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The Riftbreaker 1.38132 -> 1.38239
The Riftbreaker World Expansion II Maintenance Update, June 5th, 2023. EXE: 757 DATA: 377
Changelog from Steam:
- Fixed the 'interact' function not working properly on buildings where the functionality was recently added.
- Fixed multiple crashes with the base_building.lua script.
- Key bindings will now refresh in real time after user changes the key mapping.
- Fixed a crash in CleanupDestroyedWalls method.
- Added missing localization strings.
- Fixed some issues with audio levels behaving incorrectly during dialogues.
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Talisman: Digital Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 78380 ⇒ 78818.

Talisman: Digital Edition Patch - 05/06/2023

Hi Talisman fans!

Today we rolled out another patch for Talisman: Digital Edition across all platforms.

➊ General Fixes:
---• If you quit and resumed the game, you were prevented from using spells against the Lord of Darkness on the Treasure Chamber space. As much as the Lord of Darkness would have liked to keep this bug in, we’ve now fixed it so you can properly cast spells on him.
---• Occasionally, the game would hang and get stuck when there was a Stand Off during the Battle Royale ending. This has now been fixed, so your battle royales can continue with no interruptions.
---• We fixed an issue where finishing an online game would cause a “Lost Connection to Server” message to pop up.
---• We’ve also fixed Steam Cloud saves not syncing correctly - your saves should all now save to the cloud properly, so you can continue your games on a different PC.
---• Previously, the reward for the 'Defeat 100 Demons' challenge was giving people the wrong title. It has been fixed to be the correct title, so demons will now be appropriately intimidated by you.

➋ Crash Fixes:

We’ve rolled out some more crash bug fixes in this patch, including:
---• A crash caused by using immobility and spell call when playing with the Sprite character.
---• A crash that happened when you pressed the ‘Delete Account’ button when you didn’t have a Nomad Account.
---• An occasional crash when reloading player account avatar images.

If you notice any issues or would like to report a bug, you can do so either through our official Nomad Games Discord. If you’d like to keep up with everything happening with Talisman: Digital Edition and us here at Nomad Games, check out our full list of social media channels. ♥️
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Amnesia: The Bunker

Updated from 1.2 to 1.3

No changelog.
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Updated to 1.8p4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
1.8p4 Update

This months update contains the following changes:

• fixed dropdown menus not working properly if a Switch Pro Controller is connected to the system

May 2023 Build Challenge Results

Here are the winning entries:

These workshop items are now included as default blueprints in the game


Excitement: 35,9 (Medium)
Intensity: 5,3 (Low)
Nausea: 1,0 (Very low)

Approximate Cost: ~$5,839.91
Approximate Cost (without decoration): ~$1,714.00


Hanging Gardens

Excitement: 38,7 (Medium)
Intensity: 5,3 (Low)
Nausea: 0,5 (Very low)

Approximate Cost: ~$5,876.39
Approximate Cost (without decoration): ~$1,900.00


Water Temple

Excitement: 38.7 (Medium)
Intensity: 6.1 (Low)
Nausea: 2.1 (Very low)

Approximate Cost: ~$5,999.56
Approximate Cost (without decoration): ~$2,200.00


Ye old flow

Excitement: 38,7 (Medium)
Intensity: 6,1 (Low)
Nausea: 0,5 (Very low)

Approximate Cost: ~$5,564.98
Approximate Cost (without decoration): ~$1,901.00


City stream

Excitement: 36,6 (Medium)
Intensity: 5,6 (Low)
Nausea: 0,5 (Very low)

Approximate Cost: ~$5,579.10
Approximate Cost (without decoration): ~$1,792.00
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Blackwell Convergence

Updated to 2.3b (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac) & 2.3 (Linux)

It's a fix for some typos. Look at the attached screenshot for details.
bc.png (360 Kb)
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Hustlefan: Blackwell Convergence

Updated to 2.3b (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac) & 2.3 (Linux)

No changelog.
It was posted in the Blackwell series games' subforum. The changes are fixes for spelling errors (typos).
Hustlefan: Blackwell Convergence

Updated to 2.3b (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac) & 2.3 (Linux)

No changelog.
PraetorianWolfie: It was posted in the Blackwell series games' subforum. The changes are fixes for spelling errors (typos).
Thanks! :)
I totally forgot to check the game's forum. I've attached a screenshot with details that I've found on Discord.
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.217 (GOG update number 65123).

