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Offline installer updated to

- Added blueprints sorting in the tower upgrades tab – now the maxed out upgrades will be at the end of the list
- Fixed a bug preventing the “The Western Book of the Dead” achievement obtaining and added a retroactive check of the collected relics – if you fulfilled the conditions earlier and did not receive the achievement, just enter the menu room again and you should be good to go
- Fixed the mechanoids drop from the upgraded table – before that only simple body parts were dropping due to an error
- Fixed an issue with no damage from the acid fog spell
- Fixed the lizard bomb work – before that it dealt damage 5 times, now only 1
- Fixed the animation of the hammer and VFX when opening portals and drawing runes – before that they played on top of each other
- Various localization fixes
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Offline installer updated to 0.10.1. Changelog from Steam :

Hotfix 0.10.1
Hey there!

We just released a quick hotfix for Roboquest.

The hotfix contains a few bugfixes and a localization update.

• Added Chinese, French, Portuguese-Brazilian and Japanese localization
• There might still be small issues and untranslated texts in these languages (but they should be resolved soon)
• We started to implement new languages to the game but they're far from complete (Persian and Turkish)
• The other languages are still being worked on by the community translators
• We will update the listed languages in the store when all text and localization issues have been solved

General Changelist
• Buddy Bot no longer disappears when dropped elsewhere than the Canyons
• Speculative Fix: Reduced the crash occurrence when getting back to the basecamp in multiplayer
• Speculative Fix: Fixed a crash coming from the the weapon visual effect system
• Speculative Fix: Fixed a crash coming from minimap icons
• Speculative Fix: Fixed an infinite loading screen issue in multiplayer
• The 'Shock Cannon' can no longer roll the 'Fork' affix
• Fixed an issue with projectiles spawning with the wrong texture
• Trying to reduce performance overload coming from the 'Rifle Crossbow' projectiles
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Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.97 ⇒ 1.971.
Hotfix for v1.97

Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment have released a small hotfix for v1.97 of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion today. This update should resolve the issues reported in running the game.

• Removed incorrect dinput8.dll file that prevented the game from launching for some users - especially on Windows 8. (Note that if you added this manually, you can safely delete it).
• Updated some code in the file system that may help fix with issues where the game can't read/write to is settings directory.
• Resolved (hopefully) multiplayer server stability issues.
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Forgive Me Father was updated from v.1.3.6 to v.1.3.8. No changelog available at the moment.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Next XEL Patch has been released!
This patch is already including many fixes and improvements, based on community feedback.

First, we would once again thank all of you for your ongoing support, passion, and dedication for our game. We surely will continue working on the game, therefore please keep it up!

This patch once again tackles mean bugs and blockers, as well as coming along with some great improvements.

Find all details on all the contents of the second XEL patch below:

- Various "getting stuck" or "falling through map" fixes.
- Many Loca Tweaks and Fixes, too many to list here in detail.
- Audio Settings fixed.
- Resolution and Quality Settings improved.
- Removed Freeze Frames on Hit/finishing of enemies.
- More Key Items correctly displayed in inventory.
- Minor Map and UI Fixes.
- Sound Improvements.

Known issues

- Rubbles ladder: In rare instances, after climbing up the ladder, Reid will slide down again.
*Tipp: Simply climb up the ladder again, it should work as intended now.

- (Controller only) In the food inventory, you cannot select any snacks.
*Tipp: Press L2/R2, change the selection between Gadgets and Food and the cursor will reappear for the intended selection.

- In random cases, the screen might get blurry
*Tipp: Simply make some slight changes in your graphics' settings to get back to normal and to get rid of the blurry screen.

You can expect more bug fixes, improvements, enhancements, and more within the next weeks, which will further improve your XEL experience.

Once again, a big thank you for your support and patience so far.

Additionally, in case you missed in, we have just released two small developer tutorial videos for Crafting and Cooking. Feel free having a look into those.

Tiny Roar & Assemble Entertainment
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Into the Breach

Changelog from GOG DB:

Download changed: Installer, Into the Breach, Mac, en
Version 1.2.71c ⇒ 1.2.75, Size 454.0 MB ⇒ 454.0 MB

Download changed: Installer, Into the Breach, Windows, en
Version 1.2.71 ⇒ 1.2.75, Size 454.0 MB ⇒ 457.2 MB

Download changed: Installer, Into the Breach, Linux, en
Version 1.2.71c ⇒ 1.2.75, Size 447.7 MB ⇒ 447.7 MB
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Return to Mysterious Island

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.03 (gog-17) ⇒ 1.03 w10.
Patch 1.03 w10 (21 July 2022)

• Improved support for Windows 10 / 11
• Cloud Saves
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Offline installer updated to No changelog found.
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Offline installer updated to

We are happy to present THE long-awaited Necrosmith update (v1.1, codename Big Brain), bringing changes to the units AI (including enemies too), control over them, blueprint drops and converting body parts to mana! We've added the Brain Printer to the game, a machine that literally gives brains to your units. Now they can, for example, hold their position and maintain a social distance from the crowd of enemies. Available immediately for all players, so no need to purchase or upgrade this machine!

