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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.42 (Offline installers updated)

v0.91.42 Patch Notes
10 New Spells:

Iron Body
This spell transforms your body into living iron, which grants you several powerful resistances and abilities.

You gain:
- Damage reduction 1/adamantine per caster level.
- Immunity to critical hits, electricity, poison, ability score damage, stunning, blindness, deafness, disease, and all spells or attacks that affect your physiology or respiration.
- Take only half damage from acid and fire of all kinds.
- +6 enhancement bonus to Str, -6 penalty to Dex (min. 1).
- Considered armed when making unarmed attacks and deal 1d6 damage (1d4 for Small characters).

But meanwhile you suffer:
- Half speed.
- Arcane spell failure chance of 50%, -8 armor check penalty.
- Special attacks that affect iron golems affect you, too.
- Can't use potions.

Mind Fog
Mind fog produces a bank of thin mist that weakens the mental resistance of those caught in it.

Creatures in the mind fog take a -10 competence penalty on Wis checks and Will saves. A creature that successfully saves against the fog is not affected and need not make further saves.

Affected creatures take the penalty as long as they remain in the fog and for 2d6 rounds thereafter.

The fog is thin and does not significantly hamper vision.

Mind Blank
The subject is protected from all mind-affecting spells and effects.

Bestow Curse
You place a curse on the subject.

Choose one of the following effects:
* -6 decrease to an ability score (min. 1).
* -4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks.
* Each turn, the target has a 50% chance to act normally; otherwise, it takes no action.

Remove Curse
Remove curse instantaneously removes all curses on a creature.

Ghoul Touch
Imbuing you with negative energy, this spell allows you to paralyze a single living humanoid for the duration of the spell with a successful melee touch attack.

Additionally, the paralyzed subject exudes a carrion stench that causes all living creatures (except you) in a 10-foot-radius spread to become sickened (Fortitude negates). A neutralize poison spell removes the effect from a sickened creature, and creatures immune to poison are unaffected by the stench.

Remove Paralysis
You can free one or more creatures from the effects of any temporary paralysis or related magic, including a ghoul's touch or a slow spell.

If the spell is cast on one creature, the paralysis is negated.

If cast on two creatures, each receives another save with a +4 resistance bonus against the effect that afflicts it.

If cast on three or four creatures, each receives another save with a +2 resistance bonus.

Flesh to Stone
The subject, along with all its carried gear, turns into a mindless, inert statue.

If the statue resulting from this spell is broken or damaged, the subject (if ever returned to its original state) has similar damage or deformities.

Only creatures made of flesh are affected by this spell.

Stone to Flesh
This spell restores a petrified creature to its normal state. The creature must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to survive the process.

Neutralize Poison
Detoxify any sort of venom in the creature touched. The target suffers no additional effects from the poison, and any temporary effects are ended.

The target is immune to any poison during the duration of the spell. It need not make any saves against poison effects applied to it.

The spell does not reverse instantaneous effects, such as hit point damage, temporary ability damage, or effects that don't go away on their own.

Show class list and XP in tip of character level
Fixed: Some new races do not appear in taverns
Fixed: Materials in bank not consumed after craft and save/load game
Fixed: Bugs of pending race/class tip on Create Character UI

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder/saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11891 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 1 / 3
Early Access Update 1 - Patch: 11891

Hello Everyone!

It's our pleasure to present Update 1 for Distant Kingdoms! We can hardly believe it's been almost 2 months and 8 patches since we released into Early Access!!!

As always, we've provided some more detailed patch notes below, but the headlines are

- 2 New Starting Locations/Scenarios (One per Map)
- Free Form Prop/Decoration System
- Beauty Mechanics
- Player Buildable Walls : Stone and Wood, with more to come soon.
- New Mining Mechanics
- Modding Support for Buildings and Props
- Numerous Bug Fixes and the foundation for performance improvements

Your feedback really is incredibly important to us and as you can see from our last announcement, we are adapting our Roadmap to bring it more in line with that.

We hope you continue enjoyng your time in Ineron, and please do show us all your wonderful new Decorations in our Discord

We can't wait to share more information on Update 2!!