Changelog from Steam:

Greetings Lords and Ladies,

The time has finally come, all the patches, updates. fixes and improvements that you've been testing in the Public Beta during the weeks are finally entering the main build of Lords and Villeins. A lot of things have been changed / added, so we recommend going through the Change Log below, especially if you were not a part of the Public Beta testing.

For a short summary, we have redesigned nobility and royal taxation, extensively improved UI, put additional work into performance and added new ways for you to control the economy. As this patch is making significant updates to the internal data structures, you will not be able to continue playing your save files from the previous version
, so if you are not ready to switch yet, we will keep the older version available in the "oldversion" branch for some time.

We are incredibly thankful for your help with the testing and for the overall support, we would not be able to get this far without you! And that's not all, more awesome things are on the way! For now, enjoy the current update and let us know what you think about it on our Discord server, here on Steam forum or feel free to write a review of the game.

Next on our roadmap is the promised Campaign update, so stay tuned for more info soon!

Change Log:

Performance Optimization
Path computed in one direction is now used in reverse order for opposite direction.
Pathfinding is now distributed over multiple frames and threads using a BurstCompile job system.
All visitors now share a common pathfinding map instead of each family calculating their own.
Prioritization of path search for NPC over animals and further limiting animals use of pathfinding in a single frame.
New option in the settings to serialize pathfinding data. It will increase save and load time, but prevents spike on reload.

Replaced Nobles with Artisans
Chapel is no longer used by artisans. They share the church with everybody else.
The Tavern was removed. Artisans arrive through the Inn.
Inn now also serves mead and wine.
Donations to clergy no longer reflect noble families. The clergy simply expects the player to donate a calculated amount of valuables over some time.
Theatre is now visited by everyone, including peasants.

Added a new class of Noble Houses
Noble houses are generated automatically at the start of the game.
Their growth is stimulated automatically outside of the map.
Noble houses can be viewed in the population book in a new Nobles tab.
Noble houses now accept ruling family marriage proposals instead of the previous artisan families.

New Quests and Deliveries
Noble houses and royalty offer optional delviery quests for extra rewards.
New Loading Site structure added that is used by villagers to prepare deliveries.
Players can also grant resources to noble houses or a royal family which is sent away through the delivery system.

Hosting at Villa
Players can now invite a noble house to be hosted at their villa.
The noble house will spend a certain amount of days and consume the meals of the player.
After they leave, the relationship with the player will change based on how satisfied they are with the quality.

Combat Power
Villagers in the military regiments now display their combat power.
Combat power is a function of their equipment, age, health, training, skills, blessings, and other buffs and bonuses.
Total combat power of a regiment is used when delivering military as a royal tax.
Combat power is now displayed in the population book.

Royal Taxes Updated
Royalty now only expresses their demand in terms of the gold value of delivered resources and the total combat power of delivered soldiers.
Players can complete the taxes through deliveries or sending regiments to war at any time during the year.
The Tax Evasion mechanic was removed. Instead, having a Master of Coin appointed will boost the rewards and contributions made through deliveries.
Royalty also offers optional quests that provide extra money and favor points.
Royalty also offers a list of bonus equipment, which boosts the combat power a certain regiment contributes with.

Changes to professions
Ropemakers can now utilize Loom to create a new Carpet resource. This resource can be used to build new floor-type carpets. Five different carpet patterns are added.
Alchemists no longer make health, magic or stamina potions. Instead, they make love potions that peasants consume to boost their pregnancy chance, exotic mixtures which can be used as a cooking ingredient or transmuted gold, which can be minted into gold coins or granted to nobles as a valuable gift.
Glassmakers nwo also produce glass bottles, which are required to make potions.

