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Project Zomboid

Updated from 41.78.15 to for Windows and Mac.

No changelog.

Scarlet Hollow

Updated from Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0c to Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 1.0d for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch Notes for December 6th

Various bug fixes, as well as a handful of rebalances.


Hot gets additional slight bonuses to relationships with other characters. (Already a hidden benefit of the Hot trait, but we amplified its effect slightly.)
[spoiler]Doctor Kelly romance[/spoiler] post Episode 4 no longer locked exclusively behind the hot trait.
Late Episode 4 cutscene remastered. Final shot lingers less + music is sync'd better. (Whoops I loaded an earlier cut of the animation into imovie for the release build)
Added some extra dialogue to a couple of post Episode 4 big decision branches.

12/6 the smallest patch in the world

fixed a buggy transition into a cutscene where an empty dialogue box lingered on a black screen for a moment

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Updated from 1.4.30_Final to 1.4.31_Final

Changelog from SteamDB:

Inner Strength Patch Notes - Version 1.4.31

Inner Strength - Monk

Fixed an issue where a Monk would not unlock Ki points after leveling up to level 2.
Fixed an issue where the UI for Flurry of Blow would remain present after the Monk would spend their last KI point on Flurry of Blow, which, to ours and everyone's book, was to be considered confusing.
Fixed Monk not being able to wear the Tirmarian outfit or the Silvan outfit despite being clothing armor
Fixed a bug allowing paralyzed monks to deflect missiles.
On the short rest tooltip, "ki points" will be displayed on the panel, instead … well, … "None".
Fixed the issue where a Monk while performing an unarmed strike with 2 weapons equipped, said Monk would sometime use their second weapon to attack, instead of the bare fist damages, as he was taught to do and therefore lose the bonus damages linked to bare hands.

Inner Strength - Warlock

Fixed a strange behavior where a Warlock with the "Ready or Not" Feat would not get an advantage when using "ready action" with a cantrip.
Fixed an issue when a Warlock with Devil Sight would still have a disadvantage against an invisible enemy.
The Warlock will now use minimum spell level for invocations without a spell slot, or the warlock spell slot level for invocations which require a spell slot.
Fix a bug where the UI would not properly refresh after loading save, impacting invocations panel not being cleared.

Inner Strength - Bard

Rapier of Harmony will now be magical only for attuned bards.
Fixed a bug where Horn of Blasting would not count as an instrument therefore preventing a Bard equipped with it from casting some spells.
Fixed an issue where The Bard could not use some spells (especially newly learned cantrips) as readied actions.


Fixed a bug happening when pressing "down arrow" to make pings in Multiplayer - there would actually be 5 pings made and pointing randomly on the map.
Added a campside icon in the Market, inside the Volcano
[Lost Valley] Fixed a bug where Huge sized enemies would instantly die when spawning during a Random Encounter on the Ruined Bridge Map. You will now need to face those Remorhaz head on.
[Lost Valley] The icon of the rest place in the Rebel Town is now well present when viewing the minimap of the Dinas Gessa
[Lost Valley] Fixed a bug where Conjured Spiders would drop loot after dying.

Global UI

Added a Long Rest Icons missing on the Fast Travel Map and the People's Hideout
Added missing fast travel waypoint on the map for the Long rest area
Fix incorrect message when looting stackable items
Fixed a UI bug where Tooltip would state that "Anathema" deals 0 recurring damage, instead of its actual recurring damage
Added a fix to make sure the tooltip is up to date when completing an item drag and drop.
Fixed a UI bug where Several conditions information would not be displayed upon holding button to see more info
Fixed a UI bug where the Close button would take the player back to the bestiary entry if the Next or Previous buttons are rapidly clicked multiple times before attempting to close the bestiary entry
Clicking the Short Rest button while the "spell", "power", or "ritual" selection panels are open will now close them
Fixed a control issue happening when switching between Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse controls, then the "select all characters" button would not appear when expected