Bug Fixes

- DKP-3817 Stone Mine interface may cause tick to break when updating price
- DKP-3806 Residents may move out of houses regardless of the Max Pending Emigrant value
- DKP-3799 Loading save games can cause an "InvalidOperationException" Error.
- DKP-3745 Text overflowing in the 'Gameplay' menu.
- DKP-3699 Medium Warehouse only has the radius of a Small Warehouse.
- DKP-3698 Deleting abandoned or unoccupied Houses can cause tick to break and an error to occur.
- DKP-3661 The event "StonyForeman" can lead to the game tick stopping indefinitely.
- DKP-3625 Exploration Tutorial can stall if the player hires less than 4 adventurers and runs out of AP
- DKP-3585 Construction sites can receive goods from any warehouse regardless of distance.
- DKP-3818 Mine's "Dig Deeper" functionality replenishes too much ore
- DKP-3803 Some events apply wrong modifier due to typos
- DKP-3801 100% Happiness can be reached with only the Beauty need fulfilled if enough Props are placed.
- DKP-3798 The "Quiz Night" event can cause an "Exception while executing random outcome of event" Error.
- DKP-3791 House's happiness can increase past 80% without decorations being present.
- DKP-3786 Mana Well and Mage's Guild cannot be selected within the Build Menu blocking the Tutorial.
- DKP-3785 Decorations display "Not Implemented" in their tooltip when building.
- DKP-3784 Decorations do not show how much beauty they can provide.
- DKP-3768 Moving the mouse over the crescents in the top left will cause an error to occur.
- DKP-3765 The Citizen racial bonus for the Fire Fighter Station does not function.
- DKP-3764 The Orc racial bonus for the Community Garden to increase operation radius does not apply.
- DKP-3763 The Citizen racial bonus for the Apothecary does not function.
- DKP-3760 The Orc modifier is not applied when they are working at a Gatherer's Hut.
- DKP-3756 Happiness can display decimal points in tooltip
- DKP-3696 Farm Fields placed in the top North East Hex in Windy Peaks will not be placed or deleted properly.
- DKP-3693 Saving generates two save files.
- DKP-3690 In the tutorial while explaining production the tutorial misspells it as "producion".
- DKP-3686 Selecting the "Join Our Discord" button will take the player to the bug reporting page instead.
- DKP-3681 Pausing an un-upgraded Gatherer's Hut and then unpausing will permanently increase it's maintenance cost by 1.
- DKP-3679 Space bar and 'p' key does not always function to pause and unpause the game.
- DKP-3672 Encounter icons can remain after clearing a Hex.
- DKP-3670 Notifications spam causing audio issues and in game music to cut out when the Trade Route 'has experienced an issue' Notification occurs.
- DKP-3665 Cider can be produced before Tech Node is unlocked.
- DKP-3656 Occasionally pressing the Escape Key fails to exit Menus or exit to Menus and an Error occurs.
- DKP-3650 When placing a second Marketplace and deleting the first, the second Marketplace will not encompass all of the first Marketplaces' Houses despite being in range.
- DKP-3647 Captio's Hall is missing an Encounter icon in Open Spaces after being shown as cleared by the domino clearing process but still needs to be Explored.
- DKP-3639 The Origin and Target buttons on a trade route's courier do not function.
- DKP-3628 Tunnels do not highlight correctly on either map.
- DKP-3627 Tutorial can be broken if the player deletes the Small Warehouse when the Demolition tab is introduced.
- DKP-3623 Illness Emergency can destroy buildings if left long enough
- DKP-3596 Marketplaces may report needs as unfulfilled even though plenty of the good is available
- DKP-3313 Upgraded Production Building inspector tooltips can display Days Remaining in the minus figures.
- DKP-3805 Localisation issue occurs with Walls cost tooltip.
- DKP-3796 Props can be exploited by selecting a prop for repositioning and holding Shift the player can place duplicates without being charged Crescents.
- DKP-3795 Props can be placed in Unexplored Hexes.
- DKP-3794 Localisation issue within the Realm Overview Mana tab.
- DKP-3793 Localisation issue occurs within the Tavern inspector within the Exploration button.
- DKP-3792 Game starts with in speed 3 but with no speed highlighted.
- DKP-3789 Construction Tab does not close when a Wall has been selected for placement.
- DKP-3788 Prop and Wall tooltips within the Construction Menu do not display cost per item unlike other buildings.
- DKP-3787 Cannot reposition selected Prop if the current crescent balance is less than the initial cost of said prop.
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11891 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 2 / 3
Bug Fixes

