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Road 96

Offline installer updated from 0.18 to 1.0

There should be no changes because the offline installer version 0.18 was already recognized by Galaxy as version 1.0.
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Updated to

Performance and Stability

Replaced PDXMP multiplayer backend layer with Nakama.
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Paradise Killer

Updated to 1.1.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Updated to 1.005.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
A day of pause is enough, introducing Update 6!

Hello everyone,

We're pushing ahead with improvements, so time for Update 5. This one took a day longer, but there are some great stuff to compensate

Anyways, some of the bigger elements of this update:

Depot and Warehouse buffed
As per your request, storage capacity of both has been increased, and this is first step in resolving resource stockpile issues. Next is the introduction of completely new storage building intended for mid to later game stages

All new buildings panel with useful filtering
This is the introduction of another frequently requested feature – buildings overview panel. As your city grows, it's harder to keep track of everything happening. By using this panel, keep easy track of all of your buildings, search through them, center on any one of them, observe buildings stats, upgrade status, and more…

Increased effect of schools on Social issues status
Importance of schools is by this emphasized. If there are no room in school for children, or there are no schools in vicinity, negative impact on education social issue will be more significant.

Cathedral rebalance
This package includes several different elements:

* Cathedral impact on religion is buffed
* Candles upkeep of Cathedral is reduced
* Coins upkeep of Cathedrals is increased

Other fixes, tweaks and improvements

* Tweaked: Dry climate no longer has snow
* Tweaked: Increased chance for "Crop seed trader" event to happen in games that have events set to "none"
* Tweaked: Mint buffed to yield more Coins
* Tweaked: Gold mine nerfed to produce less Gold
* Tweaked: Nerfed Cemetery impact on Religion
* Fixed: Loading a save game doesn't reset built houses to default models
* Fixed: All variations of the "Gain favor with the Church" event now displays current status hints.
* Added: Pottery Workshop added upgrade that reduces upkeep

This is it for today's patch. Enjoy and expect Update 6 in a little while!
Overseer Games
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Updated to 45657_Ship (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Major Patch - Bug fixes and improvements

This patch focused on resolving the most important technical issues. Relax, we hear your calls for Black Stalker tweaks or the possibility of slower walking. The time will come for them. Also to announce our plans for the future ;)


- We fixed a rare crash caused by the game renderer. As a result, the game should now run more stably on slower computers.
- We've improved thread management. This should solve the stuttering problem that has occurred on some CPUs.
- We have resolved a rare issue with an infinite loading screen that occurred with a specific event setup. Thanks to everyone who gave us their saves!
- We have updated DLSS to the latest version.


- We've added some new events at different levels. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to polish them for the premiere, but we didn't want to throw them away. So – hocus pocus - some new stuff for you guys!
- We have added a significant missing piece of the script in the Ukrainian language version.

Improvements and feedback:

- Turning off head bobbing now also affects camera wobbling when looking around. This should significantly improve the experience for people with motion sickness.
- After loading saves, the resources were randomized in the places that have already been visited. It was confusing and allowed the players to cheat the game. Now, the resources are randomly selected during the start of the level and are permanently saved in the game save.
- Sashko's recruitment quest started very late, so we've improved his probability a bit. So now Sashko should join us faster.
- During a manual save, a message appears informing about how long ago the "state of the game" was saved. Unfortunately, the info expresses the time in minutes, which made it say "0 minutes" most of the time, making it highly misleading. Now time is expressed in seconds.
- We have graphically improved a few places. Now finding the lockpick places should be a bit easier.
-Weapons lighting for dead soldiers in indoor spaces has been improved.


