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Wasteland 3

Hotfix 1.6.1 (galaxy only for now)

Grab that coffee and prepare to toboggan through a veritable gauntlet of post-apocalyptic patch notes! Hot on the heels of our second (and final) DLC’s release, we’re serving up a plate of fixes and tweaks that are sure to please. Now, what’s this 1.6.1 business we’re talking about?! What the hell happened to 1.5.4? Or 1.6.0 for that matter?! The simple explanation is that patch version numbers are meaningless and everything is meaningless and time is a flat circle. No matter. Drink more coffee. Maybe splash something extra in it.

Cult of the Holy Detonation

Cheyenne Entrance:
Updated a cryo landmine to let you avoid it more easily when interacting with a nearby chest. We agree, it was a cheap shot.
If they die, Boris and Natasha will no longer return from the grave when saving and reloading.

Research Level:
Adjusted the pacing of the Particle Accelerator combat in the following ways:
Increased the armor of the Particle Cannons.
Reduced the max enemies that can be on the battlefield at one time while increasing the spawn rate of enemies to improve pacing.
The encounter will spawn fewer zealots and evangelists, in favor of spawning more initiates.

Security Level:
Improvements have been made to Sister Strontium. She’ll pull you in from a more reasonable distance, and the guard there will do a better job of detecting you if called.
Improvements have been made to Caul in the Security Level. You’ll no longer get detected by enemies while stuck in his conversation.

The Holy Detonation:
Resolved an issue where Cultists would occasionally spawn in spaces they couldn’t move out of.
Improvements have been made to the final combat encounter; there’s now less chance of being boxed in by enemies while navigating that area.
We’ve increased the movement speed of the final boss to make that encounter a bit faster-paced.

Nuke Grenades now properly deal explosive damage. They should be MUCH more effective now.
The Uranium Sprayer’s special ability now only sprays on enemies, reducing the chances of awkward situations with your squadmates.
“Increased the volume of the Skin Flute” is a patch note I never thought I’d write but here we are.
The crane cutscene in the Loading Dock encounter will now reveal the fog of war in a larger area, making it easier to see. When they said “make a cutscene” we didn’t mean it to be a literal cut scene.
Fixed a bug where a certain party follower would lose their special status effect buff if you reloaded the game. Let the projectile vomit flow!
The smashable wall in the Security Level now makes a sound when destroyed. Your smashing experience will now be significantly more satisfying.
The song ‘Down in the Valley to Pray’ will now loop properly during the Research Level combat encounter.
The song ‘Power in the Blood’ now plays properly in the Power Storage Facility encounter.
The fog of war on one of the random World Map Cultist encounters will now reveal the map properly.
The Proteus will now play the correct death animation if killed in the Observation Level. If you thought the Proteus was gross before, woo buddy...
The Surge Blaster is now not so literal. We fixed an exploit in the final battle where using that weapon to stun a certain spawner could cause all enemies to stop spawning.
Theo Curie now appropriately reacts to players’ radiation state, and will no longer acknowledge you as “glowing” when your party doesn’t have any stacks of Holy Radiation on them. Even brilliant scientists make mistakes, apparently.
Fixed a couple of reactions from the stalkers who mock you throughout Cheyenne Mountain.
[Controller] Fixed a bug where an invisible switch was accidentally accessible to a player while using a gamepad in Loading Docks.

The Battle of Steeltown

We resolved an issue that could result in an infinite friendly turn during combat with the Ghost Gang at Steeltown’s Exterior. ‘Infinite friendly turn’ sounds like a beautiful state to be in, but it’s really not.


[Consoles] We resolved an issue that could cause a player’s game to freeze when the partner left the game unexpectedly.
We resolved an issue that was preventing the guest player from creating the Flesh Prince in the Cheyenne Mountain secret lab. Sounds harmless enough.
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Berzerk2k2: Blade of Darkness one more time.

v67 (Oct 12, 2021)
Offline installers and patches are available. :)
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Warp Frontier

Updated to 1.1.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Titus again...

* Fixed conversation choices appearing when leaving facility with Titus if previously attempted to leave before securing facility

Oh, and if you're reading this, if you wouldn't mind leaving a review for Warp Frontier that'd be grand :).


Updated to 1.030.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Quickfix 1.030.2

A quickfix, as the title says, for a possible crash to desktop bug related to the Stock panel.


