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Darwinia - 10000th Anniversary Edition

Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] 2.3.3-40-g3997d0a31-gnu-linux-full ⇒ 2.3.3-45-ged1ca4106-gnu-linux-full
[Linux] 2.3.3-gnu-linux-full ⇒ 2.3.3-40-g3997d0a31-gnu-linux-full
[Mac] 2.3.3-40-g3997d0a31-osx-full ⇒ 2.3.3-45-ged1ca4106-osx-full
Darwinia 2.3.3-45 hotfix

This update contains a major bugfix for the 2.3.3 release.

① Major changes:
• Fixed broken music playback.

② Known issues:
• macOS: On MacBook Pro 14"/16" with 120Hz displays (or in fact any Mac with > 60Hz displays) there is stuttering in full screen mode. This is caused by the "Direct-to-Display" feature in Metal, which cannot be opted out of. We have implemented a partial workaround to this problem, but there is still occasional render stuttering. Players can work around this by running the game in Windowed mode, or by running an application that keeps a hidden always-on-top window running (such as Notchmeister). We have an open bug with Apple about this problem and will continue to look for a better solution.
• Windows: Some applications (e.g. ReShade, Bandicam, Overwolf, RivaTuner Statistics Server, etc) may inject Vulkan layers into the game process, even if those applications are simply installed but not running. Some of these layers are known to cause occasional crashes when using the Vulkan renderer. To work around this, either uninstall those applications or use a different renderer in the Screen preferences (OpenGL or Direct3D 11).
• Older graphics drivers may be less reliable and cause crashes. Please update your drivers from your card/chipset vendor's website.

Imagine Earth

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒
Update 1.16.2

• Fixed reduced animation quality of camera following landing and starting ships.
• Fixed missing Japanese translations in voting screen
• Re-added missing glow on atmosphere entry of city capsules
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The long awaited big 1.1 update for Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition has arrived (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

v1.1 (April 12, 2024)

• Cross-platform multiplayer.
• Added the final alternate actor, the lightning guard.

• A new setting that allows players to prevent automatically switching weapons on pickup.
• Text chat button has been added to multiplayer menus.
• Level statistics: such as kill and secret counts, have been added to the map screen.
• (PC) Added support for connection to a LAN address from the interface.
• (PC) Level editor now has a music jukebox.
• (PC) Lobby invitations can now be sent to friends from the main lobby screen.
• (PC) Add confirmation for starting a COMM-BAT game while playing single-player.
• (PC) Added support for `-file` parameter for loading custom KPF files.
• Old `-file` parameter has been changed to `-file0`.
• (PC) A new network stats option has been added to the options menu.


• Fonts now have slashed 0's to make them easier to read.
• Online timeout has been adjusted to 20 seconds.
• Better default sound settings that are less ear-splitting.
• (PC) Scanning for lobbies now tells you what is going on with the scan - if it's still scanning or if it's complete.
• (Switch, Sony) Significant performance improvements when looking at floor or ceiling textures.


• Various rendering glitches that were noticed at higher resolutions have been fixed.
• Significant improvements to online lobbies have been made, making connections more reliable.
• Numerous shortcomings with the netcode have been addressed, especially in instances of low bandwidth.
• It is no longer possible to get stuck in the game upon connection to a server that shuts down during level load.
• Booting into the editor now no longer has messed-up camera controls.
• Platform icon is no longer stretched in the scoreboard.
• Killing Big John with a flamewall or god ball no longer softlocks the game.
• Many instances of menu stack corruption have been addressed, solving various softlocks.
• Title screen has many fewer missing pixels at the bottom of each column of pixels.
• Rumble no longer persists between levels.
• Default music tracks no longer cause excess CPU usage.
• Disabling freelook now snaps the view to the horizon.
• Using the "No target" cheat code during the oscuro battle no longer crashes the game.
• HUD Preview is now properly cleared when the menu is exited via unconventional means.
• (Consoles) Default binds are now no longer merged with user-provided binds.
• (Sony) Music no longer stops playing in instances where it incorrectly stopped.
• (Switch) Going from docked to handheld mode no longer prevents controllers from being used.
• (PC) Rumble now properly works in online games.
• (PC) Invitations to join a game can now be accepted in more places.
• (PC) Joining from an invite no longer potentially causes a hang.
• (PC) Old lobbies are now cleared when lobbies are re-scanned.
• (PC) Level editor verification has undergone several improvements.
• (PC) Invalid screen sizes no longer cause the game to refuse to launch.
• (PC) Custom gravity no longer carries over from multiplayer games.
• (PC) Disconnections have been made more reliable and are less likely to freeze up controls.
• (PC) Online lobbies are now a little more helpful in telling the user why the lobby died.
• (PC) Prevent the scoreboard from being stuck in an enabled state between matches.
• (PC) Various lightning levels should now work in COMM-BAT mode.
• (PC) Instances where player color and character could be switched in the menu without taking effect ingame have been addressed.
• (PC) Items that spawn in midair are now properly respawned at their correct Z height.
• (PC) Voice chat options no longer show up in a LAN lobby.
• (PC) Violence is now always forced to HIGH in a lobby, for consistency.
• (PC) Returning to the lobby in the middle of a game no longer has the potential to crash the server.
• (PC) Shooting another player point-blank will now always hit them.
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Updated to 14.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from the developer's website:

