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Kao the Kangaroo

Updated to 1.6.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Quick-Fix: Bend The Roo'les Save Issue

We're happy to share we've traced the issues involving the DLC Bend The Rool'es and save files from the base Kao The Kangaroo game.

After receiving reports the Steam version of Bend The Rool'es could over save on save files of Kao The Kangaroo 2022, halting you from accessing the progress on this file we began to look into the issue.

We were able to trace back this issue and produce a small patch that fixes the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may have caused!
Note: The changelog mentions the Steam version, but I'm pretty sure that the save issue was present in the GOG version as well.
(ø,ø): For some reason it won't let me post the last 3 fixes in the post above or in this new post. You'll have to check them out in the link to the Steam page for now. I'll edit them in later if it will let me.
Hustlefan: "Univer sity's" is the culprit. ;)
Okay, I had to read this twice before I understood :D
Btw: That's a completely stupid idea from GOG to prevent spam ... and it is also obviously not working as well.
Sorry for OT - let's get back to topic.
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Updated to Release 1.0.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Voodolls 1.0.1 Patch Available

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new patch for Voodolls! This update brings a range of improvements and fixes that will enhance your gaming experience. Let's dive into the key highlights:

Ferthur Avatar Active: Ferthur Avatar will no longer remain idle when a puppet is in close proximity, ensuring increased engagement and strategic gameplay.
Iselin Trial Enhancements: Pop-up notifications during Iselin Trial will no longer overlap with the Minimap, allowing for a more seamless and immersive experience.
Marid's Continuous Action: Marid, the relentless foe, will now consistently engage players instead of standing idle, intensifying the challenge and keeping you on your toes.
Souls Persistence: Players will rejoice as souls no longer reset to 0 when they successfully eliminate enemies on the 3rd floor of the Ferthur's Kingdom level. Your hard-earned progress will remain intact!
Smooth Animation: The heavy pocketed animation issue that occurred during Multiplayer matches has been addressed and resolved. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with flawless animations.
Interactive Tutorial Experience: The Esc button now functions seamlessly during the Tutorial, providing full interactivity and allowing you to navigate and explore the game's mechanics effortlessly.

We believe that these improvements will significantly enhance your gameplay and provide a smoother, more immersive experience in the fantastical world of Voodolls. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to refine and enhance the game based on your feedback!

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the latest patch. See you in the spherical worlds of Voodolls!

The Voodolls Development Team
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Knights of the Chalice 2

Updated to 1.61 for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.61

Hello everyone! I hope you're well. Here's version 1.61 of Knights of the Chalice 2. It's quite a big update. Yay!!

Please don't hesitate to email me at if you find any bugs and annoyances, so that I can fix the game quickly. A saved game may be very helpful, too. Thank you!!

The main changes are new background images during Character Creation, new goblin sprites that may also be used for player characters, new ooze sprites, new animated banners, some encounter tweaks, improvements in the Equipment Screen of the Module Editor, and bug fixes including three fixes for stuff that could cause a crash. See below for details.

I'll post a new Kickstarter update soon.

Thank You So Much For Your Support, Valiant Heroes of the Realm! Enjoy! ^_^

List of changes in Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.61

• Fixed a source of crashes when Pizarra joins your party after the battle in the High Sewers, when you've used the option providing a Giant Spider ally during the battle and you finish the battle with the spider as the acting combatant. Also, the spider's sprite will now face the party leader at the end of the fight.
• Fixed a source of crashes in combat which was actually due to AI processing when a large creature is squeezing, or will be squeezing to avoid terrain magic effects like a Stinking Cloud.
• Fixed a source of crashes in the Module Editor when opening a module.
• Added a number of code and memory optimisations to improve speed.
• In Augury of Chaos and the Tutorial Adventure, tweaked a bunch of encounters where mages should have auto-casting spells like Mirror Image on (but didn't have them on previously). Also gave the auto-casting Mirror Image to a bunch of Rogues and Assassins.
• Fixed missing weapon and armour proficiencies for about 40 creatures in Augury of Chaos and about 20 creatures in the Tutorial Adventure.
• Using recent artwork from Pioneer Valley Games (PVGames), added a bunch of nice background images to the Character Creation and Change Token / Sprite interfaces. There are eight backgrounds and the game selects one based on your character's class.
• Using recent artwork from PVGames, added modular goblin sprites, meaning goblin sprites that can have a specific body type, armour type, and weapon, including magic weapons. They're mostly intended to be used as monsters (particularly in the upcoming module The Dark Arena, as your characters will be low level for quite a while), but you can use them for your player characters too, by selecting 'Goblin 1-7' in the 'Body' dropdown box during Character Creation, or anytime using the Change Token / Sprite screen within the Character Sheet. You might like to use the new sprites for your Kobold characters.
• Using recent artwork from PVGames, added new sprites for Gelatinous Cubes and Slimes.
• Updated a number of oozes and goblins in Augury of Chaos and the Tutorial Adventure using the new sprites. Also tweaked some encounters with oozes in Augury of Chaos. Also tweaked some goblin and kobold encounters in Finchbury.
• Fixed a bug with the penalties incurred for wearing armour for which you lack the appropriate proficiency. The penalty reduction of Masterwork Armour was applied two times.
• Fixed the position of the magic animations that are displayed when drinking a potion or casting spells, when characters are displayed using sprites.
• Fixed issues with the Prone sprite of the Hill Giants that you fight during the battle with Pizarra in the High Sewers.
• Fixed a display issue with blood stains when rain is affecting map colours.
• Created a swaying banner animation for the map of Crossroad Castle (in the upcoming module The Dark Arena) and other maps. Added a new menu option in the Map Editor, under 'Other Tools' (below 'Add Isometric Lights'), allowing you to place the new animated banners anywhere on a map easily. Also added one such banner to the map of Finchbury (atop the village's tower).
• Improved the Equipment Screen of the Module Editor so that it now displays a red square underneath weapons and armour for which the creature lacks the appropriate proficiency.
• Improved the Equipment Screen of the Module Editor so that the tooltip now displays the same information that you get from within the game, including Armour Class details for any armour item, or Attack Roll details for any weapon. You can also use the tooltip to compare weapons and armour for the current creature, as the tooltip will display information on both the worn item and the backpack item.
• In the Creature Properties screen of the Module Editor, right clicking on the selected class will now open the help entry for that class.
• In the Module Editor, tiny status icons will now be displayed even for hidden creatures, if the option to display these icons out of combat is activated.
• Fixed a bug in the Module Editor where a map would be saved with dark colours if the editor was displaying the rain effect at the moment you're saving the map.
• In the Creature Template Editor, added to the tooltip a line saying that you can right click in order to select the moused-over creature in the Map Editor (as I keep forgotting about that feature).
• In the macOS version only, fixed a bug in the tooltip display of Psionic Power Points when mousing over creatures that have Power Points.
• In the macOS version only, added the missing 'Add Isometric Lights' option of the Map Editor, under 'Other Tools'.
• In the macOS version only, fixed a bug with duplicate entries in the 'Body' dropdown box during Character Creation.
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A Plague Tale: Requiem

Updated to 20230517_1120

Changelog for 20230310_1116 from Steam:

A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Performance Mode is live!
Rat game just got even better.

We're so thrilled to announce the release of a new patch for A Plague Tale: Requiem, bringing a Performance Mode that includes additional options to optimize the graphical performance for you to enjoy Amicia and Hugo's adventure the way you prefer!

Today’s new patch adds options for PC players, allowing them to optimize the game’s graphical performance. The game also received several bug fixes.

Patch Notes

- Added options on PC to save CPU usage and gain performance on minimal configurations:
• Adjustment of the number of animated rats displayed on the screen to reduce CPU usage.
• Adjusting the refresh rate of the rats on the screen to reduce CPU usage.
• Adjust the refresh rate of the characters to reduce CPU usage.

No changelog for 20230517_1120.
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Foundation (In Development)

Updated to alpha (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Patch Is Now Available!

Hello GOG fans!

