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Book of Hours

Offline installers repeatedly updated:
v2023.12.d.9 = current, 2023-11-29

(#1) patch notes from Steam / SteamDB:

Regular Update, released November 24, 2023

"DAYMARE" patch now live

This has spent the usual couple of weeks on the beta branch, and I have had ALMOST NO bug reports... but now that fewer people are playing the game my fear is that this is because it's had fewer eyeballs, not just because it's the most stable patch ever. It _is_ a very stable patch, but do hit us up at if you run into problems.

Notes below - you'll probably be most interested in the bolded things.

* You can now order some goods through the post (if you don't have an order form, one will arrive inside a year)
* You can now label bookshelves
* Timers for workstations look a bit spiffier
* You can now zoom while moving the camera
* Crafting helper panel now also works for Determinations and Histories
* Histories page now includes the pre-ending text for your later referencing pleasure
* Tightened up zooming controls
* That annoying shelf in the Westcott Room is less annoying
* Game won't unexpectedly switch between fullscreen and windowed when you open options
* Notification windows now universally respect the timeout option in Settings
* HOTFIX: swoosh-to-house-threshold button no longer forces close zoom.
* HOTFIX: Deep Mandaic books can now be translated again (you wouldn't believe what caused this prob)
* HOTFIX: Bookshelf plaques sometimes didn't appear on load
* ...and one additional small, fun, hidden feature
(#2) patch notes from Steam / SteamDB:

Small Update, released November 29, 2023

There was a glitch that could occur if you played during a particular combination of patches in the last week
"HOTFIX: If Hendrik's bust niche disappeared, it's now back. If so, you may also find one or more Pale Mommets in there. DON'T ASK IT'S BEEN A WEIRD ONE, JUST CALL IT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT"
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Contraption Maker

Offline installer updated:
Windows - v1.4.11
(Linux - v1.4.9)

patch notes via Steam:

Regular Update, released November 12, 2023

Build 1.4.11: Added a New Part & Bug Fixes
The Stable Candle part is added and a few bugs were fixed.
There was a request for a more stable candle that won't tip over so easily. Here it is:

- Made it so the Bucket can be disposed of by the Part Disposal.
- Fixed a crash bug when the Candle would hit a Sticky Wall.
- Fixed a crash bug when Recycling Box is place between to Pinball Bumpers.
- Put in some better physics update checks so they don't always have to happen.
NOTE: still waiting for two newer builds 1.4.12 and 1.4.13 to arrive on GOG
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Baldur's Gate III

Patch #5 Now Live!

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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Updated to 1.13.00 for Windows and Linux.

No changelog, just advertisement for the new Drukhari DLC.
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Updated to 1.31.4 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog posted by the developer in the forum:

1.31.4 - Plasma Overload

- Fixed plasma throwers are not registering right on the Kitsune, causing them to accumulate damage that could not be fixed but disappeared when you re-loaded your save.
- Updated translations.
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Tintin Reporter - Cigars of the Pharaoh

Updated to Cigars_2023112801_GOG (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Patch 1.0.3 is now live


Fix Patch 1

• Fixed a block by being unable to transition level in the Cruiser.
• Fixed a block after loading the Maharaja's palace.
• Fixed a possible block in after having beaten Rastapopoulos' bodyguards.
• Fixed a block by losing hotspots when interacting with the cigars in Temple.
• Adjusted the possible range for placing the box under the portholes in the Cruiser.
• Fixed Puzzle in the smug ship in which all the boxes would not move.
• Fixed Al in the Cigars factory that would not look the other way when showing the crossed eye icon.
• Fixed the trophy "Save a friend" that was not properly activating.
• Fix the AZERTY / QWERTY issues
• Fixed image in settings to showcase Azerty Keyboard
• Audio and more generally voices missing or attenuated now and then after having finished the plane sequence.

What’s next starting from November 17th?

• Changes to the Military Instructions section to make it more understandable.
• Highlights added to help Snowy finds the path to its objectives.
• Fixed error with autosave in Tintin's Nightmare chase where after pressing continue where chase would not be able to be completed.
• Fixed error with autosave when chasing the papyrus where the papyrus wasn't seen after continuing.
• Fixed block during temple puzzle section if user caused a rewind in between puzzles.
• Fixed block where hotspots would disappear in the cruiser exterior.
• Fixed error with autosave where the water particles shader would be seen on the boat instead of the water.