OpenTTD 14.0

Posted by TrueBrain

Welcome to 14.0!

OpenTTD’s first release was in March of 2004. Now twenty years later, we are proud to present to you: release 14.0.

And boy, what a release it is. Do I dare to say: this has been the biggest release yet?

Sometimes people try to tell us OpenTTD is dead. Well, 14.0 shows you it really isn’t. There are so many new goodies in 14.0, that I don’t even know where to start! Let’s go over a few, just to get you a feel for what to expect when you launch OpenTTD 14.0.

Read more about our birthday celebration here.

When one day isn’t a day

It is now possible to make the calendar time walk slower, up to a point it is frozen. This doesn’t influence vehicle movement at all, nor the amount of goods transported, town growth, etc. But it does influence vehicle introduction dates, inflation, and aging.

With this feature, we hope to enable different game-plays, where people want to have more time to build out their empire before vehicles expire, inflation gets too big, etc.

A brand new day! For some a bit slower than others.

Read more about this new feature in the devblog.

Ship Pathfinder

The ship pathfinder got some great love. It is now capable of directing ships over vast distances without the need for buoys. In fact, one could say, you don’t need buoys anymore at all. The ships will still find their way!

Finally, no more “Ship is lost” non-sense. This enables ship-only games.

Read more about this new feature in the devblog.


Do you also hate when busses start hugging each other on a route? And you did your best to ensure you send them out the depot with a good distance between them. But something must have happened down the road, and now they are very close to each other!

Introducing: unbunching.

A new feature that allows you to tell all vehicles in a shared order pool to keep their distance; automatically, done for you.

Read more about this new feature in the devblog.

Social Platform integration

OpenTTD 14.0 allows better integration with Social Platforms. This is totally optional, and has to be installed separately. But once done, OpenTTD can talk to platforms like Steam, Discord and GOG Galaxy.

For now, the functionality is limited: friends can see you play OpenTTD, if you are in a server or not, and what kind of map you are playing. For future versions, we intend to expand on that, making more possible. But, small steps.

Read more about this new feature in the devblog.

Survey support

To finally put a rest to endless debates about what setting is used and which is not, OpenTTD now has an opt-in survey tool built-in. Over time this will allow us, developers, to better understand how OpenTTD is played, so we can better anticipate what will be a hit or a miss.

You can, at any time, opt in or out from the survey.

Read more about this new feature in the devblog

GUI improvements / scalable font

There has been a huge effort in making all our windows just a tiny bit better. Fixing pixel-errors, moving things around a bit, fixing colouring issues.

But .. not less important, we now also have a built-in scalable font! Zephyris created a real (TTF) font heavily inspired by the sprite font. This means that scaling looks a lot better, especially for zoom levels like 1.5x.

We love it so much, it is the default when you launch the game! (but no worries, you can revert to the sprite font if you really want to).

Read more about this new feature in the devblog.

New players experience

First of all, there is now a Help and Manuals button in-game, that helps you through the basic information of the game. Bringing information closer to the user, and the game more accessible to everyone, has been a path we have been on for a while.

Second, we revised a lot of settings, what their default value should be. Many settings have had their defaults changed, mostly towards enabling modern features by default.

Lastly, we also renamed Cheats to Sandbox. We noticed people were struggling with using “cheats”, as we have been conditioned that cheats in games are bad. But Cheats in OpenTTD context is much more “play how you like” (read: Sandbox). So we renamed it, hopefully making it more clear to new players that it is perfectly okay to use these Sandbox options any time they like.

