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Thanks, Hustlefan.

It seems GOG's notification system is having more issues at the moment than normal. Glad someone's here to let us know "manually" when updates land.
Braggadar: Thanks, Hustlefan.

It seems GOG's notification system is having more issues at the moment than normal. Glad someone's here to let us know "manually" when updates land.
I got my last flag on 28.06 for SS4 Syberian Mayham.
Seems like everything else after that is broken for now.
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Cuphead got an update a few hours ago -- the offline installers got updated too a bit later on.

The update is in preparation of the DLC which apparenlty will be releasing today. It also includes a quality of life improvement. This is from Steam:
Well hello there!

It’s surreal to be able to say this, but the time is here at last…The Delicious Last Course expansion launches tomorrow. We cannot wait for the wonderful Cuphead community on Steam to set sail for this new adventure, experience the story of brand new playable character Ms. Chalice, and take on some of the biggest and wildest boss battles we’ve ever created!

In preparation for tomorrow, we have released a small but important update which contains some necessary code adjustments to allow the base game to function with the DLC on launch day. However, keen players will also notice a small but highly requested quality of life improvement — the ability to swap your weapon loadout from the “Retry” screen of a boss battle instead of having to back out to the map to do so!

As we look back on the road to release, we can’t thank everyone enough for their kindness, patience, and continued support. Now, there’s nothing left to do but prepare your appetite…for adventure!!
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Braggadar: Thanks, Hustlefan.

It seems GOG's notification system is having more issues at the moment than normal. Glad someone's here to let us know "manually" when updates land.
Thank you for the flowers. :)
Yeah, unfortunately there are no update flags this week. Not the first time this is happening. xD

So let's continue...


Updated to 1.8h (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog this time.
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Skabma - Snowfall

Updated to 1.0.71b-GOG (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:
Patch Notes for 1.0.68



Hotkey added for the map, if you have found the item and a settings option for UI-free screenshots! Also various animation/cutscene cleanups in this version.


- Add hotkey to open the Map collectible item once it's been found. Default binding on keyboard "M", "D-pad down" on gamepads
- Add "Map" hotkey to control layout UI
- Add "Credits" submenu in the title screen
- Add "Hide gameplay UI" option in settings


- Replace certain collectible sounds with new versions
- Make Ailu's baked dialog animations shorter (for smoother speech situations during gameplay dialog)


- Fix other Actors mouths moving when it's Ailu's turn to talk
- Cutscenes: Add collider to Eira (to fix luhkka clipping through body)
- Cutscenes: Tweak Actor LookAt controls during various cutscenes
- Cutscenes: Fix a spirit having graphical issues with their eyes during a specific cutscene
- Cutscenes: Make Ailu walk slightly further in AnotherDay cutscene
- Cutscenes: Improve cloth resets in cutscenes
Hotfix 1.0.70b


A bunch of bugfixes and guidance improvements.


- Cutscene polish: Focused cameras better in TheFallPart1, MeetingTheMentor, DamselInDistress and SuspiciousLookingStone


- Hotfix WindPulseAttack effect visuals not always showing properly making a boss battle much harder than intended
- Fix PathGuideVFX effect flickering with some graphics settings
- Disable SidePathGuideVFX after a treasure chest has been found
- Added MainPathGuides for final end game area
- Fixed some of the poles in Lake to improve camera behavior
Patch Notes for 1.0.71b


Minor improvements and some graphics optimizations


- Graphics buffer improvements
- Cutscene polish: Focused cameras better in BassiReveal & EveryoneIsSick


- Fix graphics issues that could result in black pixels invading the players screen unless they could escape them or had to restart the game.
- Changed CutsceneConfigAsset for RiebanTheFox
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Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Updated to v1.65 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Patch Notes, June 29 2022 - v1.65

Attention modders: please back up your modded copy before updating
We neglected to mention in our recent Steam post that the minor update to Brigador that will change the splash art on launch will also reset your global.json file back to vanilla. This will nullify whatever mods you may have set up or other alterations you have made to the game's data. If you wish to keep your changes, you can back up a copy of your game.

The simplest way to back up a modded version of the game is to make a copy of your Brigador folder somewhere else on your computer. By default on PC this is usually

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Brigador

If you don't know where your copy of Brigador is on your computer, then:
Go to your Library tab in the Steam client
Right click Brigador
Click "Properties..."
Click "Local Files" in the window that appears
Click the "Browse" button

Steam will then open up the folder on your computer where Brigador is located. Copy and paste this entire folder somewhere else on to your machine and it will remain untouched by the update. The overall file size of the Brigador folder (with the modkit included) is typically under 2 GB in size.