New options to manage priorities
Priority screen is updated and shows more detailed information.
Player can update how much material a family is stocking for production.
Player can also limit production if a family has stock over a certain amount.
Player can also restrict tax-deductible options, to prevent villagers from consuming taxed resources to produce other taxed resources.

New cooking management options
The accounting management screen has a new cooking tab.
Players can set custom targets for cooking meals and toggle if families are allowed to supplement high-quality targets with a lower quality meals.
Logic for cooking was also updated so that families will continue cooking higher quality meals even if they have plenty of lower quality meals.
Logic for cooking was also updated so that families will continue cooking higher quality meals evn if they have plenty of lower quality meals, to meet their targets.
It is possible that families go over their target if multiple people start cooking at the same time.

Other Changes
Rework the internal system for generating new families.
The notification system was reworked to allow more flexible data transition. As a result, several notifications were updated to provide more information about their context.
Storage management screen now has copy/paste option.
CTRL+Select when clicking on a buildable object will now select that object from the build menu.
A number of UI screens was improved for performance.
Multiple churches are now possible. Secondary churches hold Sunday massby villagers assigned to the monk order.
Inns can now be toggled in the context menu to prevent selling beds and meals to locals.

Small UI changes
Notifications now distinguish between source and target. Players can click separate buttons to move the camera to them.
Zone context menu was reworked to separate the quick-build menu into structures, furniture and storage. Buttons to switch between tiered collections were added to quickly access different quality furniture and storage.
New option in the settings to display a contrasted version of the HUD.
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Imagine Earth

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒ .

The original caption for this update on Steam is "1.12 Linux Support and Planet B Mission".
The Linux version of Imagine Earth was released on June 4, 2023. Since I have no clue
when – or if at all – a Linux build will come to Gog, I have cut out all Linux related messages
from the changelog.
1.12 Planet B Mission

Welcome to our latest update. We serve you some more crisp features with update 1.12, but read for yourself. Summer greetings, Jens & Martin

➊ New Challenge - Saving Planet B
We have a special challenge for you this week, a new planet to basically explore the idea for a new game mode in Imagine Earth. Would be happy if you feel like thinking with us about how we can make this more interesting.

The basic idea is that the players don't have to build up a civilization first, but find a relatively heavily built-up planet with cities. So you become directly the rebuilder and improver of the world, which is an exciting challengel. The emissions balance is also already tipping into the negative, so climate change is imminent. So you have to consider with all expansion steps to compensate the additional emissions of the new buildings and additional supply buildings with reforestation and other methods.
In return, you'll find plenty of infrastructure and technology on the planet that you can take over and optimize through strategic realignment.
As I said, we're testing this out and seeing that we need to balance planets in this game mode to make it fun and challenging.

➋ New construction ring
An amazingly simple, yet effective change. The build ring just got bigger and now includes all the available build options plus the tools, functions and inventory. We studied other simulation games and their gamepad controls to come to this conclusion. As a result, the building ring is now also much more distinct from the building options and the individual building categories.

➌ Hitech building in technology panel
This move was only logical since we put the Hitech special buildings for terraforming and geoengineering into one category in the build menu, making them so much more available, look in the technology panel for better what a wide variety of build options, Imagine Earth offers.

➍ The Takeover Panel
We have also redesigned this to make the acquisition of competing cities clearer. With the necessary majority of shares in a corporation, you can directly take over individual cities and bring them under your control.

➎ Population free areas on the planet
When we built the above planet B, we wanted to enable the scenario of finding more cities or soon maybe slums on the planet that could be taken over and transformed in an efficiency and environmentally friendly way. To do this, we first had to create the condition that even in areas not controlled by factions, people live in the cities and are supplied by farms and power plants in the surrounding area.