Hopefully this helps new players get into the game easier.

So much more …

In total OpenTTD 14.0 comes with roughly 40 new features, over 500 bug-fixes, 200 changes, and many many code improvements.

It took us 2,000 commits to get from 13.4 to 14.0, we touched 140,000 lines of code and removed 74,000 of them. This was all done by over 60 contributors.

Interested how this all came together? Check out our blog post explaining it all.

A great thank you to all who contributed, with code or support; it is truly appreciated! Here’s to another twenty years of OpenTTD development!

Bug tracker
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AI War 2

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 5.596 ⇒ 5.596.
5.596 Deflicker
(Released April 13th, 2024)

① General
• Fixed a flicker in the protection status of an entity, if under more than 5 forcefields.
• Regular elderlings should no longer be zombifiable, as intended in last update.
---• They were immune, briefly. But then would lose track of their own shipclass and not know they were immune anymore.
• The Ships sidebar currently indicates that a flagship is in Transport mode with a blue (T) in the Watched/Local fleet section.
---• There's now an "Experimental" setting (under "Game") to make the (T) indicate "Percentage of ships loaded" by its colour; it will go from Red (nothing loaded) to green (fully loaded). I regularly want to be able to monitor whether remote flagships are fully loaded, and this will allow me to do so easily.

② Sidekicks
⯈ DZ Sidekick
---• Fimbulwintering a planet requires a local flagship
---• Nadir Bases now mark up over time, and spawn stronger ships as they mark up
---• Epistyles can now be told to send the ships they make to a particular flagship, instead of just "the nearest flagship" via the hacking menu
---• Flagships on the map can no longer be claimed from planets controlled by hostile factions
⯈ Spire Sidekick
---• Claimable flagships now come with modules, and can no longer be claimed from planets controlled by hostile factions
%971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE) %971551133470% Ventures: Dubai: Call, Girl's (UAE)
high rated
Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.82_2

Changelog from SteamDB:

Quick Spanish Translation Fix

Thank you all for the feedback! I have corrected several errors in the Spanish translation.
high rated
AI War 2

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 5.596 ⇒ 5.596a.

No Changelog
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Updated to 1.45.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

1.45.0 - Virtual Achievement

• Improved graphical performance of the OMS menu. The zoomed-in background of the OMS could be very GPU-intensive if you entered the OMS while your thrusters were firing. This release introduces simplified rendering, which should not be noticeable but dramatically (2500%) improves its performance.
• Pressing B on the gamepad in the Virtual Flight Service will not close the simulation anymore but fire the simulated thrusters as expected.
• Enhanced achievements support for Steam. Most achievements will now have a progress bar, indicating how close you are to unlocking them.
• Reduced the number of achievement popups when you are playing the game.
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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft

Updated to 1.01 Patch 2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

GOG Changelog:
Patch 2 - April 11th 2024

All Games:

• Epic Games Store title build now launches in fullscreen mode on initial launch rather than windowed mode
• Lara’s character now disappears when the camera gets too close instead of clipping through her head
• Fixed issue where Steam achievements would sometimes have the wrong descriptions
• Action indicator will not display if Lara is unable to interact with an object
• Achievement “Ready to Raid” now unlocks when completing the proper conditions
• Achievement “Exaggerated Threat” now only unlocks when completing the proper conditions
• Achievement “Gifts of Wonderland” now unlocks when completing the proper conditions
• The Default Photo Mode pose where Lara is not holding a weapon is now consistent between SD and HD modes
• Improved translation in various languages
• Dynamic lighting now corresponds more accurately to the original games
• A special outfit for Nightmare in Vegas added
• Bloody T-Rex Lara outfit now available in Photo Mode
• New Photo Mode poses
• Lara’s hair no longer expands/contracts in HD mode
• Addressed graphical issues on many doors where the textures would flash rapidly
• Improved rain, fire, and smoke effects

Tomb Raider I

• Windows in Natla’s Mines are now properly transparent
• Toned down the red mist effect in cutscene with Natla placing the Scion in the Atlantis level
• Lara can now destroy the Scion with all weapons
• Updated lightning in Thor room of St. Francis’ Folly
• Updated missing textures in The Lost Valley
• Flare control option is no longer grayed out in Tomb Raider I
• Updated skybox for Lara’s Home

Tomb Raider II:

• Updated spiderweb textures in HD mode
• Lara now properly grabs ledges when running off and holding the grab buttons
• Resolved missing muzzle flashes in cutscenes
• Resolved camera twitching when Lara approaches the ledge in Living Quarters
• Updated incorrect textures on the walls in The Deck
• Resolved small gap between some textures in The Great Wall
• Lights in HD mode in Wreck of the Maria Doria now flicker correctly
• Wall textures in Wreck of the Maria Doria now match SD and HD modes
• Resolved small gaps in between some textures in Venice
• Gondolas are now breakable regardless of the positioning of the other boat
• Proper chimney textures are now present in HD mode of Bartoli’s Hideout
• Graphical overhaul of all Wreck of Maria Doria levels
• Opera dome is now visible from the outside in level Opera House
• Updated skyboxes for Lara’s Home, Tibetan Foothills, Barkhang Monastery
• Missing waterfall added in Temple of Xian
• Music tracks no longer repeat

Tomb Raider III:

• Updated quicksand to have VFX in HD mode
• Foliage textures updated to be more transparent
• When Lara collects her items back in High Security Compound, all the items now appear in the preview display when you pick them up
• 3D models of Meteorite Artifacts were not transparent in HD mode
• Updated hard-to-spot platforms in Lost City of Tinnos in HD mode
• Updated missing textures in Lost City of Tinnos
• Black water texture is no longer visible in Lost City of Tinnos and Madubu Gorge
• Updated lighting in caves in Madubu Gorge
• It’s now more clear that some walls are climbable in Madubu Gorge HD mode
• Updated lighting in RX-Tech Mines for HD mode
• Resolved missing textures in RX-Tech Mines in HD mode
• Crevice is clearly visible in the ice wall in HD mode in RX-Tech Mines
• Arrow on sign now turns off when using railroad switcher in RX-Tech Mines
• Resolved several gaps in textures in Nevada Desert
• Environments from other rooms are no longer visible in sections of Nevada Desert
• Lara no longer dies when jumping near a wall of spikes in Willard’s Lair
• Environments from other rooms are no longer visible in sections of Shakespeare Cliff
• Willard is now holding elevator remote in cutscene after completing Antarctica
• Resolved missing textures in Area 51
• Character models no longer disappear during cutscene in Aldwych
• The radar texture in High Security Compound does not disappear anymore when viewed from certain angles.
• Vent hole in hut roof is now transparent in Coastal Village
• Sparkling mutagen in Sleeping with the Fishes now look brighter in HD mode
• Lud’s Gate and Aldwych lighting overhaul
• Home chandeliers updated to better match the original model
• Graphical overhaul of The Lost Artifact levels
• Added a skybox for Lud's Gate
• Updated skyboxes for Highland Fling, Willard’s Lair and It’s a Madhouse!
high rated

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
Patch notes for v3.4.30.37527

• Fixed Conquest not starting on server
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House Party

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• Fixed an issue that caused Liz Katz to become unresponsive after the Laundry Room cutscene for some players.
• Fixed an issue that caused Liz Katz to not have hair when inside Compubrah.

Jazz Jackrabbit Collection

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 2.0 CSv2 ⇒ 2.0 CSv2 Patch 2.
Jazz Jackrabbit Update 2.0 CSv2 Patch 2

⯈ Jazz Jackrabbit CD
• Fixed incorrect thresholds for 100% items and enemies in Diamondus Secret, Tubelectric 2, Medivo Guardian, Letni 2, Technoir 1 & Secret, Orbitus 1 & Guardian, Nippius 2, Jungrock Guardian, Sluggion 2, Dreempipes 1 & 2, Pezrock 1, 2 & Guardian, Chrysilis 1 & 2, Battleships 1 & Guardian, Muckamok 1, Exoticus 1 & 2, Deckstar 1 & 2, and Lagunicus 1.
• Fixed incorrect sprite for time pickup in Technoir 1.
• Fixed the incorrect sound playing when you pick up the spring shoes pickup in Exoticus 1 & 2 and Deserto Secret.
• Fixed missing sound effects in Marbelara 2 and Ceramicus 1 & 2.
• Fixed a slightly wrong sound playing when you fire the toaster weapon in every episode past the first one.
• Fixed incorrect movement speed for launcher bullets in Megaairbase and Jungrock Guardians.
• Fixed minor sprite issue with Hip Hop's attacks in post-E6 levels

⯈ Holiday Hare '95
• Fixed "explosive" effect when you pick up carrots in all Candion levels.
• Fixed the moving platforms in Bloxonius 1 & 2 not moving Jazz correctly.
• Fixed incorrect sprite for hoverboard pickup in Bloxonius 1.
• Fixed the incorrect sound playing when you pick up the spring shoes pickup in Candion 1 & 2.
• Fixed minor sprite issue with Hip Hop's attacks.

The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.2.11 ⇒ 1.2.11 (Russian Voice-over).
Russian voiceover is now available!

Big thanks go to Train Studio for their hard work! They involved many wonderful voice actors, whose voices you know from movies, games and even from the Russian voiceover of original Gothic series.

Have fun!
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A big update for Roboquest is now available (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

1.2.0 - 63 (April 15, 2024) - Part 1

• New resource: Crystal Powder
• Crystal Powder can be acquired at the end of levels containing a Corrupted Crystal you've already claimed
• Crystal Powder is used to increase a weapon's rarity from Epic to Fantastic in the new friendly robot Willy Wonder (view in the Friendly Robots section later)
• New keyword: Summon
• Summoning is the action of deploying allies like drones, decoy, sentry turrets and everything else that is tagged as Summon in its description
• Several ingame elements such as Perks and Items grants bonus effects to your Summons
• Reworked several parts of the code to make sure your summons apply your additional effect like "marking burns"


• Several perks have been reworked to now include the Summon keyword


• New weapons:
• Missile Battery - We had a minigun but we didn't have a ROCKET minigun.
• Rapier - En garde!
• Sling Gun - And the stone goes boom!
• Minion Box - Raise my minions!
• Mini Cricket - We liked that gun from a famous movie with aliens. Such boomer times.
• Gauss Rifle - Pro Quake player, anyone?
• Bee Cannon - A mysterious vacuum that shoots bees.
• Boomerang - Whoosh in and whoosh out.
• Shuriken - For all the robot-ninja mains out there (you know who I'm talking about).
• The damage of summons deployed by alt-fires has been increased by 15% per weapon level to 20% per weapon level
• Overall increase of the explosion radius for all weapons (detailed below)


• Increased Bayonet base damage from 60 to 72 and healing cell bonus drops from 2 to 3


• Updated the number of shots required to trigger Volatile
• Increased Buckshot trigger chance from 15% to 20%
• Increased Puncture damage bonus from 50% to 75%
• Decreased Cadence firerate bonus from 15% to 10%
• Fragmentation reworked, now works as Buckshot but sends a volley of explosive projectiles
→ Developers’ Note: Fragmentation always felt awkward and a bit misplaced due to its graphical implementation and its projectile speed. Replacing it with something that propels several projectiles similar to its origin weapon will probably feel better overall and works best for us in terms of balancing and implementation. Beware Kaboom Buckshot!
• New affixes:
• Echo - Additional Ricochet and Ricochet damage
• Interceptor - Bonus damage against flying enemies
• Big-Game - Bonus damage against elites, goliaths and bosses
• Uproot - Bonus damage against turrets
• Eraser - Bonus damage against marked enemies
• Haste - Bonus movespeed while in hand
• Leader - Bonus summon damage
• Piñata - Chance to drop several healing-cells on takedown

Balance Changes

Junk Rifle
Alternative Fire
• Projectile speed increased from 4000 to 4250

Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 57.0 to 56.0
• Firerate decreased from 2.22/s to 2.08/s
• Explosion radius decreased from 1.9m to 1.6m

Flare Gun
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius increased from 2.3m to 2.4m

Elephant Gun
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius increased from 0.9m to 1.0m

Dragoon Mortar
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius increased from 2.3m to 2.4m

Torpedo Rifle
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius increased from 0.7m to 1.0m

Comet Cannon
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 50.0 to 53.0
• Impact force decreased from 62.0 to 56.0
• Explosion radius increased from 1.0m to 1.4m
• Energy cost increased from 8.0 to 10.0

Beluga Cannon
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 53.0 to 50.0
• Explosion radius increased from 1.8m to 2.2m

Volcano Rifle
• Can no longer roll the Bounce affix
→ Developers’ Note: This felt more like a nerf to the weapon to roll this affix than anything else, so hey, we're removing it cause affix gotta be fun.
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius increased from 1.0m to 1.2m