Foundation has just been patched to version

Here are the details :


• Levy mandate now hides unavailable villager statuses instead of displaying a 0 value for them
• Villagers can now consume resources from markets even while they’re paused or if no market tender is available
• Sold and bought quantities from unlocked trade routes will now update in real-time without requiring a refresh of the Book window

Game Balance

• Halved territory upkeep and upfront costs
• Decreased the upfront cost of the following:

* Goods Stall (50 to 25 coins)
* Luxury Goods Stall (150 to 50 coins)


• Players were able to promote villagers despite not filling up all of their needs while following the onboarding quests
• Builders could become reserved for a project and never work, which prevented masterpieces from being completed
• The building zone of mineral deposits (from generated maps) was incorrect
• Workplaces’ capacity changed upon reload
• Town Tales could be triggered upon loading a save even if not intended (ex: Coins Surplus)
• Crash when destroying a building under specific conditions


• Crash after loading a game with an updated Livestock Farm mod (version 2.0.25+)
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Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Updated to 1.5.48_Final

Changelog from Steam:

Palace of Ice - Hotfix 1.5.48

Hey there folks!

Hope everyone's having fun with the new campaign! We're here with our 1st round of Hotfix to make sure we exterminate as many bugs as possible.

• Fixed more "WaitForEvent" errors, which as the name implies are errors that make the DM stand up to grab a coke in the fridge while the players are patiently waiting at the table for them to come back, probably making dice towers in the meantime (one example would be when upcasting Magic Missile).
• Fixed Lost Valley's Intro Cutscene Video lagging on some rigs.
• Fixed a couple more desyncs. The neverending game of cat and mouse continues.
• Fixed a certain monster being invisible in one of the final fights of Palace of Ice. And by invisible we don't mean "I cast invisibility!", but rather "now where in tarnation is that monster's 3D model!"
• Fixed an issue that could cause items to be lost in Multiplayer if dragging items around while someone is getting disconnected.
• Fixed Rock Gnomes getting +DEX instead of +CON
• Improved performance when destroying certain pillars. That's all we're going to say to avoid spoilers.
• Fixed some performance issues on the Eastern Front maps
• Fixed being unable to apply demonic grease / poison on weapons (from the inventory)
• Fixed some inconsistencies that could occur in the last act of Palace of Ice.

A few known Issues we are working on (amongst others):

• Some save files cannot be imported due to powers (like the Paladin's Channel Divinity) being active when the save was made. We're working on a fix - in the meantime, you can try importing a previous save instead.
• Infinite loading screen after Bridge Ambush. This seem to happen at random, so if it happens to you try to save before the dialog, quit the game completely (return to desktop) and restart the game. Some people also state that not skipping the final line of dialog avoids the issue (I'll take the first watch). Also remember to verify your game file integrity!
• Wildshape duplicates Druids in Custom Campaigns - please don't feed the Druids after midnight, they break the game and the save files when they proliferate.
• Some users report being stuck in the Thieves Among Us quest (hehe amogus hehe). If that happens to you, reloading a save from before going into the mines seem to fix the issue.

For our non-English friends

While we are not able to localize our game in every language (even though we'd love to), if Solasta is not available in your language know that there are talented community members who have made mods to help you enjoy the game! Among others, Unfinished Business mod supports many additional languages (on top of adding multiclassing, new ancestries and subclasses):

Note: Remember that if you install Unfinished Business, you can only play with other players who have Unfinished Business active!

There was also a massive update last week. You can find changelog for the 1.5.46_Final update here on the developer's website.
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Tin Hearts

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch 1.06


We are dropping patch 1.06 out Today. This is a small patch but does have some requested fixes.

The full list is below:

• Added key rebinding! (See the Steam Community for further info on this)
• Added a framerate limiter option.
• Added control invert options for possessable objects.
• "Jump to Mr. Soldier" is now bound to the "R" key on keyboards.
• Various minor bugfixes!

If for some reason you are having issues. Drop us some details over HERE.

We hope this helps you to enjoy Tin Hearts even more than ever, but we will continue to polish and make it run smoother than an entire troop of marching soldiers.

If you have two minutes, please drop us a review. It massively helps with the visibility of the game.

