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karnak1: UFO: Aftermath
Offline installer updated to 1.4_languages2

GOG changelog:
" Added new languages: Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish "
Cool, it seems that 1C is finally starting to fix the missing translations for its games on GOG, I contacted them just a few years ago.
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Updated to Version 1.8a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
Version 1.8a:

- fixed products of Customizable Shop having a price in scenarios where shop products are required to be free
- fixed Discord friends missing in multiplayer invite friend list when opening list for second time

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Updated to 1.0.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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This update info is from the source, wayforward with updates including 4 new gaming modes!
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Update 1.1.3f (galaxy only for now)

It’s us again, with one little fix for one little problem with this guy named Latverk. Apparently we got a little carried away with our problem-solving in the previous patch, and Latverk disappeared a bit earlier than he was supposed to. Oops, our bad. We talked to our… contractor in Alushinyrra about it, and he promised that the quest involving Latverk will proceed as it should now.
kbnrylaec: Steel Division 2 - Reinforcement Pack #12 is not downloadable.
GOG Support ticket: 1205499
DoctorGOGgles: I was wondering about that. There's neither an offline installer nor the option to install it via Galaxy, but the Kostritza map is actually available in the game.

I think it's integrated in the latest 61881 update of the base game, no matter if you've claimed the free Reinforcement Pack #12 or not.

Still, would be nice if it was handled the same way as the 11 previous Reinforcement Packs.
Thanks for this info! Very unusual way for them to do this sort of thing but as long as it's available offline is all that matters.
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Updated to 20211130_1.3.50.r47477 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Stardew Valley

1.5.5 update (November 30th, 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Hey everyone,
1.5.5 just went live. It's a small update, which doesn't add new content, but has some important technical changes for modders, some quality of life changes, and some bug fixes:

[Architectural changes]

- Migrated the game from XNA (targeting .NET Framework 4.5.2) to MonoGame (targeting .NET 5). This futureproofs the game and allows mods to access more than 4 gigs of RAM.
- Made various internal changes for mod authors.

[Quality of life changes]

- Holding the CTRL key in addition to shift now lets you purchase/craft stacks of 25 items at a time.
- When starting a new save, many settings now default to what they were the last time you played the game. Some settings like zoom level, gamepad mode, and multiplayer server privacy aren't copied over.
- You can now build or move farm buildings onto artifact spots. This destroys the artifact spots.
- You can now nudge pets out of the way while building/moving a building by clicking on them.
- You can now buy back items accidentally sold in the same shopping session.
- The in-game time is now shown on the upper-right hand corner of the screen when playing Journey of the Prairie King in multiplayer.
- Grass placed using Grass Starter during Winter no longer disappears when the game is reloaded (but it still won't grow or spread).

[Localization fixes]

- Fixed Shane's 6-heart event soft-locking in the Hungarian translation.
- Fixed incorrect backslash characters in various events in the Hungarian localization.
- Fixed typos in the French localization.
- Fixed a typo in Livin' Off The Land that incorrectly states that Super Cucumber can be caught in Winter.

[Cosmetic fixes]

- Added commas to the price display on the various building construction menus.
- Adjusted collisions in the Calico Desert to avoid a minor sorting issue on the top-left edge of the raised cliffside.
- Fixed issue where Sebastian's sprite would shift into an invalid position at 1:00 PM when he's working on his bike on the farm.

[General fixes]

- After completing the Cryptic Note quest, subsequently reaching the 100th floor of the Skull Cavern will guarantee a loot chest.
- Fixed an issue where hard mode mines could become permanently enabled.
- The Blacksmith profession now affects Radioactive Bars.
- Garden Pots no longer lose any applied fertilizers when they are harvested from.
- Fixed the explosion radius not being centered when dislodging flooring and certain other types of items.
- When placing a Garden Pot on Ginger Island on a rainy day, it will now spawn with its dirt correctly watered.
- Fixed an issue where moving a cabin with a cellar would cause the stairs to the cellar to warp the players out of bounds for the rest of the play session.
- Fixed a case where entering the Farm from the south on horseback and triggering an event could cause the player to get stuck in a wall.
- Fixed various invisible tiles preventing certain spots in the Mountain lake from spawning fish activity bubbles.
- Fixed the tile holding the plant on Elliott's table not being passable from behind.
- Fixed some tiles on the left side of the beach farm being unbuildable.

