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how i can download the latest maps of delta force squad from
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House Party

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Detective Liz Katz in a Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery Expansion Pack available now.

Changelog from the developer's website:

(Beta Release 05/19/2023)

• Resolved some Halloween DLC related null reference exceptions.
• Updated autoimmersive dialogue system to show responses. Responses can now function as “Skip” buttons when the AutoImmersive system is in use and dialogues are continuously playing.
• The camera can now be moved while listening to dialogues and before selecting responses by clicking and dragging with the left or right mouse buttons.
• Added 3 Hammer swing sfx and impact and other sfx to various items.
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Spirit of the Island

Offline installers updated to

Small patch that fixes the map not showing correctly.

Previous Update 1.3.6 (From Steam)

We are releasing a new update for SOTI. This time it's mostly bug fixes and minor changes, while we are working hard on new content. We'll have more news about it soon - follow us so you don't miss it!

The Airship pilot will visit your island every 3 days now (it was 4 before);
Some localization updates, including translation fixes;
Tea Infusion won't harm you anymore;
Owl is showing up correctly in multiplayer now;
Fixed the scaling of Town's map;
Bug report tool should be working again!
Fixed stuck item selection tooltip in crafting menu;
Small Sword is now showing up in the Museum;
Fixed a weird bug with airship pilot minimap icon - it was waaay too big.
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Against the Storm

5/26/23 - 0.51.2R Hotfix
Increased the burning duration of Wood from 10 seconds to 12.
Increased the burning duration of Oil from 20 seconds to 25.
Fixed a bug with the Worker Overlay (ALT) showing up above incorrect buildings and events.
Fixed a bug with the "catch" option of the Black Treasure Stag sometimes not removing Cornerstones.
Fixed an issue with the game unpausing by itself after quitting the Trading Post and selecting buildings.
Fixed a bug with fertile soil still being spawned under trees in some cases (except when spawned together with ruined farms - we will fix that later, as this requires a change to the ruin spawn system).
Fixed an incorrect text in the Traditional Chinese description of the Airbender effect.
Fixed a bug that caused Hostility to go into negative values after completing the Fishman Soothsayer event.
Fixed a bug with tooltips for Forest Mysteries not appearing in the Training Expedition UI.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: 5/25/23 - Fishman Soothsayer Update
Offline installers updated to 0.51.2R

What’s new:
Forbidden Glade event: Fishman Soothsayer
Balance changes: Ore, Fuel, Packs
UX: Caravan resources, Worker overlay specializations

Previous Changelog posted on GOG here: Against_the_Storm/Updates_and_Changelogs
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Stellar Tactics has updated (offline patch as well)

0.712 - 0.713 319MB

Changelog here
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Another Nightmare Reaper update was added some hours ago (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

The changelog can be found here:
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.68

Changelog from Steam:

A Late Easter Celebration... (Update 1.68)

I can't believe that I forgot about my eggs! A few months ago I added raven eggs to the game, along with two cooking recipes for them, but I totally forgot to release these content for Easter XD

But here we have them now! Hope it's not too late :)

- You can now harvest raven eggs when you kill ravens

- You will find two new recipes from Jerry's recipe book: the fried eggs, and deviled eggs. Get cooking!

- There is a new button right below your backpack that says "Rearrange". You know the drill :)

- Added a gameplay option to disable gun jamming for folks who get annoyed by this feature

- Also reduced the chance for a gun to jam as its durability lowers

- You can no longer save-scum by running away from a battle and then sleep/quick save. The game will now check if the enemies are looking for you. If they are aware of you and still remember you, then you can't save. However, you can still leave the area or repair weapons by running away.

- Adjusted the button colliders for dialogue, making it easier to click the buttons.

- The spiders that you summon with stink gourds are buffed. They have more health, and will explode after dying, causing some injury to nearby NPCs (and you)

Finally, please don't forget to wishlist the upcoming Dead Zone DLC for exciting New Game + experience with new enemies and lots of new guns :)
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House Party

Updated to 1.2.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the SteamDB:
Hotfix for Minor Liz Katz Murder Mystery Bugs

• Fixed some clothing issues causing some disappearing body parts and/or weird/missing looking clothing/skin.
• Fixed sinking appliances (washer, dryer, and microwave) on loading of some saves.
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Monster Bash HD updated to in Galaxy. Offline installer will soon be available, I hope.

Without giving away any spoilers, the secret path issues from Episode 2, Level 2, have been fixed.
• Passage displays properly on every stage now
• Unlocking of the secret path issues fixed

There are other issues that we're aware of, and more updates are planned, including the Secret Level for Episode 3. We are not done yet, we are just busy.