[Level Design] Fixed some issues in Caer Lem Caves & Orc Caves, as well as in Bone Keep, making the characters stuck outside the map. "Hey, I'm heeeeere. ...Anyone?"
[Lost Valley] Fix to make sure that The Research Complex quest will be completed upon using the Major Gate to go back to the City.
[Lost Valley] Fixed a bug allowing quest items to be sellable in Lost Valley
[Multiplayer] Fixing several bugs happening when selecting Loot All during multiplayer sessions.
[PC Microsoft Store] UserPref will now properly be kept from one session to another
[Microsoft Store] Ironman Achievement now fully working for Microsoft PC & Xbox
[Sorcerer] Fixed a bug happening if a player made a save before the 1.4.28 update with a Sorcerer higher than level 3: some would not have the icon for the option to toggle meta magic
[Sorcerer] Fixed a strange bug with Sorcerer using twin spell on Guiding bolt, the 2nd projectile would not inflict damages, even if it touches.
Fixed a bug where an enemy that is incapacitated / stunned / paralyzed / surprised was still able to cast counterspell as a reaction
Fixed ability to duplicate items, when dropping 2 items that would stack in the "Ground" section of the inventory.
Fixed a bug where, while casting a spell, if the player pressed the shortcut to cast ("C" by default), and select a cantrip at the proper timing (right after casting and before the end of animation), the player can cast this cantrip for free.
Fixed an issue where Restorative ointment could not be crafted.
Fixed a bug where the Channel Divinity "Scourge of the Hidden" (from Oath of Tirmar) would not appear to apply 2d6 on creatures that are Shapeshifters with Dark Vision.
Fixed an issue where some attuned items (Cloth of the Lightbringers or Greenmage Armor among others) would give bonus AC instead of base AC when attuned.
Fixed a bug where the cutscene with Aksha would not play while characters enter the room using teleport spell.
Fixed an old-time bug when the Ogre would not being to spawn in the Goblin Cave (during the Goblin Culture quest)
Scavenger Clothes will now fully appear in female version.
Fixed and restored a file that could prevent saves from loading properly.
Fixed enchanted studded armors colors and icons

Dungeon Maker

Custom Monsters now display the default database title/description when it is not overriden.
When a DM dialog line is read without a matching role, the dialog line is ignored
Removed an error message when quitting a DM campaign while in a DM dialog
Fixed a bug happening If a player disable subtitles in the options, dialogs will not be displayed anymore in dungeon maker
The dungeon maker now displays (x,y) coordinates on the top of the screen when Playtesting
DM dialog sequences no longer remove the fog of war, preventing the spoil of hidden rooms
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Updated to 1.8m (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
1.8m Update

This months update contains the following changes:

- added modding support for defining object spawn sounds
- scenario editor: clicking on a trash bin with the trash spawn tool now toggles the bin between being full/empty
- slightly adjusted how often rides break down, which should make breakdowns in big parks feel slightly less unfair
- fixed Heartbreaker ride physics
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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
0.7.0 The Doctor is OUT NOW!

Hey Drifters!
The Doctor update is here!

With this patch we introduce the first specialist: The Doctor.
Specialists are unique drifters that unlock specific content. In this patch, The Doctor offers a way to cure drifters from their pollution diseases.

Additionally we took time to look at the current game features and improved them. Improved diseases. A new large handmade map that goes from West to East, which is a step into the direction of procedural generating an infinite map. A look at morale, with increasing drifter needs. A look at resource progression using tools and much more!

What's next?

If you want some extra insight into this patch, the original intent and development process for it is explained in the previous post. As for the future, currently we're working towards the next couple of specialists. Soon you'll meet the Botanist. Who'll bring plants, parks and town beautification to increase drifter morale :)

Enjoy the new update!


Specialist: Doctor

- New Construction: Med Pod.
- New Construction: Apothecary.
- The Med Pod and Apothecary Constructions can only be unlocked in the research tree if you have a Doctor Specialist.
- New Specialist: Doctor.
- The Doctor can be found by using the Radio Construction.
- New Resource: Medicine.
- New Resource: Mushrooms.
- The Doctor can make Medicine from Mushrooms in the Apothecary.
- Removed disease: Microbe Plastics.
- New disease: Spongehead. Drifters with Spongehead will drink twice as much.
- New disease: Musselmouths. Drifters with Musselmouths will eat twice as much.
- New disease: Smogbreath. Drifters with Smogbreath affect other drifters with low morale.
- Drifters now get a random disease when fully polluted.
- Drifters will be diseased for longer periods.
- Drifters can now be cured of their disease by going to a Med Pod when there's Medicine and a Doctor available.
- New Construction: Radio. This construction will be used to scout in future patches. Currently scouts for the Doctor specialist.