Thank you.
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Updated to Release 1.0.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch 1.0.2 for Voodolls

Hello Voodolls community,

We're thrilled to announce the release of a new patch for Voodolls, packed with various fixes and improvements to enhance your cooperative experience! Let's dive into the details:


• We've adjusted the sound effects for weapons and objects, ensuring a more immersive gameplay audio.
• A visual inconsistency related to the Spiritual Strike (Ability 3) cooldown for clients has been resolved, providing a smoother visual experience.
• We've addressed an issue where clients' abilities would become jammed in multiplayer sessions, ensuring they are always usable as intended.
• The host player's movement animation no longer gets jammed, resulting in more fluid gameplay.
• The Greater Demon will no longer stand idle when a player places the Luring Ritual trap in front of it, ensuring a more challenging and engaging encounter.
• The enemy will now properly maintain the Stunned state when a player performs Lunacy's ability Death Wish, ensuring a more balanced gameplay experience.
• Clients will always be able to collect collectibles, resolving an issue where certain players were unable to do so.


• We've made an improvement to the hit marker scale, which now depends on the crosshair scale. This will provide better visual feedback for successful hits.
• Interactable buildings will no longer be affected by status effects such as stun or slow, resulting in a more consistent gameplay experience.
• We've updated the color of People's Health bars to green, making it easier to distinguish their health status.

We hope that these fixes and improvements will enhance your overall gameplay experience in Voodolls. Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any further suggestions or bug reports.

Stay tuned for more updates!
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Overcooked! 2

Updated to 6.242 Dev Build (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Overcooked! 2 Controller Update

Chefs! How's it going?

We've got a small but tasty update for you on Overcooked! 2

Patch Notes:

Other Fixes:

• Update to controller package on PC, to improve controller compatibility for wired Xbox 360 controllers

We appreciate all of your feedback going forwards, as we continue to work on improving Overcooked! 2. Thank you so much for your patience whilst we do so!

Keep up to date with all things Overcooked!

Overcooked! Twitter
Overcooked! Facebook
Team17 Twitter
Team17 Facebook
Team17 Discord
Note: Since there is no Mac version of Overcooked! 2 on GOG, I've only copied the relevant changes for the Windows version.
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Age of Wonders 4 update for 26 May 2023
PC Hotfix [26.05.23]

Patchnotes via SteamDB

To My Fellow Godir,

After the Minor Patch yesterday, which aimed to improve back end integration, we received several reports of potential regressions. We've determined that due to a error in our Build Process several fixes from Hotfix #2 were indeed no longer present in version

We've just released a new Update for the game which rectifies this issue. Please make sure that if you're on the default branch you're updated to Game Version This error does not affect the Open Beta.

We apologize for this situation and any issues this might have caused. We are looking into ways of minimizing the risk of this happening again.

We wish you all a nice weekend and may your Pantheons thrive!
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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:

Hey Drifters!

After an extensive amount of testing on the experimental branch, we've implemented walkway upgrades and fixed a plethora of issues :)

Early Access 0.7.2p1, 0.7.2p2, 0.7.2p3


• Walkways can now be upgraded. Plastic -> Wood -> Tiled -> Grass.
• Walkway segments now decide cost, have beauty and weight instead of the pontoons.
• Balanced costs, beauty and weight of walkways.
• Increased beauty of the Townheart 15 -> 25.
• Fixed issue with deconstructing walkways resulting in stuck drifters and stuck walkways.
• Upgrading Grass walkways will result in a Tiled walkway, and vice versa. This does not cost resources.


• Fixed issue where dead drifters would still need a home.
• Fixed issue where upgrading a producer with the required items to upgrade would be in that producer's export inventory, would bug out the upgrade process.
• Fixed issue where constructions with decoration slot did not have a description.
• Fixed issue with wrong amount of water shown in water storages.
• Fixed issue where a drifter could get stuck when loading a save when his boat was still moored at a landmark.
• Fixed issue where drying racks would not always show the resources being dried.
• You can no longer right-click to remove water from Solar Stills.
• Fixed issue where drifter portraits reverted to their default pose when opening the menu when the game was paused.
• Fixed issue where producers did not show an error when their export inventory was unable to be emptied.
• Fixed issue where a walkway wouldn't build.
• Fixed issue where you could no longer plant any decoration.
• Fixed issue where a drifter could get stuck inside plants.
• Fixed issue where save file couldn't load due to a broken plant.
• Fixed issue causing drifters to get stuck when upgrading a construction.
0.7.3 Endless Journey OUT NOW!

