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Trooper1270: This War of Mine has just been updated to for Windows. Still nothing for Linux or Mac, that are still on 6.0.8 (A) and 6.0.8 respectively.

[No changelog included]

Searched everywhere, and nothing found, yet...
twifight: Another game of theirs, Frostpunk, was also updated today (1.6.1_51795_59550 to 1.6.1_51852_59618), but again, no changelog.
Yeah, I noticed that. There has also been another update flag for This War of Mine, but there are no version number changes shown, so may be a glitch or mistake...

Endzone - A World Apart is showing a patch update from (1.1.7996.22703 to 1.1.7997.29826).

[No changelog included]
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KetobaK: Art of Rally
Update 1.3.3a Windows, Mac and Linux.
No changelog so far, look on Steam, Twitter and the developers page and community, I don't have Discord. If somebody can check will be appreciated!
Changelog now posted by the developer in the game forum:
The new 1.3.3a update is live!



• remove unused ghost selection buttons from online events
• prevent an edge case where car rotation would be frozen on reset
• fixed audio glitch when switching cameras in replay
• changeg car tire interactions to avoid reacting to knocked over roadmarkers
• added fix for edge case that could cause two cars to spawn
• fixed guard rail collider in Mount Asama
• fixed ambient sound effects not playing at stage start
• fixed resolution selection issue on linux
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POSTAL 4: No Regerts (Friday)


• New Errands
◦ Treasure Hunter
◦ Pacify Merc Superior
◦ Dam Inspector
◦ Endgame
• New Locations
◦ Edensin Dam
◦ Edensin MegaMall
◦ Goldmine
◦ Lost Underground Civilization (a.k.a. the Lost City for short)
• Subtitles! English-only for now with more languages coming
• New NPC models!
• Destructible ATMs
• Interrupt conversations for NPCs. NPCs who are talking to each other can become rogue
• Item Wheel!
• M60!
• Chainsaw!
• Major audio additions! Upgraded Scooter to sound more realistic, optimized audio streaming for less overhead. Added more physical materials with a wider variety of hit sounds based off of the item that hits them, updated items that can be thrown / have physics that react with said new materials
• New music for some errands!
• Two new radio stations! KDTF and EdenSYNTH
• Silent loadzone transitions! No more horrible noises when riding the scooter through zap-zones
• Expanded Emote wheel animations!
• Better Scooter AI: Pathfinding, braking and reverse decisions, dynamic obstacle avoidance, improved overtaking!
• Waypoint improvements / additions! Clicking on an errand will now set the waypoint to that errand’s location. Added a waypoint indicator to fast travel stations, showing you which area specifically you have to go to to reach your destination. The Errand List will now show a little baby waypoint icon next to it when it is set as the waypoint destination
• Third-person animations for all weapons!
• Better color wheel for Spray Paint Can, unlimited selection of colors!
• More Interest Points for NPCs!


• Improved NPC navigation especially around doors
• Implemented Flinch Animations for Dude and NPCs
• Improved Pizza pickup model :)
• Added more signage across various levels
• Simplified and improved puddle spawning from fluid weapons and streams
• Split Nitro away from Walk into its own control binding. Added analog controls for driving
• Added default Sprint binding. Added custom weapon bindings for the Mop, Rattler, Chainsaw, P350, Hunting Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and M60
• Set Pet Shop Worker to ignore combat, so he’ll stay at his post
• Made it easier to pee in Spike's dog bowl without the collision getting blocked by something else
• Implemented impact effects for the Chain Sickle projectiles
• Implemented explosive barrels
• Baton now starts with a full battery on pickup
• Implemented projectile behavior changes when kicked
• Improved the weapon fire and alt fire input queuing
• Added audio maps to the Grenade Projectiles
• Polished the M16's aim view offset and rotation to better align with the reticle
• Finished implementing aim sensitivity found in the Control options
• Implemented dual wielding view offset to prevent clipping when sprinting
• Updated the FITH building with the new bar assets and removed the old looking stuff
• Added the overhauled Animal Shack
• Improved many interiors that were previously either empty or boring, this mainly applies to houses
• Improved the visibility of the shell casing smoke
• Refined the red dot blending a little bit when aiming and firing
• Increased size of Rocket explosion particles
• Polished the chain spacing on the Chain Sickle projectiles
• Increased SniperRifle max range to prevent cases where a player could scope in and see a KI powerbox but not be able to damage it with the sniper rifle
• Homing rockets will now explode if they circle around their target
• Updated explosion and bullet impact attenuation across the game
• Updated weapons to have empty sound when fired with no ammo
• Updated audio in Border Smuggler errand
• Dude will now reequip last held weapon after releasing a grabbed actor
• Implemented grenade throwing for AI
• AI interaction pawns now ignore all the senses (Pit Boss side-errand givers won’t run away)


