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Foundation (In Development)

Updated to alpha (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch Is Now Available!

Hello everyone!

Thanks to some quick feedback from the community, we’ve picked up on a few small bugs that have now been addressed in patch Find the details below:

Bug Fixes

• Sub-buildings’ attach nodes remained visible even after closing the sub-building window while not building anything
• The preview tooltip for building parts with no building costs displayed two separators instead of one
• Houses could be stuck with a green highlight from the Beautification visual filter when placing decorations using SHIFT+click
• Crash under specific circumstances when abandoning a territory

Thank you and we hope you are enjoying the new Desirability and Beautification changes!
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.71-9

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.71-9 Patch Notes

• Further enhanced font sizes for Steam Deck support

• Some tight locations will have a cap on NPC spawns to not crowd the place

• Fixed a bug where ghouls buffed by Visitation has way more health than intended

• Increased the accuracy and velocity of crossbow

• Fixed a bug where ghouls cannot be manipulated by throwing rocks

• Fixed a bug with Rangers BBQ ticket not saved

• With gamepad, you can now scroll the stash list page with the Right Stick

• Left Stick can now control the speed of the character, going from walking to slow run to full run (sprint by holding Left Stick button down)

• Fixed a bug with ghouls knowing exactly where player is when player shoots him with a silent weapon. Now the ghoul will come search for the shooter within a 15 meter radius around the player, allowing player to step away and shoot again

• Fixed a bug with NPCs getting strangled somehow notifying their mates

• Gave Kirill's recipe a new look to not confuse it with normal recipes

• Completing hit jobs will grant player some XPs

• With gamepad, the Right-Stick camera rotation speed is now governed by the "Camera Rotation Speed" setting

• Ribs, burgers, hotdogs, and ham will not be included in meal orders

• New color code for important radio messages

• Fixed a bug with player being able to strangle an enemy when no garrote is equipped
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.3.26 (GOG update number 67525).

Changelog from Steam:

Reduced the threshold for harvesting crops to 20. Crops can also be harvested if there was a fully grown crop for at least two days.
Slightly reduced penalty to royal reputation from noble influence
Fixed bug where a toggle for special settlement debuffs get reset when players switch tabs in the new game menu
Fixed bugs related to wrong "Target Can't Be Reached" notifications
Added hierarchical pathfinding and a new option in settings to toggle path smoothing
Fixed issue with shoe equipment not being generated for villagers (nobody started with boots or shoes)
Fixed issue with tutorial tips not showing up during campaign
Added new notification when the final chapter of each mission is reached. At this moment, player can also exit to main menu and continue on the next map
Imported localization for all languages
Complete tutorial achievement changes its wording to be tied to completing the campaign
Builder desk no longer requires carpenters
Sanctuary mission adds 150 extra favor when the recruit monks quest begins (raised from 100)
Profession buttons in request family tab are now refreshed properly when game modules are changed
Fixed game crash when user rejects loading an outdated file
Fixed game crash when game attempts to load an outdated file
Added 1.3.25 to compatibilty version brake list (save files created in older version will throw error)
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Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy

Updated to

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch 1.5.3 shows how many blocks and parries you and your opponents have left

This patch fixes bugs, rebalances combat a little, introduces a new rumors system for some location, and adds an indicator how many blocks and parries you or your opponents have left.

Gameplay Changes

• Implements a new rumor system that allows you to ‘collect rumors’ in inns and similar places, but only serves these rumors at the start of specific sites. (Implemented for the cliff-top ruin, and the raaf temples).
• Adding an indicator that shows how many blocks/parries you and enemies have left.
• When you or an enemy become vulnerable, their available blocks and parries reset making it more difficult to keep somebody in a stun lock.
• Slightly reduces the effect of stunning damage on the time an enemy is vulnerable.

Modding Features

• You can mark level templates in such a way you can find them and always travel there.

Bug fixes

• Fixes a number spelling and grammar mistakes, and other textual issues.
• You cannot use pray-for-help to open the gate to the archive in the garden of Yendor.
• When you leave the spirit world in a different location the screen fades to black correctly while the new level is being generated.
• On the overview tab of character creation the correct hope traits are displayed.
• NPCs cannot initiate a dialog when the camera is showing an establishing shot.
• Going back and switching cultures halfway through character creation doesn’t break the UI.
• When you retire a wayfarer at an elemental all your gear ends up in Haven correctly.
• When required, correctly places the second figurine in the spiked ruin and the trapped ruin templates.
• When you open the inventory the preset icon outlines are colored correctly.
• The Serpent Gate keeper in Haven no longer claims the gate is functional when it clearly isn’t.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.1 ⇒ 1.2.
Update Notes
• Code optimization.
• Added sound effect to the swicth option.
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Updated to for Windows and Linux.