Make sure you have the latest ( version of the game installed. The list of changes this time is bigger than usual, so we decided to break it into several blocks.

AI and control improvements:
- Added a command to hold position – it’s available in your unit window, click on the unit's icon at the bottom of the screen to access. You can also command your units to return to map exploring from there. Units holding their positions will be highlighted with a yellow circle.
- Now your units will try to keep their distance from enemies (depends on the type of their attacks – ranged or melee). No more ranged units charging at enemies and shouting "Leeroy Jenkins".
- Enemies are also smarter now – you can “piss them off” by making them chase your units until they slash them or realize that they’re not able to catch up.

- You can now transform 10 body parts into mana at once using Shift+RMB combination.
- Added a tutorial for the “hold position” command – it will be shown to all new players and those who have not yet seen it in the game.

Balance changes:
- Improved the drop of the upgraded blueprints.
- Increased spell damage on each level.
- Changed the movement speed of all enemy units.
- Changed the attack range of abilities, mainly for melee.
- Now it is much easier to activate the enemy spawners, be careful.
- Now the Morning Cocktail relic ability matches its description. Changed the body parts drop.
- Now all "bosses" will drop body parts – before that it worked only with 4 initial ones.
- Tons of other minor rebalances.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the "The Entire History of You" achievement (saving recipes).
- Fixed an issue with unit sprites getting stuck on the pentagram after creating.
- Fixed the visual appearance of the mantis ability.
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Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.97.1 ⇒ 1.97.2.

No Changelog
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Raji: An Ancient Epic

Updated to 1.6.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Hero's Hour has updated, including offline installer. 153 mb new installer (no patch - just reinstall over existing).

2.2.3 including 2.2.1 patch notes here...
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Stellar Tactics has updated. 0.599g to 0.603. Offline as well.

Patch installer and 2 bin files.

Changelog here...(First of two threads)...

I noticed this by checking the game subforum, there was no blue update marker in my game library.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.9b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

PART 1 / 3
Manhattan Update is here!

Hello there, Landlords!

Today's the day, and we couldn't be more excited! As we mentioned in the teaser, we've been working on the new district for almost a year, and in the end, we're really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to see you all try it. It's both three times the size of the Slums or Suburbs and an order of magnitude denser in detail and content than the other two.

The Manhattan Update doesn't just end with the new district itself; in fact, we've managed to build a few brand-new and exciting features to go along with it. As it is the last major update in The Tenants Early Access before the 1.0 release slated for later this year, we wanted to use this opportunity and shake up some of the core gameplay aspects. We're adding a whole new secondary progression system in the form of the Target Cards and encouraging players to explore Wondersville up close by scattering a host of new pickups and collectibles in all three districts.

Another big change is the Apartment Upgrades & Subscriptions system, which changes the way basic utilities work in properties. Don't be surprised that upon loading up your old save file, you'll have to install the Water upgrade in all your units and configure all three of the core upgrades. We hope that the reworked and expanded system will introduce more depth into planning out your apartments along with more interactive options to make it more interesting.

Get your own Uncle Steve Plush!

Together with Makeship we're proud to present you with the official Uncle Steve plushie! Doesn't he look cute? Just look at that lil' cap!

The campaign will last for 21 days starting from today. During this time, you'll be able to order your own Uncle Steve Plush in all his tiny glory. Don't own the game yet, or have a friend you'd like to get into it? You'll be happy to hear that with each order of the Uncle Steve Plush, you'll also receive a Steam key for The Tenants!

For more information, head over to the Makeship campaign page: Uncle Steve Plush

Manhattan district

The crown jewel of the update itself, the third district, is officially open as of now! Available to those who have finished all their main story missions in both the Slums and the Suburbs. Once you buy the property mentioned in the last Suburbs mission, you'll be prompted by Uncle Steve, who will get the keys to Manhattan for you. Keep in mind, though, that you can always use Creative Mode to reach the new district faster!

Apart from the new environment itself, accompanied by new flats to buy and do jobs in, we wanted Manhattan to feel special in comparison to the other two districts. After all, it's the late-game area in which players who "finish" the game (reach the final mission) spend most of their time.