➏ Gamepad - Major changes
---• We have once again intensively rethought and optimized the gamepad controls for Imagine Earth. It should be almost more dynamic to control than with the mouse, give it a try.
---• [Digitalpad controls the main UI elements: Tree menu, resources, building list, trader menu.
---• [Left shoulder: research, tech, stocks
---• [Right shoulder: city navigation
---• Select & Start: Navigation, game menu, journal, statistics
---• Therefore no more additional menüring
---• Significantly more overlays directly in the UI

➐ More optimizations and fixes
---• Dialogs no longer overlay pause screens and other panels that pause the game.
---• Improved Storytelling - First entry in planetary journal reports that no story has yet taken place on untouched planets.
---• Bora Mission - Added direct rebuild target for city centers.
---• Unintended city placement basically disabled.
---• Jump to cities - buildings no longer appear with delay
---• Midras merchant, permanent icon is out of the game
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Primordia was updated, no changelog.
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Foundation (In Development)

Updated to alpha (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch Is Now Available!

Hello Foundation community!

Patch has just been released.

Here are the details:


• Replanted trees could block woodcutters’ pathing
• Crash on load with the Treasury under specific conditions


• Crash with the Corn Farm mod when switching from grinded wheat to corn to make flour
• Crash with the Guilds mod when switching a function from the Guild Hall
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac] 1.6 ⇒ 1.6a.

No Changelog

✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Standalone installer updated:
[Linux] 1.1852 ⇒ 1.187 fix
[Mac] 1.185 ⇒ 1.187

Changelog is here.

✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Linux] 86.8193.34.1 ⇒ 87.8193.35-40.

Changelog is here.
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Updated to 1.0.11 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog posted by the developer in the forum:

1.0.11 - Digital Emotions

- When your ring race was not very exciting, the racing drone could decide they are bored, low on fuel, and should return home to Enceladus instead of continuing to race.
- The racing team's first approach to the drone was somewhat casual, turning up the full thrust only after they satisfied their initial curiosity. This could lead to a not-very-exciting race, making the drone bored.
- Additional logging of the internal thought process of the NPC AI to help diagnose and fix AI-related quirks better.
- Hacking into the Ganymedean Anarchy station should not require the station inhabitants to trust you.
- The game now logs your CPU model in the game logs, making the performance feedback loop one step shorter.
- Updated translations.
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Everdream Valley

Updated to 3.601.2324

[found on devs discord]

Update 1.2 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:

- In case animals find themselves under terrain or rocks, we've implemented a fallback solution on save game load to relocate them to the merchant's pen. No more lost pets!
- You can no longer throw chickens into rocks. They want to stay with you, so anytime you’ll try making them stuck, they will jump back up onto your hands!
- Keyboard arrows are no longer utilized by the quick select feature, preventing any conflicts and improving control responsiveness. You can now walk smoothly, without experiencing constantly changing tools!
- We've added missing keyboard keys to the list of possible rebind options, including Del, Page Up/Down, and more.
- Completing the "Clean the Pond" quest just got smoother. Task 2 will now unlock promptly after completing Task 1, ensuring a more streamlined quest progression.
- Animals' custom names will now transfer when picking them up, preserving the personal touch you've given to your beloved farm companions.
- The photo camera's focus red tint will no longer get stuck on animals, ensuring your captured memories are picture-perfect.
- Storage autoextension bug has been squashed, allowing for seamless expansion of your chest’s capacity.
- The Avatar Editor has been fixed, addressing the issue of input lock after exiting the clothes editor with any clothing selected. You can now express your unique style without any problems!
- Upon game start, only valid languages will be displayed. N/A buttons are gone for good!
- Willow will not show up prior to the quest to bring it back to the farm.