Changelog from Steam:

Hotfixes - Changelog

• Bleeding is now considered a Lingering effect (rather than Physical).
• Increased the base Cooldown Duration of "Draining Sigil".
• Increased the Revenant Commander's Cooldowns Duration coefficient.
• Adjusted the use conditions for "Necrophage": Ghouls will no longer consume corpses while at full Health.
• Fixed the Brander's pyres sometimes remaining lit even after his death.
• Fixed the bug causing some passive abilities to become unlearnt after sleeping.
• Fixed the crash caused by "Net Throw".
• Fixed the crash caused by "Incineration".
• Fixed the bug causing the player character to voice enemies' speech lines when applying them with Stun and Daze.
• Fixed the crash caused by "Spectral Haunting".
• Possibly fixed the crash caused by "Web Spit".
• Fixed Geomancy boulders not applying targets with Daze upon knocking them back into objects.
• Fixed unique items being ignored in the Statistics if found outside of containers.
• The Statistics' time-tracking system should now correctly sum up hours into days.
• Lowered the spawn chance for some of the new enemy types.
• Reduced the impact of some conditions and actions on the low level brigands and ghouls' Will to FIght.
• Nerfed Murkstalkers.
• Adjusted cooldowns and Energy Costs for some enemy abilities.
• "Lesser Ritual of Resurrection" and "Greater Ritual of Resurrection" will now set the reanimated Undead's Armor * Durability to 0% and put their abilities on cooldown.
• "Curse of Decay" should now correctly remove stacks of the effect after using any abilities, not just Attacks.
• Fixed Weber's "trading" dialogue option disappearing after the Ancient Troll's death .
• Fixed the bug with Knud and the Map of the Old Homestead Surroundings.
• Fixed the Atlas of Aldor granting 5% Energy Restoration instead of the listed 10%.
• Changed the Fatigue gain from using skills [1.5% > 2% of the used skill's Energy Cost] and spells [2.5% > 2% of the used spell's Energy Cost].
• Changed the Curse of Bloodlust [-25% > -20% Max Health] and the Curse of Madness [+5% > +7.5% Backfire Chance].
• Fixed technical tags and formulas being displayed in some of the enemy abilities' hovers.
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DoomSooth: The Bard's Tale was updated to 2.0A but the offline installer can't be downloaded because of an error. Didn't try with Galaxy.
The offline installer can be downloaded now, but I have no idea what this update is.

It still doesn't seem to be the Remastered & Resnarkled updated we should have had 6 years ago.

There is no new splash screen or app icon.

The game doesn't default to my monitor's native resolution.

And I can't find any support for Italian language.

At least the game doesn't crash at startup on 64 bit OS, but my older version doesn't either.
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Updated to 1.2.45 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Hotfix 1.2.45

Hey! Just a few final fixes for ToT in preparation for Parting Shade.

• Fixed an issue with the Prey Gauntlet finishing fights as soon as they begin.
• Jumping after Dash should elevate the player to about the same height now.
• Bosses now give more Mass per NGP level.
• Slightly enlarged the final boss's damaging colliders to better reflect their graphics.
• Fixed Shapely Fidus'es lingering mines.
• Optimized some boss encounters on the Low Fidelity setting.
• Fixed some Rockhead ambushes in Lithic.
• G̶R̶I̶M̶E̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶c̶o̶s̶t̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶0̶.̶2̶0̶$̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶t̶a̶l̶l̶?̶
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Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

Updated to 1.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Major Update #1

Hello everyone,

Major update #1 for Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is now live, bringing bug fixes, major combat balance tweaks and other improvements for the game.

We heard your feedback loud and clear and we’re determined to improve the game as best as we can, hopefully this will be the first step in the right direction.

A lot of the feedback we got from you is that the combat in the game can sometimes be a little frustrating, reaching high levels of frustration during specific encounters in the game (Medical Area eggs fight, final boss fight).
With the overall feeling that maybe the experience on Story and Normal mode was too challenging compared to other similar games.