One of the main features that the last district introduces is the property classification system, which splits apartments into two types: residential and business. The former are your regular apartments that you can rent out to tenants. The latter opens up the possibility to rent your properties to whole companies that will then bring their employees along and start using your apartment as a new office. Business properties require a different set of items to host an open house, and each company type (there are 5 different types at the moment) requires a different set of workstations.

Office spaces will also come with their own set of events (ever dreamed of solving a missing yogurt case?), a new tenant archetype (say hello to the Politician!), and apartment subscriptions. Ah yes, the subscriptions. More on that later.

Target Cards

With the Manhattan Update, we're adding a new type of progression system, in which you'll receive random Target Cards that you can complete at your own pace. The first set will be fully randomized, but then when you complete a card, you'll be able to choose one of the three new random cards for your next target. The system becomes available at the same time as you receive the cash flow goal.

These cards will range from signing a particular type of tenant into one of your apartments to performing a given number of sabotages on unsuspecting tenants. On completion, they'll either give you plain cash, Landlord Points, new items, a random gift/service/sabotage, or the brand new Tenant Solver Token, which allows you to solve a chosen apartment event without your intervention.

City Pickups

With the new and beautiful district of Manhattan, we wanted to entice players to explore Wondersville from up close, instead of just jumping from one apartment to the other. With the release of the new update, we advise you to start looking under those bridges and into the chimneys scattered across the city. You might end up finding one of the two kinds of pickups we've implemented in the game.

Respawning pickups - simpler items that can be found in various parts of the town, on pickup will grant either money, Landlord Points, Tenant Hearts, and occasionally a rare epic item that will go straight to your player storage.

Collectibles - split into different sets that range from 7 to even 20 pieces. Some can be found only in a single district, while others may be scattered around all three. Each set on completion rewards the player with something different. So, for example, when you collect all Uncle Steve cards, you will receive a permanent move speed buff for Uncle Steve, and picking up all the graffitis will reward you with a set of them to use in your own interiors.

Go exploring and let us know which of the collectible sets you liked the most!

Apartment Upgrades and Subscriptions

And now, let's move on to the new apartment Upgrades & Subscriptions systems. We were never quite happy with the old utility system, and we've had various ideas on how to rework it. The rework was originally planned for the Renovation Update, but as we sat down to design it in detail, it only grew in size and scope with each iteration. Eventually, we had to push it back a little to ensure it was fully ready and compatible with the rest of the game before releasing it to the public. Well, it's ready now!

Each apartment has a plethora of various upgrades that can be installed in them, along with a selection of subscriptions that can be turned on and off whenever the player wants to. The three core upgrades that are required to rent a unit out are electricity, heating, and water. Apart from installing them, the player will have to use Uncle Steve to configure each upgrade and place corresponding outlets on the property. Most of the outlets have a limited range in which they work, so it's good to plan ahead where, let's say, the fridge, is going to be placed.

On top of that, there'll be a bunch of additional upgrades that may increase the value of the apartment for some tenants and clients, like the automatic cleaning robot (yay!), dispatch stations, and such. Meanwhile, subscriptions do not require a permanent installation, and they can be switched on and off whenever, although cutting off your tenant's high-speed internet connection will definitely not make them happy.

Reworked furniture colliders

We've gathered the courage and finally overhauled the furniture colliders along with a code rework that held them back. Previously some furniture had these surface slots that could be used to place small decorations and other items in them, and then we had some such as tables or kitchen counters, where you could freely place smaller items on.

From now on, you'll have much greater freedom in decorating your places. On top of the increased grid density when placing surface top items, we've also changed the item colliders and collision detection by getting rid of the old, clunky box colliders. Now you should be able to organize your interiors more fluidly.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.9b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

PART 2 / 3
Manhattan Update is here!

New archetype - Politician

We couldn't release a completely new district without a new tenant archetype that'd be unique to it. So here come the Politicians in their sleek suits and impeccable manners!

Apart from a bunch of custom actions that they can perform in your apartments, they also have one (for now at least) unique event that can only appear for Politician tenants. So be prepared when they call you in for a little rehearsal before an important speech.

Door color variants and prestige

This one's been a long-coming feature, but it finally found its way into the game. With the new update, we're now counting door prestige scores when calculating given room appraisals.

Along with many new door designs, we've also implemented a color variant switch option, similar to the one we added in the past for furniture items.

New furniture, wallings, and floorings

It wouldn't be a proper major update if we didn't add a metric ton of new items and categories. This time, however, we're also significantly expanding on the walls and floors roster, essentially doubling it in size.

Design provided by a community member - @Sisquinanamook.

On top of that, we went over some of the older items and added color variants to those that didn't have any to choose from. We can't wait to see the beautiful interiors you'll design with this new batch of items!