- The self-renewing railgun magazine should now function properly.
- Evgeniy refused to sell us the loot box during the Old Hideout mission. We persuaded him to improve.
- Before the "death mechanics" tutorial, the power plant explosion will no longer use up the adrenaline from your backpack.
- The deserter cheated on us in the trade and sold us the weapons without upgrades as upgraded. We had a serious conversation, and he should be more honest from now on.
- We still have no clue how some players manage to lose Portal Generator. For now, we've added checking each time the save is loaded if the player has the necessary equipment, and adding it in the event of a bug, so now, at least loading the save should fix the problem. Still, we would appreciate any hint as to how you lose the Portal Generator.
- We fixed the timeline bug that blocked the player if the player died at a certain point in Voice from the Woods
- We fixed a few events that triggered multiple times even though they should have been triggered once
- We fixed a rare bug where the build menu could get stuck and could not be disabled
- We fixed some typos in the script
- We fixed a bug in Some Excuses where we would get stuck when approaching Semonov with Build Mode enabled
- We fixed markers on the Crumb Trails quest. They broke if we skipped one stage of the quest
- Collisions on the roof of the hospital entrance have been corrected, and the note will no longer collapse under the mesh there.
- We fixed the collapse spot on Red Forest.
- One type of fence stopped projectiles, but it shouldn't. We fixed it.
- We removed some untraceable resources from the Moscow Eye.
In addition to that, the artbook DLC should have been added for free to the libraries of all early access buyers. At least it's in my library now. :)
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Updated to Version 1.7u2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Haven Park

Updated to 1.0.8 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Of Bugs and Snowmen: Patch 1.0.8

We're back with another patch in our pockets and here's what it brings:

- you can now toggle the effects of certain skills on and off
- the save slots now show your total playtime
- items in your inventory are now sorted with ressources showing at the top
- we fixed a bug that could lead to a specific quest being broken
- some other minor fixes

If you experience any bugs or have suggestions to improve your gameplay, don't hesitate to contact us! :)

Your moonies & Fabien

Road 96

Update 1.02 (19 August 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
7 major bugs have been be fixed:

- The player should no longer get stuck in the scene "Blame it on the rain" when discussing with John.
- The AirHockey's puck should no longer disappear in the scene "Let's get serious"
- The player should no longer be stuck during the offshore exam.
- The Taxis's ticket can now be scratched and the player should no longer be stuck when inspecting it.
- The player should no longer be locked in the secret room in the scene "Let's get serious"
- The player should no longer be stuck in the scene "Nobody's supposed to be here"
- Fixed an issue that was blocking the player when playing in 16:10 resolutions in the scene "Suspicious minds"

Enjoy :)
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Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Linux] v1.62 ⇒ v1.62d.




Standalone installer updated: [Windows] v1.1.61 ⇒ 1.1.6.

A Rollback ?!
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DYSMANTLE (In Development)

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update #15: Frost Horn Undercrown

After a long(ish) and refreshing summer vacation, we're back with another major update! This one unlocks two new areas in the game: Frost Horn and Undercrown. There's also a new Animal Friend Skill, and lots of smaller fixes and tweaks.

About Localizations

Before we get to the update highlights, a few words about localizations. Full localizations will be coming before the full launch, which will take place later this year. (The estimated launch time frame is late October / November at this point, but we'll know better after the next update).

The current game version has Simplified Chinese localizations, which we're using to test that things work properly. However, you may see some English in the Chinese version after this patch as we're still waiting to get new strings translated. To speed up the launch of this update, we decided to launch this update as is. If you want to play the more complete translation, wait another week or switch back to the 'previous_default' branch. I know this is not optimal, but I think it's the best compromise we can make at this point.

Update Highlights

Frost Horn

Frost Horn is now accessible. Trying to keep this more spoiler free this time.

You'll be visiting a dam and wondering what's at the bottom of that artificial lake. Maybe there's a way to get to the bottom of it?

Image 1
Image 2


After progressing enough in your Main Quest, you'll be granted the access to the Undercrown - the last fortress and shelter of the good people of the island.

Note: the underground map is HUGE, but you won't be exploring all of it. We may expand it later, but currently we're mostly only focusing on the parts that lead you to the Crown Station.