With this patch we tried to reduce that feeling of frustration without sacrificing the challenging and rewarding aspects of the game. Story and Normal mode will be significantly more approachable than before, Hardcore instead will remain mostly the same.

And finally, another thing we focused on is the responsiveness and handling of the main character, especially noticeable when playing with a gamepad.
Now it should be easier to control the character in combat situations, switching weapons is faster and so are the Frost Grip abilities, sudden changes in direction no longer interrupts the run, and other smaller tweaks to reach the same goal.

We thank you for all your feedback and your support, if you find other issues you can report them to us on our Discord.
We’ll keep updating the game so if something you really wanted it’s not in this patch maybe it will be in a future one.

Below are all the changes we made in detail:



• Slightly increased Equip/Unequip weapons animation speed.
• Increased animation speed of all Frost Grip shooting modes.
• Increased Frost Spray freezing power but also consumes more charge.
• Slightly increased Frost Spray radius.
• Slightly buffed MPG 510-K stopping power.


• Decoys move significantly slower in Story and Normal mode, and slightly slower in Hardcore.
• Decoys can now spawn First Aid Kit on death, only in Story and Normal mode.
• Decoys will now spawn ammunition slightly more frequently on death, only in Story and Normal mode.
• Slightly decreased Decoy’s dodge rate.
• Slightly decreased Decoy’s damage per second.
• Mutated Decoys now will not instantly grab the player after blinking close to them.
• Lightning Orbs move slightly slower in Story and Normal mode.
• Red Lightning Orbs will now move at the same speed as the Blue ones.


• Reduced the corpses in the arena.
• Increased pylon’s hitbox size.
• Enemies’ spawn rate will now be adjusted based on difficulty mode.


• Eggs are now slightly slower to hatch.
• Slightly decreased White Sparker’s health.
• Increased the time that the White Sparker needs to get back in the fight after teleporting out.
• Slightly reduced newly born Sparker’s health.
• Enemies' spawn rate will now be reduced in Story mode.


• Boss grab attack is now slightly slower.
• Boss will teleport slightly further away from the player.
• Boss will be less reactive.
• Enemies’ spawn rate will now be adjusted based on difficulty mode.


• Sudden changes in direction no longer interrupts the run.
• Flashlight is significantly stronger and clearer across all levels.
• Alien collectables can now be destroyed with the Frost Bullet.
• Increased Very Hard hacking minigame timer.
• Increased Very Hard hacking minigame attempts.
• Decreased countermeasures presence in Very Hard hacking minigame.


• Improved the helicopter animation in the Lair Dam.
• Increased dead corpses variety through the levels.
• Added a new skippable screen for the final dialogue post-credit scene.
• Improved the hallucination sequence in the Castle Lab.
• Added a checkpoint in the Evacuation Zone.
• Removed an invisible camera collision in the Medical Area.
• Removed the duplicated helicopter in the final desert scene.


• It’s now possible to use the arrow keys and numpad keys in the Key Binding.
• Added borders to the windowed mode.
• Anti-Aliasing settings correctly use the word “Off” instead of “Low”.
• Opening the Extra menu will now unlock all the achievements related to completed challenges.
• Controller vibration improvements during cinematics.


• Solved a rare issue that could corrupt the autosave when force closing the game during certain cutscenes.
• Now player HUD will correctly remain hidden when it needs to, even with the “HUD Always Visible” option.
• Fixed a bug that incorrectly reset the JP PECK-DC12 skin after loading a new level.
• Solved an issue that prevented the player from interacting with the Upgrade Badge Station in the Water Supply Plant.
• Sparkers now will correctly scale movement speed based on the difficulty mode.
• Fixed a bug that made elevators play a 2D sound instead of a 3D one.
• Solved an issue that made the Frost Grip backpack blink in a weird way in certain levels and during certain cutscenes.
• Fixed a bug that prevented unlocking an achievement if the corresponding challenge was already completed.
• Frost Grip Upgrade Stations now correctly attenuate ambient sounds.


• General audio mix improvements.
• Various ambient sounds improvements.
• Improved intelligibility in various in-game dialogues.
• Fixed various post-cinematic audio events that prevent the in-game audio to come back right after the cinematic ends.
• Added missing sounds for some ambient element and a few interactions.
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The Invisible Hand

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] v1.1.9 ⇒ 1.2.2.
The Invisible Hand - French Localisation Update

Hello Ferios investors!

Today we are happy to share with you that The Invisible Hand now has French language support.