Keep bashing!

Edit: Offline installer is available, now.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.624.16 to 0.627.2 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.627.2 - Final Countdown

Elon Interstellar sues Ganymedean Anarchy
Earlier today, Elon Interstellar filed a lawsuit against a non-recognized group known as Ganymedean Anarchy over copyright infringement. The Martian company claims that the Anarchy allegedly illegally copied the source code of the “Bitter” social media platform to provide their own open-source alternative known as “Twatter”. Enceladian court denied the case as frivolous due to lack of jurisdiction. In an unrelated event, an unknown party delivered containers containing organically processed biomatter to Elon Interstellar CEO.

The Miners’ Guild lobbying for new regulations
The Miners’ Guild initiated a fundraiser to lobby for new regulations over crew replacement during paid sick leave, requiring that captains hiring replacement crew for employees that were injured at work will be required to keep both crews employed for a period of at least 6 months following a complete recovery. The Miners Guild hopes that such regulation will drastically improve the industry's working conditions.

Allegations of Espionage in the Industrial Ring
Tensions are running high in the industrial ring of the Enceladus Prime space station as suspicions of industrial espionage rock the sector. Various companies operating within the industrial ring have raised concerns over potential information leaks and illicit activities that could compromise the stability and competitiveness of the station's businesses. Despite the mounting suspicions and high tensions, no legal actions have been taken at this time. However, station authorities have launched an investigation into the allegations of industrial espionage. Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.

Maintenance Logs
- You can now finish the Ganymedean infiltration quest.
- Additional paths to complete the Ganymedean Infiltration quest, depending on what kind of crew you have on board your ship.
- You can now find messages on GAnet's Twatter based on your faction standing.
- Increased the frequency of quest-related lifepod interactions.
- You can now access the GAnet even if you did not agree to perform the infiltration job.
- When returning to the station with complex objects in your cargo bay, such as rogue mining companions, they will be placed above other output you bring on the dive summary screen. This prevents them from intersecting with themselves or other objects and breaking physics on that screen.
- Improved sick leave resolution. If a crew member is on sick leave and you don't hire a replacement, they will automatically return to their duty when their sick leave ends. If you hire and assign a replacement, they will stay inactive unless a free seat is available on your ship.
- Big Bad Wolf will now acknowledge the completion of some tasks they give you.
- Using data obtained through espionage will now hurt your reputation with the party you obtained it from, should they discover it.
- Polished up the Ganymedean Anarchy dialogue tree to follow some uncommon conditions and decisions you could make in the past.
- Following two pirate ships that flee from you and losing none of them will no longer lead you to twin pirate stations.
- Lifepods will not call you if an NPC picks them up.
- Fixed the native executable icon on Windows.
- Fixed some typos.
- Added additional achievement.
- Updated translations.
high rated

Updated from to for Windows and Linux.

Changelog from Steam:

Hotfix - Changelog

• Added a conclusion to the Ransacked Homestead's story.
• Fixed the occasional inconsistencies between Energy costs displayed on the ability bar and in the Abilities menu.
• The chance to walk to a random tile caused by "Confusion" now affects enemies as well.
• Fixed Experience Gain not affecting the XP granted for reading books and notes.
• When dropped on the ground, Purses will now display the amount of gold stored inside.
• Slightly increased the rate of passive Pain decay, but also increased the amount of Health required for it to happen [75%/90% Health > 80%/95% Health].
• Fixed the pathfinding issue that was sometimes causing enemies to freeze in place or start walking back and forth.
• Fixed Dwarven Garments' incorrect sprites (they were effectively switched).
• Slightly increased the base level of equipment sold by the Brynn Alchemist and Bailiffs.
• Reduced the power of the Fortitude enchantment.
• Tweaked some armor and consumables' stats.
• Fixed counters not prolonging the duration of Stance effects.
• Fixed the crash caused by "Enough for Everyone".
• Fixed the issue preventing most hidden passive effects from being correctly reapplied.
• Fixed Venemist not leaving a corpse on death.
• Fixed the layering issue with the NPC in the Brynn Univer-sity's cellar.
• Optimized enemies' decision-making algorithms.
• The Candelabrum in the Golden Grain Inn can now be picked up.
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For some reason it won't let me post the last 3 fixes in the post above or in this new post. You'll have to check them out in the link to the Steam page for now. I'll edit them in later if it will let me.

Edit: Fixed.

Thanks Hustlefan.
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(ø,ø): For some reason it won't let me post the last 3 fixes in the post above or in this new post. You'll have to check them out in the link to the Steam page for now. I'll edit them in later if it will let me.
"Univer sity's" is the culprit. ;)