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No Man's Sky

[Windows] 3.96_Endurance_90804 ⇒ 3.97_Endurance_90916 (Offline Installers, Galaxy likely as well)

Note: No offline installer patch from 3.96 to 3.97 offered yet.

3.97 Patch Notes:

Fixed a number of memory-related crashes, particularly on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Fixed a crash related to base building.
Fixed a crash related to freighter loading.
Fixed a PSVR-exclusive crash.
Fixed a crash related to the Fleet Command room.
Fixed a crash related to ByteBeat.

Fixed an issue that prevented teleporters from working correctly on derelict freighters.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from claiming earned frigates from the list of past expedition rewards.
Fixed an issue that prevented people from acquiring a living frigate if they changed their system clock.
Fixed a number of mission and dialog issues that could prevent mission progress.
Fixed an issue that caused ByteBeat music to play over the top of the intended settlement bar music.
Fixed an issue that could prevent newly-purchased frigates from joining up with the fleet.

Introduced a number of rendering optimisations for freighter bases.
Fixed an issue that could prevent building within very tall freighter bases.
Fixed an issue that allowed bases from blocked players to still be synced in some circumstances.
Fixed an issue that caused too many wires to be removed when deleting a connected base part (such as a switch).
Fixed an issue that left ladders behind when deleting their attached room on a freighter.
Fixed an issue that caused multiplayer freighter bases to be missing on PlayStation 4.
Fixed an issue that caused some posters to use the wrong texture.
Players now always know the freighter bulkhead door, to prevent them from being trapped if they delete all exits to a room.
Supporting scaffolds have been added to the underside of some elevated freighter base parts.
Fixed a number of cases where base parts (and planters) were not being powered correctly in some freighter base configurations.
Players may now harvest carbon from the plants growing on the walls of their agricultural freighter rooms.
Fixed a number of visual glitches in freighter room parts.
Fixed an issue that made it impossible to place objects on some shelves.
Players can now place specific variants (straight/T-Junction/X-Junction) of freighter glass corridors.
Fixed an issue that made the Galactic Trade Terminal UI appear in the wrong position while in VR and using the freighter trade room.
Fixed an issue that prevented freighter doors and windows from being automatically deleted if the room they are attached to is deleted.

The UI now displays additional feedback after feeding a living frigate and evolving new traits.
Fixed a rare visual glitch caused by the Exosuit backpack being incorrectly scaled.
The visual effects for harvest plants within freighter bio rooms have been improved.
The Wormhole Brain and the Neural Shielding now have the correct Quick Menu icons.
Fixed an issue that made Flight Assist Override less effective than intended during space combat.
Fixed an issue that prevented the Wormhole Brain from being used to detect trade outposts.
Infestation Nexus missions now correctly lead players to the target planet.
Fixed a rare blocking issue that could prevent portals from working correctly when triggered on the Artemis path while very close to the centre of the galaxy.

Fixed an issue that awarded players the resources gathered by NPC asteroid miners.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from skipping cinematic black bars while in an Exocraft.
Fixed an issue that could prevent fleet expeditions from displaying living frigate related story content.
Fixed an issue that prevented the correct effects from playing as the starship exits warp.
Fixed a visual issue that caused space colouring to leak into the freighter warp tunnel.
Fixed an issue that could allow some Leviathan-exclusive missions to persist indefinitely after the end of the expedition.
Fixed an issue that could prevent ship previews from appearing correctly in the Quick Menu.
Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect icons to appear in the top-left notification after unlocking a new section of the guide.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to interact with their ship while it was being salvaged for scrap.
Fixed an issue that caused the freighter to appear in the warp tunnel while playing in VR.
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Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.2.8242.17442 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

we just released a new hotfix that contains several minor fixes and localization updates. Thank you for your continued support and please keep reporting possible bugs or issues you might encounter!

Important Notes
We recently tried to simplify the bug reporting process. Instead of writing a mail, you can now submit a bug using this form.

Distant Places
Localization: Fixed some missing or wrongful localization in Korean.
Expeditions: Fixed a wrongly placed dialogue.

Main Game
System: Removed some unneeded log entries for better performance.

Your Teams from Gentlymad & Assemble | 1.2.8242.17442
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Updated to 1.8i (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Offline installer updated to

Howdy, necromancers!

Firstly, thank you very much for your patience, for staying with us and for your support. We read all the feedback, your reviews are very inspiring

Secondly, watching you play, we are quite impressed with how many skilled players there are among you. Some manage to hold out against enemies for more than an hour and even longer! However, the intended design and gameplay loop of our game does not provide for such long sessions – it’s simply not possible to save a game in the middle of a run.

We have repeatedly witnessed how players get tired of a long session and eventually just stop defending the tower in order to finish the game. Or said the game was too easy after several long runs with micro-controlling each unit, going to the main menu room only a couple of times, but buying a dozen upgrades at once. Or they said the game was too hard after a few long runs, but with no upgrades or control. In the end, it came down to the inability to predict the time of the game session – a problem that we wanted to address from the very beginning.

With Update 1.2, we are introducing a new system of timers, at the end of which your tower will be visited by powerful enemies. They’ll return you to the menu room, or they will be mercilessly destroyed by you – it is more than possible to defeat them (think of death in Vampire Survivors). It all depends on your upgrades and tactics!

For the best gameplay experience, we recommend starting with a new profile. Don’t worry, all previous saves are not wiped and remain with you! The latest version of the game is now.

List of changes:
- Added new mechanics of spawners appearing from underground and a timer for such events
- Added 3 new achievements for destroying the aforementioned spawners
- Added French language support
- Added German language support
- Added Japanese language support
- Added Polish language support
- Added Korean language support
- Added Brazilian Portuguese language support
- Reworked fonts to fix rare display issues
- Fixed the saw animation – before that it played 1 second longer than the damage was dealt
- Other minor fixes
= = = = =

Stellar Tactics

Offline installer updated to 0.607

Changelog posted by the dev in the game's forum: = = = = =

Empires of the Undergrowth

Offline installers updated to 0.30102 (Win & Linux) and 0.30103 (Mac)

Fire Ant Update OUT NOW!!
It's finally here, and we can't be more grateful for your patience. We hope you enjoy it!

Here's a moment we've been waiting for as long as you have - we're burning with joy to be releasing the fire ant update to everyone! Let's keep this introduction short, because I'm certain you want to dive right into that lovely swamp as soon as you can. Here are the full patch notes for the update.

Patch Notes - The Fire Ant Update

The Fire Ants Invade!

Fire ants are nothing if not adaptable to new challenges. These swamplands that young queens, fresh from their nuptial flight, have landed in are not in their native range. The changing, often-flooded environment will test their flexibility to the limit.

- A whole new formicarium tier, featuring 2 new documentary scenarios:
- 4.1 Cold Blood: a newly-settled fire ant queen must deal with the threat of the amphibians & other denizens of the green swamp
- 4.2 A Bridge Too Far: use the fire ant’s abilities to traverse water and reach all the resources you can, whilst an ominous shadow looms overhead

- New focal ant species: fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) which come in two soldier variants:
- Pervasive fire ants will respawn for free after a while
- Vigorous fire ants will have a buff to their stats for a time after spawning
- The tiles of both variants can support 2 ants at a time at level 3

- Fire ants introduce several new ant skills:
- Bridge building: fire ants can build floating pontoons over water to reach resources previously unplundered, but beware of changing water levels!
- Aphid relocation: relocate yellow aphids from distant milkweed plants and bring them closer to home for a reliable source of honeydew, but other colonies may not like that!
- Titan climbing: very large new enemies can be climbed for extra damage!

- New auxiliary ant species:
- Big-headed ants (Pheidole morrisii) have an ancient genetic variant waiting to be awoken
- Little black ants (Monomorium minimum) use a chemical threat display called gaster flagging

- New swamp environment
- A menagerie of new swamp-dwelling critters with unique stats & abilities
- New voice acting from the narrator & scientists
- New music for our dynamic conductor system

Formicarium Challenge 4 Awaits!