- DKP-3783 The images for walls have green aliasing around them.
- DKP-3782 Party Moral displays localisation errors.
- DKP-3781 Hovering over the Party Status bar displays the incorrect tooltip.
- DKP-3780 When hovering over the Recruit Party button the tooltip displays "PartyCapacityStatus.CanCreate"
- DKP-3779 Tutorial localisation issues within Advisor Dialogue.
- DKP-3776 Totem of Happiness modifier does not change with the stability of the totem.
- DKP-3767 Loading screen can display "LoadingLoading" in the bottom left.
- DKP-3731 Some houses have over 100% happiness
- DKP-3712 Upgraded Production Building inspector tooltips can display Days Remaining in the minus figures and the progress bar can become out of sync with when stock is actually created.
- DKP-3694 Tooltip for the date does not update regularly.
- DKP-3691 Saves get populated twice in the Load Functions
- DKP-3687 Game remains Paused after opening and closing Tech Tree instead of returning to previous speed.
- DKP-3685 The "Animal Product" tech's flavor text contains false information.
- DKP-3682 "Allotment - Carrots 1" decoration is floats above the ground when placed.
- DKP-3671 Game does not automatically resume after an Encounter Pause and instead the player must manually reselect game speed.
- DKP-3664 Q and E will always rotate the farm fields regardless of what the keybind is set to.
- DKP-3655 F9 Feedback only shows two 'Option A's within the drop down menu instead of stating Feedback and Bug respectively.
- DKP-3651 Master Volume slider cuts off sound just below 40 rather than on 0.
- DKP-3649 Portals can be placed over each other.
- DKP-3640 Quarter's Inspector is partially hidden behind Advisor Dialogue in the Tutorial obscuring the button to close the Inspector.
- DKP-3637 The totem's titles in the building inspector are not centered.
- DKP-3636 Tooltips are too thin and lead to a messy and difficult to read experience.
- DKP-3615 When placing a Building the Tooltip will wrongly read Valid in Build Mode so long as the Buildings road tile is not obstructed.
- DKP-3563 Adjusting the "Camera zoom speed" setting doesn't change the zoom speed of the player camera.
- DKP-3542 Errors can spam and building preview can be missing when first placing a Small Warehouse in Open Spaces.
- DKP-3484 Portals do not stop functioning when Mana resource run out.
- DKP-3463 Portal's priority for couriers is too low.
- DKP-3457 Unable to demolish a Warehouse
- DKP-3452 Some Berry Bushes are missing when loading a save file
- DKP-3387 Lumberyards can claim trees in OOB areas.
- DKP-3383 Actors get stuck in place OOB behind Lumberyards when their range exceeds the currently unlocked hexagons.
- DKP-3303 When a Production Building is in range of multiple Warehouses the Upgrade tooltip only displays stock from one Warehouse not the total stock available.
- DKP-1238 No game speed buttons are highlighted when starting a new session.
- DKP-3714 Various spelling and grammar issues present in tutorial
- DKP-3704 Spelling error in Race Select screen with the Tooltip reading "Dwarvern" rather than Dwarven.
- DKP-3703 Spelling error occurs in "victory" popup during the Trials of Moira dungeon.
- DKP-3689 Spelling Error in the Small Warehouse Tutorial within Advisor Dialogue reading 'affecs' rather than 'affects'.
- DKP-3684 If some but not all resources are available for upgrading House Density the tooltip will still display 0 goods.
- DKP-3680 Total Residents tooltip displays unemployed vs employed residents incorrectly.
- DKP-3676 Space missing within the Total Residents and Happiness Status Bar Tooltip.
- DKP-3674 'Commissioner' is spelt incorrectly within the Fire Fighters' Station.
- DKP-3673 Spelling mistake within Safra Tyde character description within Hire Menu.
- DKP-3660 Localisation error occurs in Emergency notification popup
- DKP-3658 Status bar Tooltips are layered underneath Paused text.
- DKP-3641 Savegame deletion prompt incorrectly gives player two Confirm options
- DKP-3634 Steam players current status does not use the correct plural for Elves.
- DKP-3629 Tech Tree is not visually scaled correctly when on Ultra Wide screens.

Additional Tasks/Changes

- DKP-3802 Increase starting Residents to offset Beauty requirement
- DKP-3722 Implement new Prop Tool
- DKP-3718 Implement Modular Walls
- DKP-3675 Create UI wireframe for Mine Replenishment
- DKP-3669 Roll out the SubVal system
- DKP-3644 Transition CLEAR_HEX to more reliable instruction
- DKP-3643 Remove erroneous + in positive AFFECT_MANA and AFFECT_TREASURY usages
- DKP-3456 Add Special Save and Load Functionality to Trade Routes
- DKP-3225 Design and create a new interface to better display production for Farm buildings.
- DKP-3709 Create localisation for mothball modifier
- DKP-3707 Lay ground work for Thread Game Loading
- DKP-3700 Plural Localisation Command
- DKP-3697 Automatic Tick Error Sending and Warning to Player
- DKP-3645 Rename Dungeon modifiers to have Nearby Dungeon as prefixes.
- DKP-3619 Implement missing Mines functionality
- DKP-3550 Add a highlight to the race selection in the Main Menu.
- DKP-3819 Slightly increase starting Crescents
- DKP-3618 Set up Advisor Popups for discovering Encampments
- DKP-3258 Create inspectors for ore nodes that indicate which ore they produce.
- DKP-3078 Transition Quarter Names from hard-coded strings to localised keys
- DKP-3804 Make walls not remove grass.
- DKP-3770 Implement beauty happiness effects
- DKP-3692 Remove Ability to submit F9 Reports without Summary
- DKP-3678 Make it so that Autosaves can be Disabled
- DKP-3677 Increase Autosave Values
- DKP-3668 Move Autosaves out into main SaveGame folder
- DKP-3667 Make Localisation Language a setting within UserSettings (Only JSON editable for now)
- DKP-3461 Show game intro animation at start
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11891 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 3 / 3
Known Issues

