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Gas Station Simulator

Updated to Shipping Popularyty (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
CAR WASH Update #5

Update 5# Features

Car Wash Added

Unlocked after Quest Chain at Lvl. 4 Gas Station ($1000 for Restoration).
If you are beyond the starting point of the quest, it will begin after you finish the current active quest, or immediately if you finished the main campaign.

Five levels of upgrades, leading up to Automated Car Wash that requires minimum maintenance. As an extra feature we've also added the ability to open/close Car Wash separately from the station itself by popular request from the community (We might expand this to other parts of the station in the future).
- Extra regular achievements connected to the Car Wash (Upgrades and Washing the Cars)
- 2 New Hidden Achievements


- New location added: The Sewers
Connected with the car wash, it houses the Water Pumps that keep the water flowing and few small secrets to discover.


- Various minor bugfixes
- Minor language fixes and updates


- Fixed a bug where if you ordered more than 1000 units of Products/Car Parts in a single order that only 1000 would arrive.
- Fixed a visual bug in the Wheel Ordering UI showing the wrong sale price.
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Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.1.8061.27460 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:


System: Added Rich Presence features. The game now shares a bit of information as to what game mode you are currently playing with your friends.


UI: The research window now shows the correct info text while the content for Prosperity is blocked.
UI: The UI for guard towers now correctly shows all tooltips.
UI: The display of militia assigned to Towers won't fluctuate anymore if the defensive task was reissued.
UI: Fixed a bug where some tasks (e.g. Upgrade all buildings) in the build menu could ot be used even though they should be always available.
System: If loading of a corrupted game is detected, the UI shows a dialog and jumps back to main menu.
Savegames: If a save game is loaded with the technology setting "All Researched" and the addon has not yet been added, all addon technologies are now set to research.
Savegames: Fixed settler badges not being restored correctly after loading a savegame.
Savegames: Prevented several causes for the infinite loading screen.
Savegames: Made various "corrupted" savegames loadable again.
Tutorial: Fixed wrong localization in "Orchard" missing during the Tutorial.
System: Fixed error concerning empty work tasks.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.1.8061.27460
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is now at version 1.1.7f

Edit: Also, don't forget to get the free DLC "A Visitor From Distant Lands" and claim your dragon.
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Warp Frontier

Updated to 1.1.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Chinese Translation & New Year Sale

Warp Frontier now contains translations for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, available for selection via the Options menu! The translations cover the interface and subtitles.

To celebrate the inclusion of the Chinese text translations, Warp Frontier has been discounted 10% during the New Year sale.
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Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Updated to v1.0.3.5194 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Steam:
《涤净之雨》更新官方简体中文版 / Chinese translation available!

Just in time for the Lunar New Year, we have an exciting announcement:

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut now supports Simplified Chinese!

Our sincerest thanks to the localization team at Mythswift & ChinaAVG!

Translation: Abe Ren, 流云淡微风轻
Proofreading: Abe Ren
Font & Logo: Hongfang Yu
Testing: Simon Xu, 冬日暖阳

- Clifftop Games
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Expeditions: Rome

Hotfix - v1.1.4

Modified the encounter in the quest Ambiorix’s Warning:

Fixed an issue with the encounter not completing if players manage to kill all the enemies during the encounter.
Cativolcus now places a Rally banner at the start of the fight.
A Charger and Arsonist have been added to Cativolcus’ team.
Adjusted the level of the enemies in the encounter slightly.
If you lose the encounter, all injuries will be cleared when you wake up later.

Fixed an issue where characters who are hurt during the Rome Sweet Rome quest will still be injured after the 5 year jump at the start of the Message From Lucullus quest. They will now be healed.

When using the Twitch extension, the nameplates for the characters will now be colored based on whether they are allies (green), enemies (red), or neutral (grey). The name plates will also fade out a bit if the character is defeated.

Fixed an issue with Afrorum legion not pathing correctly in the Gaul region.

Fixed an issue where Centurions could be hired for the Afrorum legion in Gaul when the Legion Afrorum was not available.

Fixed an issue where a barrel was blocking a ladder on the Mountain Village instance.

Improved game stability (crashes).

Fixed an issue where Deianeira was appearing in sections of Rome when she was not supposed to (based on story decisions).

Fixed a hex issue on Cliff Pass Overlook that could cause the player to get stuck if their own character happens to be standing on this hex when combat ends.

Fixed an issue where characters would “RAAAAAAAHHHHHH” every time enemies move from retargeting when using the Twitch extension.

