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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.42

I know many of you have been requesting a keychain in the game to manage the keys. I just couldn't figure out a good way to implement it... until now! So this week I made the keychain feature, which is essentially a backpack "extension" which can only hold keys. When opening locked door/chests, the game will check inside your keychains for the appropriate key.

I went one step further: not only will I give you one keychain, I added four more! The first keychain is hidden in a chest somewhere (requires a fresh game playthrough) and the subsequent ones will be spawned randomly from dead NPCs. Later I will periodically add new keychains with different designs, so it's like a collector's item :) Keep in mind that the keychains have a pretty low drop probability, and the more keychains you have discovered, the rarer the rest of them will be.

Other features included in this update:

- Updated the obnoxious bullet tracer. Now it looks more like a smoke trail like in ze moviez

- Added water splash effects for when you walk or run in water, bullet impact, throw rocks, and explosions.

- Added footstep sounds for walking and sneaking.

- Improved inventory UI responsiveness: when interacting with items, things will happen when you press the LMB/RMB rather than when you release the LMB/RMB. This should make the UI feel more snappy.

- There is a quirkiness with the gunplay, which is when you aim at direction A, and then you quickly aim at direction B, and since the cursor leads the player's body's rotation, if you fire the gun before the character finishes rotating the body, your shot will not hit where your cursor is. It sounds intuitive, but during the heat of the battle you'll miss crucial shots due to this.

To address this issue, first I made the game do a check for whether the character is aiming where the cursor points at, and if not, the cursor's color will dim. This gives you a visual cue for whether it's a good time to shoot.

Then I give each weapon a different "aim rotation speed", determined by the gun's "Handling" attribute. Small guns like Makarov have a high rotation speed and will feel very snappy, while big heavy guns have low rotation speed thus feel more sluggish.

- When kicking doors, it might be hard to know where to stand to get a good kick. I made an improvement which is when you put your cursor on the door while kicking it, if you are too close, your character to step back a bit and then kick. You just have to hover your mouse over the door to do it, because there's no other way to detect whether the character is facing a door while kicking.

- Fixed a bug where AI would walk backwards while aiming, when he either searches for you or investigates a disturbance.

- Fixed a bug where AI would see you when you are behind him
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Severed Steel

Updated to 3.0.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
jan hotfix 2

- updated russian loc
- patched bug in conscience campaign level
- attributed Crimson Air to Damare in credits
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Fight N Rage
I just removed the damage penalty by player amount on insane and unfair difficulties.
Most players even don't notice that, but when you play coop on insane or unfair difficulties, the characters endurance was way lower depends on how much players were involved, making that mode pretty unplayable, specially when you choose cpu partners.

(Posted by the developer on the game forum).

Expeditions: Rome
Update 1.0b no changelog. Probably a hotfix.
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All offline installers updated to 1.1.53

" Fixed that if biters took damage from a forest fire, they would path toward the player who started it, no matter the distance. more
Fixed that replacing a tile between a colliding hidden tile (with check_collision_with_entities set to true) and an entity would not yield an item.
Fixed that LuaGameScript::ban_player would incorrectly use reason as a player name when given player was never in game. more
Fixed that the saving progress bar and other popups were placed behind the transparent pause overlay. more
Fixed a scenario could be created with temporary-state trains which were not properly deleted. more
Fixed a crash when using --map-settings while loading a multiplayer map. more
Fixed that trying to manually mine a resource that needs a mining fluid would sometimes produce sound of mining. more
Fixed script rendered arcs could be considered invisible when they were visible. more
Fixed that LuaEntity::belt_neighbours would return LuaEntity based on EntityGhost's inner entity, not the EntityGhost itself. more
Fixed fish preventing tiles building with check_collision_with_entities enabled.
Fixed that trains would not account for the train stop snap distance when already at the train stop with the back of a train. more
Fixed the intro music volume being set incorrectly.
Fixed that --start-server-load-latest when given an empty saves folder wouldn't work correctly. more
Fixed missing efficiency tooltip and incorrect fuel consumption tooltip value in generator equipment with burner energy source.
Fixed ghost electric poles connecting to ghost electric poles of other forces. Neutral force is exempt from this change. more
Fixed that biters would sometimes prefer running away over choosing another target. more
Fixed trains pathfinder would crash when a train is in a loop next to segment end and was requested to go to rail target in the middle of a loop. more
Fixed multi-level technologies showing the same saved progress in technology GUI. more
Fixed an icon of recipe notification on item group would show even if there are no recipes visible in a given context. more
Fixed a crash when defining too many icon variations. more
Fixed changing station name with rich text tags could crash when moving cursor by words. more
Fixed LuaBurner::inventory did not work correctly for some burner-energy-source entities. more
Fixed a crash caused by undoing an entity deconstruction which another player already cancelled. more "
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Strange Horticulture

