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Moonshine Inc.

Updated to 1.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Howdy, friends!

We've squashed many pesky bugs and we want to make sure every step of your moonshining journey is as smooth as that delicious aged bourbon.

But the most important update is here. Brace yourselves for an array of thrilling new features and rebalancing tweaks - we've meticulously fine-tuned the mechanics, ensuring a more dynamic and immersive journey as you craft the finest moonshine. We’ve managed to secure a lot of desired rebalancing in each step of creating the moonshine - starting from general updates, to fermentation, distillation, and bottling.

Your stills will hum with newfound precision, giving you that extra edge you've been craving. Check out the patch notes:


• Removed bugs in the tutorial that were blocking progress.
• Swapped Durability and Cleanliness bars in both the workshop and 3D Map, as they were incorrectly placed.
• Adjusted the "Helpful" achievement so it will no longer unlock if a player fails a mission.
• Optimized tutorial hitboxes for better performance.

New features:

1. General:

• Stash Alert has been upgraded to increase levels based on the duration moonshine is in the stash, not only the volume sold.
• The fermentation panel now features a new, more transparent, user interface.
• Batch Quality calculation has been updated and rebalanced.
• All recipes now require a fixed flavor match of 90% to begin production. However, new technologies can decrease this threshold by 5%.
• Russian language support has been added

2. Fermentation:

• Rebalanced the number of hidden flavors each yeast provides
• The generation of flavors on the timeline has changed to provide a more predictable output when fermentation parameters are tweaked.
• Flavor creation will consistently occur during the fermentation process. However, the concentration of these flavors will now vary based on the choices made and the specific settings adjusted during fermentation.

3. Distillation:

• To enhance clarity and consistency between input and output volumes during the distillation process, we've added a water jar at the end. This jar collects the residual water from distillation, which should not be included in the final product. Previously, this element of the process was not transparent, leading to potential misunderstandings and inaccurate volume calculations. Now, players can better understand and control the quality of their final product.

4. Bottling:

• We've updated the impact of fortification/dilution on the batch flavor profile. Now, these actions will significantly affect the flavor of the batch. This means that adding water will noticeably affect the flavor match, preventing the creation of overly diluted or fortified products.

Get ready to witness improvements that will enhance the efficiency and profitability of your moonshine empire.
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Spirit of the Island

Offline installers updated to

Announcement of Free DLC - Beach Resort

Changelog: (From Steam)

- Added a brand new starting Island!
- Staff houses can't be rotated now;
- Improved player interaction with aquatic traps;
- Made various localisation adjustments.
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Shardpunk: Verminfall

Updated to

Changelog from SteamDB:

Hotfix is now live! PATCH NOTES


• Fixed an issue that could cause a Fusion Core not to appear in the player's inventory after a pickup.
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Songs of Conquest has updated. 6mb patch for offline.

Probably a hotfix for the previous rebalancing patch.
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Everdream Valley

Updated to 3.530.0014

[found on devs discord]

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

Geese and sheep will no longer appear underneath rocks. We have addressed this issue, allowing these animals to spawn in appropriate locations.

Improved animal spawn behavior after purchasing from the vendor. Animals will no longer spawn within the ground.

The goat dream game has been fixed to prevent doubling rewards before the finish window, ensuring fair gameplay and consistent rewards.

The issue causing the game to freeze after the chicken dream has been resolved. You can now proceed without any interruptions.

Fixed an issue where purchased insects, such as bees or fireflies, were spawning at the shop's farm instead of being added to the player's inventory. They will now correctly go into the inventory upon purchase.

The framerate issue in the loading screen has been fixed, providing a smoother transition into the game.

Implemented a fix where players will now receive a butterfly book as a gift from Grandpa. This reward will be triggered upon initiating the 'Butterflies for Merchant' quest. Engage in a conversation with Grandpa to ensure you receive this special gift. Happy butterfly collecting!

Some players may have already progressed beyond the 'Butterflies for Merchant' quest. If you have surpassed this quest and did not receive the book from Grandpa, worry not! Upon loading your save, the Butterfly Book will now be available for purchase from the Merchant's inventory.

Various minor bug fixes.

Gameplay and Cooking Experience tweaks:

Cooking difficulty level has been tweaked to be less punishing, ensuring a more enjoyable culinary experience for all players.

A cooking color score legend has been added to provide a better understanding of your cooking performance.

We have introduced a new option called "Polite Wolves Mode." When enabled, wolves will exhibit more polite behavior. They will howl more quietly, and there will be no emission of glowing eyes. Hopefully this will keep our adventurers more relaxed at night.

In the first dream with wolves they will be more polite, ensuring a cozier experience.

When creating a new character, a notification will prompt players to enter a name if left blank, ensuring a smoother character creation process.

Sprinkler frequency has been adjusted. Sprinklers will now work for 10 minutes every hour instead of operating continuously, offering a more balanced watering system.

