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Grim Dawn

Offline installer updated from version Hotfix 3 to

V1.2.0.4 is largely focused on bug fixes, but there’s a few other interesting changes in there before the v1.2.1.0 playtest begins in March:


[Major New Features]

Lancel the Knight now has access to new wares from the Loyalist Item Pack 3! Starting February 27th 76, you too can don the visages of the gods themselves!
[Shattered Realm]

Items left on the ground within the Splendors of the Shattered Realm are now automatically cleared out when you decide to collect your rewards.
Reduced the health of the Manifestations of Hunger and Seeker of the Damned encounters.

Items left on the ground within the treasure room are now automatically cleared out when it opens.

Fixed an issue where placing the Health and Energy Potions on the quick bar would not save them between sessions.
Fixed an issue where monster melee attacks could hit outside of their target area.
Fixed a rare issue where certain skill effects could cause monsters to miss their attacks.
Fixed a rare issue with charging monsters being able to pause their charge and resume it.
Fixed an issue where pets that are regularly resummoned (ex. Wind Devils) could stop dealing damage.
Fixed an issue where undoing points in an exclusive skill could prevent putting points into other exclusive skills.
Fixed a crash resulting from changing game settings.
Fixed an editor crash that could occur when scrolling near certain map regions.
Fixed an issue where using a low or no cooldown leap ability would cause it to have a delay if not targeting an enemy.

Added AreaTrigger.Get(object Id) Lua function to store a TriggerVolume.
Added AreaTrigger:DestroyItems() Lua function to destroy all items within a TriggerVolume. This is an expensive call based on the size of the volume and number of items that should be used sparingly.
Added character:GiveAffixItem(string ItemDbr, string prefixDbr, string suffixDbr) Lua function for spawning an item with specific affixes.
Added item:HasAffix(string affixDbr) Lua function for checking whether an item has a specific affix.

Reduced the Magnitude and/or Duration of most monster Fumble effects. The Crucible no longer has additional reduction to those effects.
Screen Edge effects can now be toggled in the game options.
Increased Repuation Bonus from faction Mandates and Warrants to 200%.
Cronley’s Outlaws heroes and mini-bosses now equip various Monster Infrequents worn by their lessers.
Rare Prefix - Vindicator: replaced bonus to Storm Spread with +2 to Arcane Empowerment
Fixed an issue where some accessory affixes could roll on certain Monster Infrequent armor.
Fixed Lucius’ Blade-Arm having lower than intended base damage.
Cinderwinds now wait significantly longer before leashing to the player’s position.
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Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 6.00.05 ⇒ 6.00.06a.
v6.00.06 – February 05, 2024
• Fixed third battlegroup in sequence of 4+ blocked moves could disappear on strategic
• Fixed ‘Relieve’ / swapping battlegroups could show incorrect movement arrows
• Fixed case where secondary battlegroup movement arrows were not shown after loading
saved game
• Fixed case where secondary battlegroup ‘not deployed’ marker was not shown after
loading saved game

Close Combat: The Bloody First

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.01.10 ⇒ 1.01.11.
Version 1.1.11
• Fixed case where disbanded unit might not reform at the start of a new Operation.
• Increased spotting ability against units with no cover at all.
• Slightly increased vehicle spotting ability.
• Fixed case where ‘unknown error’ might be improperly reported when logging into multi-player lobby.
• .50 caliber machineguns now prefer ball ammo vs. infantry instead of leaving AP loaded and ‘saving ammo.’
• Added support for a flamethrower firing animation, for use by mod makers.

Geralt_of_Rivia: Stellaris

Update to V3.11.1.0.

No changelog.
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Grim Dawn

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• Fixed missing Ch’thon armor from illusionist for some players
• Fixed missing skill animations when using the Ch’thon chestpiece (ex. Eye of Reckoning).
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Cultist Simulator

Updated to 2023.12.s.5 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:


HOTFIX: lore consumed on influence upgrades, sorry!
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Geralt_of_Rivia: Stellaris

Update to V3.11.1.0.

No changelog.
Changelog here.

The main highlights:
* Difficulty Adjusted Technology Costs slider added to galaxy generation. This slider adjusts technology costs based on tier and game difficulty.