Mac version updated to 1.62 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Win + Linux offline installers updated to 1.1.42

Changelog from steam:
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Updated to 1.7v (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

Changelog from Steam:
Version 1.7v (October 13)

- added hotkeys for changing the size of the affected terraforming area (same as hotkeys for changing object size, "+" and "-" by default)
- added support for modded dark ride cars/cars that face a certain direction defined by the track
- changed Wing Coaster offset half loops to be wider
- fixed DLC item build sounds not respecting audio volume settings
- fixed a case where the sound that plays when changing track banking angle could get stuck and play forever
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Blade of Darkness recieved another update.

v70 (Oct 13, 2021)
• fixed crash when there were too many entities
• fixed some missing localization texts in the Mines of Kelbegen
• fixed wrong memory access in the input manager
• fixed crash caused by too many shadows
• added a message box when a GPU is not supported by the game instead of crashing the game
• fixed the control’s behavior when playing with a high frame rate
• fixed other various crash scenarios
• fixed console related issues
• other minor tweaks (thanks to everyone for reporting! High five to Astra1673)
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Succubus has been updated. No Changelog.

Changelog taken from Steam:

Hell(o) martyrs! ╰(°▽°)╯

Patch 1.1

1. Adjusted collisions on The Great Kali boss arena;
2. Removed immortality from martyr in Mountain of Pleasure;
3. Fixed issue where an enemy might not be appropriately cut after the finisher;
4. Adjusted the World Map in regards to some localization issues;
5. Fixed some AI navigation issues on Derelict City;
6. 'Perfectionist' achievement is now possible to unlock (unlocks automatically when you have all quests done)!
7. 'NEW' text in-store now shouldn't refresh on basic weapons.
8. Adjustments to many sounds and music in the game (too loud, colliding, etc.).
9. Fixed stiff tails in cutscenes.
10. Adjusted gamepad sensitivity curve;
11. Ice Onoskelis now doesn't lose colors on death.
12. Fixed player spawn position after interacting with certain monsters.
13. Dying to UG doesn't remove the post process anymore;
14. Fixed localization in Weapon Store and Comics;
15. Fixed Statues HP bars covering players HP bar;
16. Fixed issue when you could use selfie mode while using goblets;

We listen to your feedback, and now:
Ranked arenas DO NOT HAVE premade equipment.
Infected City and Mountain of Meat both have green markers showing egg dispensers.
Bow deals more dmg when you hold it longer.

Have fun,
The Hell Messenger
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Hustlefan: Surviving Mars

Updated to Piazzi 1008298 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])
Hustlefan: Parkitect

Updated to 1.7v (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])
Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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Mac offline installer now also updated to 1.1.42

And here's the Changelog for those who couldn't see the previously posted link:

Fixed an API error when checking for updates for a large number of mods.
Fixed that inserters wouldn't remove burnt result items from assembling machine recipes with no item outputs.
Fixed vehicle weapon slots GUI not highlighting with the corresponding ammo slot when selected
Fixed tank cannon weapon showing a "1" in the vehicle weapon slots GUI
Fixed that entities not containing certain collision masks would never collide with tiles.
Fixed a crash when opening the tutorials GUI through Lua command.
Rocket silo no longer drains more energy at night.
Fix tank cannon showing smaller range than the cannon shells.
Fix ugly death GUI when the game is paused in MP.
Fix 'Game finished' GUI had an incorrect tooltip for the green button.
Fixed that copy paste entity tips were dependant on the copy-paste tool tip instead of copy paste entity category.
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Version number: 1.1.1013.1238
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Fantasy General
Mac + Linux offline installers also updated to 1.0 20211006
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Another day, another Blade of Darkness update.

v71 (Oct 14, 2021)
• fixed an issue with loading saves on Temple of Ianna level
• fixed crashes related to save/load procedure
MOTHERGUNSHIP recieved a small update too.

Update notes for October 14
Updated to throttle stat communication with back-end servers to a reasonable amount.
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ATOM RPG: Trudograd

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 1.02 ⇒ 1.031.

Patch 1.031

Greetings, friends!

We release to you a very special patch, which contains not only several very important bug fixes and typo fixes you helped us discover in the game, but also the full Simplified Chinese translation!