• Fixed plenty of combat / general gameplay crashes
• Dark Lodge Hillbillies not being able to be dismembered
• Fixed the smoke particles leaving visible intersect lines on the Rocket Launcher
• Mountain Men cone of vision, NPC combat reposition decreased / move and shoot chance increased
• Fixed shotgun not using correct materials in third person
• Fixed the bot's heat seeker rocket prematurely exploding in their face
• Fixed Prisoner kicking
• Fixed a crash when damaging a picked up dog body
• Fixed the Grenade and Rocket projectile explosion particles getting culled by the edge of the screen
• Fixed the Buckshot item appearing as an actual droppable item
• Fixed the Baton not being equipped with the right pending mode through the weapon wheel
• Fixed the Rocket Cat projectile exploding when fired
• Made Carter and Kunny immune to being ragdolled (Fixes random teleporting, and a solution for being yeeted out of bounds and softlocking the player)
• Fixed NPCs not selecting a weapon at all during combat
• Implemented various fixes for sliders for controller and keyboard
• Issue where NPCs would sometimes turn on their own team members for no particular reason
• Fixed VR world audio bugs and fixed Time Trial fade outs
• Fixed collision in ♥♥♥♥ Asian
• Fixed green scooter not playing animations properly during race
• Fix Race: Fixed a glitch where the errand would not complete and the player would be locked inside the Arena
• Spike disappearing randomly during mini-errand
• Fixed a bug where the wheel list scrolling isn't affected by the world time dilation
• Revoked phone privileges of Kunny Island cashiers. Fixed up some cashier-related crashes
• Implemented fix for prison tile not loading when player is sent to jail on Tuesday before paying the fine
• Fixed some bugs with the weapon's idle input queuing
• Possible fix for Animal Van taking cats in place of dogs and increasing dog score
• Fixed a soft lock in Hot Zone area
• Some issues where NPCs would not select a weapon or attack the cat dude or other animals
• Fixed the ribbon particle scaling on the Super Soaker Flamethrower
• Fixed the Super Soaker's pilot light appearing in third person
• NPCs getting stuck in interest point state if interrupted twice before allowed to change state
• Fixed Dark Lodge totems
• Fixed Slingshot audio to work again
• Tutorial Champ getting stuck and not pointing out the sign and marker pickups
• AI Knockdown reactions
• Border Smuggler and Cat Dude intro render
• Invincible NPCs
• Border Smuggler and Time Trial icons reversed on minimap
• Addressed a vast amount of mapping bugs reported on our forums! (Thank you!)
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Death Trash (In Development)
Death Trash Demo

Updated to 0.7.29 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch Notes 0.7.29

- added blocker location on the way from Puke Bar to New Delphi
- make NPCs react to a few events like hitting objects
- make enemies react to doors getting opened near them
- updated NPCs following waypoints and pausing on waypoints
- fixed a few situations of NPCs walking into spikes
- fixed world map encounter being spawned in impassable terrain
- make player character a full pathfinding blocker during dialogue; fixes blind man trying to walk through player towards lever
- updated energy bar UI
- added max keyword to stats display if level is at max
- fixed text cursor potentially remaining in scene on switching input
- improved performance in Glutt boss fight
- additional framework improvements

Another week behind us with progress on multiple fronts.
The new location is nothing spectacular. Don't return to the game just for that. But it's part of what I hinted at before: New content will probably arrive in ongoing small chunks through our weekly updates instead of holding it back for major updates.
Note: Windows offline installer of the Demo isn't updated yet.
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Trooper1270: This War of Mine has just been updated to for Windows. Still nothing for Linux or Mac, that are still on 6.0.8 (A) and 6.0.8 respectively.

[No changelog included]

Searched everywhere, and nothing found, yet...
twifight: Another game of theirs, Frostpunk, was also updated today (1.6.1_51795_59550 to 1.6.1_51852_59618), but again, no changelog.
Frostpunk update adds banner to main menu advertising sequel. There are no other changes or fixes.
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Fixed crash on startup on some machines, like 11th gen intel machines. Very specific, we know! It has to do with an SSL library thing that Intel doesn't have pre-installed that causes issues with startup on Obduction.
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Deus Ex GOTY Edition

Updated to 1.112fm(Revision (Offline Installer only at the moment)

No changelog.
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Forgotten Fields
(No offline installer yet)

Patch v1.5 is live now, with the following fixes:

* Fixed: Textures don't load on some Mac machines, and are instead replaced by pink objects.
* Fixed: Camera rotation in the first scene is over sensitive.

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Updated to 211111GOG (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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One Step From Eden
All version updated to version 1.7.0 (no changelog).
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Steel Division 2 - Reinforcement Pack #12 is not downloadable.
GOG Support ticket: 1205499
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Tormented Souls

Updated to 1.03 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.

Edit: Downgraded to 1.02 for both, Galaxy & offline installer. :(
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.72b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Tenants - Elite Update 0.72b


- Added a host of new entry animations for Elite Contract clients.
- Added dedicated Hunter client assets for one of the Elite Contracts.


- Fixed an issue with large wall mounted items being impossible to place down.
- Fixed an issue with the apartment reset feature breaking the room detection system (thanks @vritto!).
- Fixed an issue with the new Elite Contract intros behaving erratically when the game was paused.
- Fixed an issue with the intros being sometimes overlaid with tutorial sequences.
- Fixed an issue with the billard table being required in one of the jobs.
- Fixed an issue with lacking skill points for older saves.
- Fixed an issue with pedestrian animations in the main menu.
- Fixed a visual wall glitch in the Suburbs.


- Lowered item spam penalties for Outdoor items. Achieving higher prestige scores in gardens should now be easier.
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kbnrylaec: Steel Division 2 - Reinforcement Pack #12 is not downloadable.
GOG Support ticket: 1205499
I was wondering about that. There's neither an offline installer nor the option to install it via Galaxy, but the Kostritza map is actually available in the game.

I think it's integrated in the latest 61881 update of the base game, no matter if you've claimed the free Reinforcement Pack #12 or not.

Still, would be nice if it was handled the same way as the 11 previous Reinforcement Packs.
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UFO: Aftermath
Offline installer updated to 1.4_languages2

GOG changelog:
" Added new languages: Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish "