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bonzer: Wartales has updated. Offline as well. No changelog.

1.0.25872 - 1.0.26457

358 mb patch
Here's the changelog from SteamDB:

Wartales update for 20 June 2023

Community Update #1 Out Now!

Attention, brave warriors of Wartales!

We're excited to unveil Community Update 1 (the first one since 1.0 release), a result of your invaluable feedback and requests. Community Updates are designed to enhance your gameplay experience and bring a selection of your desired changes, in line with our vision for the game, to life.

Prepare to customize your mercenaries with a stunning array of helmets, adding both style and protection to your adventures.
We've also prioritized accessibility and quality of life features, ensuring that every player can fully immerse themselves in the world of Wartales.
But that's not all! This update includes a host of minor content additions, carefully balanced gameplay adjustments, and crucial bug fixes.

Your input continues to shape Wartales, and we thank you for being an essential part of the game’s development.

Protect your heads!

Helmets are making a grand entrance in Wartales!

There is now a distinct helmet by weight category for every faction, matching the existing armors and bringing defensive attributes. Moreover, each of these helmets can give its bearer a specific combat Skill. This means we have added close to 30 new skills to the game!

What if you’d like a companion to use the skill of a helmet that doesn’t suit them? This is made possible thanks to a new customisation feature: Stamps. By dismantling a helmet with a master tinkerer, you can obtain a stamp bearing the helmet’s skill. This item can then be applied (just like a layer) on any other helmet, replacing its skill with the one on the stamp. With this system, build possibilities are multiplied!

All leaders will wear helmets, but other enemy units will start wearing helmets gradually as the player’s level increases. Combat length and difficulty should be affected, since the pre-existing armor and guard bonuses have been distributed between helmets and armors, with little to no change in the total amounts.

Another detail: If your character’s hairstyle looks too good to be concealed, you can click the helmet’s display toggle at any time without disabling its effects.

Rare layers

A new foe joins the ranks of the ghost pack: the Ghost Bear! It will only show up against seasoned adventurers, who might have a chance to obtain the much sought-after Colossal Paw.

This useful item is the base ingredient for the newly introduced Rare Layers. If you already learned the recipe for an uncommon layer, you will be able to learn the matching rare recipe from your compendium.

While designing these new layers, we chose to give a little boost to the old ones. The armor bonuses, in particular, have been increased.

You can run AND you can hide

Ambushes have existed in Wartales for a long time, but we are now making them easier to understand and to use.

By remaining concealed in a forest for a few seconds, the player will reach the ambush state and notice that potential Targets are highlighted in the forest’s surroundings. Once this state is reached, targeting one of these groups will cause the player’s troupe to chase it.

If they reach their target, a combat will begin and the player will be off to a very good start. Every attacker will gain +20% chances of landing a critical hit, while every enemy will gain +10% damage taken.

Experience and progression

We believe that the experience accumulated in Combat up to level 5 is fairly consistent. Beyond that, your feedback has indicated that gaining enough experience is a tedious task. While we're convinced that the final levels should be a little hard to reach, we don't want the game to become a grindy monster. With this in mind, we've decided to adjust the experience curve to make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. The overall experience requirement up to level 12 has been reduced, but levels 6 to 9 in particular should be much easier to reach.

We have also made a few changes to the experience gains of each Profession. It seemed that the Scholar and Miner were especially easy to upgrade, while training a Thief or a Woodcutter was far more troublesome. Now, the learning curves of the different professions should be more harmonious.


At higher levels, there was a lack of Difficult Missions on the Bounty Board. We have now linked the minimum amount of difficult missions on the board to several factors:

• Game difficulty
• Player level
• Amount / Difficulty of completed missions

Three more changes should make the game a little more challenging for advanced players. First, we increased the average level of the enemies you will encounter in forests. More importantly, we started scaling the Movement attribute of enemy units depending on their level. Finally, we introduced a few differences in AI behavior between Hard and Normal/Easy difficulty.

Finally, we noticed that thievery was an intimidating path for newer players, while also being way too profitable for those who are well versed in the art of Crime & Chaos. In an attempt to make theft less cryptic while also preventing abuses, we made several changes to the calculation of Suspicion and Fines.

Both of these numbers are now much more proportional to the value of the stolen items. Additionally, an item that is consumed or used for crafting will now continue to be tracked for as long as the player is researched (the Guard knows you’ve stolen those, after all). However, once the Guard stops chasing you, these items will be forgotten. Meanwhile, items that are still in your possession will continue to count until they’ve been either given back, paid for or laundered.

Changing our tune

The Bards are perfecting their Art! Their repertoire has increased, with the addition of 3 New Songs that can be unlocked as your troupe accomplishes glorious feats. A new series of chords has been designed for each of these songs.


• A toggle has been added to disable screen shakes in the Options menu.
• Clearer feedback when hovering over environmental hazards such as fire or poison has been added.
• It is now possible to customize the size and color of the outline highlighting interactive elements.
• A Magnifying Glass option has been added (P key, rebindable).


• A Quick Save shortcut has been added (F5 key, rebindable).
• When crafting, repairing armor or healing units, you can now use resources from the camp’s chest (including in co-op mode).
• It is now possible to run by holding a double click.
• A tutorial has been added to explain how bonus Action Points work.
• In co-op mode, you can now see a preview of your allies’ AOE skills.



• Fixed an issue where Merchant caravans wouldn’t spawn in Co-op.
• Fixed a client-side crash at the start of the secret camp’s fight when siding with the tracker.
• Fixed an issue where Clients wouldn’t be able to end their turn after scoring during Rouste.


• The recipes for the Layer of the snake and the Layer of the fox are now sold by the trackers in Ludern.
• The recipe for Conversion oil is now sold by the traveling purifiers.
• Fixed an issue where recipe component requirements would not update properly in the compendium.
• Fixed an issue where the Tier 2 and 3 alchemy sickles required themselves in order to be crafted.
• Fixed an issue where the scrollbar in a seller’s inventory wouldn’t appear when selling size 1 objects.


• Fixed an issue where the Aimed Shot skill would not appear in the player’s skill bar.
• Fixed an issue where an archer using the skill Wrath would trigger an incorrect animation.
• Fixed an issue where archers would fire twice when pairing the skills Shoot order and Barrage.


• Fixed an issue where both Tracker & Scholar camp would be required for the completion of Drombach’s location.
• Fixed an issue where the lock in Mount Altis’ Sepulcher was invisible.
• Fixed an issue where a Weekly bounty would reward the player with the Elderguard dagger instead of the Basher mace.
• Fixed an issue where Early Access saves new runes couldn’t learn and find and codices in previously completed tombs
• Trade bounties will now appear on Gosenberg city’s bounty board.


• Fixed an issue where resting would set your party’s happiness value to -2147483648
• Fixed an issue during the Bard minigame where the music would stop before the end of the minigame.
• Fixed an issue where friendly units could spawn in the fog during encounters with the Ghost pack.
• Fixed an issue that prevented reorganizing the party members when you had a Captain and/or Lieutenants.

Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions, we can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this update, you can do so by joining our discord, reddit and following us on twitter.

Remember to take a look at the roadmap to find out what’s up next for Wartales!

• Shiro Games
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Winter Falling: Battle Tactics

Offline installer updated from 4.37 to 4.38

Patch Notes from SteamDB:
This week was focused on interface improvements.
Basically - how to make the game less annoying.
There were a few key issues, like people complaining about unskippable panic.
But I'm still on the fence with shift-adding more units for a selection. (like in standard RTS games)

- Universal pause, stops Panic/Charge/Skill sequences.
- Visible button shortcuts
- Selection box is easier to draw now (ignores enemies and disabled units)
- DoubleClick to select a single unit for an Advance
- Fixed immortal units. You could save a unit if you pressed pause at the right time. The unit would stay alive with 1 HP.
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Moonshine Inc.

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:

Hello Moonshiners.

Hope your empire is going smoothly after the recent PATCH 1.1 filled with new features and fixes.

Today we're coming to you with the hotfix - Patch

Check the Patch Notes:

• Fixed errors with various passive effects on stashes after the alert level raises to the third level or higher.
• Fixed bug with delivery in side quest "Meet the Locals".

If you're not there yet, come and join us on Discord!
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Layers of Fear

Updated to Win64_Shipping_R95581_GOG_Cert_1_1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Developer's message from Steam:
Guys! Just released is a patch that improves FSR implementation. The brightness adjustment tool is being tested. The publication of the next patch is literally a matter of the next few days.
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Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition

Updated to 1.0.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Updated achievements, additional save slots, and general bug fixes

• Cloud Saves now functional
• Multiple Save Slots
• Updated Mouse Sensitivity
• Random Crashes are Patched
• Main Menu UI is updated
• Clean Sweep Achievement Re-balancing
• Clean Sweep 1-1 Bug
• In 1-1, there are 5 targets in a specific area that are visible on the radar but are underground and not reachable, this is due to how the game is designed so we can't change this. However those targets do not count toward the achievement, so they can be ignored.
• Teflon Achievement Re-balancing
• Teflon Episode 3 Tunnel Bug
• There was an obstruction in level 9-1 with a door in a tunnel that was impossible to pass without taking damage
• Extended Radar Functionality
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Updated to 1.6.008

Changelog from SteamDB:

Moonscars - v1.6 Update Announcement

Hey everyone,
We're happy to announce the v1.6 patch which introduces 3 new languages, 2 new Special Weapons, and a lot of small improvements and bugfixes!
You can read a more detailed list below:

• Added support for Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish languages.
• Introducing two powerful Special Weapons:

• Scimitars: An efficient way to deal with airborne enemies.
• Gauntlet: A good way to keep enemies at a safe distance with a strong blow!

• Discover two new amulets that will enhance your experience, whether you're struggling, or you want a tougher challenge:
• Improved inventory items:

• Breakable Amulets will leave behind Leftovers, which can be sold back to The First One.
• Memory Moulds can be reused to repeatedly listen the lore-discovering dialogues with Vladyslava.

• Improved the Map with various additions. New icons added for Upgrades, Collectibles (Adelinka's Earrings), and Locked/Unlocked states for Doors and Flesh Walls.
• Superdash: Altered its input mechanics to avoid accidental triggering during combat. Also added the Up button as an alternative to the Jump button.
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Under Contract has beeen updated to ver. 0.45b (Galaxy and Offline Installer)

Changelog (taken from steamdb):

Hello employees! Welcome to patch version 0.4.5! Our focus for this build is based on the massive amount of feedback our team received after our launch on Steam’s Early Access platform. So let’s jump into it!

A Gallery for Smut

By far the biggest critical piece of feedback we received was on the missing gallery system for viewing unlocked reward scenes. Those of you with already unlocked scenes will have them ready to access the moment you boot up the new patch. The Gallery right now can only be accessed from the Main Menu of Under Contract, however, it will pull from all four save files to find which scenes have been unlocked.

This system actually took a bit of time to nail down, and we consider this our first iteration of the mechanic. Later we would like to have an individual save Gallery as well that will be accessible from the overworld map, and a degree of filtering on the scenes you have available.

Visibility Improvements

The next upgrade is to the main cutscene system. Pressing the “H” key will now hide the UI during all cutscenes making it possible to view the full background or animation without anything being covered. Hitting any other button will bring the UI back. This key can also be rebound in the options menu if you’d like to use something else.

Unlock Notifications

Finally, the last major improvement that compliments the new Gallery system is the notifications on unlock. If you unlock lewd reward scenes or quest items the game will now notify you of something new being available. This should help players understand the mechanics a little easier.
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Finally devs send me the changelog for the Figment 2 patch 1.0.10 from June 6th. :

Patch 1.0.10 June 6 2023
Apologies for the delay, small patch from a couple weeks ago.

Slight improvement to the Slammer’s telegraphing visual effects
Ethics Maze: Fixed an issue that could occur when exiting and then reloading the level at a specific point, resulting in a softlock
Ethics Maze: Fixed Lectern and Orreries visual errors on load
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Shardpunk: Verminfall

Updated to

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update: explosive barrels, Ironman mode and balance/skill changes

Hello everyone! Let's get straight to the interesting part - here are the release notes for 1.0.31 version:



• Added an Ironman mode, which prevents the players from reloading a mission. Actually, that was the default way the game was played until now, so maybe the correct way of saying should be "added a non-Ironman mode".• All existing saves are treated as Ironman modes. Non-ironman mode allows the player to restart any mission (except the tutorial one). Unlocks and achievement progress does not get rolled back though (as they are bound to a profile, not the current game-in-progress).

Ironman settings in the difficulty window. The window has been expanded, as more stuff will start to appear there.

• Increased the number of enemies that can appear in chapters 2 and 3.
• Increased the base HP of chapter 2 boss.


• Added a numeric HP display in combat. It can be altered in the Gameplay Settings.

Numeric HP display mode. Some might love it, some might hate it. Do let me know what you think!

New content

• Added explosive barrels on maps. A map can spawn a random number of such barrels. Barrels will appear in existing saves as well from now on.



• Rose: “Salvage bandages” shelter action has been replaced with the “Heal everyone” shelter action, which allows to heal every character in a shelter. In existing saves, the old action has been replaced with the new one.

Stryk3r has fairly ranked Rose quite low in this awesome Guide to Characters, so maybe this will help making her better.

• Rose: “Rush It!” action now simply grants a regular extra AP instead of adding that “non-movement AP” thing.
• Hector: increased the amount of enemy misses in the “untouchable” skill.
• Michael: “Clean weapon” skill now adds extra damage (it was extra max damage until now), but the bonus is reduced.

Note to localization modders: when an action description changes, its translation key gets changed in the localization file. If the game does not find a matching key, it falls back to the English translation. Therefore, if there's no matching translation to, say, an updated skill description in the game, it will be displayed in English (instead of showing an outdated translation).

As usual, thanks for playing Shardpunk! And do share all your thoughts/ideas on the game! Take care!
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Absolute Drift

Offline installers for Windows, Mac and Linux updated to d5394e3

No changelog
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art of rally

Updated to 1.4.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
v1.4.3 is now live on the main branch!

Just a small update t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶a̶ ̶b̶r̶a̶n̶c̶h̶ with some fixes and improvements - we're still working away at features in the background but wanted to get these fixes out in the meantime!

The improved car jumps and landings and the new camera rotation option are the highlights of this update. Give them a try, and let us know what you think!

Changelog v1.4.3b̶2̶ (including v1.4.3b1)

+ improved jumps and landings by minimising tumbling mid-air and dampening landings to improve control
+ added and improved camera rotation options
+ prioritise online leaderboard ghosts before loading local ghosts
+ improved switching between vegetation renderer options
+ added save game backups to help alleviate some save game issues

+ fixed issues with haapajärvi local ghosts
+ fixed volumetric lighting rendering issues on franzenheim
+ fixed oreng valley -r finish gate
+ fixed tears and terrain clipping on sardinia freeroam
+ fixed rocks with no colliders on karura
+ fixed invisible vegetation on some NVIDIA cards when running DX12
+ fixed the front left wheel of das speedvan being too large
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.69-2

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.69-2 Patch Notes

• Wooden shield and ballistic shield will now block some explosive attack if you are facing the source of explosive attack
• Shields will block portion of the babayaga electric damage
• Fixed a bug where only the first sidearm slot's weapon is considered when opening container that require weapon
• Fixed a bug where mutants might replay the attacking animation after it dies as player gets close
• Reduced scythe's health, especially in NG+
• Reduced the health buff for elite versions of mutants
• You can now press ESC to close the ingredient jar/keychain/medkit window when you are holding an item
• Fixed a bug in NG+ where more than one elite mutant might be spawned at the same time
• Fixed a bug where you can talk to Jacob about "interview" and end up resetting his quest progress
• If there is no OldSaves.dat in the save game folder, but there is SaveGame.dat, the "Continue" button in the main menu will load the SaveGame.dat directly
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Going Medieval

Offline installers updated to 0.14.19REL

June 22
Patch Notes (0.14.19) - from Steam

Bug fixes and improvements!
Greetings medievalists! The newest patch (0.14.19) is now live on all platforms. Please save your progress and restart your game client to update. You should be able to load normally and continue playing. If you have any problems, please let us know.