Junk Beam
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 18.0 to 8.5
• Firerate increased from 7.69/s to 15.38/s
• Energy cost decreased from 2.5 to 1.25

Hurricane Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 10.5 to 11.0

Mammoth Minigun
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 11.0 to 10.5

Ram Shotgun
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 10.5 to 8.0
• Firerate increased from 2.5/s to 2.77/s

Gorilla Bolter
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 46.0 to 44.0
• Critical ratio increased from 1.25 to 1.5

Buffalo Cannon
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius increased from 2.1m to 2.2m

Pulsar Rifle
Primary Fire
• Explosion radius decreased from 1.1m to 0.8m
• Projectile speed increased from 4500 to 6000

Shark Sniper
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 96.0 to 98.0

Kangaroo Sentry
Alternative Fire
• Increased summon sentry base damage from 4 to 7
• Action duration decreased from 0.55 to 0.25
high rated
1.2.0 - 63 (April 15, 2024) - Part 2

• Increased Grappling Hook cooldown from 4s to 5s
• Increased Hero Cape maximum bonus damage from distance traveled from 200% to 300%


• All multiplayer-only items now also trigger off being nearby a friendly summon and can now be looted in single player
• Hourglass damage bonus increased from 25% to 30%
• Magnet now marks nearby enemies instead of shocking them
→ Developers’ Note: And we changed its icon color, because you know, it no longer shocks.
• Cheese jetpack bonus duration increased from 1.5s to 2s
• Phone Charger now also increases your summon health
• Heart Necklace now also increases your armor if a summon is nearby
• Candle now only increases burn damage (moved the explosion part on a new item)
→ Developers’ Note: The "burn or explosion" part of the description was always confusing for players so we're splitting that into two items.
• Removed Walkie Talkie from the game
→ Developers’ Note: This was the last "multiplayer-only" effect remaining and we didn't find an interesting enough alternative to it work.
• New items:
• Chestnut - Your bonus armor increases Hero Cape damage
• Ocarina - Increases summon damage and reduces your damage
• Onion - Increases summons firerate
• Transformer Toy - Summons a drone to fight alongside you permanently
• Potato - Increases explosion damage
• Ball and Chain - Increases Grappling Hook damage and its cooldown


• Added a Training Range to the Basecamp
• Training Range: Punching-Bot - To try out your DPS
• Training Range: Weapon Vending Machine - To spawn any weapon you have the card of
• Training Range: Weapon Upgrader - To upgrade weapons from the Vending Machine
• Training Range: Shooting Range - To have fun while waiting for your brobot
• Training Range: Some of these elements are unlocked once you completed Burger Bill's quest
• Added an interface breaking down all the stats of a weapon in the Museum
• Added a hit animation for Bosses in the Museum
• Added an idle animation for Bosses in the Museum
• Updated the Elite Punk picture in the Museum


• Removed Rolling Foot from the upgrades, added its 5% bonus movespeed to character's base movespeed
• Chronosphere moved to previous Rolling Foot slot
• Loot Hoarder moved to previous Chronosphere slot
• Added a new upgrade to unlock Willy Wonder to the previous Loot Hoarder slot

Friendly Robots

• New friendly robot: Willy Wonder
• Willy Wonder is unlocked with a basecamp upgrade
• Willy Wonder is a friendly bot that belongs to Max's Crew and can appear in safe areas of the levels
• Willy Wonder can increase your weapons rarity and grant them additional affixes
• New friendly robot: Burger Bill
• A quest has been added in relation to Burger Bill, completing it will unlock the full Training Range at the Basecamp
• Lottery Luke will now appear in multiplayer for both players if at least one of them has unlocked it


• Increased base health of Goliath Cruiser from 660 to 720


• Replaced the Goliath Destroyer by a Goliath Cruiserin Fields
→ Developers’ Note: While it is fun to have some kind of "bouncer" to mark the beginning of the second act, this one was taking its job a tad too seriously.
• Reworked many safe areas to be able to include Willy Wonder
• Reduced the number of Security Pods in Haven City by approximately 33.3%
• Added more random chunks (variations) to Haven-City and [reducted]