Once you’ve completed the documentary scenarios and are back in the formicarium with your rewards, the fire ant soldiers will make a fine addition to your collection. Add them to your formicarium to help you with the challenges ahead! They have 4 formicarium upgrade options:

- Surefooted: gains extra attack damage when mounted on an enemy
- Evasive: gains a small chance to take no damage from a hit
- Last Stand: at zero health, will survive for a short time longer with reduced attack speed
- Last Laugh: upon death, the fire ant will deal high damage to its closest enemy if in range

After you’ve completed your upgrades and stocked up your resources, the scientist has an idea - and he’ll take the opportunity to put it into action. As always, Formicarium Challenge 4 will be a climactic test of your colony’s prowess and your own skills as a player, so be prepared.

Other Changes

- Buried creatures (! & ? icons underground) will now display on the minimap
- Additions to the minimap & more consistent minimap pings
- Woodworm & woodlice will now appear as food on the minimap
- Escape key will now close the in-game menu
- Made Formicarium Challenge 3 a little easier on Hard & Insane
- Holding Insert & PageUp keys now rotates the camera view 90° left & right respectively
- Added a quick build / upgrade tool which detects nearby tile type to use, thumb mouse button by default
- Delete tool can now be used on tiles where building has not yet started
- Added an entirely new set of icons for the Formica ereptor
- adaptations menu
- Added a check for progress file corruption on game startup. If detected progress file is wiped and a new one made
- Added victory & defeat images for Beetle Rise Up! & the Hungry Spider levels
- Power-scaled creatures will have a star next to their health overlay displaying their scale level (currently only used in freeplay and some extra levels)
- Creatures will now correctly display the status effect they are currently experiencing
- Renamed worker "evasive" ability to "nimble" to avoid confusion with fire ants
- Formicarium level setup rewards on gateway levels now appear as zero before difficulty select
- Clicking an active underground minimap tab will now take you there from the surface
- The Promised Land demo level reinstated
- Moving buried creatures will now throb on the minimap
- Dead harvestable creatures in the Battle Arena will now not sink for 2 seconds
- Credits updated

Fixes & Optimisations

- Colony rehousing will now give the correct jelly amount for level 3 tiles (previously it was counting level 3 tiles as level 2)
- Fixed an issue where wood ants could get stuck in a deployment animation when a line-of-sight check was failing
- Huge improvement to render times for all 2D overlays (upgrades, health, food, etc)
- Numerous optimisations to swarming, pathfinding & movement
- Numerous optimisations to rendering for many individual assets
- Fixed an issue in Battle Arena where some ant levels weren’t working
- Fix for a rare pheromone marker crash
- Fixed a rounding error causing incorrect number of creatures to spawn in battle arena
- Fixed an issue where creatures dying mid-air had their food collection point far from their corpse
- Fixed an issue causing underground tile highlighting to stick on some tiles
- Connecting bridge in the interlocking formicariums will now load correctly


- Updated, fixed and changed many interface & game narration lines in existing localisations
- Various menus & UI elements adjusted to allow for translations that were the wrong size for them
- Font changes for CJK languages
- Added 7 new officially-supported localisations. These are:
- Czech / Čeština
- Spanish / Español
- French / Français
- Korean / 한국어
- Japanese / 日本語
- Dutch / Nederlands
- Polish / Polski

Known Issues
- Extra level Extremis is currently crashing on launch (caught this one too late to re-package the project in time; will be fixed for the next patch)
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Into the Breach got another small patch. Offline installers (Win, Mac, Linux) have been updated as well.

Current version should be 1.2.76b.

"Another patch is rolling out for Into the Breach. This one is less critical, but still clears out some annoying bugs that players are hitting frequently"

Changelog from reddit:

-Fixed: Control Mech targetable spaces would be inaccurate after an "Undo Move"
-Vek Eggs objective will no longer be added to Conveyor Belt missions
-Core Game Alpha Vek will correctly spawn now (sorry!)
-Completing the game on Unfair will correctly unlock the "Hard Victory" achievement
-Achievement Screen will now display the correctly unlocked squads on Mobile
-"On the Backburner" Achievement fixed
-Fixed: Cataclysm Squad victories will correctly count towards achievements
-Corpses correctly teleport now
-Reduced odds of some unfortunate enemy combinations (Plasmodia + Other "spawners")
-Teleport Pads can not longer be "cracked"
-No Survivor achievement exploits fixed
-Miner Inconvenience will correctly catch more cases of mountain destruction
-Fixed: Burrowers would sometimes not burrow, and fire would not clear immediately upon burrowing
-Enrage Shot's targeting UI improved + can no longer make rocks, etc. to attack
-Armored Train hitting Mechs will appropriately remove the corpse in all situations
-Vek Mites will count as removed if the Mech falls into a chasm
-Fixed cases where Conservative would not correctly give the player additional weapon uses
-Fixed some UI damage prediction inaccuracies
-Fixed another repeated SFX bug on lava
-Webbed un-moving objects (like Renfield Bombs) can no longer be moved with Control Shot
-Earth Mover will no longer destroy buildings on new maps
-Text problems fixed
-Tooltip inaccuracies fixed
-Minor rendering bugs fixed

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AI War 2 has just been updated from 5.502 to 5.503 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5.503 Multiplayer Bug Smiting
(Released July 29th, 2022)

* Three expansion golems from DLC2 were missing the "EX" text at the end of the Expert version name.


* Fix a bug where ships would sometimes randomly spawn in the wrong location on MP clients

* Fix a bug where the client couldn't receive updates including wormhole changes, and would instead discard that update. This was causing a variety of problems (not least that wormholes wouldn't correctly disappear)

* Fix a bug where MP clients weren't properly updating their Galaxy map when it changed
** Note I believe there are still some problems in this area, but this should be a major improvement

* Fix a bug where Fireteams network serialization (and possibly disk serialization?) could race with the Sim
** This would cause massive desyncs

* Active hackers now attempt to sync their data to clients more frequently. This should make hacking notifications feel less 'Stuck' in heavily loaded games

MP Sync Options

* There are now several ways for players to force the game to re-sync everything to clients. This should put the clients in the same state as if they had quit/reloaded (so all data should be accurate)
* This sync can cause an interruption in the clients; they may see a bunch of errors (which should be ignored), and may cause the clients to experience odd visuals (such as flashing up the Main Game screen)

* To trigger a Sync, there are two mechanisms:
** A button in the Debug section of the Escape menu
** A setting (under Networking) called "Host Only: Force Sync Interval". On this interval (in minutes), the game will automatically sync all data to clients. So if you set this value to 20, every 20 minutes the game will resync to clients.


* The Monarch metal flow rate for drones had no mark scaling even though the base Hive Golem it is based on does. Metal flow rate updated from 3500 flat to 4000 flat and 1000 per mark. Drone production rate now can reach 3 drones per second at mark 6+.

* Electric Bomber weapon reload increased from 7s -> 8s.
** Metal cost per ship increased from 10,000 to 12,000.
* Phantasmal Host Decoy health reduced from 75,000 to 40,000 base.
** Additionally degrades from full health to nothing in 20 seconds instead of 33.

* Reversed the base and alternate rates of fire for Stealth Bombards. Scrapping for fresh construction had a rather abusable loop of getting five high damage shots in a row and then skipping the reload timer because you'd just treat them as a manually scrapped super-size Railpod group. Now has a long reload after being built like all other versions of Bombards.

* Base metal cost of Samurai Frigate raised from 31,500 to 65,000.
** Old metal price of 31,500 moved onto the Katana sub-unit instead of being just copied from the Samurai. They will still build their Katana at the same old rate but the main ship is a little more expensive to lose.

* Heavy Stingray actually made heavy! Also made a little more worthwhile since the old version traded less total count and less line damage potential for slightly more HP each. Now the counts are even lower but you aren't losing a ton of damage potential using them.
** Metal cost increased to 3,150 each.
** Energy cost increased to 350 each.
** Base hull increased to 4,200.
** Base armor set to 90.
** Base damage increased to 260.
** Base line counts reduced from 45 to 32.

* Heavy Fusion Bomber and by extension the linked units for an Outguard group and Ultima FRS bombers have had their base armor set to 90.

* Autocannon Minipod variant the Gunbot adjusted to not have high generic damage versus everything.
** Base damage reduced from 250 to 150 (Base version has 100 base damage)
** Multiplier versus armor increased from 2x to 3x.
*** Average mk7 line DPS reduced from 123.5k to 74.1k. Versus armor expected DPS of 222.3k instead of previous 247k.

