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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.9b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

PART 3 / 3
The Tenants - Patch 0.9b


- Implemented a new launch option for windowed mode.
- Temporarily disabled the heating requirement for job delivery (it'll come back once we deal with all the reported issues).
- Locked the option to remove upgrade sockets during Electricity and Heating configuration tutorial stages.
- Added the Futuristic tag to the tag filters panel.
- Tweaked background traffic in Manhattan.
- Fixed utility issues in the Theater (Space Show) elite contract.
- Fixed an issue with the Spy Van job being impossible to start.
- Fixed an issue with the detective cupboard being impossible to place anywhere.
- Fixed an issue with missing utilities in player apartments.
- Fixed an issue with Manhattan items and item categories not unlocking for some players.
- Fixed some issues related to the renovation item list UI's tag and search functionality.
- Fixed an issue with the Babysitter by Trade target card counting failed babysitting jobs.
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Question inbetween, because related to the update system.

Marking of updated offline installers (blue dot) broken again?

I didn't got a marking for Sins and neither for Raj, Necrosmith and Stellar Tactics so far, while offline files where new.

Can't say anything about the others.
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randomuser.833: Marking of updated offline installers (blue dot) broken again?
Yep, it's broken again. I guess because of yesterday's server problems. xD
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Greetings all!

I got some blue dots that, to the best of my knowledge, have not been previously discussed in this thread. Sorry, I have no changelogs.

Epic Tavern 1171_(56058) -> 1177_(57167)
Flooded DEMO ->
Master of Magic Classic cmfw__1.04.034_(56073) -> cmfw_1.04.04_(57273)
One Dreamer Prologue 1.552_(64bit)_(50663) -> 1.5.0_(64bit)_(56862)
Police Stories 1.3.2_(48039) -> 1.2.0_(40621) (regression?)
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I have a update flag for Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. No changelog.
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Stellar Tactics has updated. Offline included. 0.603a to 0.604. HOWEVER, the offline installer currently doesn't install. The reason being that the last patch took us to 0.603 and this one goes from 0.603a to 0.604. So "This patch does not supprt your version of the game..."
Dev informed.

Changelog and Dev's response here...
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
Patch notes v2.8.33.26734:

- Fixed error in the pop recruitment tooltip that only occurred when the town hall had been upgraded
- Fixed unit behavior when trying to target another unit
- Units should no longer get stuck in between two tiles
- Fixed AoE that would hit befriended neutrals
- Fixed a crash that occurred when launching a modded game mode
- Clan of the Boar: Draconic Frenzy now works, as intended, on the Giant Boar

- The ladder has been split between: Duel - FFA - Team
- Elo system has been modified, GP gap in team games should be fairer
Edit: Linux installer now updated as well.
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Offline installer updated to

- Changed conditions for the enemy spawners activation
- Changed work of the cat – now it doesn’t activate spawners
- Changed logic of units – increased the priority of enemy spawners for them to attack
- Changed speed and health values ​​of some enemy units
- Fixed acid fog damage radius to match its animation
- Fixed screen resolution reset on some non-standard configurations when restarting the game
- Fixed yellow outline for units holding position after teleporting
- Fixed taking control over a unit when activating a spell on it
- Fixed losing control over a unit when canceling a spell
- Disabled forced centering of camera on the tower when upgrading it
- Various balance tweaks
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Interstellar Space: Genesis has just received an update from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4.

The developer has posted the update change log in the games specific forum...

1.4.4 'Space Monsters Revamped' Update Released
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Endling - Extinction is Forever

Updated to 0.16.31 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Mac versions updated to 1.0 (x64) & 1.1 (x64) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

GOG changelog:
Mac Version Update (27 July 2022)

This update adds support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and up - other system requirements remain the same.
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Stellar Tactics

Offline installer updated to 0.605

A few fixes today. 0.605

Fixed: A number of typos.
Fixed: In rare cases a turret could have a very high condition value that exceeded the 155% cap.
Fixed: Faction vendors with ship equipment had a list offset that would cause the purchase of faction ship equipment one item down in the list.
Fixed: 1 hand and 2 hand items in the stash "TYPE" column were being displayed as pugilist weapons.
Fixed: Occasionally ship wreckage would not show up after re-entering a star system. This is self correcting so you may need to enter and exit a station or travel to FTL space and back if you still notice that a wreck is not showing up. Wrecks do not respawn. Once you mine a wreck in a system is should be gone forever.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.9e (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:
The Tenants - Patch 0.9c


