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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Updated to 1.16.9 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog posted by the developer in the forum:

1.16.9 - Core Meltdown

- Hitting molten iron with a tungsten projectile will no longer cause the game to crash.
- Using the keyboard autopilot target key on Linux-based sometimes triggered a race condition that could cause the game to crash.
- Big moonlets are reflecting more light now.
- Spinning moonlets will now preserve their angular momentum. You won't find a moonlet spinning in the opposite direction on your subsequent visits.
- When NANI used all its internal uranium salt tank, it would still emit light.
- Fixed a memory leak in the debug subsystem that could cause the game performance to degrade if you run the game with the --debug-console command line options. Non-debug runs were not affected.
- The pirates will now avoid attacks on the very rim of the rings
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Updated to V4.0.2-220923-1 for Windows, V4.0.2-240923 for Linux and Mac.

Changelog from Steam:

V4.0.2 - Performance, Full Translation Support and Hotfixes

24th September PC (Build V4.0.2.2023.09.25):


• Added new settings option to preload music files in Settings -> Audio -> Preload Music Files. If you have stuttering issues during later dungeon floors this will improve performance. After enabling, restart the game client for changes to take effect. Note this will increase initial load times and will increase RAM usage to approx 2GB.


• Fixed sustained spells consuming less MP than intended when casting skill was below 40.
• Completing the game in splitscreen now awards end-game race achievements for all players participating, instead of only player 1

General fixes:

• GOG/DRM-free version - fixed DLC classes not unlocking for all races when you have the requisite complete game as X race achievement
• Fixed mouse clicks in splitscreen interfering with gamepad player inventory controls
• Fixed multiplayer client victory screens/scores being incorrect in Classic mode
• Fixed "In Greater Numbers" achievement not awarding in multiplayer if host had skipped credits
• Fixed stat tracked achievements not counting correctly in multiplayer
• Fixed torches degrading while shapeshifted
• Fixed Stealth skillsheet tooltip displaying incorrect light values
• Fixed crash when pressing follower commands while reading a sign
• Fixed camera lighting issues occuring at certain video resolutions


• Added all main menu/settings text to lang/en.txt, now can be localized into other languages
• Added support for "Fonts" folder to add missing text characters to the font files
• Fixed "Limbs" folder not working correctly
• Scripting: Fixed @class= tag not working correctly in multiplayer
• Added /achievements_warning false command to remove achievement disabled popups when testing maps
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Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

Updated to 1.89 Allage (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Revival of Halloween & Christmas events! [Ver. 1.89]

Prior to the release of the upcoming DLC SoD: CS, the graphics and game system have been updated and limited-time events have been revived.

The changes in this build are as follows:
Ver. 1.33 > Ver. 1.89

• Halloween and Christmas events that were held for a limited time have been revived!
• The events will start when you touch a certain pumpkin or Christmas tree that appears after clearing Act 8 in Home Town.
• Graphics quality has been improved and optimized.
• Fixed an issue in which the darts mini-game was hard to hit in some screen ratios.
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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
0.7.5: The Architect OUT NOW!

0.7.5: The Architect

Hey Drifters!
The Architect update is here!

We've heard your requests for the ability to relocate constructions and ways to restructure the town. It posed some interesting challenges and flabbergasted us for a while, given the game's setup, but we found a solution. Enter: The Architect! This specialist allows you to go into 'Architect Mode' and completely re-plan your entire town, re-think pipelines, or just move some buildings around.

We've also been working on improving performance, the game should run smoother now :)

What's next?

We are working on adding controller support to the game! We want to make sure it feels right to play on a controller and on the Steamdeck, and it’s also going to help us explore the possibility of bringing Flotsam to other platforms in the future. We'll start testing this on experimental soon.

Early Access 0.7.5: The Architect

The Architect! This specialist allows you to go into 'Architect Mode' and completely re-plan your entire town, re-think pipelines, or just move some buildings around.

The Architect

• New Construction: Architect Station. The Architect station unlocks the 'Architect Mode'.
• Added the 'Architect Mode', in this mode you can move or store buildings and thus re-structure the town.
• Updated the tech tree to implement the Architect.
• Added The Architect specialist.


• Fixed issue causing salvaged landmarks to no longer be greyed on the map.
• Fixed issue where drifters could get stuck planting seeds after saving and loading.
• Various small fixes to inventories.
• Fixed issue where some seeds on landmarks would be null and not be salvaged nor shown.
• Fixed issue where drifters would only haul 3 items when doing import projects.
• Fixed issue where drying buildings would spawn audio errors.
• Fixed material memory leaks caused by the resource visual setup.
• Various small fixes to map movement.
• Fixed issue where construction variations wouldn't show.
• Fixed some items not showing the correct throwing visual.
• Fixed issue where the Decoration preview would get stuck when it was active while a park was being deconstructed.
• Fixed issue where birds would be destroyed when they were perching on an energy pole that was being deconstructed.