* Adjusted Vampire Turrets available under Exotic Tech.
** These now have a damage bonus against already damaged targets. If at least 40% hull is missing these now do an additional 1x damage. The Vampire is now looking for a weakened foe to feast more heavily from.
** Health recovered per damage dealt reduced from 2.5 to 1.5 because now that these actually can do more damage the previous value was excessive.
*** Overall damage output significantly higher. Previously these had an extremely stable ~32k DPS as a line of 10 at mark 7 or ~58k DPS with high mark acid support. Now should routinely do twice as much damage once a fight is past the opening couple salvos.

* Alien hulls have been a bit too easy to gain insane power from in games where that is an option because of their semi-farmable nature. Part of this is the alien hulls have their own scaling which wildly clashes with the increased player scaling that has been getting applied when the players hack for a copy. So we are going to force the player versions to be significantly closer to the source material to close the massive power gain from an extremely minor expenditure into mark levels on hulls not originally balanced for as exceptional of scaling.
** Dark Spire:
*** Minor faction version of Wraith found to have a purchase price of only 20! Corrected sharply upwards to 225.
*** Player hackable versions of strikecraft restored entirely to classic scaling. You need to chase mark 7 for full line count.
*** Specter frigate equivalent set to classic scaling without cap raises. These do enough damage they do not need to also be super metal efficient health sponges. Especially when their max damage for a line can be in excess of 400k sustained.
** Dyson Sphere:
*** Player hackable versions of strikecraft again restored to fully classic scaling. You will pay a handsome price in science for a full cap.
*** Player version of Bulwark deals a stupid amount of damage for how bulky it is with modern player frigate scaling. Health cut down to size with no cap increase classic scaling. Max EHP per metal reduced from 28.87 to 15. Again a sustained DPS potential of 150k+ means these outdo quite a few normal ships.

Mod Updates

More System Defenders

* Variety of changes to ships and turrets within More System Defenders mod:
** Artillery Destroyer Suppressive Flak given max targets hit per shot of 10 to prevent excessive damage dilution.
** Augmented Artillery Destroyer which is in the FRS pool updated to actually show up more often. (Or at all actually...)
** Various drone gun ships and turrets for the player have had the systems revealed.
** Updated certain drone using AI guardian ship versions so that some supposedly disabled weapons are not suddenly valid when acid is around.
*** Furthermore also adjusted the drones used by said ships to be less in number but more powerful individually.
** AI Cruise Missile Base nasty pick revised to be a bit more deadly.
*** Also updated said nasty pick to actually use current method of qualifying for sabotage/reprogram hacks. No idea how long this has been broken!

Dyson Sidekick
* The Dyson Sidekick sets planets that are being drilled on fire when they are close for extra visual coolness

* Some additional nerfs to the Reapers
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.9f (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
The Tenants - Patch 0.9f


- Tweaked the water and electricity sockets to stay hidden outside of configuration and item placement when placing an item that requires access to one of those two.
- Added a contextual highlight to upgrade sockets in renovation mode.
- Tweaked the walls that can be used to place windows on and which pre-existing windows can be demolished.
- Tweaked jobs that required deprecated items.
- Tweaked business open house so that companies that are interested in the particular apartment should appear much more often.
- Added vertical scrollbars to apartment and tenant context windows so they fit better on the screen.
- Updated the water tap UI icon.
- Disabled the option to submit a player save through the feedback panel for now, until we resolve some server related issues.
- Implemented a recovery method for older save files that had already accepted jobs that later on got fixed. The game will now validate all active jobs on startup to fix any budget / item requirements related issues.
- Fixed a visual glitch with a hole in one of the buildings.
- Fixed an issue with some bills having a payment period of 0, which resulted in a quick money drain.
- Fixed a number of issues related to actions performed by the office workers.
- Fixed a number of issues related to balconies, room detection and pathing in various apartments in Manhattan.
- Fixed a number of issues related to item highlights, colliders and icons.
- Fixed an issue with placing upgrade sockets on demolished full-glass windows.
- Fixed an issue with an unpaintable door at Loan Oak 60/1.
- Fixed an issue with misplaced rubbish appearing for some people in certain apartments.
- Fixed an issue with item warnings being visible while cleaning an apartment.
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winmm.dll is missing in Outlaws folder (Galaxy version only) a fix is needed... (i have just downloaded that game)