Tenant Reactions

Enough about renovations; let's talk tenants. The idea for this feature has been brewing for a long time in our minds, and we agreed that it's the right time to build it. Coming in this update, your tenants will not only react to your actions but also to what other people in their apartments do. This introduces an interplay mechanic between different archetypes, as they will now get along better with selected tenant types and quickly get tired of annoying actions performed by the others. All of which contribute to their overall happiness.

Fresh look for the main menu

Since Manhattan is the last district in the game and it'll take some playing to get to, we wanted you to feel its magic right from the get-go upon loading up the game. That's why we remade the main menu screen from scratch, featuring our very own skyscrapers in the background making for a peaceful city center look.

And more!

But those are only the biggest changes. Alongside them, we're also introducing a big batch of QoL improvements and tweaks. One of the more notable ones is the renovation UI optimization, which should make switching between various design tabs and furniture categories much faster than before. No more lag spikes when accessing your kitchen!

We're also finally expanding the soundtrack with 5 brand new chill tracks for you to enjoy while looking for those pesky pickups or renovating your places.

Another small feature worth mentioning is the new ability to discard jobs from the Jobs app (you'll never have to see that train job ever again!). A tiny yet impactful change has been made to the renovation checklist. Now requirements that are not yet complete, but are in progress, will feature a small, yellow dot instead of staying empty until the requirement is fully complete. This should allow you to gauge your work progress at the first glance.

One last thing to mention before we let you get your hands on the game itself, is the new feature to extend a tenant lease without negotiations. We've heard your feedback on how sometimes you might just want to carry on with your current terms without bothering to renegotiate, and, well, now you can! No more haggling just to get the same money.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts on the last Early Access major update in the comments below or on our official Discord server, which can be found here: link. If you encounter any in-game issues, please post them either on our forums, our social media platforms, or using the in-game feedback tool. This is a truly giant update, and we'll do our best to polish it and patch it up whenever anything comes up in the next few weeks. Have fun!

Full changelog


- Implemented apartment upgrades (Electricity, Heating, Water, Monitoring, Cleaning Robots, House Share License).
- Implemented apartment subscriptions (Better Internet, Better TV, Earthquake Insurance, Water Damage Insurance, Extended Appliance Warranty, Cleaning Service, Coaching).
- Implemented Target Cards - a new progression system with 26 unique goals.
- Implemented City Pickups - new discoverable objects on the map with 7 random pickup types and 7 collectible sets.
- Implemented Business properties with the ability to rent them out to Manhattan-based companies.
- Implemented door color variants with over 75 new options for your doors.
- Implemented tenant reactions with each tenant defining over 40 actions they react to with their roommates.
- Implemented the ability to extend a tenant lease without renegotiations.
- Implemented the ability to discard jobs.
- Implemented a new audio slider for Ambience sounds.
- Implemented the ability to set Open House duration.
- Implemented a hint system for all main missions.
- Implemented the ability to sell storage items without entering renovation.
- Completely reworked item collider system to allow for easier placement of objects on top of other surfaces.
- Revised renovation checklist to showcase requirement progress.


- Added a new district: Manhattan.
- Added 34 new residential buildings in Manhattan.
- Added over 120 new jobs in Manhattan.
- Added 7 new Elite Contracts in Manhattan.
- Added 7 new missions in Manhattan.
- Added 2 new missions in the Slums.
- Added a new tenant archetype: Politician.
- Added 3 new tenant events (mostly related to the Politician or to business apartments).
- Added 20 new player levels (max level is now 95).
- Added 3 new skills to increase sockets' maximum range for utilities.
- Added 2 new furniture categories.
- Added over 400 new furniture items.
- Added over 80 new walling and 80 new flooring options.
- Added 5 new tracks to the in-game soundtrack.
- Added tenant archetype information to Uncle Steve's Guidebook.
- Reworked 10 babysitting/open house variants in the Slums to serve as inspiration for your designs.
- Remade the in-game menu featuring the Manhattan environment.


- Updated engine version.
- Tweaked how the camera works when navigating to properties.
- Revised the credits screen.
- Optimized renovation item list UI.
- Simplified Properties app UI to show both upcoming and ongoing auctions on the same list.
- Tweaked creative mode game creation UI to be easier to navigate.
- Fixed a number of issues allowing players to move or place items in rooms other than the one being worked on during a tenant request.
- Fixed an issue with items sometimes appearing in incorrect places when reloading the game.
- Fixed an issue with the Happy Tenant main mission not being properly completed when already having a tenant on the specific lease term.
- Fixed a number of furniture issues.


- Rebalanced prestige values for all items to be more consistent.
- Rebalanced some of the item prices.
- Rebalanced Landlord Point cost and Happiness gain for all gifts and services.
- Made the doors count towards room/apartment prestige scores.

Thank you,
Ancient Forge Studio