- House Share License will now only take into account interior squares to calculate its max level.
- Fixed an issue with some player apartments having an obsolete Heater requirement, preventing them from hosting open houses.
- Fixed a fatal issue with the Burp trading card preventing some players from loading their save file.
- Fixed an issue with being unable to install utilities during a burglary limited renovation.
- Fixed a number of issues with the Real Estate Magnate main mission.
- Fixed item issues with Scooter, Phone Booth, Workshop Cupboards, and Top Cover.
- Fixed an issue with the Alcoholic job having ghost requirements.
- Fixed an issue with Play room room detection.
- Fixed an issue with thieves stealing items players couldn't purchase.
- Fixed an issue with target cards UI making it impossible to claim multiple rewards in a single session.
The Tenants - Patch 0.9d


- Optimized all furniture icons to reduce initial startup loading time and memory consumption.
- Temporarily disabled babysitting jobs for business apartments.
- Workstations limit for prestige deterioration is now set to the max number of employees for a given company type in the player's apartments.
- Fixed the OH button being enabled with multiple bedrooms despite having one tenant renting the entire property.
- Fixed an issue with the train station's Lamp item and floor type.
- Fixed an issue with the train station outside room detection.
- Fixed an issue with a number of jobs having empty requirements.
- Fixed an issue with Charles Street chair requirement.
- Fixed Mobile Gamedev renovation job requirements at Valley St. 1/1.
- Fixed a few issues with rubbish being located outside the apartments.
The Tenants - Patch 0.9e


- Changed the water upgrade socket model to make it less intrusive due to popular demand.
- Added new item relationships to the proximity bonus system.
- Added missing Korean translations for Manhattan content.
- Added heatmap coverage hints to security cameras.
- Tweaked some of the translations.
- Tweaked the "unacceptable" open house guest text to display more info.
- Fixed an issue with the bald people epidemic for tenants.
- Fixed an issue with one pesky job reviewer being stuck at the front door naked in Manhattan.
- Fixed an issue with Cleaning Robots not properly saving already placed vacuums.
- Fixed a number of visual glitches in Manhattan.
- Fixed an issue with the door in the Theater apartment.
- Fixed an issue with bills in the Danny's Tower apartment.
- Fixed an issue with rent values being too high in some cases.
- Fixed a few issues with untearable walls.
- Fixed an issue with ghost tenants in Manhattan.
- Fixed an issue with Suburbs and Manhattan related item categories and sets not being unlocked in Creative mode when Uncle Steve tutorials were disabled.
- Fixed an issue with saving door color variants.
- Fixed an issue with saving tenant archetype entries in Steve's Guidebook.
- Fixed an issue with one of Manhattan's villas being partly obstructed by a different building.
- Fixed an issue with the buy apartment main missions not properly handling edge cases where the apartment in question was already bought.
- Fixed an issue with employees requesting renovation from the player.
- Fixed an issue with employees breaking the contract when very unhappy.
- Fixed an issue with employees asking to renegotiate.
- Fixed an issue with build windows tool window display in the Slums.


- Tweaked the budget in many different jobs.
- Fixed a few issues with floors in the Railway station job.
- Fixed a few issues with upgrade related items being used in some jobs.
- Fixed an issue with the Programmer room puzzle job.
- Fixed an issue with remodelling in the Radio job.


- Increased minimum renting slots to 2 after unlocking the "Rent by rooms" skill in the Skill tree.
- Rebalanced the order in which various items, walls, floors and doors are unlocked through level ups (tiers split).
- Fixed an issue with players receiving items from higher tiers when there were still lower tier items that had not been unlocked yet.
- Fixed an issue where Manhattan items would get unlocked when the player didn't even leave the Slums yet.
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Strange Horticulture

Updated to 1.1.24 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Offline installer updated to 1.0.2
Galaxy updated to 1.0.4

Various fixes 2

Resolve competing input between mouse and gamepad on shop main menu.
Ensure pooled gold purchases in coop mode don't result in negative gold balance for either player.
Fix crash accessing shop after start of Act II in extreme mode.
Fix unlocking the 'Maximum Fun' and 'Feats don't fail me' achievements. These will be awarded retroactively on first bootup post update if save files that meet the conditions are still present.