Also Quake II musics are not working in windows 11 for some reasons
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FulVal: winmm.dll is missing in Outlaws folder, a fix is needed... ( i have just downloaded that game)

Also Quake II musics are not working in windows 11
Wrong thread. You might try the support or the specific game forums:
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Death Trash (In Development)
Death Trash Demo

Updated to 0.8.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:


- added a few ranged weapon mods throughout the game
- tower location: added another possibility to remove permanent weapon
- tower location: fixed an issue with NPCs getting hostile
- tower location: made malfunctioning doors clearer
- tower location: prevent some soft-locks
- tower location: fixed a quest bug
- added dialogue for returning to Aksa
- some level design improvements
- added more audio to Tauris, some skill usage and merchant and container browsing

Gameplay Improvements:

- lockpicking: added timing challenge
- lockpicking: failing raises attention on NPCs and makes target object unusable for a short duration
- stealth: fixed a few issues with stealth and NPCs not stopping following player
- stealth: when bumping into a character while in stealth, said character now turns around and increases suspicion
- stealth: updated suspicion decay
- stealth: fixed issues with Vanish ability
- pickpocketing: fixed not working with point and click commands
- pickpocketing: fixed warning icon of nearby NPCs not shown before pickpocketing
- pickpocketing: made failure by nearby NPCs watching more obvious through UI feedback
- pickpocketing: make pickpocket failure through nearby NPCs depend on target position and not player position
- make characters investigate attacks against doors
- updated some NPC behaviours regarding grenades and other explosions
- increased experience points for spider enemy

Technical Improvements

- Unity Input Controller Manager: supporting more controller scenarios and improving check for active device when multiple devices connected
- Unity Input Controller Manager: implemented controller vibration
- updated list of screen resolutions to include those with lower refresh rate than screen max
- Steam Deck: enabled co-op menu
- Cyborg Vision: apply low performance mode when framerate drops too low
- internal framework and tools updates

Usability Bug Fixes:

- fixed throwable item selected instead of ability on respawning
- fixed a delay on switching to ranged weapon with right mouse button
- fixed some rare occasions when point and click commands would be used despite right mouse targeting or shift key attack mode
- fixed player character not switching to melee weapon when hovering with mouse cursor over enemy (regression)
- fixed point and click attack commands on destructible doors (regression)
- fixed player character flickering between ranged and melee weapon in some circumstances when hovering enemy
- fixed being able to unequip locked items through rightclick in loot and storage container
- fixed issues with area map tutorial hint
- added max display duration for throwing item tutorial

General Bug Fixes:

- fixed dead Fleshworms getting revived on reloading area
- fixed rare case of not being able to spawn in a generated area if reloading savegame
- fixed cancelling skill usage not stopping audio
- fixed knowledge groups shown as hidden when loading from save game
- fixed unarmed NPCs not fleeing in combat (regression)
- fixed turrets etc. reacting to raising attention events
- fixed a few cases of characters getting pushed back through combat actions when they should not
- fixed machines uttering warnings on entering combat even if they have no enemy
- fixed some visual glitches with throwing grenades
- fixed rare occurance of some scene text placed at wrong vertical offset
- updated checking location handling on world map (e.g. fixes when spawning on world map from location traveled to via debug console)
- co-op: don't flip health and stamina bars for second player UI
- fixed some typos
- additional small bug fixes
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Subverse (In Development)

Updated to 0.5.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Version 0.5.0 STORY UPDATE (7/25/22)

New Features


Sova’s recruitment storyline comes to a conclusion on planet Teatakanya, as you partake in one winner-takes-all championship bout in the Teelee Fighting Championship.


New scenes have been added in Pandora for Sova containing a wide variety of fetishes, alongside a new foreplay video sequence that will play automatically as you progress through the story.


All of the Yeti nebula is now accessible for exploration. We will be updating the planets and progression system in a later patch so please treat most of these as placeholders for now.