Gameplay Enhancements:

- Introducing the Mirror Furniture! Now you can edit your character's appearance directly in-game whenever you feel like it’s time for a change!
- The kitchen and workshop are now pickupable, allowing for convenient relocation and customization of your farm layout.
- The mirror recipe has been added to the Merchant’s shop list.
- Storage boxes are now destroyable, but also craftable, giving you more control over your storage solutions.
- Geese icons have been added to the map, making it easier to locate them and plan your adventures accordingly.
- Geese will now have longer delays after attacking you, allowing for a more balanced and strategic gameplay experience.
- Goose feather material has been updated to white, offering a more realistic and visually pleasing representation of these birds.
- Movement speed has been increased in bushes, allowing for swift exploration of these lush areas.
- The gameplay settings window now features wider labels, making it easier to navigate and adjust your preferred settings.
- The options menu will now highlight the Gameplay section as the first item selected, ensuring easy access to your preferred settings right from the start.
- The proper activator for the merchant wild pig dialogue has been implemented, ensuring a seamless and engaging conversation flow. You can now tame the wild pigs too!
- Localization has been updated to enhance the game's accessibility and cater to our diverse player base.
- Chickens are now available for purchase at the shop after completing the rooster quest, bringing even more feathery friends to your farm, without tempering with some of your tasks!
- Introducing the "Hide Interface" option! Choose between hiding nothing, everything, world UI, or screen UI, for a fully immersive adventure or beautiful virtual photography snaps!
- The chance to destroy hay cubes with the mouse has been lowered, providing a more forgiving gameplay experience.
- Potatoes now show up on Merchant's shopping list after 10 in-game days! Yummy!
- For those who prefer to run, we've introduced a run toggle option. Now you can explore the valley at a brisk pace without holding down the sprint button.
- Vsync is turned off by default.

Mini-games Enhancements:

- Enjoy instant milking in the milking minigame, resulting in one milk obtained. Speed and efficiency at its finest!
- Similarly, the shearing minigame now offers instant shearing, granting one wool. Your sheep will appreciate the quick and gentle touch!
- The saw minigame can also be completed instantly, offering one wood.
- Cooking UI has received a makeover! Now you can easily toggle between ingredients and recipes using the bumpers on your controller, making your culinary adventures even more seamless and enjoyable.
- Cow milking is now 30% faster, so you can efficiently collect that delicious milk without any delays.
- In the goat, horse, and firefly dream games, the rewards will now be displayed in the finishing window, adding clarity and excitement to your accomplishments.
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Updated to Release 1.0.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch 1.0.3 Live

Greetings Voodolls community!

We're thrilled to announce the release of a new patch for Voodolls, bringing several exciting improvements and fixes to enhance your cooperative Action Tower Defense experience. This update addresses various issues reported by our dedicated players, ensuring smoother gameplay and increased immersion in the spherical worlds of redemption and demon-chasing. Let's dive into the details of what this patch has in store for you:

Patch Highlights:

• Iselin trail now correctly completes after eliminating all cursed Whenu individuals on the Death's Garden level.
• Background functionality is deactivated when players select the Help option, allowing for better focus on the game.
• The Trap Loadout menu can now be scrolled at all times, making it easier to manage your resources.
• The Meta Resource tutorial pop-up will now be displayed whenever players collect a collectible for the first time, providing valuable guidance.
• Fonts in the traps option menu have been adjusted to ensure consistency and visual appeal.
• The Chest no longer penetrates via Puppet after players change their camera view, resolving a visual inconsistency.
• The Whenu helper achievement now unlocks properly, recognizing your accomplishments.
• Enemies now spawn correctly during the Enchanted Forest trail, increasing the challenge and excitement.
• Enemies will now spawn near Wineo even when players haven't accepted the Iselin trail, maintaining a balanced gameplay experience.
• The Skullbringer image now accurately represents its model, ensuring visual fidelity.
• Lobby settings have been adjusted for a more streamlined multiplayer experience.
• The Red Path is now correctly displayed on surfaces during Build mode, allowing for better planning and strategy.

We hope these updates enhance your Voodolls journey and provide a smoother gameplay experience. As always, we appreciate your invaluable feedback and support. Stay tuned for more exciting content and updates coming your way!

Keep defending, keep cooperating, and let the adventure unfold!
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