What’s next starting from November 24th?

• Minor additional bug fixes.
• General polish & improvements.
Patch 1.0.4 is now live

Hello Reporters,

A new patch has just been deployed to improve your adventure:


• Fixed an autosave error in Tintin’s Nightmare chase which made it impossible to finish
• Fixed an error with the papyrus not being displayed after an autosave on MS Epomeo’s initial chase
• Fixed a block after resetting puzzles in the Tomb of Kih-Oskh
• Fixed disappearing hotspots on MS Epomeo’s main deck
• Added missing textures in Abudin’s barracks

Known bugs & Upcoming fixes

• Error with the water particles being displayed on the ship instead of on the water
• Minor additional bug fixes
• General polish & improvements
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Star Explorers

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 5.4.3 ⇒ 5.4.4.

[Developer's comment about the previous Gog version.]
Star Explorers Updated to Version 5.4.4

I am a fool.

So, I saw that players were encountering crashed UFOs, and the interior would spawn in such a way that the entrance would lead directly to a dead end. I checked and double checked the code several times over many months. I could not quite figure out what was going on.

Then I woke up this afternoon (after a nap) and thought I would check again.

There was nothing wrong with the code! The code was perfect!

It was the models. The different interior UFO tiles were named incorrectly, and some that should have had a western passage (leading to the exit) actually faced east, and blocked off the west side. So I've just renamed the proper files and all your UFOs should be fully explorable now!
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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Updated to 1.13.01 for Windows and Linux.

No changelog.
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.74-8

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.74-8 Patch Notes

• Fixed some Russian translation errors (more to come), much thanks to xoxmodav who pointed out these errors!

• Most of the locked crates will now remain unlocked after unlocking it the first time, with a few exceptions.

• Added motorcycle destinations in Old Mill and Zernaskaya Church levels

• Significantly buffed the Tesla Model 69 and its ammo. Now it's a guaranteed two-shot kill against heavily armored humans.

• Increased the hitbox for the two lightbulbs in the back of water treatment plant

For the Slaughterhouse DLC, I added three fun weapons: three skulls that once thrown, will summon different Distortions. You can try it out using cheat code:

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Baldur's Gate III

Hotfix 12 Now Live!

We have a small hotfix for you today, which addresses some crashes that were occurring in certain instances, such as starting a conversation with Cazador (kind of a cheating move on his part).


Fixed a crash that could occur when joining with a second controller and activating split-screen in certain places.
Fixed a crash occurring in certain spots in the game (For example, when speaking in certain conditions to Cazardor, or Thisobald Thorm)
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Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy

Updated to 1.6.2

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch 1.6.2 fixes over two dozen bugs!

Bug Fixes

• Fixes an instance of trees blocking secret passages.
• You can read the inscriptions on the Raaf statues in the Raaf temples correctly again.
• The Eye in the Observatory works properly again.
• Prevents certain features from being generated twice during world generation.
• Adds the Military Doctrine legacy trait to some clans during world generation to allow characters from that clan to choose the Gate Guard background.
• Increases the chance ‘mountain folk’ gets selected as the cultural trait for a clan.
• Fixes an issue where the secondary entrance into the FIrst Valley could not be placed.
• Catches and fixes an instance of the world generating without the High Pass.
• The staff is not put back at the slot in the center of Haven every time you leave a building.
• The interaction marker to indicate you can take the staff doesn’t activate until after the opening shot.
• You can learn secrets from shadowfades without freezing the game.
• Hidden debug information remains hidden in the quest log.
• Non-humanoid factions no longer have a concept of thieves and vandals.
• Clans are no longer assigned as a ‘watching a site’ when another local group owns that site because this could lead to you being branded a thief or an enemy incorrectly.
• Spirit mine objectives register as done for the taskmaster when you have explored the site.
• Finished encounters no longer execute their ‘onLeaveArea’ scripts when the encounters are already finished. (This caused the Empire to reappear in the Garden constantly if you played through the prologue first.)
• Fixes a rare case where the giants wouldn’t fit into the bathhouse.
• Bedrolls also protect you against bitter cold.
• Catches an instance where gaining a lead for a location resulted in all other leads disappearing.
• Sharing tidings with a clan garrison doesn’t freeze the game.
• Removes a few false positive indicators of available rumors on map nodes.
• Gets rid of the deflated rumor balloons.
• Lead and objective markers on map nodes get removed when there no longer is any relevant lead or objective on a node.
• You can correctly reach the outside area of ‘small barrows’.
• Prevents the generator from creating entrance rooms without an actual passage into the dungeon.
• Fixes a couple of text issues.
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AI War 2