A message from the developer

If economical viability was the sole reason to do things, life would be boring. We just had to see Will's awesome jokes translated to our own mother tongue.

So we took it upon ourselves and did it! We're glad to finally be able to give you the French version of The Invisible Hand!

Setting aside the grind that is transforming close to 50k words to even more than that (French is so verbose..), being able to infuse our own frog-eater cultural references in it was a lot of fun.

On espère que vous aimerez!

Ben (Power Struggle Games)

The Invisible Hand's French localisation update is now live, along with the addition of a new language, we have also implemented a number of gameplay tweaks and enhancements, accessibility options and bug fixes.
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Dredge updated to (1951 - PROD)

Patch notes taken from Steam where update is called v1.3.0

Hey Anglers,

We’ve just released our third update for DREDGE, which introduces a new character - The Painter! Those looking for a spoiler free experience can go and visit him in Little Marrow now. For the rest of you, check out our trailer and patch notes below.

Added Boat Customization
After you’ve acquired your dredge crane as part of the main story, a new character will set up shop at Little Marrow - The Painter! He’ll be able to make adjustments to your boat’s appearance.
The Painter starts with some basic options available, but you’ll be able to discover additional paint ingredients and flag designs.
Added crab aberrations (craberrations).
Added a new filter to the Encyclopedia to display Crabs.
Added a number of new shipwrecks around the world.
Equipment tooltips now display the previously hidden “Aberration Catch Bonus” statistic.
Slightly buffed some of these values on some rods.
Rebalanced crab pots slightly.
All crab pots provide some aberration catch bonus, with higher tier / special pots offering a larger bonus.
Mouth of The Deep catch rate and duration reduced to make progressing the crab pot tech tree more meaningful.
Fixed an issue where in very rare cases, the game would take longer than expected to save. Losing power during this time would cause save files (and in some cases, backup save files) to become corrupt.
Added a new font which should handle Japanese characters better and prevent them from falling back to use Chinese characters in some scenarios.
Fixed an issue where clicking on the boat upgrade purchase button too quickly could cause the screen to get stuck.
Fixed an issue where some areas of the sea floor reported that they were 100m+ deep when they clearly were not.
Fixed an issue where some achievements would not trigger immediately if the last thing they required was for you to catch a crab.
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the map screen if it was switched to another screen while a marker was being placed.
Fixed some small animation issues.
(ø,ø): The game doesn't default to my monitor's native resolution.

And I can't find any support for Italian language.

At least the game doesn't crash at startup on 64 bit OS, but my older version doesn't either.
The new installer for The Bard's Tale can't be called a game update as it doesn't offer
any game file changes.

In Config/The Bard's Setup.exe you can choose resolution and language, but with
language they mean text language here. Dialog language can be switched in-game:
Optionen -> Sound-Optionen -> Sprache

Forcing Italian via registry does not seem to work:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\inXile entertainment\The Bard's Tale\Language
Dezimal -> 1040
surfer1260: The new installer for The Bard's Tale can't be called a game update as it doesn't offer
any game file changes.
It's just a change in version naming then? That's too bad. Was hoping they would have finally released the Remastered & Resnarkled update on GOG, but that update would have added Italian language support. It would also have set the correct resolution without having to use the setup app.

There's a changelog for it here on Steam. It was added there 6 years ago.
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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Updated to

Changelog from the developer's website:




• Fixed a crash that occurred when updating the total played time.


• Fixed a bug that caused crafted weapons’ weight to increase after loading a save.



• Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a kick poll immediately after a new player joined the session.
• Fixed a crash that occurred on the lobby screen when confirming two consecutive exit popups.
• Fixed a server crash that occurred due to an AI targeting issue.
(ø,ø): Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Updated to

Changelog from the developer's website:




• Fixed a crash that occurred when updating the total played time.


• Fixed a bug that caused crafted weapons’ weight to increase after loading a save.



• Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a kick poll immediately after a new player joined the session.
• Fixed a crash that occurred on the lobby screen when confirming two consecutive exit popups.
• Fixed a server crash that occurred due to an AI targeting issue.
Nice to see that they've pushed another update for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. The crafted weapons’ weight issue was particularly annoying, so I'm glad they've sorted that out. Also, those multiplayer crash fixes sound like they'll make for a smoother experience.

I've gotta say goku tu, consistent updates like this make me more invested in a game. Kudos to the devs for staying on top of things!