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Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 2 Classic

Offline Installer for Windows updated from version 3.2.4_(58638) to

No changelog found
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Hedon Bloodrite offline Windows and Linux installers have updated to 2.3.0.

Bear in mind that savegames do not work across different game versions, so make a backup with your current version before updating if you want to keep them.
You can restore your progress using the level selector inside the Testing Hub (start a new game and hop into one of the level pits providing the proper gear).

2.3.0 Changelog:
- Released the OST album cover and added it to the soundtrack's metadata and wallpapers of the Extra Thicc Edition;

- Fixed the uncanny-looking wrists on the Fragfire Gun and Paingun HUD sprite graphics;
- Fixed bottom cut-offs for some Great Axe and Storm Staff HUD sprites;
- Fixed an inaccurate Spike Gun projectile offset;
- Reduced the Potion Launcher's alt fire projectile bounce factor in an attempt to make it more controllable;
- Added (initially cut) Frost Potions for the Potion Launcher (only available via Give All or Give Weapons console commands for now);
- Improved the visuals of the Crylance fire, and tweaked the primary fire to be more penetrative and damaging towards bigger monsters;
- Increased the damage of the Hellclaw's alt fire mine and reduced the ammo required to throw it;
- Increased the Frost Axe's alt rate of fire and primary fire icicle damage;
- Increased the duration and damage of the Storm Staff's charged alt fire clouds;

- Keys no longer count in the map's item count;
- The Ring of the Red Monk and Boots of Journey power-ups now persist between hub map transitions;
- Further increased the Psi Crown's resistance to mind damage;

- Several minor changes, improvements etc.;
- Added a new room to the caves inside Map01;
- Attempted a workaround to the rare bug in which the player would not get their equipment back in Map09;
- Added a new secret area to Map13;
- Gave the underwater vault a face lift and an air pocket to avoid soft-locking in case the air runs out after the Psi Demon fight in Map15;
- Made the bouncy bed fight last shorter in Map19;
- Improved the jump pads in Map19 and Map22;
- Reduced the number of initial monsters populating the vault in Map22;

- Added the new Chick critter, as well as the nested variant capable of alerting nearby monsters when approached;
- Critters can now be pulled with the Force Pike's alt fire;

- Reduced the friendly fire damage from the Earth Mother's ice blizzard spell;
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AI War 2 has just received an update taking it from 5.513 to 5.515a (via 5.514) for Windows and Linux. Mac version number showing as 5.515, but appears to be as up-to-date.

5.515 Hotfix
(Released September 18th, 2022)

* The Necromancer Auto-Defend option is now in the base game XML
** This fixes a bug where the Necromancer ships weren't unloading/loading properly

* The Steam and GOG APIs have been reverted, as there were new crashing issues on linux that were probably related to that.


* Even from starting template values battlestations in game get double mines. Kinectic Buffer count cut in half for Reversal Defenses since they actually don't die on use like regular mines and are closer to turrets in action.

Dyson Sidekick

* Some dyson sidekick balance adjustments to weaken Reaper response.
* The Dyson Sidekick now is correctly charged cuendillar for its upgrades.
* Remove the Cuendillar generator since it seems to be OP.
* Fix some bugs with Reaper movement.
* Improve the Ravager Notification to be more descriptive


5.514 Refinements
(Released September 17th, 2022)

* Slight tweak to how "Hunt Elderling" intel objectives appear; you need actual vision of the Elderlings, not just "are they on an explored planet"
** Thanks to R C for reporting

* Bumped Rorqual's collision priority to be higher instead of tied with transport ships. So now when colliding, the transport will be the one to move.

* New GameEntityTypeData tags: is_not_combatant_despite_weapons, override_faction_center_color, override_faction_trim_color
* New weapon system damage modifier 'based_on' options: TargetIsDrone, MyCurrentHullPercentage, and MyCurrentPersonalShieldPercentage
* New Encyclopedia Sort By: Metal

* Unity version was upgraded from 2020.3.32 to 2020.3.24.
** Additionally, the Steam and GOG APIs were both updated.