Image 3


We've finally added Steam & GOG Achievements! Each of those should be hopefully attainable with your current save states. Some of them, like the Gatekeeper, which is unlocked when you beat the first miniboss, can be unlocked by just walking near the position where you originally killed the monsters. Same for the bigger bosses. Anything that requires doing thing X certain number of times should unlock after you do it one more time, even if you already have the required amount for that. I hope that made sense. You will probably also notice bunch of them unlocking automatically when start the game after the update.

Obviously some of the achievements such as the one above are not yet attainable for you guys. There are still a few more campfires and link towers you can't reach with the latest version.

Animal Friend

You can now befriend the animals running around in the wilderness with the new skill Animal Friend. Each skill level makes the animals less and less afraid of you, and also unlocks some new interaction features.

Skill level I allows you to craft Animal Treats item and feed the animals. Once fed, they'll start following you like bunch of creeps. Expand your selection of Animal Treats, and you'll be able to lead a whole flock of animals where ever you fancy. (Although, alas, the animals (not affected by Mana) are still being respawned when you rest at the campfire or die. There may be a solution coming for this later.)

Image 4

So you remember that baby deer? With Animal Friend skill level II you can also pet it like a boss, and go awww all day long. There's even a heart symbol shown. If the animal is injured, petting also heals it.

Image 5

But don't worry. You can also continue murdering the animals senselessly and feast on their flesh. Your call.

While we're planning on keeping this feature pretty simple, we're likely to expand this in the upcoming patches. So do let us know your thoughts on this!

Local Shared Screen Co-op Tweaks

To be honest, we expected all sorts of problems with the co-op as the whole feature was added in a bit of a hurry, but there were surprisingly few issues with it. We've fixed most of the issues people have reported (thanks!), and we're almost ready to take off that additional Beta text from the feature. Almost.

So everything should a bit more fluent and foolproof now. For example, both players can now use mouse+wasd controls as long as the other player is using gamepad.

Linux Support Through Proton

The game is not officially available on Linux, but we've heard it works pretty well using Proton. Or it did before the last patch broke it, but it should be fixed now. Can't make any guarantees about the performance, but let us know if there are any crashes and we'll hopefully check it out. We're also planning on doing a native Linux version at some point.



- Access to 'Frost Horn'.
- Access to 'Undercrown'.
- Level Cap is now 42. Up by FOUR levels!
- You can now install the fourth fuel cell to the Escape Pod.
- Added Achievements.
- Added Animal Friend skill levels I (feeding) and II (petting).
- Added Animal Treats item for taming animals. (Placeholder art)
- Added Sleeping Bag upgrade levels for sleeping longer and better.
- Added medals for farming, building, and animals tamed.
- Added water sound effects for rivers, waterfalls and coasts.
- Second co-op player can now join using keyboard+mouse. (The first player uses a gamepad in this case.)
- Bug reporter text editor word wrap.
- All map filters can be toggled by pressing space or gamepad Y.
- New 2D art for all fish types.


- Sleeping rested bonus effects depend on sleeping bag upgrade level and hours slept.
- You can level up with experience you get by storing materials
- Readable objects are now indestructible until after you have read them, so you don't miss anything by wildly swinging around.
- Memory usage optimizations.


- Chromatic aberration effect doesn't stay on when you die during it.
- CTD fixes.
- Memory Leak Fixes
- Usual open world visual glitch & terrain fixes.
- Tomb Guard positions are properly reset in Solaris Tomb.
- All stage ground is generated before showing the first frame.
- Grammar fixes.
- Fixes to numerous sound effects.
- Fixed Ark doors being shut if left the Ark or game before they got opened.
- Fixed D3D11 renderer Linux proton support.
- Some quest objectives are now more implicit and clear.
- Fixed losing inventory (including Fuel Cells) in co-op. If you got stuck because of this, just finish all the bosses and go to the Escape Pod and the main quest will continue.
- Cold and heat buildups now work correctly with coop.

