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muntdefems: long text is long
Might wanna update that AoW 3 changelog :P
vanchann: Tales of Maj'Eyal has been updated:
immi101: what the hell?
the size of the linux installer is 1,4GB ? Previously it was around 700-ish MB.
Meanwhile the windows installer comes at ~350MB.

That doesn't seem right. (and i'm too lazy to download it for further inspection atm)
Thanks for the heads up :)

We've cleaned up the Linux build and it should be back to it's usual size :)

File hashes:

MD5: FB6DA664A4729E5E6E3294D20F303A80
SHA-1: 937BB7DE494CA742BB93CDD1B91168CF5B91EF70 - 748.5 MB
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Folks, the downloader is now fixed for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault as well as for Legends of Eisenwald: Night's Pack.
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Bigs: Shadow Warrior 2 just decided to re-download itself (Galaxy)... any idea what that's about?
New patch. The changelog should show up any minute now :)
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Grargar: Guess what. Terraria has been updated. Again.
That's the same line we're using in the office...
direspirefirewire: i think yet another hotfix ( Hotfix) just went live.
Indeed, it should arrive here Soon™
Tyranny has been updated to
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HypersomniacLive: [...]
guess what will receive an update today again...
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Wurzelkraft: Terraria
PaterAlf: Ah, the daily Terraria update. What would I've done without it??? ;)
You would've had a Dragonsphere update instead :P
muntdefems: Here it is!

There is a changelog:
'added potential fix for 'DIVIDE BY ZERO' startup crash with AMD GPUs'
DyNaer: Poor Judas & Thiev ^_^
Splatsch: Poor of us ! We need our daily Terraria update ! :D
Edit : my joky bump was ninja'd :P
Would you like a Dragonsphere update? Ah, didn't think so :P
it means that 'visit website' link in main menu now redirects to