• Adjusted underwater tiles to have simpler geometry.
• Added LODs for Fish Sticks, Town Tugger and Solar Panels.
• Reduced resolution of various textures.
• Removed unnecessary foam underneath some constructions.
• Texture updated for large storage yards.
• Resource visuals no longer cast shadows.
• Changes to the physics so it stays consistent when changing the game-speed.
• Various other improvements to the physics.


• Wind streaks no longer rotate with the camera.
• Updated LODs for walkway pontons so they don't disappear on lowest settings.
• Various changes to the UI to make it more consistent.
• Changed the visuals of the Food Truck as the texturing style was outdated to the current game's visual style.
• Changed the visuals of the Water Container to increase its readability.
• Changed the visuals of the Solar Still to properly reflect it's boundary size.
• Updated the Townheart's propeller build-blocking area to more properly show the blocked building area, also allowing for some leeway.
• Properly tagged Goods, Mushrooms and Tools to sort in the top bar inventory.
• Made some changes and fixes to our sound editor.
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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.2 20230712 ⇒ 1.2 20210923.
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.2 20210923 ⇒ 1.2.

[Rollback to setup_legacy_of_kain_soul_reaver_1.2_(21751).exe.]
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Update to V1.16.10.


1.16.10 - The Cold Astromathematic

- Astrogator’s matrix multiplication error could cause your ship to hit some big objects, most notably the most recently discovered class of moonlets, during astrogation sequences.
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The Slormancer

Update to In_Dev_0.7.0h.

No changelog.
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.72-3

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.72-3 Patch Notes

• Added % data to the description of skills for more clarity

• Fixed the description of Potassium Iodide so that it correctly states the duration

• Fixed a recurrence of the bug where the crates under the roof of Station 11 cannot be interacted with mouse cursor.
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Hotfix 1.0.97c September 20 (Steam Date) September 25 (GOG date)

- Fixed a CTD issue on launching the game through the exe directly
- Fixed incorrect rotation on Metis ATGM model

Hotfix 1.0.97b September 18 (Steam date)

- Fixed CTD on Grossentaft in Attack mode

Hotfix 1.0.97a September 16 (Steam date)

- Fixed several crashes
- Added M109A3GA1 to West German forces, replacing outdated M109G in brigades and task forces where it makes most sense
- Added G3A2 with wooden furniture to Heimatschutzen squads
- Added correct model for Metis ATGM

Update 1.0.97 September 15 (Steam date)

Despite being an update about fixing things, most fixes required significant rewrites, so expect hotfixes.

- Added new main menu music theme
- Added Czech localization
- Added proposed fixes to Italian localization

- Replaced BTR-70 with BTR-60 in 120th Guards MRR for authenticity
- US TFs almost completely lacked M2A2 as an option: adjusted 2 TFs to include them instead of redundant options
- Added a separate icon and decal for the Belgian 4th Pantser Infantry Brigade
- Engineering tanks received a minor buff so that a platoon of 3 tanks is equivalent in breaching ability to a platoon of 4 assault engineer squads. M728 CEV and AVRE also made a bit cheaper.

- Platoon panel now has a small red blinking dot near icons of the platoons that are in combat
- You can now see which targets platoons are engaging when holding SHIFT
- Bomb and PGM strikes should now actually ignore helicopters as valid targets
- Fixed instances where AI Artillery won't displace after salvo
- Fixed AI Artillery idling when there are no same-AI groups to support
- Added basic fixes against AI overcrowding in spawn areas
- Adjusted Operation "TF McMains" starting resources to be less stingy

- Fixed (hopefully for certain this time) cases where a platoon will move through impassable terrain (typically, lake)
- Fixed US M577 deploying smoke despite not having smoke launchers
- Fixed small arms fire causing dirt splashes in the air when targeting helicopters
- Fixed minor bugs with suppression calculation
- Fixed unit movement audio not playing after spawn
- Fixed minor waypoint drawing issues
- Fixed AI SAM platoons not reacting to threats when following a combat group
- Fixed TacAid voice reports depending on the presence of targets in the attack zone
- Fixed platoons with lost vehicles endlessly consuming supplies
- Fixed multiple issues with pooling logic, which should slightly improve performance toward the end of long sessions

- Platoon attack logic had a rewrite, though public-facing behavior should remain largely the same
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Updated to 1.72-1

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Planet of Lana

Updated to today. Changelog from SteamDB:

• Performance improvements
• Minor bug fixes
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Travellers Rest ->
Changelog from Steam:
- We've fixed a bug that blocked the player when serving customers from the bar while having the mop selected.
- We've fixed a bug that blocked the player when going down to the cellar in cooperative mode.
- We've fixed a bug that caused employee's tenure start date not to display correctly.
- We've increased the capacity of kegs and taps to 30 drink units. In upcoming updates there will be improvements to increase this amount.
- We've added a button in the staff panel to access the perks.
- We've fixed a bug that caused the recipe crafting process to continue for free after cancelling it.
- We've fixed a navigation error that made changing the dispensers' colors inaccessible when using a controller.
- We've increased the minimum amount of trees that can be in the tavern's map from 6 to 10.
- We've increased the daily probability of adult trees to sprout new ones around them to 40%.
- We've increased the amount of tree sprouts that Bob has available in his store.
There have been two intermediate updates as well (,, but no changelog.