Up Next

This is both scary and exciting, but we're actually seeing the end of the road here -- for version 1.0.0 that is. There's probably only one more huge content update, which will add the remaining areas (including the Crown Station, shelters, etc) and features (like building turrets). After that, a couple of smaller updates with balancing, minor content, proper voice overs, and the localizations. We're not yet sure what will happen post-launch, but in any case, we'll be doing some updates after the 1.0.0.

Image 6

Against our hopes, we're still working semi-remotely as COVID-19 took a slightly bad turn here in Finland. But well over half of us have already gotten two shots, and the situation is getting better, so we're hoping to fully return to the office in September. This is the last stretch in any case, but then again the game is almost finished as well, so maybe this won't have that big a positive effect on the schedule at this point.

Anyway, exciting times ahead! The next update will be massive as it should contain all the content we're still missing from the game. You can expect it to be available in some time September.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Patch notes

Hey! Yarden GRIME director here,

This patch adds another Fast-travel point to a distant, late-game area. And changes an existing Fast-travel point to be far more accessible.
In addition, this patch removes the last of the missed missables from the game, including the "Generous" achievement, and some Hunt Points.
Finally, this patch should address some of the... strange ladders platforms interactions some of you may have experienced.


- Added an additional NPC and Nervepass to Cenotaph City.
- Improved accessibility to the Feaster's Lair Nervepass.
- Generous achievement changed to no longer be missable.
* Instead of having to fully interact with all of the City's Coda, you now only need to destroy or take all of their gifts, which stay even after you have wiped them all out.
- Added a pull indicator to the moving thread platform in Carven Palace.
- Added Heals in the form of Pullable/destroyable Heads in Carven Palace.
- Burst Lantern stacks can be triggered from air special. For style points.
- Goldgrowth set can now be bought earlier in the game.
- Puppet merchant will now sell Consumables after Heod refuses to, before the final boss fight.

Major Bugs:

- Fixed an issue of ladders and passthroughs sometimes bugging out.
- Fixed bug with Misbegotten Amalgam dropping both platforms instead of just one.
- One of the Memory orbs in Pale Sky was a repeat of a previous one. It has now been updated with the new, proper text.
- Fixed a bug with the Assimilation achievement.
* You can trigger the achievement by kill absorbing any prey.
* Anyone who has acquired all Traits should now unlock this achievement upon loading the save.
- Merchants no longer refresh the entire stock on closing and opening trade.

Minor Fixes:

- Added a shortcut to a Hunt carrier enemy in the Carven Palace after completing a platforming challenge.
- Minor buff to ancient limb trait base damage
- Made some platforming sequences in the pale sky not require as much pinpoint precision.
- Fixed an issue making destroying certain walls with the Fossil Fist very difficult.
- Fixed an issue blocking the player out of using the Gloomnest Nervepass.
- Desert Watcher mini-boss mistakenly had a Hunt Point.
- Collider fixes across all areas.
- Coda gifts will no longer block you after they're destroyed.
- City Nervepass should now be accessible if you defeated the final performance in a previous patch.
- Fixed a bug where a strand platform in the tilted palace would despawn if you went far enough away from it.
- Corrected a mistake in the bestiary, the Garden Yr does not grant increased breath capacity.
- Created a new Ardor tutorial clip for the first Ardor tutorial window.
- Made it easier to uncover some map spots in Nerveroot.
- Fledgling Yrs will no longer backstep off of platforms.
- The performer's leap into the arena is now properly flashing red, as it is unparriable.
- Fixed an issue where dying and killing misbegotten amalgam at the same time would not let the player consume the boss upon returning to its arena.
- Fixed some objects and lights snapping in or out of the background.
- You should now be able to attain 100% map completion.