- DKP-3748 Warehouses that are full can stop transporting goods to and from production buildings.
- DKP-3711 Tutorial can become stuck when it transitions over to quarters.
- DKP-3688 Deleting and replacing a Gatherers' Hut can spam errors and eventually crash the game.
- DKP-3589 After loading a save Warehouses and Mana Wells remove workers until priority is changed.
- DKP-3509 Trade routes can not transfer goods and instead just remove them from the warehouse.
- DKP-3749 Incorrect text for the weaver efficiency tooltip.
- DKP-2873 The game crashes after pressing 'Play' on Steam
- DKP-2217 The game fails to launch or crashes when attempting to launch with either the Vulkan or DX12 APIs.
- DKP-3807 Current Pending Immigrants doesn't align with a _SCN's startingImmigrationQueue
- DKP-3747 Pressing the 'middle-click' mouse button causes the mouse to go to the center of the screen.
- DKP-3746 The 'Realm Overview's pop-up' remains on screen if the player opens the 'Technology tree' while it's displayed.
- DKP-3742 Music not paused on lost of focus
- DKP-3741 Scrolling bar for texts that does not really need them
- DKP-3740 Quick deletion constant pressings causes redundant message boxes
- DKP-3738 Selection can be hard for high-frequency geometry
- DKP-3737 Text editing for places presents a weird behaviour
- DKP-3736 Tutorial highlighting box misplaced after opening section
- DKP-3695 21:9 aspect ratio is not entirely support.
- DKP-3588 Happiness is only updated slightly every month even when all needs are met.
- DKP-3342 Carts can appear to Zip back to their production building or to a Warehouse when a building they were targeting is deleted.
- DKP-3184 Performance degrades when selecting a building that highlights others.
- DKP-2244 If the Trade route road between two warehouses is broken then it'll stop trading indefinitely even if the road is reconnected.
- DKP-3653 The Game can refuse to Apply changes made within the Graphics Menu and an error can occur.
- DKP-3504 The courier's path isn't being displayed.
- DKP-3231 Both the noble gate decorations require 1x1 grid to place but take up 3x1 grids.
- DKP-2195 There is no audio effects for emergencies.
- DKP-1829 Notification warning icon has a tinted red box in front of it.
- DKP-3753 New adventurer parties are unable to complete dungeons.
- DKP-3663 Possible loop with tutorial could cause game tick to stop.
- DKP-1196 MASTER BUG: The entire UI exhibits universal aliasing, pixellation and scaling artefacting.
- DKP-3758 Couriers can travel in direct lines to deliver goods between portals. 2DKP-3750 Visual glitch after opening the 'World Overview'.
- DKP-3713 A large number of building do not display their operational radius.
- DKP-3710 Warehouses can be built with no couriers available after construction is complete.
- DKP-3701 Buildings can become unselectable and cannot be deleted.
- DKP-3635 Deleting buildings can leave a square of unbuildable space.
- DKP-3631 Roads can be built too close to inclines in Open Spaces causing visual and pathfinding issues.
- DKP-3616 Game stutters significantly whenever AutoSaves occur.
- DKP-3614 Starting animation during game launch has a prolonged stutter midway through Dwarf and into Human introduction.
- DKP-3610 Couriers can be seen zipping back to Production buildings such as Lumberyards rather than moving normally.
- DKP-3338 Occasionally Enemies are not cleared from map despite their corresponding Encounter having been completed and hex unlocked.
- DKP-1864 Adventuring party and creatures don't face each other during adventuring events.
- DKP-3626 Visual issues occur when the player attempts to select Tech Tree Nodes that are locked by the Tutorial.
- DKP-3705 If the Demolish tool is selected when a random patch of terrain is clicked random roads or buildings can be deleted
- DKP-3652 16:10 aspect ratio incorrectly scales Tech Tree.
- DKP-2104 Noticeable drop in frame rates when actors are spawned in for the first time.
- DKP-3487 Efficiency of a building only updates on the tick at the start of a new month.
- DKP-3447 The game resumes with the 'Pause Menu' displayed after alt-tabbing the game.
- DKP-3173 There is no consistency with the mouse arrow when selecting a race.