World and Region updates

- New Landmarks: Polluted Woods Mushrooms
- New Landmarks: Polluted Woods Dead Trees
- New Resource: Goods. Goods are a processed resource. It can not be crafted in the town.
- New Construction: Recycler. The recycler can scrap Goods for parts and create Drywood and Plastic Waste.
- New Landmarks: Rural Ruins Goods
- New Landmarks: City Goods
- Goods will now be available on landmarks with indication of former civilization.
- New resource: Tools
- New construction: Tool Maker
- Some landmarks now require Tools to salvage. Larger quantities of resources can be gained by using tools.
- New handmade map: First iteration of a corridor-type map.
- New Landmarks: Apothecary landmarks. This landmark contains Medicine.
- Apothecary landmarks can now be found in the Rural Ruins region.

Morale and Experience

- Knowledge is now gained by cumulative town-wide drifter experience rather than drifter level-ups. 1 knowledge point is obtained by getting 500 experience.
- Drifter level now decides their morale needs. Higher level = higher needs.
- Daily reports now contain the amount of knowledge gained that day.
- Daily reports now contain the amount of experience gained that day.
- Drifter overview panel now has notifications on the side. These allow the player to toggle different filters for the drifter overview.
- The Tech Tree is now in multiple rows. You can choose between multiple tech to research first.
- Updated housing morale effect to award more morale for higher tier housing.
- Added morale effect that awards morale based on the level of attributes a drifter has affinity for.
- Drifters can no longer share a House or Big House. Having a better house will make the drifter happier.


- Large rebalancing run to accompany new changes. Some outliers:
- Fishing Chair and Fish Sticks now behind research.
- Chop Shop is now available from the start.
- Rebalanced weight tiers, Townheart now needs less fuel for travel.
- Rebalanced eel-ectric storage amounts and eel-ectric consumer/producer amounts.
- Changed cost of various constructions.
- Nerfed athletics attribute.


- Only scout landmarks of neighboring regions are activated when scouting a region.
- New Animation: Electro-Crafter
- New Animation: Food Truck
- New Animation: Fishwasher
- New Animation: Chop Shop
- The Doctor has a quirk that prevents them from getting polluted/diseased.
- Updated and cleaned up various new City and Highway landmarks that had test assets.
- Added dead wood salvageables to the Polluted Woods region.
- Drifters that did not eat nor drink in the morning will now eat/drink when it becomes available during the day.
- Drifters gain more experience when salvaging landmarks with tools.
- Updated survival guide with new and changed information.
- Added pages for the diseases.
- Changed the fish patches to specific fish patches. Each fish patch will now contain a specific fish. The type of fish will be shown on the map. Fish type spawning now based on region.
- Changed color of bottlefish from orange to blue to more accurately show it's the "starter fish". Changed Oil Gobbler color to orange.
- Producers can now have 10 recipes queued.
- Added Doctor idle animation.


- Removed drifter level-up notification.
- Greatly reduced duration of marker and landmark completed notifications. Reduced duration time of various other notifications.
- Removed bottom bar art and tweaked spacing.
- Updated swimming icon
- Updated notification width and spacing.
- Improved the landmark actions UI.
- Improved the producer UI.


- Reduced memory allocations caused by drifter portraits and drifter tools.
- The Unbottler now correctly uses the Cooking priority.
- Fixed issue where a tooltip showed of a construction when hovering over UI.
- Fixed issue where tools would not be removed when rerolling in the crew select screen.
- Fixed bug where the experience bar of a drifter would reset upon saving and loading.
- Fixed a bug where the patient of a Med Pod would break the save if it did not have a disease.
- Fixed issue where you couldn't select the Manual-Powered Generator due to the energy overlay.
- Fixed issue where you could no longer see experience or morale gained of previous days when loading a game.
- Fixed issue with scouting landmarks giving a notification that they were "salvaged" instead of the region being scouted.
- Fixed drifter duties panel tooltips giving wrong information about some constructions the duties were used in.
- Fixed issue where Medicine and Farming would show as possible attributes in the crew select panel, breaking the reroll functionality when applied.
- Fixed issue with shadow quality not being set correctly.
- Fixed issue where drifter portraits were being wrongly scaled with UI scale.
- Fixed flotsam LODs sometimes triggering faster than required, not showing any floating flotsam in the water.