Plans for future patch/es:

- Next goal is the implementation of a limited respec.
- A stuttering on loading areas that some players have experienced despite having powerful hardware.
- Armor stats are "potentially" coming. Going to begin working on it and see how it goes the week following the respec patch. Don't worry fashion players, the system will let you combine whichever stat with each ever visual you want.
- NG+ is and has always been a plan, actually, the final boss ability was made specifically with NG+ in mind. But we'll be able to focus more on that once we feel comfortable that we can space out our patches a bit more.

Special thanks, as always, to our Discord beta patch testers: Matsan, TayFey, Demajen, Idle309, Cryfor, Qerrassa, Stormquake.

Yarden Weissbrot, GRIME Director
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Patron Demo

Updated to 1.006.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Hello everyone,

Yes. We know it's Saturday, but why wait? We've got the integration with mods up and running and there's no reason to delay it further.

Modding support v1.0

As the title says, this update brings Modding support v1.0. That means we're not done with it completely. It will take time to cram all we want regarding modding into the game, but this is a great start. A whole lot can be modified already, but we'll keep on working on the toolset and the documentation.

Modding Fandom:

You'll notice that the Mods button on the game launcher now works.

Unlike Steam version, Mod manager doesn’t exist in GOG version because its purpose is packing mods for Steam workshop.

Sharing of mods works by default, you only need to get the actual mods in some other manner then via Steam
Workshop (this will be decided by mod creator).

Usage of mods works by default.

And here are few mods that we prepared ourselves to start with:

Always Sunny on IndieDB

Dark Transparent UI on IndieDB

National flags on IndieDB

And we went ahead and created 3 mods for you right away. Had to test it all somehow, no ;)? Some new banners, a transparent UI and an always sunny weather edition.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Once you save your game with a mod, the save will no longer work without that mod!

The above is for mod users, but what about mod creators? We've got you covered, partially at least. The Patron Wiki on Fandom will be the home for a growing number of articles and tutorials on modding Patron. We've done several starter tutorials and more will be added of course. Feel free to let us know which topics interest you the most so we can prioritize more easily.

Clearly the focus of this update is modding support, but that's not exactly all we've done. The changelog is short this time around, but it should still help:

- Added Hungarian language into the game
- Done a number of improvements and fixes in the Italian localization
- Working efficiency stat removed from the citizen info panel
- Done a number of smaller changes aimed at increasing game stability
- Added MaterialEditor.exe into the game installation folder (for creators)
- Upgrading Houses via the Buildings panel no longer switches them to the same model

The next bigger thing on the to-do list is Auto-trading via Docks/Harbor and we'll do our best to implement as many of the requested things and various fixes as we can.

Until next time,
Overseer Games
Did the forum just update with a no-new-threads switch, or is it just me?
borisburke: Did the forum just update with a no-new-threads switch, or is it just me?
"new topic" is active for me, is that what you mean?
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update version v2.5.24.22669

- Fixed Dragonkin SFX, transforming a unit into a Dragonkin Altar no longer triggers the sound for everyone in the game.
- SFX of units you do not own and which are not displayed on your screen do not play anymore.
- Buildings are no longer visible in the fog of war
- If the clan of the Squirrel meals only for his team mates he gets fame as intended.
- Valkyrie’s passive ability “regeneration” text corrected in french.
- Fixed Ram ability from Torfin which was not working while there were no enemies on the tile the ability has been triggered on.
- Fixed wrong value displayed in “The value of Great deeds” tech from the Clan of the Stag
- Fixed Myrkalfars attacking at the start of the game.
- Fixed multiple achievements/expeditions not triggering upon completion.
'Hot Water' - 'Northern SPA' - 'Contact with Thor' - 'Thor Fanatic' - 'Bird Enthusiast' - 'Bird Lover' - 'Let Me Borrow This...' - 'Mimirsbruh' - 'Gardening' - 'Another Shrubbery'
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Absolute Drift seems to have received some update, or at least it's marked that way in my library.