Bugs and Fixes
- Fixed several crash occurrences.
- Fixed the issue that made some buildings invisible after trebuchet damage.
- Fixed the strange issue where rooms underground that had rooms over them would heat up much more than intended.
- Fixed the issue where a terrace part of the room would not be heated (if you have a multi level room with some floors on the side as a terrace).
- Fixed the issue were the option “prioritize carry to bed” upon right-clicking on the fainted settler would not appear in some scenarios.
- Fixed the issue where construction of certain buildings would be ignored because settlers wanted to build certain hay constructions, but would lack hay resources to do so.
- Fixed the issue that prevented domestic cats going through doors.
- Fixed some minor text issues.

Quality of life improvements
- Settlers will no longer use ladders during the roping task, if the animal they are roping can’t use them too.
- Improved performance in the late game where some players had a bunch of productions active and intense stuttering would appear with every pile created.
- Animals from merchants will not be targeted by wild animals now.

Known issues:
- Settlers will not choose the closest production building (if there are more of the same type), but the one that has a production set first in the global list of productions.
- If your settlers are experiencing weird animations with some actions, be sure to cap the game's FPS in the game's options. Cap it to 60fps. If the issue persists, cap it at 30.

DISCLAIMER: The experimental and the main branch have the same version of the game. However, on the experimental branch, we decided to keep Dev version of the game, and that means that a Dev log with red text will appear from time to time. This will help us get more info from your side when crashes and bug reports occur. If you are annoyed by this, please switch to the main branch to experience the game without the red text.

Foxy Voxel

Previous Developers Notes and Changelog posted on GOG here: Going Medieval/Updates_and_Patches


Spirit of the Island

Offline installers updated to

Changelog: (from Steam)

June 22
Hello, adventurers!

Here is a new small update! We made a small optimization and updated the online connection system and hope that your online COOP connection will be more stable now.
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Against the Storm

Offline installers updated to 0.53.3R.

June 23
Hotfix 0.53.3 + additional information regarding the Seal progress transfer

Greetings, Viceroys!
We hope you’ve been enjoying the new Cycles Reforged Update*! We’re grateful for your swift reports that allowed us to identify and fix a couple of issues that slipped our attention. We also realized the description of the Seal progress transfer (and the Seal ladder itself) wasn’t clear enough, so we’ll try to provide some additional information and dispel doubts below. We hope this helps!

*We’re crying we missed the opportunity to call it Cycles Stormforged Update.

- Fixed a bug with perks being incorrectly assigned when there were more than 16 active.
- Fixed a bug with the Fishman Soothsayer glade event not disappearing after completion.
- Fixed an issue with Fertile Meadows and Barren lands modifiers being spawned next to each other.
- Added information about Hostility scaling based on difficulty in the Desacrator effect description (Fire Moths World Event).
- Added the Royal Resupply reward to the list of rewards in the embarkation view.
- If no seal was reforged, the UI in the CItadel shows no icon (instead of the previous placeholder icon).

INFO on Seals ladder and progression transfer posted on GOG here: Against_the_Storm/Updates_and_Changelogs/INFO

Previous Update - June 22
Against the Storm - MAJOR UPDATE Cycles Reforged

Offline installers updated to 0.53.2R

June 22
Greetings, Viceroys!
Embark on a Cycle-long journey toward the Ancient Seals. Grow your caravan, solve World Events, and plan your route to the ultimate goal!

We're very excited to finally share with you the extensive Cycle Overhaul that we've been testing on the Experimental Branch for the past few weeks.

Here's what's new:
New World Map System: Ancient Seals
New World Map System: the Viceroy's Caravan
New World Map System: World Map Events
New Upgrades: Faction Trade Routes
And more!

Notes posted on GOG here: Against_the_Storm/Updates_and_Changelogs/DEV NOTES
Changelog posted on GOG here: Against_the_Storm/Updates_and_Changelogs/CHANGELOG
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maxpoweruser: Absolute Drift

Offline installers for Windows, Mac and Linux updated to d5394e3

No changelog
This new version contains at least one fix for a white screen at startup on newer MacOs versions, as per this thread about it on the gog forums (massive kudos for the responsive developer, there!)