Hey Drifters!
The Endless Journey update has arrived!

This update has been in the making for quite some time, fine-tuning procedural and hand-crafted maps, testing various aspects like map feel, progression, town movement and more. With that, we're delighted to finally present the final version of the world map and the town movement! You can now travel eastward continuously forever, no limits!

What's next?

The Quality of Life: Housing update, featuring multi-drifter housing and other improvements, was temporarily postponed to prioritize this update. Now that 0.7.3 is live, we're shifting our focus back to the QoL update.

Enjoy the new update!

Early Access 0.7.3: Endless Journey

Version 0.7.3 introduces the 'Endless Journey', allowing continuous eastward movement without limits!

Endless Journey

• Implemented an endless map, where you can continuously move eastwards. This consists of continuous multiple hand-crafted tiles.
• Created various map tiles and map starting tiles.
• Removed the option to start in the handmade or procedural map, as these are no longer relevant.


• Added table and paper map visuals to the map view.
• Plastic, Wood and Seaweed Map visuals now are scaled based on the amount of resources in them.
• Map landmarks now lose color and gradually turn grey/sepia when salvaged instead of spawning a green flag when empty.
• Added scouting markers above marked landmarks.
• Generators and Books will now be marked by rescued drifters as well.
• Various map visual polish and fixes.
• Scouting regions now scout regions on subsequent tiles.


• Added Shops landmarks: Electronics Store, Bike Shop, Book Shop. These have a low chance to appear in the Rural Ruins.
• Added restaurant landmark, a Rural Ruins food landmark providing a smaller amount of food.
• Added many variations to existing landmarks.
• Added twigs to some Polluted Wood landmarks that provide Firewood.
• Fixed issue where selection circle would not appear around selected landmarks.


• Various fixes and tweaks to landmarks.
• Various small tweaks to the map.
• Updated landmark names and descriptions.


• Batteries storage 1.500 Eels -> 1.000 Eels.
• Townheart Beauty 25 -> 50.
• Removed negative liquids stat for thirsty drifters. Added negative liquids stats to hungry drifters. Reduced severity of hunger.
• Reduced Morale impact on levelling speed. Unhappy 0% -> 40%, Neutral 65% -> 75%.
• having -10 Morale will now cause 0% levelling speed for those drifters.


• Increased performance for particles.
• Removed unnecessary particles.


• Fixed issue with drifters getting stuck after upgrading walkway pontons with electricity poles on them.
• Fixed issue with map landmarks not properly turning gray/sepia.
• Fixed crash caused by cleaning up landmarks when going to main menu.
• Fixed a mushroom landmark not being reachable by boat.
• Fixed issue where a drifter could get stuck unloading a construction before upgrading.
• Fixed issue where loading a save would crash when the town's polygon collider was updated.
• Fixed bug where doctor and patient would get stuck when patient would be cured because the disease time expired while the patient was still in the MedPod.
• Fixed bug where turning the MedPod off would not cancel all projects related to the MedPod (would not eject the patient).
• Fixed bug where loading a procedural save would result in the map borders not being setup correctly.
• Fixed issue with loading a save that has a death drifter still in the community. This could result in an instant Game Over on loading the game.
• Fixed issue where returning to an unsaved drifter on a rescue landmark would cause an error.
• Fixed issues with newly added simplified and traditional Chinese characters.
• Fixed issue where NavMeshNavigator wasn't repositioned correctly after loading a save with a drifter on a landmark.
• Fixed Navigator errors when moving drifter navigator after moving the town.
• Fixed bug where game could not be saved when Landmarks that had been saved gained additional actions.
• Restored morale need cap to 10.
• Fixed frozen flotsam rotation.
• Fixed map road and region lines intersecting, causing z-fighting.
• Fixed park tiling issue.
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Update to V3.8.3.1.