- DKP-3163 Marketplace shortage notification does not auto-dismiss once the Marketplace has received the necessary stock.
- DKP-3157 Notification UI appears over Party Hiring menu.
- DKP-3051 Actor animation can stutter when changing direction at speed three.
- DKP-2987 The "Previous Building", "Next Building", Pin" and "Close" button in inspectors exhibit edge aliasing.
- DKP-2539 Carts may travel partly off the side of roads.
- DKP-2379 Dragon enemy's idle animation stutters before looping.
- DKP-2299 Frame rate stutters when entering and exiting fade to black screen.
- DKP-2292 The Observatory preview does not appear when being placed on available areas of the map.
- DKP-2289 The Progress bar within all Farm inspectors does not function.
- DKP-1730 Load times may last significantly longer for Plains-01 than other maps.
- DKP-3177 Planting multiple trees and berry bushes while the game is paused and then unpausing it will cause it to freeze temporarily.
- DKP-3062 Tech Tree does not change to reflect the race selected.
- DKP-3018 Advisor Dialogue is placed over labels within the Recruit Party menu during the Demo.
- DKP-3016 Game can minimize and reopen several times when in loading screens.
- DKP-2549 Clicking the building inspector cycle buttons very quickly will cause visual errors.
- DKP-2333 Road tiles appear more red in build mode than they did in previous Game Builds.
- DKP-2201 Changing tabs whilst the Tech Tree is open will allow the player to select Buildings through the Tech Tree menu when the game window is back in Focus.
- DKP-2063 Grass present on or around buildings can have the ground splat texture projected onto it.
- DKP-1913 Lights that affect volumetric fog and are not the directional light can be seen leaking through models.
- DKP-1661 The small walls on the corners of the low and medium density houses can float when terrain has been flattened.
- DKP-3800 After completing the Trade route section of the Tutorial the fade to black hangs longer than it normally would.
- DKP-3790 Camera can easily clip through ground when starting on the second Windy Peaks map option.
- DKP-3778 Orc Employee modifier in Gatherers' Hut causes Try Planting button to go into decimal figures.
- DKP-3761 While in the tech tree the player can still move around the map with side scrolling enabled.
- DKP-3755 Sometimes, the audio may jam in some devices
- DKP-3702 Placement of Employees when Residents are limited is not inline with the Employer Buildings' assigned priority.
- DKP-3657 The economy panel can mislead the player when they're bankrupt.
- DKP-3638 Tutorial Highlights extend beyond inspectors and are incorrectly layered.
- DKP-3611 Empty buildings do not darken to show they are abandoned when playing on the Low graphics setting.
- DKP-3556 Loading text appears erroneously enlarged before returning to correct scale during the initial launching of the game.
- DKP-3520 Tutorial UI highlighting for the City Overview is layered incorrectly.
- DKP-3633 Open Spaces grass is two colours in and out of bounds when playing on the Low graphics option,
- DKP-3683 Warehouse displays "Bring Flour from Bakery" where as it should be "Bring Flour to Bakery"
- DKP-3500 The outline of some buildings while under construction is deformed and distorted when moving the camera
- DKP-3089 Vegetation props do not darken when a house is vacated.
- DKP-2782 Text select mouse pointer appears in Main Menu in the race selection box.
- DKP-2668 The text entry box for building names jumps around when being edited.
- DKP-2191 Road tiles can repeat in an obvious manner.
- DKP-1948 Main menu is still visible when selecting the map and race they want to play.
- DKP-3476 Lower and uppercase characters mixed on any building Inspector subtitle
- DKP-3454 The button 'Revert' takes a few seconds to work.
- DKP-3453 The resolution doesn't update properly after pressing the "Revert" button.
- DKP-2903 Trade routes' names don't appear to have a character limit
- DKP-2309 Water continues to animate when the game is paused.
- DKP-1052 The placement markers present during the placement phase of buildings adapt to geometry, instead of displaying as a flat shape on the ground.
- DKP-3754 An icon during the adventurers tutorial is highlighted even when the player has already completed the action