Behind the Scenes

- Created a Voronoi map editor for map creation.
- Implemented a region based flotsam generator.
- Created a Query Tool to help with balancing.
- Added a region point-of-interest generator pass for the new voronoi maps. This allows us to more accurately balance what regions contain which resources.
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Space Haven has just received an update to 0.16.0 build 15 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Space Haven Alpha 16 - Version 0.16.0 Build 15 Released as Stable.

Greetings, Spacefarer!

We have fixed some bugs and put together a new patch for the Alpha 16 Update. The newest version is now 0.16.0 Build 15.

Alpha 0.16.0 Build 15

- Fixed build restrictions of the Item Fabricator.
- Fixed a bug where a crew member would not open up the storage inventory when given the command.
- Fixed bugs.

Stay tuned and enjoy the new update!
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The Riftbreaker 1.34025 -> 1.34150
The Riftbreaker Hotfix, December 5th, 2022, EXE: 635 DATA: 255:
Changelog from Steam:

- Fixed a SwapBuffer error issue that happened because of a mouse cursor rendering error.
- Fixed an issue that caused double buffering of the graphics scene that could lead to crashes and slowdowns.
- Fixed an issue with the ConcurrentQueue function that caused crashes during loading.
- World entity limit increased from 300.000 to 1.000.000 entities.
- Fixed an error during pipe removal.
- Fixed a deadlock that occurred due to an error when a seasonal event is active.
Note: The in-game menu screen shows EXE: 637 DATA: 263, could be an oversight in the changelog or some additional fixes in the GOG version.
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Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#907-winmaclin-gog@a7f0e5a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Tropico 6 Update 19 Hotfix

Fellow Tropicans,

we have just released a hotfix for Tropico 6 Update 19 for Steam, Epic and GoG. Other versions will follow as soon as possible.
This hotfix includes a fix for the era progression with the new landmark 'moonlander'.
Please find a detailed list of changes below.

Thank you for staying aboard,
Your Tropico 6 Team


- Fixed citizens being stuck at entrances of buildings after they aborted waiting in the spaceship.
- Fixed Era progression quest in cold war when stealing the ‘moonlander’
- Salvaging space debris now fills up the rocket, if it started partially empty
- Fixed an overview checklist entry when reducing additional supplies and fuel
- Fixed two buildings overlapping in the starting city of the Map "A Bold Step Ahead"
- [Controller only] Fixed silently aborting mission a mission when pressing X on the Controller while rocket info is shown.
Edit: Linux installer now updated as well.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.584.4 0.585.3 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog present and posted in the forum by the developer:
0.585.3 - Dark Energy

Kessler syndrome accelerating
A runaway Kessler syndrome triggered by a rogue asteroid impact earlier this year is accelerating. While cascading collisions produce more fine-grained ring particles each day, covering the upper and lower areas around the A-ring, scientists believe that proximity of the ring plane will eventually cause the cascade to slow down and diminish - but provide no estimation on when that will happen. Crews excavating in affected areas are urged to exercise caution.

Labor law expanded
The Mining Guild of Enceladus managed to win a class lawsuit against Enceladus Corp. Effective today, downtime during interlunar transits, as long as it is fully controlled by the autopilot, is classified as paid vacation. While this forbids employers from requiring crews to perform tasks not mandated by their job duties, some station citizens vote concerns that interlunar transits could be subtracted from mandatory vacation quotas.

Shadow dives available
With a new navigational array being available on polar orbit around Saturn, greatly enhancing the resolution and light sensitivity of Enceladus Corp systems, the station will now allow launches of private spacecraft into the shadow-covered regions of the rings. While lack of solar lighting can prove to be a challenge for inexperienced crews, many captains are excited about lower traffic volume and prospects of higher yields.

