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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Updated to 1.08.02

## Balance
* Fly actions now have +1 movement.
* Reduced Ratlings group size from 7 to 6.
* Changed Labour Corps from +2 influence to +2 food.
* Reduced influence required per Waaagh! tier by 40%.
* Boss Speaker now increase Scrap Shedz production output instead of city growth rate.
* Moved Devastator Centurions research from tier 9 to 8.
* Moved Omniscope research from tier 10 to 9.
* Canoptek units now have Living Metal.
* Changed Gauss Flayer Array's base attacks to 10 and changed Salvo to "Halves the attacks and range if the unit has moved.".
* Moved Grey Matter Dispersion research from tier 7 to 6.
* Moved Lictor research from tier 6 to 7.
* Reduced Malanthrope armour from 6 to 4.
* Reduced Tyranid Prime's Adaptive Biology feel no pain damage reduction from 25%...75% to 15%...45%.
* Reduced Chaos Lord's Dark Glory invulnerable damage reduction from 15%...45% to 10%...30%.
* Obliterators can now freely cycle their weapons.
* Increased Riptide Battlesuit Nova cooldowns from 1 to 2.
* Cleansing Flame, Shockwave and Psychic Scream now are Psychic Power and Witchfire.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed a very rare issue that would prevent the turn from ending.
* Fixed some typos.

## Modding
* Fixed Korean language research UI text positioning.
* Fly actions' increased movement in <modifiers> is now taken into account.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Updated to 83.8193.26

Patch Highlights

New curated community content available!
| Our new game launcher continues to grow! Two remarkable modules, Against the Cult of the Reptile God
by Rich Barker
, and Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2
by Rick Francis
are now available to download with a single click!
Curated community content now playable in Multiplayer
| The new curated content UI is now available when running multiplayer games
Polished fonts
| Based on player feedback, we’ve spent some time improving font rendering!
| Many more performance and stability/compatibility improvements

New Curated Content Releases
We’re proud to announce two new curated content adventures, released in full cooperation with their authors.

With the latest update, you can also play them in multiplayer— and Eye of the Beholder
by Rick Francis
was designed to do just that. So gather your friends, and play the thrilling remake of the classic 1991 release from Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Tons of performance and stability/compatibility improvements went into this patch:

Fixed the pink screen issue for unsupported GPUs
Drastically reduced the need for buffer switching by combining vertex arrays (perf+)
Combined most post-processing shaders into single pass (perf+)
Custom shader parameters are now properly relinked when another shader is loaded (consistency)
Early-Z optimisation reenabled via ifdef guard in shaders (perf+)
- Note
: if using custom shaders for setting alpha on a texture, you must now supply a txi too with an alphamean entry with a value below 1.0
TSB are now calculated for legacy compiled models at runtime as well (consistency/compat)
Fixed GL CubeMap load order (compat)
Fixed env maps for PC models not updating between areas. Now allows “default” map in txi files
Now uses the default chrome environment map if the assigned map is missing. Fixes issue with metallic objects becoming transparent (consistency)
Fixed gamma functions erroneously checking all colour channels, instead of any (consistency)
Fixed disabling tile light source with TILE_SOURCE_LIGHT_COLOR_BLACK not actually removing the light
Completely disabled texture downsampling for non-compressed textures
Fixed crash when releasing PLT
Added some crash safeguards for broken models
Adaptive soft particle based on size, should fix missing/faded monk eyes
Simple shadow perf optimisation
Fixed setting ambient material for grass
Fixed a crash when downsizing internal data structures

We spent some time improving font rendering after the feedback from the last patch:

TrueType Fonts renamed to their function, away from font names
Combined glyph maps so all languages now share the same font files. Brawler is now the default font for high res typeface, since it was the most popular
Mordred numerals no longer offset old-style
Added slight adjustments to spacing and padding to make it look better
You can now tweak font outlines and contrast per-font (via txi)
Fixed the wrong font appearing in places like the DM chooser
Increased contrast for the high-res variant


Static object removal now properly removes objects from the internal object list. This addresses the cases where a lot of static objects (such as body bags) added and removed over hours, would bog down gameplay
Fixed creatures not correctly moving towards an interactable object in certain marginal situations. Added better handling of requested distance when moving towards an object
Abort attempts at pathfinding early if the target destination isn’t achievable (perf+)


Default weapon feats for gloves and bracers now properly set if 2da entry is missing
Recommended button in chargen/levelup can now be disabled via ruleset.2da entry
Fixed hit dice validation for RDD
Fixed creature gobs sometimes erroneously generating really large wind values

Premium Modules
We cleaned up the dataset for the Tyrants of the Moonsea premium module. All content that is already part of the base game has been removed from the DLC download.
In addition, the following fixes went in:
Tyrants of the Moonsea

Camera position no longer resets to top-down when exiting the world map
Some tile appearances are now correct when "facelift" mode isactive
The Kur-Tharsu main gate is no longer difficult to attack
A spider on the Shind Road East spawns in the correct spot
Removed a minor XP exploit in Thalia's conversation

Darkness over Daggerford

Camera position no longer resets to top-down when exiting the world map

Other Fixes

UI/Nuklear: Fixed a crash that would occur when swapping child layouts (“clicking around a lot”)
Game: OnPlayerTarget now actually persisted to save games
Toolset: Fixed not rendering bounding boxes
Fonts: codepage=cp1251: Added support for a missing cyrillic character
Nui: codepage=cp1251: Fixed an issue with baking missing glyphs that would break rendered text
Fixed a regression from the previous development patch where some PLT textures were rendering incorrectly
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* Children of Morta
Windows offline installers updated to 1.2.63

Couldn't find a changelog.
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The Windows version of Hollow Knight is now at, but I couldn't find a changelog.
The Mac version hasn't updated from yet, and the Linux version is still stuck at
I hope the Linux version doesn't get forgotten again.

edit: found a changelog. (beta)
June 22nd, 2021

Added ControllerRumbleMultiplier and CameraShakeMultiplier to Config.ini
Fixed Native Input not showing the correct state
Crystal Guardian will now wake up when damaged by Dreamshield and Grimmchild
Fixed controller screen showing Xbox 360 controller if none plugged in
Fixed Troupe Master Grimm's flame balls to now spawn from behind him
Fixed camera shake not working during hit pauses (beta)
June 17th, 2021

Fixed achievements for macOS (not firing in v1.5.68.11808)
Fixed nail art damage
Fixed missing effects when slashing lift spikes
Re-added native input option (on by default)
Updated InControl plugin to latest version
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Astrox Imperium

Update to V b0.0121.

No changelog.
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HuniePop 2: Double Date

Updated to 1.1.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
HuniePop 2 v1.1.0 Changes

Texture/Sprite changes

- Girls: Ashley's right wristband has been removed from her Stay Black and On Brand outfits (Making it consistent for mirrored version)
- Backgrounds: None
- Photos:
- Polly's D can now be seen in one of the photos (Only when Outie is selected in your savegame's settings)
- Zoey's boobs can now be seen in one of the photos
- On the airplane photos with Kyu and Lola, Kyu has Lola's panties in her mouth, and her ring color has been fixed

Logic/Code changes

- There's a code for "no alpha mode", or some kind of toggle
- Zoey won't ask questions about the girl she's actually with
- Some stuff changed with handling of difficulty exclusive gifts
- Default photo being viewed has been altered for when you play as female

Audio (dialog, bgm, sfx) changes


Dialog text changes

Edit: Updated
Edit 2: Mac offline installer now updated as well.
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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Updated to 83.8193.27 (galaxy only for now)

This build is a hotfix to address an issue with single-player save games for curated content. No other changes have been made.
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art of rally

Updated to 1.2.0c (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.

Edit: Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Offline version is now updated to 83.8193.27
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So, Hollow Knight got another update on windows. It's now at
Mac and Linux versions are still left behind ( and
Can't find a changelog yet.

Mac is now at, too.

Let's see if the Linux update drops soon, too.

second edit:
Changelog now available.

June 28th, 2021

Fixed pantheons getting stuck at end screen when not using a controller
Fixed language setting not saving when changed within game
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Prison Architect

Updated to the_pen_6447 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Bugfix Update!


The delivery truck just arrived with a bugfix update resolving some of the previously reported issues! We are grateful for all the feedback we are seeing as we continue working on delivering even more fixes in the future!


- Not possible to change Prisoner's security level is impossible (hotfix pushed in advance on June 16th)
- Conflict Resolution ends when loading a save during the program
- Possible to change prisoners with different security level to wear same the same colour using map settings in Extras
- Prisoners keep working during freetime.
- Performance Issues.
- Prison with only Criminally Insane prisoners doesn't get Prisoner grant and Prisoner Grant bonus.
- Wall Panel Corner Type A (Stone) and Type B (Stone) use the same sprites.
- Missing contraband in Bakery and Restaurant rooms.
- Reform Program Research requires 10 prisoners to pass Reformed Prisoner Consultation instead of 1.
- Cooking meals in the Restaurant causes the character to walk in circles.
- [Multiplayer] Incorrect sprite of the character in the multiplayer.
- [Multiplayer] Changing the language in multiplayer kicks everyone out with the ability to play the same prison offline.

Thank you for your support!
The Prison Architect Team
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Phoenix Point: Year One Edition
WARNING ! This patch from the future. =)

Patch Notes 1.11.1 Behemoth (30 June 2021)

Swarmer type damage is reduced by 10-15%.


Rate of mid and late-game interceptions reduced by up to 20%.

TBug fixes

Implemented a workaround solution resolving the problem with the cinematics in the game on Windows 7.
Fixed an issue where the hair of the units in the portraits in Tactical would not appear correctly.
Fixed an issue where narrative messages wouldn’t appear in the “Gift” mission if the hints are disabled.
Fixed an issue with the animation of the explosive egg upon destruction.
Fixed a rare issue causing the game to be stuck when the interception minigame is paused during a muzzle flash VFX.
Fixed an issue where in some cases the Corruption Node didn’t spawn during Infested Haven missions resulting in an instant victory for the player.
Fixed an issue where after loading a save the Behemoth 3D model would appear while submerged.
Fixed an issue where the save game button would occasionally become disabled after a lost ancient site defense.
Fixed an issue where an inactive deploy button appears on sites when using the Masked Manticore.
Fixed an issue where the Gills objective wouldn’t complete correctly.
Fixed an issue where the 3D models in the intelligence reports appeared too bright.
Fixed an issue where Mindfraggers can attack through walls on Synedrion maps.
Fixed controller scheme instructions for inventory and soldier info.
Fixed an issue where the Myrmidon spawn animation wouldn’t appear correctly.
Alien eggs now fall properly when the floor beneath them is destroyed.
Fixed an issue with the death animation of the Venomous Swarmer causing a delayed game response.
Fixed a rare issue where the game has stuck after returning to Geoscape from a New Jericho story mission.
Fixed an issue causing the description of the Pandoran evolution and Fire Worm research not showing correctly.
Fixed an issue causing problems with buying soldier abilities before deploying on missions.
Fixed an issue where the auto-battle button could not be selected with a controller.
Other minor fixes.
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Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#384-winmaclin-gog@0747940 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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* Children of Morta
Mac offline installers now also updated to 1.2.63

I suspect the updates are related to this changelog:
" Added support for older GPUs that were previously experiencing black screen in dungeons with only the fog being visible.
Fixed pink textures issue on macOS and Linux.
Lowered volume of the splash screen.
Fixed camera stutter when loading a save and moving to Home."

* Tales of Maj'Eyal
Windows offline installers updated to 1.7.4

- Full changelog can be checked here:
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DYSMANTLE (In Development)

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Fix for local coop option not present in the in-game System tab as reported here.



Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Northgard v2.5.5.22098:

- “A new week has begun. Please update your game” warning message should no longer be displayed
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Hey Edward_Carnby. If it is not too much trouble could you please ask GOG why GRIP hasn't been updated yet? The devs confirmed here in this very forum that GOG has the files to a build that is not outdated. However up until now even the Galaxy version is outdated. I still haven't downloaded it yet since I definitely will refund it if GOG should decide to let it stay this way.