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The offline installers of Shadow Man Remastered were updated.
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ATOM RPG Trudograd

Standalone installer updated: [Linux] 0.8.1 Linux ⇒ 0.9 Linux, [MAC] 0.8.1 OSX ⇒ 0.9 OSX .

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Medieval Dynasty (In Development)

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Fix for a bug reported on reddit:
- Game speed accelerates whenever character menu is accessed.
Confirmed by the devs on Steam.



Updated to 1.7t3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
1.7t3 Update

This months update contains the following changes:

- improved quality of custom image textures when viewed from a steep angle
- fixed chain lift animation not playing when a track segment gets auto-connected
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Alchemist Adventure

Updated to 1.210621 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Sandy Update!

Bug fixes

- Desert, Air Tower: Mya keeps getting stuck on an obstacle - fixed
- Main Menu: The cursor doesn't appear the first time you load the game - fixed
- Quick Menu: Memorized potions can't be selected with the mouse - fixed
- Astronomy Dungeon: You can't interact with the lightning hammer after reloading a save - fixed
- Giant Boar: The boar gets yanked back to its previous position after charging - fixed
- Papi: Skill reset doesn't work or crashes the game - fixed


- Enemies drop Sulfur and Mercury more frequently
- Enemies drop ingredients more frequently
- Information about the bosses Crystalis and Pitrak is now provided before the battle
- Aiming has been improved in the Pitrak battle (Mya can aim further)
- Improved HUD elements performance
- Jar-Breaking Minigame: The penalty for breaking the wrong jar has been reduced to -1 point
- Jar-Breaking Minigame: The score required to beat the minigame has been reduced
- Baboo Race Minigame: The time limit for the first race has been increased by 5 seconds
- Quick Menu/Book: Numbers have been added to help identify the potions you've memorized
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Interstellar Space: Genesis

Updated to 1.3.2 (galaxy only for now)


The alternative rulers' handle for owners of the Natural Law expansion is now displayed a bit brighter to reinforce the idea that you can click in that handle to choose another portrait for your ruler.


Fixed an issue that was causing the plasma torpedo effect to not be displayed in battle.
Removed the 'Auto-fire' weapon modification from the Flak Cannon in the 'Scourge of the Stars' unique ship.
Fixed an issue that was causing the 'Galactic Council' ETA to display a very large number when the council had been dissolved either because the player had won an election victory and decided to continue playing, or refused to accept the AI as the new ruler of the galaxy. Now it displays the Galactic Council is dissolved with the reason why it was so in those cases.
Fixed an issue in the 'Research Efficiency' from the 'Time Dilation' planet special modifier in the research tooltip in the colony view. It displayed "from BC generation", but the correct wording is "from RP generation".
Fixed an issue that was causing ship design models to only display costs up to 5 digits in the ship design overview screen, where all the ship models are presented.
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Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Updated to 1.1.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Hey, thanks for keeping this updated, Hustlefan! I'll jump in to announce that we have just added GOG achievements!

Detailed patch notes for version 1.1.1

- Added achievements! Read all about them below.
- Cars now also spawn in Matuna and Paluhn.
- Added medics to Lila after Gary leaves her.
- Added a hidden special animation for Neil.
- Fixed a rare issue where players would glitch through certain sets of stairs.
- Updated save game version to Lacuna_02 (saves will be always be compatible).
- Updates and fixes in all localizations. Added two missing scene names.
- Other small fixes and improvements.

'Patchable' achievements

We did our best to make each achievement patchable, i.e. automatically grant it to all players that met the requirements to receive it before this patch. This has been possible with most of them, but some track completely new variables – more on those below.

To receive all patchable achievements you (would have) previously unlocked, please start the game and load each existing save file once. In other words: Click your previously used save slot(s) in the profile selection to be taken to the main menu, and you should receive everything you're owed at once. Let us know if you're not getting any achievements you feel like you should be.

'Non-patchable' achievements

There is also a number of non-patchable achievements. These can only be unlocked in a completely new save file – or in an ongoing one if you haven't played too far already:
- Happy Boi / Chonky Boi: you haven't beaten the first level where Neil appears as the protagonist.
- Good Cop / Bad Cop: you haven't finished the Villa level yet.
- She's Got A Point: you haven't had your second conversation with yet.
- Groupie: you haven't been down to Paluhn Market twice already.
- Consumer & Couch Potato: you haven't reached any of the game's finales yet.
- afk?: you haven't beaten the game yet.
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DYSMANTLE (In Development)

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update #14 - The Ark and Solaris

Another big update has arrived at last! You may also notice that it's simply referred as Update #14 instead of the game build version number Those version numbers probably won't mean very much, so I guess the simpler number makes more sense.

This update brings you four bigger things, and gets you one step closer to escaping the island. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Update Highlights


The Solaris desert is now accessible. The locomotive at the Sunburn Desert train station (Q17) has been tweaked, so you can progress further there. You will need to complete the related quest goal first though. I won't spoil much, but remember to visit the gift shop diner at O14. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Image 1
Image 2

The Ark

The fenced off area in Frore is now open. There's a terminal which will open the gate to the inner area. Note that the Ark is optional content and is not required for completing the main quest. The Ark Quest is colossal as you will learn!

