBUS protocol, introducing a compatibility between the Obonto US-GOT reconnaissance craft’s queue and the autopilot’s flight control.

New services available on Enceladus
Recent expansion of the commercial area of the Industrial Ring has caused a drop in average rent prices. Several companies have used this opportunity to establish permanent offices on the station. Residents of the station can now use the services provided by Obonto Habitats, Jameson’s Insurance Company, and the independently operated Miner’s Guild.

Maintenance logs
- Separate Fleet menu on Enceladus Prime, which displays all your owned ships, with the ability to view data on any of them
- New Services available on Enceladus Prime: The Miners Guild, Obonto Habitats office and Jameson’s Insurance.
- Autonomous autopilots will now communicate with other equipment on your ship through the ship area network bus. This allows them to coordinate with salvage manipulators and nanodrone systems.
- Your AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will now fold when powered down.
- All AI, including NPC ships, autonomous autopilots and mining companions, is now aware that turning or changing velocity is probably not the best idea if your excavator is open.
- EIAA-1337 autopilot can now interface with Obonto USV-GOT reconnaissance craft. If you set up an excavator order and point your autopilot to the first ore chunk, it will automatically follow the excavation queue.
- Reconnaissance drones category got renamed to reconnaissance craft to avoid confusion when discussing specific hardware.
- Renamed all the reconnaissance systems to use manufacturer models and designations instead of descriptions.
- Strafe controls for your autopilot can be assigned in the Settings menu.
- New warning siren for Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
- Improved performance of the exhaust gas simulation.
- Improved performance of the racing autopilot path prediction overlay.
- Improved performance of the LIDAR systems.
- Improved performance of the Dealer.
- If you fail to recover a derelict ship and have to leave it in the rings, but it did get ore inside its cargo hold, you will not get that cargo when you return to the Enceladus Prime station.
- The scrolling speed of OMS windows was affected by the slowed-down time when you have your OMS open, making window movement sluggish. It was especially apparent when you used a gamepad to scroll the window.
- Notification animation popups were affected by the slowed-down time of an Adrenaline Surge and OMS window.
- Adjusted performance options for the renderer.
- New, more accurate normal maps and lighting setups for all the character faces.
high rated

Updated from 1.11+461 Firlow Hotfix to 1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix

Fix a bug where many translated lines were showing up blank
Fix a bug where reaction strikes weren't removing grayplane
Fix a bug where incursion defense hero pick dialog was broken
Fix a bug where Explosive enemies knocked back by guard attacks
would explode on their starting tile instead of the ending one
Fix a bug: Reduced Tier 3 elemental hammer damage from 9 to 8
high rated
Chained Echoes 1.04
Fixed a bug that prevented Glenn from learning a certain skill leaving him with 1 GS at the end of the game
Fixed getting the item reward for avoiding optional battles in Phyon Oasis
Fixed a bug where enemies were unable to take a turn once a character reached a certain speed
Fixed a bug in the boss battle in Raminas Tower
Fixed a display bug in the crystal inventory when throwing away crystals
Fixed inventory not showing all crystals
Fixed Mikah’s Ultra Move killing an enemy over and over
Fixed a bug regarding HP on level up (characters now have a bit more HP)
Fixed some strings missing a translation
Fixed a save load position issue in the quest Into The Maelstrom
Fixed Crit Damage Up
Fixed other minor issues
Changed: Agility stat raised by equipment and passive now clamps at 50 (raising agi in battle can get past this limit. This change needs more testing but this should fix a few problems for the moment)
Changed: Agi Up stats
Changed: Agi Up crystals have the same chance to drop like other stat up crystals
Changed: Glenn now learns TP Cost Down instead of Chemistry