* Launch splash updated to Mongoose vs Zed Prime - Precursor James is taking a break from loading screen duties.
* Community Compilation in Modkit & Map Editor DLC revised for 2022 - thanks to community moderators SCOREGOBLIN and Aniviron.
* Issue with Freelance Resign & Resume save file disappearing addressed - thank you for your reports.
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art of rally

Updated to 1.3.5a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

GOG changelog:
Update v 1.3.5a (30 June 2022)


- custom livery iterations can now be viewed by exiting the car select screen and then returning to it
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac]: ⇒ 3.4.5.
Hi all,

Another hotfix has arrived, containing a select few fixes primarily for improving multiplayer stability.

• Megacorps should no longer create rival Megacorps after winning an Impose Ideology war.
• Fixed War Names sometimes being empty on the war pin tooltip.
• Fixed Out of Sync upon hotjoining as an Overlord.
• Fixed Out of Sync after triggering a revolt.

Please note that save file compatibility between versions is not guaranteed.

If you have an important 3.4.4 game going, please back up the save file before trying to load the save in 3.4.5.
[My comment: In order to be able to roll back to a prior version, it is recommended to keep the prior version on your HD.]

If you experience crashing or other issues on 3.4.5, first disable all mods and start a new save. If the issue persists, please report it on the Bug Report forums.


Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac]: 1.1.8 ⇒ 1.1.9.

Patch 1.1.9 (29/06/2022)

The patch applies to new games.

• Added minor content in the form of dialogue extensions, codex, report and news

Bug Fixes and Polishing
• Fixed an ending altering bug where a coup wouldn't trigger and instead player enters retirement wrongly causing content desync
• Fixed an issue with wrong construction variables being checked in game setup
• Updated description of Steam achievements regarding construction opening and frugal to reflect conditions better
• Fixed date issue in a historical codex article
• Fixed wrong appearance of Manoly
• Updated negative situation description for military unhappiness
• Added a slight content variation for a Stahler comment
• Fixed wrong address of PM of Lespia
• Improved conditions for Lileas comment on Rumburg war possibility when in alliance
• Fixed a few typos in codex, city details, reports and news
• Fixed some more typos in scenes

Known issues
• Lack of Assembly impeachment content
• Certain codex articles don't update such as parties, cities, armed forces
• Country reports user interface has small typo
• Queen Beatrice can lose dialogue text colour randomly displaying <=color=>
• Hyperlinks randomly break and highlight articles or change codex article text

As always you can send feedback and report bugs on our channels. Take a look at our Discord or Twitter! If you liked Suzerain drop a positive review and spread the word.

Suzerain Community Interest Survey
The Torpor Games team has been working hard on a new project, of which we hope to be able to share more news very soon.

Additionally, we are evaluating the potential for the future of our first game, Suzerain, and what our community would be comfortable with financially supporting our development work.

Please note that we are not working on additional content for Suzerain. The purpose of this survey is solely to help us gauge the interest of our community. Torpor Games reserves the right to act as we see fit regardless of the survey results.

Survey Link Here

Thank you for all your support.
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Born Punk

Linux installer added (Version Linux1.0)
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Underrail & Expedition-DLC

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• [Expedition] Fixed a certain organic energy weapon on hit effects bug
• Fixed the bug that caused the new unique knife to sometimes unintentionally bypass resistances
• Telekinetic Grounding no longer works on targets that are immune to immobilization
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Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

Updated to b8a132b0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch Notes [30.06.22]

- Resolved black screen issues which occurred when players faced damage / had low morale.
- Introduced dyslexia-friendly font options for English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese Brazilian.
Edit: Mac offline installer now updated as well.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.520.5 to 0.523.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog present and also posted by the developer in the forum:
0.523.2 - Bullet Heaven

- New Nakamura Dynamics NDPT-4205 Point Defence Turret can now be unlocked and purchased.
- Additional interactions with Obonto Habitats and independent miners.
- Hardware and Tuning menu simulations for point defence turrets will now present the simulated ship with a constant hail of targets.
- Improved Dynamic Temporal Simulation Simplification performance on low-end hardware, making the game much smoother when the system adjusts the physics framerate to your hardware capabilities.
- Some combat patrols could last for hours if you had really bad luck and did not encounter any targets. Your wingmen will now terminate the patrol in that case.
- Choosing a borderless window mode on the Windows platform will now actually use the borderless window, and not silently fall into an exclusive full-screen mode. This will degrade performance a bit in that mode but help with most screen-capturing issues. You can switch to exclusive fullscreen in the Settings menu to restore the high-performance behaviour.
- Some point defence turrets, including these mounted on habitats, now have safety protocols and will try to avoid hitting friendly targets. These systems are not foolproof.
- Updated translations.
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Alexim: So on GOG they removed the classic versions, while on Steam no less than two older versions of the game, the Original Edition and the 2015 Edition, are available for free, great.
Communication with GOG support:

Me: "Thanks for solving the main part of my ticket (missing OL Installers).
Unfortunately you seem to have missed the second part of my ticket: "Be aware that you should NOT remove the original untouched version completely since your customers won't like that. Also, since the orginal is available on Steam as well, I guess it is pretty safe to say that your partner don't mind to keep it online."

"Now the untouched version is gone from GOG and since it is still available on Steam I actually doubt that this was forced by the publisher of the game. Your userbase prefers to keep untouched versions along with the enhanced ones whenever possible. Sometimes publishers are forcing your hand here - I know - but this seems to be unlikely here so that's a bit disappointing."

Support: "Unfortunately, I am unable to comment about releases or de-listing products from GOG store. The only available versions of the games on GOG are Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 Classic. I have also checked the Steam platform as you have mentioned and I was only able to find Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 Classic available for purchase there for the time being."

Me: "I took the liberty of helping you finding the original versions on Steam store (which are now completely absent on GOG)."
Experience the original, untouched version of Twinsen’s Little Big
Adventure Classic, originally released in 1994 as */Little Big
Adventure/* or */Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure/*.
"Experience the original, untouched version of Twinsen’s Little Big
Adventure 2 Classic, originally released in 1997 as */Little Big
Adventure 2/* or */Twinsen's Odyssey/*. "

If you stilll won't add these versions back as an extra I guess I will
have to contact your partner and complain to them instead.

Support: "Please keep in mind that this is up to game developer if game or it's certain version is available on GOG. We have contacted the game developer and will try to fix this issue as soon as possible, however, we do not have any ETA about if or when it will be addressed.

Keep in mind that due to legal reasons and as I have mentioned previously I am unable provide comment about release of the original version."
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Death Trash (In Development)
Death Trash Demo

Updated to 0.8.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:


- updated second encounter with Oracle (work in progress)
- added more content to tower area (work in progress)
- added Flashbang grenade
- updated world map for future content
- new sounds: some doors, lockpicking, using high tech skill


- changed default weapon triggering to differ between automatic and non-automatic weapons; added user setting for old behaviour
- updated salvo shots of enemies so some of them have mini pauses inbetween each shot to give the player a chance of avoiding the damage
- make neutral NPCs use same combat behaviours as enemies

General Improvements:

- generated areas: made anomaly zones a bit smaller
- generated areas: made path broader to prevent impassable situations
- generated areas: small visual adjustments
- updated throwable items trajectory to include drag
- added min skill value for rocket launcher and made rockets stackable
- list unknown lore items as ???
- list unlearned crafting recipes as ???
- updated some art assets

Usability Improvements:

- allow equipping Block through action selection screens and action bar, updated key binding
- added NPC character name to first speech item they have in any dialogue
- added specific keyboard and controller shortcut for using the puke ability
- added input buffer for shooting and reloading (e.g. to immediately perform after rolling)
- added user option to disable reload getting triggered when trying to shoot and magazine is empty
- make action wheel, action selection screen and inventories use same item sorting order
- updated weapon descriptions
- fixed user feedback issues on some equipment actions
- fixed not being able to move character with keyboard while map is open when last input before was point and click command
- fixed a few issues when assigning custom button assigments for controller
- fixed "leave combat" input action unintentionally being assigned on left stick press on controller


- fixed a few memory leaks

General Bug Fixes:

- fixed sound from energy balls persisting
- fixed not being able to deconstruct some energy weapons
- fixed shootable buttons not working with energy weapons
- fixed scene fade in affected by action wheel slowdown etc.
- fixed throwable items using wrong target offset in some cases
- fixed health bar drawn behind action wheel and other screens
- fixed some equipment UI not getting updated when using 'Next Ability' and 'Previous Ability' actions
- fixed animation issue with Deconstructor
- fixed tutorial about switching back to melee lingering longer than needed
- fixed visual UI glitch when entering the world map
- fixed lockable container not saving their hasBeenSearched state
- fixed minor issues with NPC behaviours
- additional UI bug fixes
- Mac OS: fixed debug console commands not opening a directory in Finder when they should
- fixed small issues with feedback form
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements
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All installers updated to 1.1.61

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