Players can now lift the chicken coop by holding the interaction button, rather than requiring a single press. Additionally, the chicken coop can no longer be destroyed, ensuring its durability.

Players can now lift the haystack by holding the interaction button, rather than requiring a single press.

Players can now lift the saw by holding the interaction button, rather than requiring a single press.

Players now start with a recipe for a rope, allowing for immediate crafting possibilities.

The FPS counter has been removed from the user interface to reduce clutter and enhance the immersive experience.

Roosters have been improved to wake up earlier, at 8 o'clock, when present on the farm. Enjoy their timely wake-up calls!
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The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition

Updated to 1.6298.19580.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition Patch Notes - v1.3

Greetings employees of Halcyon,

The Board is interrupting your scheduled break time with a special announcement: Spacer's Choice Edition v1.3 is available now! We appreciate your patience and hope these resolutions improve your time with us in the Halcyon colony.

This update includes the following:


• Hitching improvements
• PSO cache improvements to fix hitching issues
• Rebalanced SSGI settings
• Updated environment asset to reduce stutter in Roseway
• Fixed ghosting issues caused by FSR


• Fixed crash when unequipping items in the options wheel
• Fixed various rare crashes


• LOD fixes across different environments
• Reduced flickering in Emerald Vale
• Fixed rare T-posing bug in Eridanos
• Fixed wrong inventory tooltip when playing with gamepad
• Fixed various clipping issues
• Fixed various popping issues
• Optimized rock shaders on Monarch
• Fixed offset map in Pit on Tartarus
• Fixed minor issues caused by FSR
• Fixed bug where SMC is on fire when first arriving in Gorgon
• Various bug fixes

Encountering a bug not listed above? Contact our support team directly to report issues.
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Chasm: The Rift

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0.16 ⇒ 1.0.20.
Patch #5 (Jun 2, 2023)

---• Stability improvements. Fixes for a few crash scenarios.
---• The game now uses a video card connected to a monitor instead of always defaulting to discrete graphics (useful with some laptops).
---• Fix for the secret counter.
---• Extra levels no longer affect achievements related to a complete game playthrough.
---• Added a reset button in the settings.
---• Added the game's version in the lower right corner of the main menu.
---• Running is now bindable to the Lt button on controllers.
---• Minor fix that prevents skipping a part of the second add-on level.
---• Minor motion blur fix.
---• Minor localization fixes for the German language.
---• Minor UI layout modification.
---• The modding PDF guide now better explains how to use the --addon command.
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Stellar Tactics

Offline installer updated from 0.713 to 0.714

Patch Notes:
UPDATED: Raised level cap from 60 to 80
UPDATED: Adjustments to initiative to level out how INT affects turn order.
FIXED: Shields and mods once again display item quality borders in the shared inventory.
FIXED: Various pressed key inputs will not activate ship functions while in inventory, log, ship and character info screens.
FIXED: Azimuth screen can no longer be opened while hacking.
FIXED: Ship component wear was not being copied from and to ship storage correctly. Note, in some cases the game may reset a ships equipment wear values when tranferred to/from storage if needed to 100% the first time this is done.
FIXED: Possible fix for rare state where a player character could be unable to move after transitioning to a new ground location.
FIXED: A bug related to universe data load on 32bit systems.
FIXED: A fix for a case where speaking with Rhamus and then Rodger Crayson during the main campaign could block progression.
FIXED: A few translation errors.
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Thea 2: The Shattering

Offline Installers Updated to 2.0601.0679

Quick Fix
FIX dwarf chosen child growing up (smith path was broken)
FIX Gnolls no longer mate with pups... oops
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Gordian Quest

Updated to 1.3.4

No changelog.
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Figment 2: Creed Valley has been updated (Galaxy and Offline).

No changelog yet (but I have asked and devs promised to deliver sson)

IMMORTALITY Offline installers (Galaxy update was from 05/25/2023) have been updated.
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MarkoH01: IMMORTALITY Offline installers (Galaxy update was from 05/25/2023) have been updated.
Is there any changelog provided for this update?
MarkoH01: IMMORTALITY Offline installers (Galaxy update was from 05/25/2023) have been updated.
PraetorianWolfie: Is there any changelog provided for this update?
Unfortunately I could not find a changelog at all.
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Cult of the Lamb

Updated to 1.2.5(a) for Windows and Mac.

No changelog.
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Update to V1.0.8.


1.0.8 - Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

- The ringracing team was not interested in catching the drone. They kept following it without trying to win the race, waiting for the player to wreck their ship. The judges found this to be unsportsmanlike behavior, and a warning has been issued.
- The ringracing team will not get distracted from a race if you pass near habitats while racing.
- Increased racing team and racing drone sensor range to 12 km.
- The racing drone can now detect racing accidents; when they happen during a race, it can refund the ante.
- Updated translations.