More of the UI has been overhauled including a complete revamp of the Gallery UI, with interactive preview materials.


We are trialing an equippable system for grid combat, which will hopefully add some flexibility when deploying waifus. Please let us know what you think and how we should improve upon it!


DEVA form should be unlocked for all previous waifus now (provided they reach level 20) along with some balance changes to the system.


Two additional mantics have been added for players to discover and recruit to the team.


A few new songs have been added to Grid Combat gameplay.


- Improvements to the lip flap system during dialogue sequences.
- Updated Sova’s idle animation in the Locker Room onboard the Mary Celeste.
- Added 3 new poses to the Gallery. Ela “Kloi Please”, Taron “Rawr” and Taron “Furball”.
- Added explanation of Clear Input Cache under Settings/Controls tab. Primarily required between updates if there are issues with key-bindings.
- Added character level visibility on the character selection screen during Grid/Space Combat.
- Reduced the amount of asteroids in Huntress Fight 2 second phase.
- Added wave data to random scenarios in Space Combat.
- Added warning that player will embark on a long quest when starting a new waifu storyline. This currently is only applicable for Elaisha, Taron and Sova quest.
- Added completion percentage counters to galaxy, nebulae and systems in Navigation. Note: This is a WIP and there are currently some inconsistencies with how they update. Some known areas are Doochi-Kabana, Tychedemus and systems where there are unknown missions or sidequest that have multiple encounters where the mission is unknown until the required one is completed.
- Replaced previous controls prompt with help box in Navigation.
- Sex scenes that take place during dialogue story sequences no longer play the idle pose before the sex scene. New sequence is foreplay cinematic then sex scene. Idle scene will display as before when replaying.
- Redesigned gift icons for Fashionable Boots and Illegal Narcotics.
- Added Socialite status effect/icon “Bitch Please”.
- Texture memory optimization pass.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue where exclamation marker was still visible after completing one section of a quest that spans more than one anomaly in Navigation.
- Fixed issue with indicators not rendering in Space Combat when the larger ships spawned for the Scoundrel faction.
- Fixed issue with Tibold’s ship in Grid Combat where there were broken active tiles.
- Fixed issue where there was invisible blocking from lancer attacks.
- Fixed issue where New Mantic tag missing for Equicox & Rekall when onboard the Mary Celeste.
- Fixed some cinematics where no subtitles were rendering or displayed inconsistent text.
- Fixed issue if character is talking while exiting the gifting screen, the voice can still be heard.
- Fixed several issues with clipping on some PANDORA scenes.
- Fixed several issues with lighting on some PANDORA scenes.
- Fixed several issues with animations on some PANDORA scenes.
- Fixed several issues with texture & post processing on some PANDORA scenes.
- Fixed several issues with focus and framing on some PANDORA scenes.
- Fixed several reported physics issues during dialogue sequences.
- Fixed several inconsistencies with the text during dialogue sequences.

Known Issues (Does not include all issues)

- Low texture resolution rendering for some users during dialogue sequences throughout the game.
- Some users reported odd textures when loading Ela and Taron in PANDORA and Gallery.
- Framerate drop can cause Mary Celeste to shoot out of the jump-gate in Navigation.
- Bridge projector fails to update the color scheme throughout Mary Celeste consistently. This will be fixed in later builds once all nebulae are unlocked.
- Physics on dangling pieces such as tentacles or hair (i.e. Huntress or Killi) may clip through the character's body or rapidly vibrate.
- Yellow/White screen flashing artifact during space combat when using the FXAA aliasing method. Most likely due to the lens flare and or high bloom values.
- On rare occasions, an unintentional song plays during some areas of the game.
- On rare occasions, clicking the Help button in the dialogue section of the game can remove the help text but can't be re-enabled until restarting or starting a new scene.
- Potential stuttering when playing back cinematics for some systems. Note there is an option to disable 4k videos from the graphics tab under settings. This has improved performance for some users.
- Reports of performance issues on some Space Combat random scenario maps.
- Animation in You’re Mine Now scene needs finalizing.
- Replay icons and navigation icon concepts are a work in progress, inconsistencies are known.