Multi-Player Fixes

* MP clients no longer will report the wrong stats for forcefield guard posts
** Thanks to MrNo's MP group for providing a save that made it easy to reproduce

* Clicking on the Science element of the resource bar will now list the planets producing science from all player factions
** Requested by Daniexpert

* Clicking on the AIP element of the resource bar will now show the AIP history properly on MP clients. This fix involves what I consider to be an excessive amount of caching, but I decided the heavy hammer was good for this obnoxious bug
** This undoes the previous bandaid fix of disabling it outright on the clients

Game Balance

* Put the ceasefire block property on Dire Guardposts of the AI. Cheesing the home turf of the AI(s) with the property from a couple outguards or the Zenith Trader is a bit beyond what the AI is willing to tolerate anymore.
* Infest can now work on drone targets.


* Added two additional starting battlestation layouts to DLC2. These focus on allowing early game access to some of the mine types added in Zenith Onslaught.
** Reversal Defenses includes all of the following:
*** Revealer Battlestation
*** Ambush and Concussion Turrets
*** Corrosion, Kinetic Buffer, and Paralysis minefields
** Disruption Defenses includes all of the following:
*** Gravitic Battlestation
*** Pike and Beam Turrets
*** Implosion, Jammer, and regular Minefields

* Went through and adjusted Frenzy Golem to simply use one beam instead of six intersecting beams. Maximum damage output is still exactly what it was. Just the weird way beam array attacks get lowballed reported damage no longer applies.
** Normal HA version of golem adjusted to follow the Expert version in having no shield.
*** Expert version durability hack slightly improved.
** Both versions adjusted to have 20% vamp on the beam attack instead of 10%.

* Adjusted Darker Mirror to break apart into several sub entities on death. Main unit is now immune to zombification, but the resulting temporary entities are not.
** This is effectively to stop zombie pong where Darker Mirrors kept changing sides eating almost all attacks until they hit the health threshold where a unit cannot be zombified yet again.
** Shattered Mirrors are effectively a weaker Dark Mirror that lives for a maximum of 20 seconds, only reflects 50% of damage taken, and at 30% or less remaining health looks to explode in one final attack in place of having a regular weapon.


Dyson Sidekick
* Make Dyson Sidekick techs a bit more expensive
* Make some dyson sidekick flagships cheaper to repair
* Improve auto-defend mode for sphere-flagships.
* Dyson Sidekick now can build Repair Centers

* Each of the four races now has some unique buildings that will entice players to build that race. 3 of the races grant access to critical resources, the 4th race has powerful defensive structures.
** Spire: Builds Science Generator (your primary source of science)
** Neinzul: Builds Metal Generators (a major source of metal)
** Zenith: Allows you to build Planetary Drills (a major source of Cuendillar)
** Templar: Gets a bunch of extra defenses, and the Strongholds grant bonus attack power to ships on the planet.
*** Note: Though there is a Dyson Empire, this faction is intended to be played as a Sidekick where it can rely on its allies for help defending. Or it needs to just lean into Spheres for their defense.

* Give the Necromancer an Auto-Defend mode similar to the Dyson Sidekick. This would allow any sidekick to be used as a Vassal alongside another human player.
** This is currently part of the Dyson Sidekick mod for testing, but could be moved to the base game based on feedback

Points of Interest
* Assassin AI Type now uses their special Dire Guardians, oops.
* New Natural Phenomena 'Fungal Growth'. These planets feature native fungus that sprouts periodically, and when ships die. Avoid these or make us of them but anyone nearby gets weapon jammed!
* New Derelict 'Haunted Shipyard' spawns friendly zombies for the its owner. Capture it before the galaxy fills up with hostile zombies!
* New Derelict 'Phoenix Dreadnought' starts as part of the hunter fleet but upon death it is reborn under the killing factions control!

* New Alien tech ship 'Anti-Drone Sniper Frigate'. This sniper deals bonus damage to drones as well as spawning dangerous makeshift drones for each killing blow. Thanks to Lampshade for the inspiration.
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With almost 3 weeks delay the offline installer of House Party was updated today to version 1.0.1
Update 1.0.2 is still missing.
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Return of the Obra Dinn

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac] 1.2.120 ⇒ 1.2.122.
• Fixed wrong profile loading when spamming CONTINUE.
• Fixed a few localization issues.
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Update 3.5.1 (September 20th, 2022)

New Toxoid Empire Art:
- Species portraits
- City set
- Ship set
- Colossus ship

New origins:
- Knights of the toxic God
- Overtuned
- New Ascension perk: Detox
- New traits
- Exotic metabolism
- Noxious
- Inorganic breath
- Incubator
- New civics
- Scavengers
- Toxic baths
- Relentless Industrialists
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Old World patch (62874)

Ships can now enter their team's coastal cities
Will not prevent hostile units from entering city
City docked ships cannot attack or defend
Fortification: Fully fortified units will do melee counterattack, each fortify step costs 1 order
It is now possible to ask your tribal ally to declare war on another player
Reduced the number of orders generated by decree
Religion heads will now be replaced when their nation is eliminated
It is now possible to influence religion heads if you have contact with their nation
Adjusted victory condition for Greece Campaign 5
Reduced event level in Learn By Playing scenarios 1 and 2
Adjusted MP map dimensions so SP and MP maps have identical city site capacity, so the size is more consistent across gameplay modes
Drop down added to give players more flexibility in how map size is generated
Added achievements to Learn by playing scenario
The highest level urban improvements (Fairs, Palaces, etc) now allow skipping Apprentice and Master Specialists
The middle level urban improvements allow skipping Apprentices.
Specialist build time bonus for middle and highest level urban improvements has been removed
Player victory has been added to the turn summary and PBC email
New units are placed on XP improvements (Barracks, Ranges, Harbors) before trying to place them inside a city
The Hill MP Duel Scenario has been added

Improvements to performance
Improvements to AI

Improved naming scheme for Network MP UI buttons
Updated the flow for the hosting/joining network multiplayer games
Improved Host Server interface
Game always show all nations when observing to allow for Shift+Click to switch
Some attack result modifiers are now displayed in the damage preview
Moved custom announcements to the top of the list
Game only shows disconnected status color in MP for network games
Game no longer shows client disconnection popups for server games
Reduced default HUD scaling

Chinese text has been updated
Japanese text has been updated
Updates to Russian text

Bug Fixes
Map aspect ratio fixes
Fixed Testudo orders cost
Fixed some attack preview issues on units with rout
Fixed missing reminders for pagan religion heads
Fixed issue with higher-level specialists requiring citizens
Fixed border expansion preview sometimes incorrectly showing changes within already-owned territory
Fix for Free-for-all achievement, requires more than 2 players
Fixed some cases where floating keyboard doesn't show up on Steam Deck
Fixed issue where some events in Learn to Play were not showing up
Fixed issue where custom map difficulty settings were not always updated
Fixed issue in city screen where project could be accidentally duplicated
Units no longer make a multi-tile move if the destination is adjacent to the start
Fixed observer client not updating unless observed player is connected
Fixed issue where event-based achievements weren't completing in no-characters mode
Fixed issue where notifications scrollbar was displaying inconsistently
Fixed so its possible to load other player's single player save files
Fixed issue where event preview tooltips were sticking
Enlist chance only shows when unit will be killed
Fixed issue with scouts returning from being agents
Fixed issues in Learn-to-play scenarios where goals were not triggering properly
Fixed how birthdays and other important dates are calculated
Fixed issue where selected city label was appearing over some screens
Fixed issue with unit cycling after unit has taken an action
Fixed issue where women could not be in polygamous relationships
Fixed issue with tooltip delay slider
Adjusted the age of Stratonice and Demetrius in Greece 6
Adjustments to border growth preview
Various text and event fixes
Fixed issue with cursor disappearing in events on Steam Deck
Fixed issue with traded luxury disappearing on loading save
Fixed issues with goals not completing in the Rise of Carthage 4 and Heroes of the Aegean 3 and 4 scenarios
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Zoria: Age of Shattering - Demo (not the Prologue)

Version 0.4.1 (54215) to version 0.4.5 (58913)

No change log. Observation: Demo v0.4.5 is almost double in size over v0.4.1.
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Death Trash Demo (full game probably also updated)

Update to V0.8.7.

Changelog (for the full game, taken from the forum):


General Improvements:
- leaving dialogue anytime inbetween needs a double press now instead of single press (to prevent accidental leaving); added a user setting to enable previous simple click handling
- updated InControl Controller Manager to not switch to devices with minimal movement on sticks (should fix devices with constant minor noise on sticks, e.g. joysticks, causing issues)
- co-op: crafting knowledge is shared now
- reorganized settings menu
- reorganized some knowledge entries
- uncovering map: use look position instead of player position and therefore make free look mode uncover map, too

Content Fixes:
- fixed Aksa using wrong dialogue when having quest item already when first meeting her
- The Tower: reworked some events and behaviors, fixing potential issues
- The Tower: fixed issue with logical puzzle
- The Tower: fixed a potential crash on using the terminal on last floor
- Mine 19: slight improvements to blind man quest scenario
- fixed a few potential crashes in tutorial area due to event handling
- small level design fixes in a few areas

General Bug Fixes and Changes:
- fixed a crash from explosions near doors
- fixed dialogue actions opening wrong inventory tab
- fixed a few input situations that hindered scrolling through weapon lists
- fixed some weapon selection shortcuts overriding visuals of current player attack
- fixed some issues with the 'loot all' command on containers
- make player character look towards cursor when holding melee override key pressed
- fixed player character death potentially yielding experience points (and be shown as scene text)
- fixed NPC health getting reset even on game over
- fixed exporting game data for modding exporting modified values
- fixed portrait sprite in character creation wandering off on some input combination
- fixed a few UI issues in settings menu
- co-op: fixed no tooltips being shown when on character creation screen
- co-op: fixed second player not getting armor item in tutorial hub
- minor text fixes
- updated Early Access disclaimer text
- updated some debug console commands
- additional internal framework improvements
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Updated from version 1.0 to 1.02 for Windows and Mac.

No changelog (checked the forum, steam, game's website and twitter, nothing to be found anywhere).
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POSTAL: Brain Damaged has been updated once more (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Version 1.04
• Added smart loot system, enemies will drop ammo for basic weapons now and health when it’s low.
• Stunnable enemies are now stunned when hooked
• Unity updated to the newest version
• Fixed audio slider inconsistency
• Increased font size in loading screen for better steam deck compatibility
• Fixed input glyphs displaying wrong in tutorials
• Fixed Pentrator trail particle
• Fixed smart pistol trail particle
• Fixed quick save slot saving inconsistency, should work as expected now. This should fix most of the saving issues.
• Added scripted combat music to some fight sequences , a lot more combat music in general
• Slowed down nail gun projectiles to differentiate it from the minigun
• A lot of minor bug fixes
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Songs of Conquest update.

Taken from Steam.

CHANGELOG V0.77.7 – SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Notable additions
New multiplayer mode: BATTLEGROUNDS. You can now play Battle only matches against friends, AI or random people online. Just pick an army created by the developers or create one yourself in the Army Creator.
Add Easy setting to campaigns
Add Turkish language option

Large skirmish map Bad Neighbours added
Add notifications and updated round text for maps with a round limit
Add video option to limit framerate
Add Hotseat link to Multiplayer section of Main Menu

Gameplay changes
Dead Wielders count towards the total number of Wielders the player can have
Wielders can no longer be disbanded
Dead Wielders can always be revived, even if it brings the total number of living Wielders above the current limit
Pre-requirement for march skill updated for Awakened

Gameplay bug fixes
Fix not receiving gold incomes from occupied towns when continuing on a saved game
Fix rare movement edge case where AI could get stuck in an endless loop
Fix battle AI not being able to handle casting several spells on higher tiers when they can be cast on more than one troop
Fix Wielders sometimes moving because of newly constructed buildings even when it wasn’t necessary
Fix issue where battle maps with forest and mountain themes were not selected as often as they should be
Fix buff/nerf tooltips in battle showing spell descriptions instead of spell effects

Add better camera zoom values in battle to support wider screen resolutions
Fix no visible level up button in the wielder list
Fix incorrect attack action in tooltip for towns
Fix guard tower upgrade tooltip
Fix mouse instructions hidden in tooltips when not your turn
Fix memory leak when hovering the mouse cursor over selectable things on the map