Added some refund functionality to the Twitch extension:

a. You will be refunded if you try to apply a status effect when that effect is already applied.

b. You will be refunded when you try to heal a character at full health.
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Mini Metro

Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] 202111231113 (release-49) ⇒ 202201141707 (release-50)
[Linux] 202101201253 (release-46) ⇒ 202201141716 (release-50)
[Mac] 202111231118 (release-49) ⇒ 202201141708 (release-50)
Mini Metro now stopping in Nanjing!
Explore one of China’s Four Great Ancient Capitals in our latest map.

Happy Lunar New Year, commuters! To celebrate, Mini Metro will now be stopping in the historical city of Nanjing, China! Home to one of the country’s largest metro systems, with nearly 160 stations, Nanjing is nestled between mountains, rivers, and lakes – a beautiful and challenging new addition to the Mini Metro map library.

As always, we at Dinosaur Polo Club appreciate you sticking with Mini Metro for so many years and continuing to celebrate as we near the game’s ninth anniversary! Thanks so much for your support and we’ll see you later this year. :)
mrkgnao: The "Astrodogs Demo" offline installer yields 404 since yesterday.

Someone who is on more friendly terms with bots that I am might want to report this -- or not.
Edward_Carnby: Notified the GOGers. Please check in a couple of hours.
Yeah, I also reported it this morning. Nothing, but crickets.
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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Updated from 1.11.1 to 1.11.2.

Changelog, present in the library:
We appreciate all your feedback following update 1.11.1, and have just released update 1.11.2:

- Improved VRAM management when changing resolution or upscale mode, which could cause performance issues that were only fixed by restarting the game
- Fixed various assets using the wrong quality level while using DLSS/FSR
- Fixed visual artifact issue when clipping the camera through a surface like pushing against a wall (ie with large FOVs or ultrawide screens) while using DLSS/FSR
- Fixed visual corruption and reduced foliage flickering issues on certain AMD GPUs

Please ensure your game is up-to-date before jumping back in to the world of Horizon! Let us know if you have any feedback. Now, get back out into the wilds!
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Haven Park

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Holiday Season has ended

Sadly, the Holiday season has come to an end in Haven Park as well! But fear not, you can still finish your already started Christmas quest. And if you have not started it yet: Santa will be back next Christmas! :)
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Project Warlock recieved another update (Offline and GOG Galaxy).
Hey everyone!

We’ve just released a patch that updates Project Warlock
to version This build introduces highly requested balance updates to the Tank boss in the Industrial world and the Sphinx boss in Egypt.

Tank boss is probably the one area that is being tweaked the most of all Project Warlock. It already underwent three major changes in the past years, from adjusting its stats to adding enemy spawns around it. We wanted to make it a formidable foe and its previous iteration was the closest to Kuba’s original vision. Today we make an additional adjustment based on your feedback and hope it will make this boss fight a more balanced and fun challenge both to new and returning players.
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The Riftbreaker 1.50 -> 1.53
The Riftbreaker, Lunar New Year Update, Package #106, Binaries #498
Changelog from Steam:

The Spring Festival is here! A new seasonal event has arrived in Galatea 37. Celebrate with two new Mr. Riggs skins (unlock them with codes TIGER and SPRING), new lamp models, new floor patterns, new Sentinel Towers, and even a custom weather event! Just like the previous winter seasonal event, this is purely cosmetic and entirely optional.
The mouse cursors implementation has been completely reworked. It is now much more responsive and faster, reducing lagging and any other potentially unwanted behavior.
The Statistics Screen has been reworked and added to the in-game menu and the end game screen.
The full version of the game and the Prologue now feature different main menu backgrounds to differentiate more easily between the two.