Here’s the changelog:
• Added Chinese translation;
• Fixed a bug that caused the console in the inventory;
• The transition to the Seventh Heaven no longer causes a critical error in rare situations;
• Fixed a bug in the mission "Villainous Brothers";
• Fixed logic in Nechaev's quest;
• Fixed a bug due to which Senya Markov "revived" after death;
• Fixed the logic in the plot branch where you buy yourself the way to the Seventh Heaven;
• The quest to find tellurium is now correctly ending if the blanks are stolen, rather than bought;
• A duplicate note was removed from Shcherbetov's desk;
• A number of fixes for the quest "Not a child's game";
• Fixed the behavior of Lydia Nechaeva when attacking her son;
• Fixed the logic of movement and location of a number of characters;
• Fixed the mechanics of a number of skills;
• Fixed the work of the counter of killed characters;
• Correction of pop-up messages for a number of characters;
• Correction of many typos and errors in the text.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition & Hellraid

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.44.1 ⇒ 1.45.0.

The aura on the other side of the portal is changing… As Lucius’ lost ancient power was flowing through Hellraid, awaiting an adventurer who could tame it, it has found a new vessel. Prove your dedication and mastery of your skills to get hold of that raw magic, and you’ll grasp might beyond understanding. Are you worthy of holding the Fire Wand, the weapon allowing you to command flames themselves? Enter the hellish dungeon, and face the trial.

The new challenge comes with a whole new map section for you to explore, and a new skill—Wand Mastery. Unlocking it will allow you to use the Fire Wand, the new fireball-shooting weapon. During your next visit to Hellraid, you’ll also see we’ve added three new potions that will make you even more powerful, so give them a try! And if you’ve finished the Imprisonment quest, you'll gain access to the armory, where you’ll be able to exhibit the weapons you’ve gained through your Hellraid ranks. Make sure to show them off, and see you on the other side!

Patch notes:
• We’ve added three new portals leading to the new challenge rooms
• Players can now unlock a new skill—Wand Mastery—to use the new weapon—Fire Wand
• Three new potions—potion of endurance, potion of speed, and potion of power—are now available in Hellraid
• Players will gain access to the armory once they’ve finished the Imprisonment quest
• Minor tweaks and bug fixes
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch Northgard v2.6.4.23618

- Event “The Dwarven Prospectors”: gemstones can no longer appear on a tile with another type of ore.
- Fixed several issues with modded map.
- The Cold War achievement is fixed. It wasn’t working for the host in multiplayer.
- You can now betray befriended neutral factions and declare them war.
- Day count of the cooking icon of the clan of the squirrel is fixed.
- Fixed several UI issues
- Fixed issue with villagers not triggering the “not working” status
- Fixed a visual bug with dead thralls.
- Fixed wrong values displayed in rivalry tooltips for “Bullying” and “Manhunt”
- Fixed a crash while hovering the icon of the meal of the clan of the Squirrel in the game history.
- Achievement “I'm not in peak condition!” replaced by "I saw some lights : Colonize a zone with a Ceremonial Bonfire during the "Ceremonial Bonfire" event.”
- Achievement “This is FINE…“ is replaced by "What is better than 1 Giant Champion ?" : Unlock 2 Giants' Champion in 1 game”
- Some achievements with the special rules [Not in story mode] no longer have this rule.
- Meteo is now synchronized between all players in the game.
- Sentences in the Rivalry window are now available in supported languages
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Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.1.7958.29486 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Savegames: Made sure to prevent initiating a new save while a save is currently ongoing.
World Tasks: Fixed missing resources display for world tasks that could wrongfully appear.
Expeditions: Prevented button mashing for the loot button in the new loot screen for expeditions.
System: Fixed error when exiting the game or while saving.
Raiders: Fixed wrong avatar appearing instead of Liam when the player won by defeating raider morale.
Side Missions: Fixed error relating to missions that required water towers to enable/disable filtering.
Side Missions: Fixed effect where buildings should be damaged, if the buildings are invalid and should not receive the effect.
Side Missions: Fixed error that could result in dead ends for scenarios, tutorials and potential raider attacks when saving while a settler dialogue was open.
* Localizations: Fixed the brazilian portuguese roadmap, that could not be loaded.

General: Updated news articles for offline mode.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.1.7958.29486