Offline installer updated to 1.0.4, which was the launch version on Galaxy.

No changelog.
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Shadowman Remastered was updated to version 1.41

No changelog.
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Dead Cells updated to v1.17.1

Is there a changelog for this?
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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Offline installer updated to version 1.47.0

No changelog so far, but most likely are only changes for The Spike’s Story: Last Call Event
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.444.1 to 0.444.6 for Windows, Mac and Linux
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted by the developer in the forum:
0.444.6 - Pathfinder

- Improved AI pathfinding performance by 80%, sacrificing 20% of its rock-evasion capabilities. This should result in much better performance when non-player controlled ships are present while having a negligible change in behaviour.
- Adjusted storytelling options for the “missing child” quest to not finish too abruptly.
- Talking with Vilcy patrols once you get the location of the drop point will not make the ship you are about to meet wait for you 30 days longer each time you interact.
- You can’t buy more than one round of drinks at The Space Bar if you undock and re-dock immediately, raising the crew morale indefinitely.
- The bartender at The Space Bar won’t order its docking arms to throw you out if she is taking your order.
- You won't be able to tell habitats multiple times about the same event.
- Ships that run out of propellant during calculating astrogation sequence will abort the jump.
- Adjusted power draw warning for Eagle Prospector heads-up display in the numerical section to 150MW for warning and 500MW for critical level.
- Processed cargo in Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Container will now count towards the Blue Gold achievement.
- Enceladus station background won’t turn black if you set the background FPS to 0 and change your HUD scale while docked at the station.
- Non-player controlled ships caught by docking arms of stations and habitats won’t forget the player anymore.
- Adjusted cargo bay shapes on Elon Interstellar Model E, so ore hitting the edge between open jaws and ship hull from behind are not counted towards cargo temporarily, thus losing autopilot targeting and geologist marks.
- You will now trigger automatic return protocol when you get into the Encke Gap, over 3005km, just as you get the achievement. Any POI you could have in your save deeper in will be moved to maintain savegame compatibility.
- Clicking on the menu buttons when you have the Dive Target Selection screen open will now close it.
- Keyboard focus will move correctly to the last menu item you had selected on Enceladus when you close the Dive Target Selection screen.
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Mary Skelter 2

Updated to v1.04 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Version 1.04

- Fixed- Backgrounds no longer missing in an early conversation in the Liberated district.
- Fixed- Removed crackle in the English audio of Mary Skelter 1
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Expeditions: Rome
Update 1.0c, no changelog. Probably a hotfix.
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There's an update for SOMA, but no changelog.
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Growing Up

Updated to 1.2.3928 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog but Galaxy achievements (still invisible) are working now.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.50 (Offline installers updated)

v0.91.50 Patch Notes
New Feature: Battle Statistics
In the Battle Statistics window, you can view various battle stats of your characters, party, and enemies.

The overall stats of all battles are displayed by default. You can choose to view the last battle, average stats per battle or per round.

If you don't want to see too much detailed data, you can also choose the simple mode, or customize via the options menu.