If you are a modder, please check out PathosChild's 1.5.5 migration guide, which goes into greater depth on some of the changes in this patch.

A 1.5.6 update is also currently underway. We're working directly with PathosChild (creator of SMAPI, a very popular Stardew modding tool) to add even more modding support to the game, including some long requested "holy grail" changes which should make some aspects of modding much easier in the future. We've given PathosChild source code access to help us accomplish this task.

There may be some new content in 1.5.6, too, but it's not going to be anything huge like 1.5.

Thanks for playing Stardew Valley! -Ape
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ELDERBORN recieved a small hotfix patch in GOG Galaxy.

Version 1,037 > Version 1,07

Miniscule hotfix (2021-12-01)
• Fixed an oversight in new female voice over
• Fixed subtitle synchronisation for all cutscenes
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Berzerk2k2: ELDERBORN recieved a small hotfix patch in GOG Galaxy.

Version 1,037 > Version 1,07

Miniscule hotfix (2021-12-01)

• Fixed an oversight in new female voice over
• Fixed subtitle synchronisation for all cutscenes
The patch is over 3 gigs, I'm assuming it includes the patch from last week, late as usual.

November 24th, 2021


Today's ELDERBORN update is the result of our steady progress towards improving the PC version of the game, while preparing it for the upcoming console launch. It's quite diverse in terms of areas that have been tinkered with. Work has been done here and there - here's a comprehensive list of changes.


Engine Update - the game has been migrated from UNITY 2017 to UNITY 2020, which is an "under the hood" change, that allowed us to address many issues that eluded us before.

NEW CONTROLLER HANDLING SYSTEM IMPLEMENTED: this should allow for better handling of variety of controllers; NOTE: we don't have access to all possible controllers available on market, especially not the obscure ones; IN CASE OF INPUT ISSUES, consult the settings menu - chances are, you need to set up bindings manually. If this happens (or manual binding fails/turns out impossible), please contact us.
PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS in Chapter 2 - city area should perform better now.


Fixed issue of simultaneous use of weapon wheel and character sheet locking the former on screen
Player should no longer be able to accidentaly leap off the towers in chapter 2
Fixed erraneous damage calculation leading to Die Hard skill not always triggering on NG+.
Fixed incorrect achievement completion for "Ok, Boomer".


Limited ways of moving out of bounds in chapter 2
Stalker's projectiles no longer untextured
Baths in Chapter 2 now react to hits according to materials they are made of.
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Got another update flag for UFO: Aftermath
And I honestly cannot see what has changed. Was it the addition of new languages on the Library? I don't know.
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List of games that their update flags are missing in Nov 2021:
(Only games I owned are recorded. [1])

neverwinter_nights_enhanced_edition (HD Art Pack)
[1] Nov 2021:
[2] Oct 2021:
Swissy88: The patch is over 3 gigs, I'm assuming it includes the patch from last week, late as usual.
Thanks for the info. :)
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update #20: Hot Fixes!

First of all: thank you everyone for the successful DYSMANTLE full launch! If you're reading this, you probably had something to do with it! Yay!

The transition from Early Access to Full Version went better than we anticipated. Nothing blew up! (Unless you ask macOS users who had some terrible crash issues for a couple of days, but all that is fixed now. Apologies.) The game is selling pretty well, which is a nice bonus for a small indie studio like us. It also means that it makes sense for us to continue developing the game longer. It's good for everyone!

So, the first hot fix update is here. This one is pretty straightforward reaction to all the feedback and bug reports you have sent. Keep those coming! There are also a couple of smaller new things such as the options icons, but mostly this is about fixing stuff like localizations, quest phases, and audio issues.

This is the Update #20 with build number 1.0.1.x. Wonder what happened to Updates #18 and #19? They didn't have a fancy Steam announcement like this, but #18 was the Release Candidate version and #19 the Launch Version 1.0.0. So we aren't as bad at counting as people are saying. We're just bad at spelling our game names properly. But that's fyne.

Anyway, without further stalling, here's the change log...



- Option screen tab icons.
- More resolutions visible in resolution selector (Windows and macOS).