AI upgrading and also switching out (weaker) troops when entering towns/settlements has been made more likely to happen.
Recruitment has gotten a overhaul in general, promoting more sensible recruiting
Skill selection scoring has been changed, in some ways to promote command in situations when it got pushed to the bottom.
Add more decision inputs for when deciding what to build
More diverse and flexible ways of building has been added
AI concept of handing out roles specific roles to its wielders
Pathing/tracing nearby items for pickup/claiming has been fundamentally changed
An improved retreat option is in place to make feeding weak wielders to opponents less likely to happen.
Fix bug where it inverted treat checks which made Suicide opponents appear as Very Easy, this was particularly nasty.
Fix bug where the AI could not "see" some items under hostile zone of control, nor items it was standing next to.
More detailed cache invalidation to help speed up think loop times
Stop AI from casting Fury spell when it has only ranged troops
Added dynamic caching of data in multiple places to help increase performance

Minor fixes on missed localisation

Can now open spellbook during opponent's turn in Battle

Update Piper’s Post sfx
Update Merchants Guild sfx
Add Barya Workshops sfx
Fix Sassanid footsteps
Rework and update other Barya sounds

Optimize Fog of War update when walking with a wielder

Known issue
Battlegrounds: Army Creator — when dropping a troop on a slot where you already have units the resources will not be refunded correctly. You will need to delete the current troops and add new troops. You can always cancel and redo the army if your resources have been offset.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac]: 3.5.1 ⇒
Update 3.5.2 (September 22nd, 2022)

• The Toxic Entity will no longer bless those unworthy. (You cannot select a Toxic God solar system initializer without the Knights of the Toxic God origin).
• Crisis will now destroy the starbases of the systems it invades, fixing an issue where the AI would sometimes not land their armies on colonies properly.
• You can no longer put the Toxic God's strike craft on your ships if you defeat the Prethoryn.
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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Offline installer updated to 1.49.3

No changelog.

= = = = = = = = = =


Offline installer updated to

Changlog from steam:
- Added 6 new achievements
- Added 30 bonus recipes
- Added 12 body parts
- Added 5 new relics
- Added Spanish language support
- Other minor fixes
= = = = = = = = = =


Offline installers updated to

Changlog from steam:

- Balance Eagle: Modified Grif’s attack speed and armor stats
- Reworked the buried caches spawn: They cannot spawn on inaccessible tiles, neutral territory tiles, or near enemy town halls
- Reworked the Relic: Any buried caches can become a forbidden cache that gives an attack bonus to units in the zone when opened
- Sentinel Eagle Lore: added a cooldown on the Sentinel skill to bypass the blinding exploit
- Falconers: forged falconers increases the cache’s looting speed
- Eagle: added a Hawk count in the UI
- Snake Lore Black Market: added a cap to negative relation (30%)
- Snake Lore Under pressure: modified the amount of resources gained when looting a building, which depends on whether or not it has been upgraded
- Fixed falconers walking around buried/forbidden cache if two were assigned
- Fixed the hawks consuming wood
- Fixed Scout/Falconers that could not spy enemy Town Halls
- Fixed achievement “Building a what?!”: can longer be done with the Clan of the Horse
- Fixed Raised by wolves which did not work sometimes
- Fixed the Lynx to not be cloaked by default
- Fixed the unkillable Golem (Ragnarök event) bug
- Fixed the militia dying if they arrive at the same time as a Town Hall’s decolonisation
- Fixed forged Shield Bearer: the passive ability activates once the first lot damage has been received
- Fixed a Conquest bonus that did not give iron/stone
- Fixed a Conquest bonus that allowed you to colonize for free
- Fixed Conquest Imported knowledge, buried cache no longer gives lore
- Fixed Eldthurs not losing health outside their territory
- Fixed and updated some texts

Known Issues:

- Some languages have English texts
- Saves with the Eagle relic can still initially have the mob spawn instead of the forbidden cache
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AI War 2 has just received another "Hotfix" update, taking it from 5.515a to 5.516a for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5.516 Hotfix
(Released September 18th, 2022)

* Fix incorrect faction colors appearing in a ships tooltips, if experimental tooltips were enabled.

* Fix a bug where opening the UI for hacking Rifts after the first would immediately cause exceptions
** Thanks to MadArtillery on steam for reporting

Dyson Sidekick

* Ravagers can no longer spawn on unexplored planets