We re-enabled the option to change the anti-aliasing method from TAA to FXAA. Use it if you dislike the minor TAA ghosting artifacts. Enabling FXAA will prevent you from using FidelityFX Super Resolution as it requires TAA.
The energy priority system has been dramatically improved. Previously, in the case of an energy shortage, the buildings would come on- and offline semi-randomly in case of an energy shortage. Now, it’s more granular and predictable, with AI hubs taking priority over defensive towers.
Changed the radius of the objective marker in the Tanzanite Concentration mission from 100 to 10 meters.
Adjusted the minimum number of spawned Cryogenic plants in the Magma Find Samples mission.
Deployable Sentry Guns are more visible now, thanks to tweaked visual effects.
Temporary (green) Rift Portals are now light emitters.
Adjusted fade-in and fade-out timings for dynamic decals - blood splats, explosions, and similar.
Reduced the amount of hitpoints for large Magnetic Rocks, making them easier to deal with.
Menu screens have been adjusted to fill the screen space better on non- 16:9 aspect ratio displays.
Ammo research requirements added to the Corrosive Gun, the Cryogenic Atomizer, the Nuclear Launcher, and Swarm Missiles. This is to prevent a rare scenario where you could develop a weapon but have no means of producing the ammunition required.
Loot from Acidic Yeast should be more visible now.
Planetary Screen is now hidden in Survival Mode and the Prologue.
Bigger chance for "something useful" in Bioanomalies (skills, skins, etc.), instead of random resource caches.
Additional Bioanomalies spawn in on bigger maps.
Requirements are now visible for a couple more items in the Alien Technology research tree.
The Acidic Yeast can now destroy any non-acid-resistant floor.
When the player tried to upgrade the Headquarters building without the necessary resources to do so, they would get the warning pop-up, just as if they could afford the upgrade. This is no longer the case.

Fixed an error that caused some meteors to spawn double decals.
Fixed collision of multiple small vegetation pieces to improve scanning with the Bioscanner.
Fixed AI core cost errors that happened while using cost-reducing gear, like Maintenance Tools.
The Cryo Station no longer takes damage shortly after being built on the Magma floor.
Fixed an error that happened when deleting saves through the main menu.
Nurglax Drones are no longer selectable.
Fixed the Uranium Ore icon in research.
Fixed a bug that caused problems with the Build Menu focus after using a hotkey while building.
Floors no longer cast shadows, which should result in performance improvements.
Fixed multiple issues related to minimap zooming.
The buttons on the Journal screen now correctly display their corresponding tooltips.
'Remove from the research queue' button has been fixed.
Fixed a large number of minor errors and crash bugs.

New sound added for gates opening and closing.
The sound framework has been reworked entirely, eliminating many issues and crashes that happened before. Please let us know if you notice any strange behavior regarding sound.
LiqMat: Yeah, I also reported it this morning. Nothing, but crickets.
It must be fixed by now.
LiqMat: Yeah, I also reported it this morning. Nothing, but crickets.
Edward_Carnby: It must be fixed by now.
It is not. Maybe not high on their priority list?
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Strange Horticulture

Updated to 1.1.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Update: Ultrawide Monitors Fix, Plant Color Tweaks, And More!

Hey everyone!

It's our first official update! We've got some small but important fixes and tweaks in this one, such as a fix for ultrawide monitors, and some plant color tweaks.


- Fixed an issue where it was possible to miss out on rewards if you changed language while on a map event.
- Fixed an issue with the hint for the Arnside Antiquities card not showing up.
- Fixed an issue where the ‘Create Elixir’ button showed up over the map event buttons.
- Fixed an issue with zoomed in camera scrolling – it now scrolls better when on the zoomed in map for example.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck if you visited the ritual site in the post-game section.
- Fixed a minor display issue where the button for successful identification of a plant said ‘Collect’ when there were no rewards instead of just ‘OK’.
- Fixed an issue where inputs weren’t working properly when you had a controller plugged in.
- Attempted a fix for an issue where rewards aren’t collectable for some reason - this is a tricky one though and we still aren’t certain what is causing it.
- Fixed a few issues with translated text resulting in inaccurate clues.
- Fixed a minor issue where it appeared that Lesser Merrydock or Lisle of Neptune could be received twice.
- Fixed issue where it was impossible to complete the game over puzzles on an ultra wide monitor.

Gameplay adjustments

- Tweaked the sizes of the Use Plant and Leave buttons to help mitigate misclicks.
- Tweaked description and colour of Solomon’s Sceptre plant to help with identification.
- Adjusted the colour of Haverage to make sure it is more blue.

There are some more gameplay adjustments below, but they may include story spoilers, or spoilers for items received a little later into the game.

Gameplay adjustments - POSSIBLE SPOILERS

- Improved visibility of the mushroom guide in the lab.
- Slight adjustment to Norwood plant to make it a bit more noticeable under the magic viewer.
- Added an extra leaf to the Mountain Astory plant to avoid it being confused as a five-pointed leaf when brewing St Quentin’s Elixir.
- Changed the ‘First letter of Truthsayer’ clue card to use the Latin name instead so that it will work in different languages. Also changed the plant to Goldenlight to improve the clue.
- Fixed the alignment on the ritual text in the circular box.
- Added a tick to the magic viewer note once the viewer has been activated.

That's it for today's patch! Let us know if you've found another pesky bug on Discord.

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