* Added notification message when new pop settles in zeya (Gaia planet in azilash)
* Added the Seddom system.
* Allowed conversion between Sovereign Guardianship and Corporate Protectorate civics
* Dimensional Locks now forbid access to countries without communications
* Every participant in a war now gets a truce with the others after it ends, even if they were on the same side
* If you have a colony in a system when pre-FTLs become space faring you can apologize and annex them
* Progenitor Hive speed malus and bonuses now only affect military ships, removing the need of science ship escorts
* Technology and Tradition costs are now distinct sliders in galaxy setup
* The Anglers civic now swaps to Trawling Operations if you reform your government into a megacorp and vice versa
* The Eager Explorers civic now swaps to Privatized Exploration if you reform your government into a megacorp and vice versa
* The Eager Explorers, Privatized Exploration and Exploration Protocols civics can be removed and readded after researching Jump Drives. The Stargazers civic cannot be removed as it is linked to the species trait of the same name
* The Foreign Consciousness trait is now a destiny trait
* When the Khan awakens the event will now properly have a go to button
* Added the old AI crisis diplomatic room to the list of selectable diplomatic rooms
* Rearranged the room selector priorities so that AI empires shouldn't lose special diplomatic rooms
-- Set the old AI crisis diplomatic room to be used by Determined Exterminators
-- Set the "scrappy room" to be used by the Ketlings
-- Set the "gilded room" to be used the AI overlord for the Imperial Fiefdom origin
-- Set the "organic room" to be used by Devouring Swarms
* ¤ Gangsters should no longer assassinate Chosen Ones or Legendary leaders
* ¤ If a Zombie or Nerve Stapled pop manages to lie on their resume and become a specialist or ruler they should be demoted much faster
* ¤ Xenophobic leaders are now half as likely to accept brainslugs while Xenophilic ones are twice as likely to accept them
* ¤ Improved spawning logic for anomalies that clear deposits to not spawn on planets with strategic resources
twifight: I am unable to say what changed, but now that the downloads are fixed I can confirm that the install files are different.
But I am not redownloading them myself.
Yep. Same here. No clue what's supposedly changed, and therefore I won't download these "updated" files.

Yesterday also had updates for "Stellaris", and lo and behold: today I got an update notification for Stellaris again - for the exact same files (setup_stellaris_3.11.1.0_(71368)), that I have downloaded yesterday, already.

GOG's update system is no fun, anymore.

Either you get no notifications at all, or you get notifications for (seemingly) the same files over and over again.

And don't get me started on the either completely non-existent, or out-of-date for years "Changelog" tab in our accounts.
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Demon Lord Reincarnation

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux] ⇒
Update 1.0.6 Notes

• Rebalanced skill progression speed and bonuses.
• Fixed Leinad's name reverting to English after dying.
• Fixed a typo in the debuff text.
• Fixed the wrong message appearing when the character is hit by a curse.
• Fixed critical issues related to traps and status effects.
• Fixed rewards from the treasure chest still appearing after running away from monsters hiding inside the chest.
• Fixed skill experience not being assigned to recruitable characters outside of the camp.
• Adjusted elemental damage bonuses.
• Adjusted enemy character creation logic during the second half of the game.
• Adjusted encounter chance while resting.
• Adjusted encounter scaling logic.
• Slightly adjusted the logic behind enemy waves.
• Nerfed sleep powder. No rest for the wicked!

Thank you for your support.
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BreOl72: Yep. Same here. No clue what's supposedly changed, and therefore I won't download these "updated" files.

Yesterday also had updates for "Stellaris", and lo and behold: today I got an update notification for Stellaris again - for the exact same files (setup_stellaris_3.11.1.0_(71368)), that I have downloaded yesterday, already.

GOG's update system is no fun, anymore.

Either you get no notifications at all, or you get notifications for (seemingly) the same files over and over again.
That's because you get one notification per operating system: one for Windows, one for Mac, one for Linux, since they are not updated simultaneously. You are probably downloading files for only one operating system, so it may seem to you as if you got spurious notifications, but they were all valid update flags.

This has always been the case for Stellaris, and many other multi-os games. Nothing new.
Post edited February 28, 2024 by mrkgnao
BreOl72: Yesterday also had updates for "Stellaris", and lo and behold: today I got an update notification for Stellaris again - for the exact same files (setup_stellaris_3.11.1.0_(71368)), that I have downloaded yesterday, already.
Linux and Mac were updated with a delay compared to the Windows version. So if you were quick to download the Windows files then getting a new update notification for Mac and Linux would actually be correct.
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No Man's Sky

Updated to 4.52_Omega_117978 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the official website:
Omega Patch 4.52

February 27, 2024.

Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone playing the No Man’s Sky Omega update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.52, which is now live on Steam and will be coming to other platforms as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue which blocked completion of a season.
• Allow save games that begin in Season mode to transition to Normal mode without needing to complete the Optional Milestones.

• Fixed an issue that caused customisation parts to be categorised incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue with customisations when transitioning to and from a season.

• Fixed an issue that caused a player owned Pirate Dreadnought to fire at the player.
• Fixed an issue that allowed the player to destroy a player owned Pirate Dreadnought.
• Fixed and issue that could result in a player owned Pirate Dreadnought fragmenting and duplicating many times.
• Fixed an issue where the hangar of a player owned Pirate Dreadnoughts could appear to be that of a normal Freighter.
• Fixed an issue that could cause Pirate Dreadnoughts to explode on spawn.

• Fixed an issue that could prevent some pre-existing saves being used in multiplayer.
• Fixed a rare issue when trying to locate an Autophage camp with the Scan Harmoniser while in an empty system.
• Promoted useable resources to the top of the list when selecting items in chargeable deployables.
• Fixed an issue with Atlas Station audio.
• Fixed an issue that caused combat music to play when Jellyfish spawned.

• Updated OpenVR version.
• Fixed a memory related crash.
• Fixed a crash related to settlements.
• Fixed a crash related to frigates.
• Fixed a multiplayer crash.
• Fixed a hang on PC.
• Fixed a crash in weather effects.
• Fixed an Xbox crash.

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Thank you,
Hello Games
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About New Order Wolfenstein
[ downloaded you should be good ]
No. Never be the same. Detailed double check need to. Star Wars Battlefront II current "rollback" 1.1 have same filename as 2013 1.1 first v3 build after But they mismatch as setup files and even as game files inside (1.1-1.2-1.0-1.1 rollbacked repacked combined with some 1.0 files reappear instead of 1.1 - patch rixes are mossing (broken Geonosis skybox)).

There is much more examples of silent and non-changed files updates. Since v1 installers. Sometimes critical to stay on old version sometimes critical to get updated build even if its filename the same. That can be broken installer fix.Especially if this is localised build (Diggles have updated broken builds fixed with same filenames cause localised ones cannot be properly installed).

Also Diggles hotfix affect last one patch updated too - which is missing on GOGDB Changelog.

So never assumpt anything. You cant be sure with GOG (or any) about anything until double check comparing everything. First for EN build then for localised too. One can be identical in fact as a files, one changed.

GOG-Galaxy builds are not helping here as well and need to detai checked similaritues/differences. There is even superior GOG build to Galaxy in terms of extra content or fixes (ofc you know, usually opposite).
Post edited February 29, 2024 by QWEEDDYZ
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.79-3

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.79-3 Patch Notes

• Added the ability to use Dpad left/right when at the Orders page to flip between serum/food orders and assassination orders

• Fixed errors in translations

• Fixed Slaughterhouse stair barriers so that player can't jump over it
Post edited February 29, 2024 by (ø,ø)
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Baldur's Gate III


Introduced a few crash safeguards to ensure that when a savegame fails to load, you'll be sent back to the Main Menu.
Fixed some issues causing the second player on split screen to have a black screen for 30 seconds.
Fixed a bug preventing you from opening containers (like the Camp Supply Sack) while trading if you selected a different character from the one who initiated the trade. This also fixed a sneaky money exploit.
Fixed a bug causing the environment to never take its turn, blocking combat from progressing.
Fixed a bug causing you to get stuck in combat if there were still some bats remaining after you defeated Cazador.
Fixed an infinite loot bug that would duplicate Herdmaster Skardjall's Scale Mail every time you removed the Whipping Cane from his body.
Fixed a bug causing the crime dialogue for trespassing to get spammed beside the Steel Watch Foundry.
Fixed some banding and shader issues in cinematics that were causing VFX artefacts on faces at certain angles.
Fixed Minthara sometimes not following the party in Act II or Act III.
Fixed a case where Halsin wouldn't move to his position when you arrived at Last Light in Act II.
Fixed an issue where Minthara wouldn't leave the party after being escorted out of Moonrise Towers.
Fixed an issue causing characters to tell you they were too busy to talk to you when you tried to speak to them. They were lying.
Fixed missing tab textures in the Trade UI.
Hid the filter tabs for traders when bartering with them, these will be reintroduced in a future update pending further testing.
Fixed a potential crash when preloading complex cinematics.