- Sova’s quest will resume the next time the navigation button is clicked. In the full release there won’t be a break to explore navigation.
- Optimizations have been made that should help with low texture resolution during dialogue sequences. Please let us know if you have seen an improvement.
- Currently equipables are associated with the completion of random scenario missions and waifu levels. If you have completed a mission that would have dropped an equipable, it will display in the locker room. Note: Once an equipable is acquired a short tutorial will play when you return to the Mary Celeste on how to equip them.
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Apostle: Rebellion

Updated to v3 (EN 1.04, CN 1.01) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.



Updated to 1.2.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Be assured, this is not the last patch, and we will continue working on the game, and further improving it, thanks to your ongoing support!

Without further ado, let's dive into the long list of contents, this patch comes up with this time:

* Added Controller Customization
* Add Elder Dialogue Options before entering the final part of the game

* Fixed button prompts
* Fixed snacks get consumed twice
* Fixed Shirl Shop UI issues
* Fixed wrong quest marker after getting the shield
* Fixed inconsistency with highlighting of options on using Minus and Plus buttons to open Inventory and Systems menu.
* Fixed Screen Settings visuals
* Fixed Minimap getting stuck
* Fixed Crafting UI navigation issues (Keyboard)
* Fixed: Graphic settings get selected incorrectly
* Fixed: Title fails to save the Audio Settings after restarting the game.
* Fixed: Exit Button in Menu not visible
* Fixed: Snacks under Inventory shows No Data.
* Fixed: Glacial Glades' Door won't open / can't interact with terminal
* Fixed: "Learn More"-Button in News Post UI opens Discord-Link six times
* Fixed: Upgrade Flowers glow even though they are already collected
* Fixed: Paradox Apex clones despawn to late
* Fixed: Desmond walks into unloaded area while the needle eye cutscene is playing
* Fixed: Death in time travel zone
* Fixed: Black screen on loading
* Fixed collider issue in Area 05
* Fixed skipping Item near Divide
* Fixed collider issue in Dungeon 02
* Fixed controls work when the game runs in background
* Fixed Desmond's name is shown as "???" in NeedleEye after his name has been revealed
* Fixed missing collision in Bog
* Fixed getting hit by the Overseer's teleport-laser in paradox fight disables the map
* Fixed collider issue in Xelot Hideout
* Fixed white stamina bar
* Fixed Campsite not being implemented properly
* Fixed: NPC Riff Raff without sound
* Fixed: Desmond appears too early in the Elder Dialogue after returning from the Science Station
* Fixed: Paradox Apex creates clones while being stunned
* Fixed extra stamina for picking up a second stamina upgrade
* Fixed overlapping Terminals in Science Station
* Fixed some missing VOs on NPCs
* Fixed Jump-Yeet in The Wilds
* Fixed zap-traps (and flamethrower) get regenerated way too quickly, and unlimited use
* Fixed Speed Gum Effect slows down player when it runs out
* Fixed: Infected Soldiers in Science Station can talk now.
* Fixed: Entering the Xelot Base from the alternate route plays the wrong music
* Fixed: Two highlighters are observed while loading an old save in the Load/Save menu of the game.
* Fixed: Chest is unreachable in past
* Fixed: Upgraded Snare has no Icon and multiple Items selected
* Fixed: Golden chip visually wrong
* Fixed: Max hearts are clipping into other UI
* Fixed: Warden is named Warden in German
* Fixed German name for Apex predator
* Fixed the crate in the roots in The Wilds
* Fixed: Not all stamina upgrades got saved
* Fixes lots of small sound issues
* Fixed lots of additional collision/clipping issues.

You can expect more bug fixes, improvements, enhancements, and more within the next weeks, which will further improve your XEL experience.

A big thank you for your support and patience so far.

Tiny Roar & Assemble Entertainment
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Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.2.8244.2776 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

we just released a super tiny hotfix that fixes a bug that would prevent loading any Distant Places expedition.

Distant Places
Expeditions: Fixed "infinite loading" screen when trying to visit a global expedition.

Your Teams from Gentlymad & Assemble | 1.2.8244.2776
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Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.97.2 ⇒ 1.973.
v1.973 Hotfix Change List

• Startup crash fixes
• Fixed it so you can no longer change language from within an active game
• Misc. stability improvements