Maintenance Logs
- Fine-tuned in-game physics options to allow better performance of the physics engine based on real-world data supplied by players.
- Shifted computing majority of the ring background particle system from CPU to GPU, which improves average framerate on all systems with modern graphics cards. Older and integrated GPUs will not be affected.
- Improved performance of ore chunk physics simulation. Immobile chunks can now free up computing power, lowering the processing requirements for strip-mining ship builds depending on cleaning up a large area of the rings and capturing ore with nanodrone systems.
- Adjusted parameters of simulation throttling system. While previous values were effective at keeping the framerate consistent on tested systems, extreme builds could lock the system in a state where no new iceroids were generated. New changes ensure that even with a limited simulation range, iceroids can still appear around you.
- The physics throttling now adjusts the area of detailed simulation, not its radius, giving it much finer control over changes introduced in the game physics.
- Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions now have a slightly reduced iceroid detection range. While it makes them a bit less effective at mining, it reduces the CPU load of their onboard AI by over 400%, which allows ship builds sporting multiple companions to work with much better performance.
- When many in-game days pass in an instant - during interlunar transit, repairs or extended vacations on the station - your crew used to gain education experience for the first day only. Now you will get the full benefit of the entire time period. For most playstyles, this will increase the rate your crew educates itself downtime by up to 500%.
- When your processed mineral storage becomes full, your ship will now sound a brief alert.
- Adjusted the physical cargo bay shape of the Pelican Prospector so the cargo baffles installed inside work as expected.
- You can now turn off all the dynamic lights, including the sun, with the lowest lights detail setting, which improves performance on low-end systems. For roleplaying purposes, you can assume you are diving into the shadow of Saturn.
- The in-game profiler overlay available with the F11 key will display a version string for easier comparison of changes introduced in different releases.
- The Equipment menu “Simulation” and “User Manual” tabs now have icons, making them easier to spot by novice players.
- Elon Interstellar Model E cargo door dampeners are not as stiff now, making the ship open and close its excavator much quicker.
- New cargo acquisition protocol ensures that ore deflected from an area that the ship considers a cargo bay will not be accounted as on-board cargo briefly.
- Adjusted the physical shape of AT-K225 to better match the displayed sprite.
- If you created a custom player-created ads directory but did not put any custom ads inside it, the game would crash when loading the Enceladus station.
- When a ship appeared on your lidar, your astrogator assigned it a tactical marker - but if it moved into a shadow for over 60 seconds, its name would disappear from the list on the Pilot tab.
- Adjusted the default game settings for a new game to offer better default performance and experience over a variety of systems. You can still adjust the settings to your liking.
- Some events were despawning much quicker than they should have, which made locating them challenging.
- Updated game engine version for Linux and Steam Deck to Godot Engine 3.5.1, bringing all the new performance and stability enhancements to these platforms.
- Updated translations.
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Two Point Hospital

Updated to 0.73 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Updated to 1.12.17062 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Succubus: Angel and Demon Update

Hey Martyrs!

Today we're happy to announce the release of the latest free update for Succubus - Angel and Demon!

The update is already available!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if instead of a thirsty Succubus, it was a sexy Angel who punishes sinners? Now you can check it yourself!

What exactly can you expect from today's free update?

- Full Demon (armor/skin)
- Angel (armor/skin)
- Angel whip (weapon)
- Demonic whip (weapon)
- Two new selfie poses
- Two new Looped dream animations

There is only one condition:
To play as an Angel or Demon and unlock new weapons, you must first complete the "Amazon Arena" level.

Have fun!
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Space Haven has just received an update to 0.16.0 build 16 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Space Haven Alpha 16 - Version 0.16.0 Build 16 Released as Stable.

Greetings, Spacefarer!

We have fixed some bugs and put together a new patch for the Alpha 16 Update. The newest version is now 0.16.0 Build 16.

Alpha 0.16.0 Build 16

- Fixed a bug related to rare unexplainable power shortages.
- Fixed bugs.

Stay tuned and enjoy the new update!
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Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed

Updated to 1.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
'Tis the season to get FREE stuff!

New Free Content!

