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MarkoH01: (wondering why the filename for this points to 12/2017)
Because it's an update that was originally released in last December :)
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HypersomniacLive: Does this mean that GOG received it two months after it was released?
MarkoH01: Just got an update flag for The Witness. I assume that it is the Mac Version which was announced here.
Correct :)
kbnrylaec: Wrong filename:
That's been fixed, thanks for the heads up :)
muntdefems: PSA: MaGog is currently having some trouble retrieving detailed information of files for games owned by mrkgnao. Neither him nor I know whether this is just one of those 'big sale glitches' or it's something more permanent. For the time being, bear in mind that my reports will be less detailed than usual, and they even may contain some errors or omissions due to my shitty script.
muntdefems: Genuine Good News! mkrgnao has found an alternative way to obtain the detailed file info, so MaGog is expected to be completely accurate (within her Legacy scope, of course) again.

Unfortunately, the only things I've got for reporting aren't game updates but library bugs:

1) Enter the Gungeon: the DLC: Collector's Edition Upgrade: Mac OS X installer, English (part 1 of 2) and the DLC: Collector's Edition Upgrade: Mac OS X installer, English (part 2 of 2) links both point to the same file (dlc_enter_the_gungeon_collector_s_edition_upgrade_en_1_1_4h3_15476.pkg).

2) Forgotten Realms - The Archives - Collection One: the Eye of the Beholder 1: Mac OS X installer, Spanish link is broken.

3) Slender: The Arrival: the soundtrack link is still broken (since 13 December 2017).
All three links should be working now. Not sure what's going with that Spanish OSX version for Eye of the Beholder II but it works for me and I checked the link on our back end and everything appeared to be in order.

kbnrylaec: I just got an update flag for The Curse of Monkey Island™.

It could be one of these two possible situations:
1. the discount change and refund issue [1], [2]
2. another false update flag (which happened at least twice for recent 2 months)

[1] https://www.gog.com/forum/general/release_the_curse_of_monkey_island_maniac_mansion_a2bf2/post170
[2] https://www.gog.com/forum/general/release_the_curse_of_monkey_island_maniac_mansion_a2bf2/post174
Curse of Monkey Island did get an adjustment to the CNY price.
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