Image 3

The Ark is an underground complex. Most of the first level is available at this point, but level 2 is not yet accessible. You'll find those familiar blue dev-work-in-progress barriers there. We'll keep opening the facility towards the full launch.

Local Shared Screen Co-op (BETA)

The feature we teased the last time is indeed co-op as some of you guessed. We had sort of prepared for adding this (development-wise), so we decided to try if everything worked as expected... and surprisingly it did. I'm sure there are still small issues, so we're putting heavy emphasis on BETA. You can play online with your friends (or enemies, just remember to enable friendly fire) using Steam Remote Play or a third party alternative such as Parsec.

The second player can join the team any time. Just click Co-op in the pause menu System tab. Everything should be completable in co-op already, but some tombs may be either a bit easier or way more difficult with two players. Please report any problems you may find and we'll fix things!

Image 4

Mana Rifts

You may notice some strange time bending phenomena on the island. Don't worry about it, just continue progressing the main quest and it will all make sense (hopefully).

Simplified Chinese Test Localizations

We're moving forward with our localization development efforts, and testing the system with probably the hardest language we could think of. Most of the game strings you can find in game are now localized to Simplified Chinese thanks to our Chinese friends at Across Media. Note that these are still test localizations and there will be errors of all sorts.

Full text localization support for other languages will be added when the game is otherwise complete. There will be standard EFIGS and Russian and Turkish localizations at full launch too as promised.

Image 5

Baby Deer!

Over the early access period, we've received one particular feedback over and over again: the deer are too hard to hunt in early game. We're listening. We hear you. We've now added another deer variant that is slower and weaker, so you can catch it more easily. This should help you gather those precious materials you need. You monsters.

Image 6



- Access to 'Solaris'.
- Access to the Ark (first part). Accessible in Frore.
- Added Local Co-op (BETA). Accessible in the Menu 'System' tab.
- Level Cap is now 38. Up by TWO levels!
- Added possibility to bind keys to rotate camera left and right.
- A new deer variant.
- New material: Mana Chunk which can be refined from Mana Beads using Smelter.
- Added Simplified Chinese localizations for testing.
- Sound effects here and there.
- Mana Rifts.
- Added new fishing spots to numerous spots around the world as some areas were lacking in fish feet.


- Smelter is now a heat source when activated.
- Idle animation tweaks.
- Clarification interaction for the Central train if the player does not possess the TPU.
- Made some steps in "A Way Forward" quest more implicit.
- Minor text and grammar fixes.
- Nerfed farmable plant growth time and the random range that governs the amount produced by a single harvest. Most of the plants have lower initial seed costs, though. This is to encourage tilling more farm plots.
- Boosted select trinket effects to make them more viable.
- Made the number of uses for knives, shiv trio, grenade and lure smaller.
- Raised proximity mine damage.
- Gave Shiv trio a slightly weaker version of the same damage modifier that throwing knives has.
- Tweaked reward probabilities for most of the fishing spots.
- World map renderer optimizations and new visuals.


- Projectile damage (throwing knives, monster slimes, etc caused excessive damage).
- CTD fixes.
- Usual open world visual glitch & terrain fixes.
- Fixed Co-op crashes when fast travelling, entering tombs, and reloading save in certain conditions.
- Main quest getting stuck at the evac site if you were too fast.

Up Next

One rather immediate next step for the dev team will be the traditional Finnish Summer Vacation, which will pretty much last for the whole July. We'll try and recharge for the last push towards the full launch later this year. Note that we will not likely be answering your questions on Discord during this vacation. We'll head back to the office in early August. (Also literally hoping to return to the office physically, as COVID-19 situation is getting pretty good here in Finland. But we'll evaluate this again in August.)

I also have to mention something. Thank you for all the kind encouraging words and the positive Steam reviews you've sent our way. Game dev (like many other jobs) can be tough, especially during this COVID thing, so getting positive feedback really means a lot.

Image 7

Overall, the game dev is still progressing nicely. We've got the next (a bit colder) part of the map about 80% complete already, so it should be out maybe in halfway August or so. All in all, we're still behind the schedule, but we're still hoping to wrap up the main island area in September, which could put the full launch mark around October or so. And we know: that's almost 12 months in early access. Our initial estimate was 6 months max. But the bright side is that the game is definitely bigger and better than some of our early roadmaps predicted.