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 5.574 ⇒ 5.576.
5.576 Tooltip QoL
(Released December 4th, 2023)

This update has a big list of crucial fixes that needed to go out. But before that big list spams other news out of sight...

This update includes the 'Formatted' Tooltips setting available for use! You can find it in your personal settings.
First enable 'show advanced settings' here:
Then here it is:

This is pretty close to a rewrite of the entity (read: ship) tooltips and is not entirely finished yet. You will probably find something it does not do well, yet. But here are some examples:

That was brief which uses ship icons without names, but you can easily remind yourself what those are by holding either of the normal modifier keys to get medium detail:

Here's a few more...

Give it a try while I finish the last 20% of it for next update.

① General
• Fix to crippled ships not being considered disabled.
---• Being crippled was accidentally not handled by Squad.ComputeDisabledReason
• Fix to non-player entities unexpectedly becoming player owned.
• Fix to save corruption that could occur related to lists being an unexpected length.
---• List<T> refactor to ideally be more thread-safe.
---• Specifically, changes to its inner array resizing and capacity checks, its foreach iteration, and the RemoveAt method.
• Fix to 'cleared' flag on quickstarts being broken in last version.
---• If yours are showing as all cleared, you can restore an older one from "PlayerData\Profiles\Backup".
• Fix to ZA Portal hack and ZA Castra hack.
---• Should now become the 'hacked' portal/castra afterwards and not cause an exception.
• Fix to chat-box holding focus after it is closed.
---• Also it no longer tries to close and then reopen the sidebar, you can see it just fine over the sidebar.
• Fix exception when xml reloading related to AddOnOrParticleEffect table.
• Fix to exception in target planning related to accessing gamecommand properties after its been queued.
• Fix to leaked list in tooltip for tech vault with no tech choices.
• Fix max-dps calculation for coil-beams.
• Now calculating a correct max dps for chain-beams.
• Regular beams now correctly consider if secondary damage is scaled.
• Improved the behavior of several notifications when clicked to focus.
---• They now use the shared helper method for centering view on planet/entity which actually focuses on the entity itself, if clicked a second time or already viewing the planet.
---• Applies to: spire debris, astro trains, chromatic horror, devourer, dyson antagonizer, eye alert, enraged macrophage, raid engine.
• AI Reserves Improvements
---• 'pop over cap' warnings are thing of the past!
---• Ships are now spawned in stacks using the same logic for doing so as elsewhere, which is going to perform a ton better.
---• The number of ships to spawn will now be reduced if the full amount would go over the population cap.
---• You will no longer see multiple Dire Singularity Guardian spawn at the same time from the same wormhole.
---• When being absorbed back, instead of dealing attrition damage to all ships (which does not kill them in a consistent time if they are stacked) it has an actual countdown timer.
• Beam rendering quality improved!
---• Beam width no longer inconsistent, distance measured to the camera is now correct.
---• Beams will no longer get so narrow that it breaks the effect itself.
---• Beams now have an enforced a minimum width in screen-space, which is reached at ~80% of max zoom.
• Viewing details/contents no longer changes the open sidebar panel (it was forcing Fleets panel).
• New encyclopedia feature! "Search by: Everything"
---• This looks for your search text anywhere at all in the entire ships tooltip, at full detail.
---• You can actually use this instead of the cumbersome 'filters' dropdown for a lot of things!
• Encyclopedia shows 'mark level' in its own column now, so its in a consistent horizontal position.
• Tooltip for the sidebar buttons formatted a bit.
• At-local-planet tooltips that are for ships, no longer vary in width.
• The 3x tooltip scale settings now have higher precision.
• The order of members in the fleet management popup no longer changes when toggling a line between constructing/paused.
• New codehook OnWorldClear and PostAllTableInitialize.
• IDrawBag and notably also EntityTypeDrawingBag no longer leak lists when used. Also, the inner type of an 'Item' is now a struct rather than a class.
• Planet resource production booster logic reworked so that they only apply to planets that are owned by a friendly faction, and not neutral.
• Disabled the RNG delay time added into a weapons reload when it does not have targets.
---• This was appearing in a very annoying way if your have tooltips have 'weapon activity details' on.
• Tracing (debug) window will now use more than one column if it otherwise does not fit on-screen.
• Fix to ships timing out ($Dies) rendering with the under-construction effect.
• Fix to leaked list 'FactionUtilityMethods-SendUnitToRandomMetalGenerator-WorkingMetalGeneratorListInner'.
• Ships that are still under construction (and paused, for example) no longer passively regen shields.
• Added some validation of chain-beam entity system values read from xml and messaging on some invalid combinations.
• Fix to typo 'lighting' -> 'lightning' in an embarrassing number of descriptions.
• Fix to the dlc3 data extension 'AddTooltipText' method causing an exception when sidekicks mod is not enabled.
• Fix to human command stations and home-command being considered reinforcement locations.
---• Probably no effect on gameplay but it could be visible in tooltips.
• 'Experimental Stacking Algorithm' in galaxy performance settings now actually functional if the setting is enabled.
---• You will get some exceptions probably because it is so aggressive and isn't really reccomended unless you are in a real performance bind.
• All direct calls to Window_InGameHoverEntityInfo are now EntityText and the redirect happens inside that.
• ArcenCharacterBuffer (the one thats not double-buffered) can now be allocated and held onto forever in the same way a List<T> can
---• This does not affect anything about the temporary, pooled way of using them.
• Several things which were not occurring for paralyzed ships moved up so they are.
---• update the status of externally granted invulnerability
---• self-attrition or self-destruct over time or when parent missing
---• watches planets at range (ie, a logistical station)
---• transformation (and also expiring) based on either time or enemy presence
---• handling of 'ClaimablePlanetaryShipInWrongFleet'
• stringbuilder fix for bools, where being written as the ascii (int) value not actual characters '0' and '1'
• stringbuilder fix to the NextIndexOf and PrevIndexOf taking a string
• stringbuilder fix to WorkingTagList not initialized on non-main thread