- UI tweaks.
- Both players now sleep when sleeping at the campfire.
- Changes to numerous object parameters, such as hp, dmg threshold and drops.
- Buffed katana "DMG to monsters" parameter.
- Initial Bandage invent cost raised a bit.
- Increased Lumberjack damage vs trees.
- Removed main quest Crown phase where you needed to visit the Collapsed Road to continue.
- Changed Crown Station Tomb puzzle to a simpler one.
- Slight Tomb Guard damage reduction.
- Adjusted the 'Displaced' quest.
- Stage sounds are suppressed while playing myth tablets.


- Localizations (still some strings waiting for translation).
- Audio crash (macOS).
- Fixed material magnet and retweaked modifier.
- Numerous open world fixes to graphical glitches.
- Slight optimisation to open world.
- The quest "Displaced" now only rewards xp upon completion.
- The main quest now correctly progresses to the "link relay" phase after scanning for relays.
- Monsters are able to traverse through opened drawbridges now.
- Power attack effects should not appear anymore during normal attacks.
- Player can now press the run button down while exiting the camp fire screen.
- Fixed saving game for Windows user names with special characters.
- Audio system falls back from XAudio2 to DirectSound if early initializations fail.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused wandering enemies to get stuck on obstacles.
- "Archaeological Expedition" quest phase fixes if the player has skipped portions of it by mistake.
- Releasing a combined running/dodge button while running and changing weapon at the same time does not start dodge rolling anymore.
- Potential fix for a bug where player's falling animation keeps playing forever.
- Material slots cannot hold negative amounts anymore.

Up Next

We're working on three DYSMANTLE related things at the moment: 1) fixing stuff, 2) creating new content, and 2) bringing the game to other platforms. We're optimizing our engine for some of the performantionally (it's a word) challenged platforms, and all that will eventually benefit Steam users as well.

All this will keep us busy for at least the rest of 2021, so you can start expecting new stuff in 2022 Q1. We'll likely release more of these minor patches before that though. We're hoping to add Italian localizations before Xmas too.

Hot DYSMANTLING everyone!
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* Rimworld
All offline installers updated to 1.3.3200 rev719

Full changelog here:

* Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Game got an update flag. But the last update 1.5.2b (for Win + Linux) was on October. Maybe this time they updated the offline installers?

Changelog from steam:
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Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game

Updated from 2.5.4 to 2.5.5 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
The demo got the same update

Changelog, posted by the developer in the forum:
Hello everyone!

Today's update contains more bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback in these areas:

User experience, player agency

- Added an icon to choices that loop back, to inform players which choices move the story forward

Character creation

- Improved Blocks attributes and Blocks resistance tooltips
- Fixed +/- link highlighting not disappearing on hover off
- Fixed mismatched attributes effect on beauty/menace
- Fixed preset traits highlighted icons mismatch


- Berserk eliminates fear, thus your attacks have a higher chance to hit
- Radical Attack has an NPC dice roll step, so even pulling it off does not guarantee an instant win opportunity

Morl, when not enraged, does not kill you in the duel:

- when you run out of hit points, but you fought well and managed to win his respect, Morl only knocks you out
- when player uses the flee option, Morl only shouts insults
- BUT if Morl is enraged he will use deadly force in both situations

Wear Out tactic made more accessible

- Your character's Close call and Effortless defense now both grant +1 MP
- Your character's Critical miss no longer causes -1 MP, just a penalty to anger/fear


- Separate combat attack, defense, enemy turn start, player turn start texts
- Hard and soft checks click on choice improvements


- Fixed typos and Raven/Luan name usage mix-ups

And this is what we're planning for the next update

Limit allocation of points to once per chapter

- so the story flow is not interrupted by the temptation to re-allocate the points yet again for yet another dice roll
- but you never feel like you made a mistake and can’t get your points back
+ allow to remove wealth upgrades on a story step with choices costing wealth, so you never feel like you can’t allocate your wealth points out of fear of a choice coming up that costs more than you left un-allocated

Hide choice effects values

- you know the choice affects a stat, but you have to read the choice text to know which way
- so that you both rely on role-playing and not clicking choices based on stat effects only
- But at the same time don’t feel like a choice had an unexpected effect

Other changes

- Fix bugs around Ironman unlocking and checkpoints when reaching the game’s end
- Story: several fixes when skipping dialogues, abandoning characters
- UI and game mechanics fixes around NPC characters death

And of course work will continue on writing and editing the scenes for Act 2.

Let us know what you think of this patch, and what's coming up next!