Have a great summer everyone!
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Stronghold: Warlords

Updated to 1.4.21665

Stronghold: Warlords v1.4 Hotfix
Build Number: v1.4.21650

Added 'Casual' difficulty for the Skirmish Trail
Fix for a crash that could occur when loading old saves/maps that had a General in them
Actually added the 'Purge Entities at origin' tool to the Map Editor
Fix for incorrect idle animations for pre-placed siege equipment in maps
Fix for IME text input in some langauges
Fixed missing voicelines for the Bear Warlord

Stronghold: Warlords v1.4 Update
Build Number: v1.4.21570
Update Size: 319.7 MB


Added a new game mode; the Skirmish Trail.
- A set of skirmishes against different foes across a range of maps. Each mission will present its own set of challenges as you strive to complete the trail.
Added new unit; the Samurai Lancer
- A fast, heavily armoured support unit with a light attack. Nearby mounted units will deal increased damage to enemies.
Added 2 new Warlords; the Beetle and the Bear.
- The Beetle is not to be underestimated. Although defense is his specialty, his healing skills and armor shipments make him a valuable component in any offensive strategy.
- None can match the power of the Bear. His armies are expensive but you will be rewarded for your investment. Increases the range of Imperial Bannerman’s buff ability.
Added new building; the Field Hospital
- The Field Hospital can only be built by the Beetle Warlord. When the edict is activated, the Beetle Warlord will build a Field Hospital within his lands.
- Any allied troops standing within the vicinity of the Field Hospital will be slowly healed over time. Upgrading the Beetle will increase the amount of healing given to troops.
Added 2 new skirmish maps:
- Guarded Crossings. While the northern player has plenty of land to build in, the other two players must keep a close eye on each other as they race to capture the surrounding Warlords.
- Ascendance. Some lords are more equal than others. You may have been given similar lands but it will soon be obvious who truly has the favour of the sun.
Added some missing pathing tiles to Down River
Updates to Flows Like Time:
- Added more details and decorations to the map
Updates to Unfavourable Odds:
- The southern player has more space in their estate and a small amount of stone
- The northern player now has saltpetre in their estate
- Added more details and decorations to the map
Updates to Princes and Paupers:
- Improved the free pathfinding area to better match the open ground in estates
- Added saltpetre and iron to the north-eastern estate
- Added saltpetre to the south-eastern and south-western estates

General fixes

Addressed multiple situations which may have resulted in the game crashing
Fixed an issue that could cause warlord armies to become stuck when targeting a defeated player in campaign missions
Fixed a bug that could cause troops in formations to run backwards when they were ahead of the rest of the formation
When towers are destroyed, troops standing on them will now instantly fall to the ground rather than animating in mid-air first
Siege weapons emerging from the siege camp will no longer move somewhere if it requires passing through a gate
Walls with hoardings or turrets attached can no longer be docked by laddermen
Troops in siege towers can no longer capture nearby gatehouses
Fixed an issue that could make area target indicators visible when loading a save
Fixed an issue that caused two siege towers to be briefly visible after a siege tower docked
Troops in siege towers no longer judder about while the siege tower is moving and are much better at staying at their correct positions inside the tower
Fixed an issue causing siege tower passengers to jump backwards a few meters when the tower is docked
Siege projectiles (including diseased animals) are now able to hit troops standing on the top floor of keeps, rather than colliding with the keep roof
Ranged units are now able to fire projectiles directly at barricades and now attack them at range when commanded to target them
Fixed an issue that could cause new turrets to be placed when warlord castles repair, when the original turrets had not been destroyed
Warlord Launch Attack and Request Relief Force edicts can no longer be triggered in peace time
Fixed an issue that could cause troops defending warlord castles to move to the wrong positions after loading a save
Fixed a bug that was preventing warlord castles being upgraded via edicts if they were assigned a level above zero in the map editor
Fixed an issue where Warlord’s castles would have multiple instances of certain buildings placed on the same spot after upgrading/repairing
Siege Camps placed via Warlords edicts are now destroyed when the Warlord changes owner
Fixed the peace time remaining icon not showing correctly
Added AI difficulty to Skirmish loading screens
Stability improvements

AI Improvements

Boosted the extra gold income for Extreme mode skirmish AI by 30% to provide more of a challenge
Skirmish AI now wait for minimum intervals before upgrading captured warlords, based on the warlord rank
AI armies are now more accurate at scanning for enemy units and buildings, based on the unit composition of the army
AI armies are better at noticing when they can capture nearby warlords
In skirmish games, AI Auxiliary Archers, Blowpipe Tribesmen and Fire Lancers will now attempt to retreat from enemy troops that get too close when on Hard or Extreme difficulty
Fixed a case where the AI could get stuck unable to train enough troops to attack if it had run out of town space
Fixed a bug where the AI would get stuck endlessly trying to place a silk chain building
Fixed a bug that could prevent the AI from completing its castle if it has no stone in its estate

Map Editor

Added a new toolbar option to toggle Shadows visibility, in the Options menu
The Landscape brushes are now displayed in a grid
Enabled the “Remove entities at origin” tool
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11892 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.