② Mods
⯈ Radiant Maps
---• Spiral renamed to Simple Spiral
---• Spiral2 renamed to Spiral Galaxy
⯈ Points of Interest
---• All 'last stand' now have the same override colors to look grey/near-death.
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.74-9

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.74-9 Patch Notes

• Finally! I figured out the problem with keys going missing. It was due to player pressing "Rearrange" button while the keychain is still open, and then put the keys in. This caused the keychain item to be re-built but the keychain UI lost the reference to it, thus not saving the keys. Big thanks to Ember and everyone for helping me finding the root cause!

• I realized that the Ghost of Valentin DLC area is open to players from the get-go, which is not good because it's a highly dangerous place. So now the portal will be first enabled upon 7th day, after player hears the scream at midnight. A tutorial will now pop up, urging player to visit Zernaskaya church and check out the portal.

• There's a warning for entering the DOOWNEVAR portal but it wasn't showing. Now it will show up when player walks into the portal.

• Added more grammar fixes to the Russian translation.
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BROK The InvestiGator

Updated to 1.4.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
- Fixed taking damage several times if we pause during specific moments (like getting hit by spikes)
- Fixed double hurt voice during specific moments (like getting hit by spikes)
- Fixed interrupting a grabbing character could sometimes lead to getting frozen.
- Fixed timer during interrogation in Chapter 2 that wouldn't appear so was impossible to fail.
- Fixed issues if we started co-op during a fight and we hadn't seen the co-op tutorials yet.
- Added 67 new fanarts.
(Rvs 19287)