Quality of Life

• Added several quality of life settings:
• Show Items - To show or hide the icon list of all the items you've equipped
• Show Gadgets - Same than above for Gadget icon list
• Show Perks - Same than above for Perk icon list
• Show Compass - To show or hide the compass locator indicating enemy presence around you
• Show Damage Counter - Displays a counter below the minimap displaying how many damage you've dealt this run
• Reverse X Axis - For those of you weird unique enough to play with reverted X axis
• Hybrid Control - Playing with both a gamepad and mouse/keyboard should now work properly
• You can now use Colon, Comma, Exclamation and Period in the keybinds settings


• Entirely reworked the localization for German, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
• Added Dutch and Farsi to the game's languages
• Added Starbreeze to the game's bumpers
→ Developers’ Note: Don't worry, nothing has changed internally ;)


• Optimized UI rendering
• Optimized loading of VFXs and SFXs

Bug Fixes

• Speculative Fix: Players failing to play with each other should now be able to, regardless of their platforms.
→ Developers’ Note: We're sorry for the time it takes us to fix those issues. We're trying our best and we hope this round of fixes will do the trick. If not, we'll be on the hunt again.
• You will no longer be stuck in Haven City after unlocking the door while your brobot disconnects
• Fixed an issue where Rover enemies wouldn't disappear for the client player
• Vsync no longer reactivates itself automatically upon game restart
• Fixed an issue displaying the remaining stack of alt-fire despite having the setting to show them disabled
• Status effects UI will no longer remain permanently on screen after activating screenshot mode while being under their effects
• Aim Assist now works properly even with very high or low field of view values
• The Gotta Catch Them All achievement will unlock the next time you open the Museum if you have everything unlocked but the game previously failed to detect it
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Update 1.30 for Turbo Overkill is available now (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

1.30 (April 15, 2024)
• New Endless map "Syntek"
• Spitters no longer leave acid on the ground after death if burnt alive or destroyed with Ion Blaster
• Plasma Gun: Microwave beam has slight increase on its damage chargeup
• Plasma Gun: Increased speed slightly while using the microwave beam
• Twincendiary now does more damage the longer it is fired
• Twincendiary damage slightly increased
• Fixed hands on credits sequence
• Splits can now be staggered
• Splits can now be electrocuted with the Waster alt fire (3x charge only)
• Leapers can now be staggered
• Napalm Blitz, fixed fog volumes for lower graphics quality
• You can now skip the last cinematic in Napalm Blitz
• Fixed Chip respawn bug on Teratek HQ
• Fixed missing geometry in Open Season
• Fixed missing geometry in Terminal Eclipse
• Added a warning to Murder Machine difficulty (are you sure?)
• New loading screen, now works nicely in 4k and on ultra-wide monitors
• Credits sequence bug fixed where it sometimes would not return to the main menu
• Fixed incorrect track name in Endless
• Weapon wheel no longer can be activated while entering cinematics
• Instagibber now saves its supercharge with quicksaves/checkpoints
• Fixed bad Battle Alley geo on platform
• Updated colouring on some parts of the end credits monsters/Johnny
• Fixed credits sometimes not loading into main menu
• You can toggle the main menu hud with Left Shift + X
• Daddy melee damage reduced from 85 to 55
• Blecher no longer insta-kills players with their flamethrower
• RGB sliders for changing the hud tint
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Ctrl Alt Ego

Updated to

Changelog from SteamDB:

Ctrl Alt Ego NEW GAME +

New Game Plus (NG+) Has Arrived

Ctrl Alt Ego NewGame+ Enticer

The full campaign, with a twist:

New gravity manipulation ability
New and different enemy placements
New surprises along the way
New shortcuts and skips
• Carry over your Ego, Disks, Worms, MEM from a previous run
• All achievements remain achievable

Troubleshooting / How To Unlock NewGame+

If you've completed the main campaign, NewGame+ should unlock automatically when you launch the game with this update. If it hasn't unlocked, try loading up any Chapter 8 save (The Cloud) and that should give it the nudge it needs.

If you haven't visited The Cloud then you're missing out or the auto-unlock isn't working for whatever reason, you can force unlock NG+ like this:

• Navigate to your Steam apps Ctrl Alt Ego install folder and navigate through to the Ctrl Alt Ego_Data/Scripts folder, e.g. for me it's:

_C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ctrl Alt Ego\Ctrl Alt EgoData\Scripts

• Double click the script ctrlaltego.ngplus.unlock.vbs and if all goes well you'll get a success message telling you NG+ was unlocked.