Statistics include:

Win Rate
Kills (Standard)
Kills (Elite)
Kills (Solo)
Kills (Minion)

Total Damage, Highest Damage:
All Sources
Weapon Attack
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Effect Area
Damage Over Time
Bounce damage
Summoned Creatures
Animal Companion
Other Sources
Attack of Opportunity
Critical Hit
Sneak Attack
Favored Enemy
Smite Evil
Damage Taken

Weapon Attack
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Regular Attack
Full Attack
Flurry of Blows
Other Weapon Attacks
Combat Maneuvers
Offensive Spell
Beneficial Spell
Use Potion
Other Actions

Attacks, Hits, Hit Rate:
Weapon Attack
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Combat Maneuvers
Other Attack Actions

Other Numbers:
Roll 20
Roll 1
Attack of Opportunity
Critical Hit
Sneak Attack
Deflect Arrows
Attacks of Opportunity Taken
Critical Hits Taken
Sneak Attacks Taken
Knockdowns Taken

Spontaneous Casting:
Clerics can channel stored spell energy into cure/inflict spells that the cleric did not prepare ahead of time. That is to say clerics can “lose” any prepared spell in order to cast any cure/inflict spell of the same spell level or lower.

Adjusted prerequisites of some feats:
Following feats no longer require fighter level, but only character level:
Improved Bleeding Critical
Improved Crippling Critical
Stunning Critical
Greater Sweeping Strikes
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Two-Handed Weapon Fighting
Improved Knockdown
Greater Rapid Shot
Rain of Arrows
Improved Rain of Arrows
Greater Trip
Greater Grapple
Greater Bull Rush
Greater Drag
Greater Overrun
Fixed: missing prerequisites of Improved Sneak Attack (requires Sneak Attack +8d6), Terrifying Rage (requires rage 5/day)

New Optional House Rules:
Defense/Total Defense: bonus on AC, saving throws and Combat Maneuvers Defense (unchecked by default: AC only)
(+2 modifications of House Rules for old saves)

Battlefield Menus, Action Bars, and Prepare Spells related:
New option in Prepare Spells UI: Auto-update action bar by prepared spells
Character panel new option: Show Unprepared Spells (hide by default)
New popmenu item of action bar: Fill Empty Slots - Move actions to front empty slots (if any).
New popmenu item of battlefield/character: Party Auto-Combat Settings: On
Optimized battlefield popmenu
Fixed: battlefield popmenu bug of paladin

Adjusted Drow’s Poison and some monsters' Poison Use:
Drow’s poison DC = 13 + character level / 2 + Wis modifier
Poison Use DC = 10 + character level / 2 + Wis modifier
Changed to ogl/srd 3.5 standard saving throws

Normal modifiers on attack roll/damage (e.g. bonus of Divine Favor, attack roll penalty of tower shields, etc.) are only applied on weapon attacks, touch attacks, and combat maneuvers
Player AIs don't attack asleep enemies unless all enemies are asleep
Adjusted order of spells learning of sorcerer builds
Fixed: Wis penalty applied on Monk's AC Bonus
Fixed: Abundant Step and Empty Body provoke AOs
Fixed: Ethereal Jaunt and Etherealness suffer spell resistance checks
Fixed: Dire Rat's Disease and vipers' Poison also work on undead
Fixed: Price bug of recruiting adventurers

Character Popmenu: Batch Level Up: Select characters with a pre-build and level up to a specified level automatically.
Added Faster and Ultrafast for battle animations
Added Faster and Ultrafast for adventure level up
View battle stats and battle log on victory UI
New option of battle log: Set text background transparency (default 25%)
Suppress tutorials when auto-combat
Optimized some UIs
Optimized some text
Fixed: Crash caused by missing text

Next, we'll work on:
Druid, Bard, class saves and BAB growth with extra attacks, new player races (Drow Noble, Bugbear, Lizard Scion, Gnoll), more elemental creatures, etc.

Note: If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to leave them in this announcement or send to (attach your saves if necessary: game folder/saves).
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SOMA was updated with no changelog.