Cyberpunk 2077


It will now be possible to properly rebind the Radioport and dropping bodies to a different key on AZERTY keyboards. Switching quest objectives will now be assigned to the T key on all keyboards.
Fixed an issue where trying to bind the T key to actions in Exploration & Combat resulted in a "Binding Failed" error.
Together with Intel we fixed the stuttering issue that occurred while the "Prioritize P-Cores" option was enabled.
Together with Razer we fixed a crash that occurred when using Razer Chroma enabled devices.
Fixed an issue where NPC hair could appear extremely bright inside vehicles when Ray Tracing is enabled.
Fixed a crash that occurred on Steam Deck when playing with Ray Tracing enabled.

All Platforms

Fixed an issue causing the inability to access the menu, inventory, stash, holocalls and fast travel.
Updated the description of the Sonic Shock quickhack so that it properly reflects the changes made to its behavior in 2.1.
Improved visibility of the controller cursor in menus and when using computers or keypads. This change will primarily help Steam Deck users, but will also benefit consoles and PC when using a controller.
New Dawn Fades - Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to open the phone to read the notification from the Automated Delivery System.
I Can See Clearly Now - Lowered the Body attribute check required to move the dumpster.
I Walk the Line - Sasquatch's jump attack will now properly register as a hit and deal damage.
Riders on the Storm - Enemy cars in the chase sequence will now shoot at Panam's van.
Nocturne Op55N1 - Fixed an issue where, after choosing to call Reed, the conversation sometimes wouldn't trigger, blocking progression.
Sonic Shock will now be properly categorized as a Covert quickhack.
Fixed instances where groups of immortal enemies could appear across Night City.
Fixed an issue where some elements on the perk screen wouldn't change after switching to Colorblind Mode.
BioDyne Berserk will now properly have increased Crit Chance from its Reflexes Attunement.
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Grim Dawn

Offline installer updated from version to
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It's time for another Blood West update (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

3.1.0 (February 29, 2024)

• Fixed an issue that prevented players from leaving the Settings menu without changing their language first.
• Fixed a problem regarding Nitro ammo that caused it to not deal the intended damage.
• Fixed an issue where the final cinematics didn’t play and end correctly.


• Improved performance during the boss fight at the end of Chapter.
• Fixed an issue that could cause projectiles to disappear under specific circumstances.
• Fixed an issue where the Demonic Skin and Doctor’s quest regarding it could cause the Journal not to track the quest properly.
• Fixed an issue where Fast Hands and Berserker skills applied a damage buff to thrown Tomahawks.
• Fixed an issue which resulted in the Crimson Brooch gaining charges as the tentacles of the Chapter 2 boss despawned.
• Fixed locations where the player could get stuck.
• Fixed an issue where the 3rd level of the Self-Taught skill did not apply extra experience if the player killed an enemy using a projectile.
• Fixed all potential issues that may result in players falling through the level.
• Fixed an issue where the Giant Leech did not give the damage buff when the player was using projectile weapons.
• Fixed an instance of a problematic climbing rope in Chapter 3.
• Minor LOD fixes.

New features and other improvements

• Cinematics’ subtitles have been added and are now available in all languages.
• Ammunition selection is now orderly and not as chaotic as before.
• New option added: customizable tooltip delay.
• Added a small delay between an enemy spotting the player and performing an attack. This should alleviate situations in which a player that failed to sneak upon an enemy for backstab gets immediately damaged by an instant attack.
• Much improved backpacks. Items will now be placed in backpacks when inventory is full and will stack better with other stackable items of the same kind (affects both items manual pickups ups and those done with the Take All function).
• Backpacks are much more capacious now. However, backpacks can no longer be found in the world and the same kind of backpack can only be bought once (this doesn’t extend to games started on previous versions of the game).
• Items will be automatically rotated on pickup to fit inside the player’s inventory.
• Chapter 3’s boss had its HP buffed
• Reduced the amount of findable ammunition in Chapter 3 by about 10%. (including full stacks of ammo that were never intended to be full)
• In Chapter 2 enemies won’t follow the player onto the top of the tower where the Priest is located anymore.
• Nitro ammunition area of effect damage has been reduced from 300 to 150.
• Improved gamepad tutorial.
• Added an option to turn off the crosshair.
• It’s possible now to keybind the mouse wheel to any action.
• Further improvements to text clarity
• Miners now remember to do their job and they can show it off with a new little animation.

Known issues

• Audio Settings may reset or change values when leaving Settings menu. Resetting the game seems to be a workaround