...are blue dots out of service again?
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Updated to Release 1.0.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog yet.
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The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

The offline installer updated

- v 1.0.7
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac] 2.0_release_0.5 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.6.
Hotfix 2.0.6

The hotfix is deployed to the default branch. The database changes only apply to new games, and code fixes apply to on-going games.

⯈ Bug Fixes and Polish
---• Fixed condition error causing duplicate responses in Gasom scene
---• Fixed Chapter IV achievement trigger
---• Fixed wrong condition content about a comment regarding the governor of Bergia
---• Fixed wrong border reinforcement construction instruction
---• Added condition checks for two repeatable choices in the Bergia meeting
---• Added missing reservist variable change to ensure they are exclusive
---• Some lore naming fixes to something related to Rizia
---• Fixed budget meeting skipping additional advice questions
---• Fixed several misc scene issues and typos
✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰


Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] 3.9.0 ⇒ 3.9.2
[Linux] 3.9.1 ⇒ 3.9.2
[Mac] 3.9.1 ⇒ 3.9.2
3.9.2 Patch Released

Hello all,
The latest minor patch for Stellaris is ready and released, fixing a number of issues and further balancing the new mechanics.

We're also planning a follow-up 3.9.3 patch for mid to late October, which will include some of the issues brought up during the Open Beta that require new text, more fixes that did not meet the 3.9.2 deadline, and a handful of other improvements.

Please find the patch notes below.

#################### VERSION 3.9.2 ######################?

① Balance
---• Pre-FTL empires now have reduced technological development before the mid-game year.
---• Catalytic empires can now build bio-reactors.

② Bugfix
---• Anomalies that reward Scientist Expertise traits now apply those traits to the Cognitive Node for gestalt empires.
---• Blocked empires without the Scientific Method technology from constructing research districts.
---• Federations End should no longer spawn empty habitats if the pre-FTL slider is set to 0
---• Fix a CTD when loading a save containing an invalid species archetype
---• Fix for wrong value for evasion in ship design.
---• Fixed being able to build multiple gaia seeders on a single planet.
---• Fixed Fallen Empires not triggering their monthly random events
---• Fixed pre-ftl civilizations that naturally progressed to the Early Space Age being unable to become space faring.
---• Fixed Secrets of the ... no longer granting Expertise traits.
---• Fixed stage 4 gaia seeders being buildable, but immediately destroyed by non-Idyllic Bloom empires.
---• Fixed the Colonial Remains deposits not spawning for the Remnants origin in some cases.
---• Fixed the Patron achievement not firing.
---• Fixed the Prethoryn getting stuck because their starting system contains an FTL inhibitor that prevents them from expanding
---• Fixed the Surveyor not spawning resources in some cases.
---• Gardening Drones will no longer have an unlocalized string.
---• Habitat Central Complexes constructed around stars should now be placed further away, so they no longer clip into the star.
---• Industrial designation is now only available on habitats for gestalt empires, if they use consumer goods.
---• Merc enclaves now inherit their shipset from their creator.
---• Paradisiacal Habitat modifiers in Ithome's Gate no longer use placeholder icons.
---• Restored -25% penalty if the government doesn't have a head of research.
---• Set a manual planet size for the Toxic God star asset, as it otherwise counts the large visual effects as part of the planet.
---• The Crystal Splitter will now hopefully stop blowing up Fruitful Partnership colonies
---• The spiritualist fallen empire will now wake up if you eat their holy worlds.
---• The knights will no longer try to quest if you pacify their habitat.

③ Performance
---• Removed MTTH from anomaly.6710, bane of ship events, horror of designers
---• Removed MTTH from assorted fallen_empire_tasks events
---• Removed MTTH from communications_spread.1 and communications_spread.3
---• Removed MTTH from crime.1, crime.40 and crime.41, plus added pre-triggers to all crime-events
---• Removed MTTH from fallen_empires.1, fallen_empires.3, fallen_empires.10, fallen_empires.11
---• Removed MTTH from leviathans.660 and leviathans.662
---• Removed MTTH from pop.1-13, madness that should have never existed
---• Removed MTTH from random caravaneer events (cara.4000-4050)
---• Removed MTTH from refugees.5, scourge of the game, destroyer of performance
---• Removed MTTH from the Migrating Forests event chain (colony.1 to colony.12)
---• Removed MTTH from the Orbital Debris event chain (colony.171 and colony.171)

④ UI
---• Added new main menu gradient

⑤ Modding
---• Added researchers_add.txt and archaeoengineers_add.txt inline scripts for buildings.
---• Added chemist_add.txt, factory_add.txt, foundry_add.txt, refiner_add.txt and translucer_add.txt inline script for buildings.

Please note that save file compatibility between versions is not guaranteed.

If you experience crashing or other issues, first disable all mods and start a new save. If the issue persists, please report it on the Bug Report forums.
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