Changelog for 3.8.3 (no changelog available for

[Changelog can't be posted. It probably contains some forbidden words.]
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Tales of Maj'Eyal

Update to V1.7.5.

No changelog.
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Geralt_of_Rivia: Tales of Maj'Eyal

Update to V1.7.5.

No changelog.
Here's changelog from the developer's website:

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.5 "Before the Storm" is released!

Submitted by darkgod on Mon, 2023-05-29 16:23

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.5 ! See

This update fixes various things and most importantly provides new hooks and modding tools that are needed for Lost Land.

"But DarkGod please let us test Lost Land!" Actually this patch's main goal is just that! I'll wait a few days to see if nothing explodes with it and if all is good the testing will start!
Now, I already said it in the announcement of the beta but I want to make it crystal clear: Lost Land testing is *NOT* to be considered a way to get early access. It is likely to be full of bugs, unbalanced things, pain, sadness and tears. Things WILL explode and break, characters will be ruined (I mean, in a bad way) and so on. I urge you to not participate if this would feel bad for you. The only reasons I'm doing it are to see want exactly explode and to see if there is an interest for more public testing in the future.
And I will also re-iterate that the test will only be available from and not Steam or GOG (for the reasons listed above and because IIRC they don't do EA for DLCs anyway).
Now if you are still interested in testing, see ya in a few days! And if not, well I guess see ya in a few days anyway as you'll be able to get your fill of spoilers ;)

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) or on Patreon ! And join up the official Discord server !

Tales of Maj'Eyal

• Add support for "_nt" for string localizations that should be translated even thoguh the engine does not need to do it instantly
• Added BlightedSummoning:apply and BlightedSummoning:desc hooks to allow addons to change Blighted Summoning easily
• Adventurers and Wanderers start with the Shoot talent known.
• Alchemist's Drolems now have a basic moddable doll like the normal golem
• Allow tilemaps to load a raw ASCII string
• Allow Waters of Life to cleanse effects which could possibly reduce your heal mod to 0
• Character sheet now displays the actual race name instead of the internal id
• Chat files now support dynamic dialog entries
• Clarify Shattering Blow shield removal description.
• Clarify that only one shield is removed and chosen at random for Shattering Blow, Sunder Armour and Impale.
• Correct Vim tooltip. (Vim gain is 1 + 50% Wil times creature rank, not 1 + 30% Wil times half creature rank)
• Fix cursed aura bloating your savefile
• Fix Purging Trap to not bypass silence immunity.
• Fix so that premade characters now have a bonus zone correctly assigned
• Fixed a bug preventing audio settings from saving correctly
• Fixed copying characters links
• Fixed Destalas Scales doll tiles
• Fixed Rimebark's Grand Arrival cold resistance
• Fixed Stormshield rune's numbers
• Fixed underground mushrooms graphical error
• Fixes an error with Fearscape
• Garkul's Revenge correctly gives +20% damage against giant.
• High Peak levels 1 to 4 now use cavern generator (with varying size on each level) instead of just level 1
• Living lightning correctly works with Range Amplification Device
• Makes combat tables for items refer back to their source item, for addons.
• New hook "Chat:init"
• New hook "Wanderer:learntCategory"
• New moddable tile attachements: tail & behinds
• Prevent Fallen Sun Paladins from spending 2 category points on a single Fallen category
• Prevent Heroism lost life bonus from chaining infinitely.
• Split the artifact creation code from the lost merchant chat file and added a hook "LostMerchant:artifactList" for better moddability
• Swapped the orientation of some items images to be more consistent
• Update Aura of Undeath description to specify that the inherited damage increase is based on your highest damage increase.
• Update Call of the Ooze to check your number of total summons vs the limit allowed by Mitosis (Call of the Ooze's own limit is still checked in the action), so it can be used if you already have one or more oozes but do not have max summons or the max oozes allowed by mitosis.
• Update Vault to check for a shield only. The action only uses the shield, so we don't need to check for sling and ammo as well.
• Update Weapon of Light description to include the shield duration refresh.
• Various typos, as usual since I can't type correctly :)

Have fun in Eyal!