3 New merry Crypto skins
1 New festive Saucer skin


- Fixed some stability issues:
o Rare Multiplayer freeze after dying in Bay City waters,
o rare crash after Arkvoodle mission 13,
o potential game freeze issue after transmogging the courier’s vehicle in SM11,
o rare soft-lock in Multiplayer pause for Player 2,
o rare crash when Player 1 enters the saucer with Player 2 PK’ing a specific NPC,
o potential SM17 freeze during the escort step,
o rare Ion Detonator-related crash
o rare input-mashing related crash
- Fixed some issues around the bodysnatch ability:
o Bodysnatched NPC models work properly with Selective X-Ray Vision mutator
o Fixed a case where powers and weapons might become unusable if bodysnatching an NPC and breaking line-of-sight at the right time
- Fixed some audio issues
o Fixed some cutscenes music not playing properly
o Fixed an issue where Crypto’s three-point-landing with Smashdown unlocked would have no sound
- Fixed objective blocker in Arkvoodle mission “Publicity Stunt”, where a hippie could be slurped and blocking the missions
- Fixed some Blisk movement issues in SM07
- Fixed tanks to have consistent physics behavior against Ion Detonator grenades
- Fixed some collision issues in Solaris
- Fixed objective blocker in Oddjob mission “Ruin Lives - The Secretary!”
- Fixed some issues with the Free Love ability to make it consistent in some gameplay instances
- Fixed potential objective blocker in Oddjob mission 23 “The Abominable Yeti”
- Fixed potential objective blocker in Arkvoodle mission 11 “Alien Overlords: The Reality”
- Fixed a collectible issue in Tunguska, now the music disc can be properly collected

Player reported issues

- Bongwater can no longer randomly get stuck during the boss fight
- Re-balanced the building destruction with Sonic Boom
- Fixed that collected tracks are in the Jukebox
- Fixed audio issues in Bay City occurring in certain conditions after defeating Coyote Bongwater
- Fixed issue after using the Slurbmaster in Arkvoodle mission “Publicity Stunt”
- Fixed inconsistencies in the voice lines for the prank calls
- Fixed that no more US military vehicles spawn in Takoshima when the alert level is raised
- Fixed objective blocker with mission progression for the “The Siberian Job” rg. Sergei’s truck, spore cylinders, and the KGB cars
- Fixed that the PK’ed objects do not get stuck in geometry when those objects are mission-relevant

Keep watching the skies (and watch out what's coming up your chimney)!
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Astrox Imperium

Update to b0.0138a.

No changelog.
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Crypt of the Necrodancer

Update to V3.3.2-b3555.

No changelog.
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Saints Row IV was changed from Game of the Century to Re-Elected. I think Re-Elected is supposed to add crossplay with Epic.
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DoomSooth: Saints Row IV was changed from Game of the Century to Re-Elected. I think Re-Elected is supposed to add crossplay with Epic.
The developer posted this in the Steam forum:

PC Crossplay now enabled + Free Upgrade + FAQ

As we mentioned last week, crossplay is now live for Saints Row IV: Re-Elected across Steam, Epic and GOG Windows users! Your game should automatically upgrade to the Re-Elected version from whichever version you owned previously if you are on Windows, meaning if you didn’t already have all the DLC for the game – now you do!

We will update you all here when we have more news on the Linux version of this update.

Have fun in Steelport, Saints!

Does this include Gat Out of Hell?
No, Saints Row Gat Out of Hell was a separate release, it was included in a double pack with SRIV: Re-Elected once but this is not the standard release.

I am in AUS – why can’t I play with my friend in another country?
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected has different content due to ratings in AUS, so you can only play with others on the same version as you.

Is there a way I can stop the upgrade and keep my version of Saints Row IV as it is?
A Legacy Version of Saints Row IV will be also be available via a separate Beta Branch on GOG and Steam.
To access the old version of Saints Row IV, right click on the game in your library, go to properties > beta and use the dropdown menu to select the version you want.
For more help with this:
However the differences between old and new versions will be minimal, and save games will be compatible.

When will the Linux players get their upgrade?
We will update the community when we have a locked in date for this.

Can Linux players crossplay now or do they have to wait?
Official support will come for Linux later – we will let you know when this is going to be available.

Will Mods be affected?
Mods should not be affected, and should work as normal aside from any special cases where elements of the mod may clash with the code of the game.

If you are having issues please report them with details on the Support Site