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A small hotfix patch for Shadow Man Remastered has just been released in GOG Galaxy. Here's the short changelog for it.

V1.31 - 2021-06-19
• HD textures and camera bobbing are back.
• Underground level now has dogs in the day and duppie dogs at night.
• other minor fixes
Pajama: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter has been updated although no updated version number listed (Offline installers updated)

No Changelog on GOG but found this over at Steam

New Patch, New Fix, and a Little Gift
Hello detectives,

Due to the license agreement between us and Nacon coming to an end, we needed to release a patch that updates the copyright legal lines and credits within the game. Unfortunately due to this change, any save files that you might currently have will no longer properly work.
The old version is 14 GB in size when installed, and the new version 18 GB.
Certainly, such a huge discrepancy cannot be caused by some changed copyright lines and credits, or even by small game fixes?
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Pajama: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter has been updated although no updated version number listed
Lars2500: The old version is 14 GB in size when installed, and the new version 18 GB.
Certainly, such a huge discrepancy cannot be caused by some changed copyright lines and credits, or even by small game fixes?
Sounds odd indeed, maybe the GOG version is different to the one released on Steam. Unfortunately as neither GOG or the devs could be bothered to upload a changelog here we can't be sure. Maybe contact support to check as they may know what the changes actually are?
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art of rally

Updated to 1.2.0a (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
v1.2.0a Hotfix is up with online event and ghost car fixes.
Edit: Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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A Golden Wake was updated.

Update GOG-5 (21 June 2021)

A Golden Wake has been updated to the latest version of Adventure Game Studio (3.5.0)
Game updates:

Autosave feature added when player accesses the map screen.
The airshow puzzle has been reconfigured to be less timer-dependent.
Minor graphical tweaks to backgrounds and character portraits.
Proper sprite scaling.
Native support for Mac and Linux.
Cross-platform Cloud saves between Mac, Linux and Windows.

Unfortunately, this update will invalidate previous save games.
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* Master of Magic Classic
Windows offline installers updated to Caster of Magic 4 windows 1.01.00
Apparently this updated is related to the Caster of Magic DLC.


-Fixed ingame help for constitution text containing "defense" instead of "health"
-Fixed bug : Losing Smithy in an outpost triggers a building destruction report, allowing players to access the production queue of the outpost.
-AI Combat attack priority bonus for enemy spirit on node tile is now a "*2" applied last instead of a "+100%" applied first.
-Fixed bug : When Earth Gate movement fails due to no room at the destination, the movement order is not cancelled.
-Nodes warped by Warp Node will display "Warped Node" in the surveyor.
-Added MODDING.INI options : Amount of starting, weak and strong lairs to generate
-Added MODDING.INI options : Treasure amounts and budget costs
-Added MODDING.INI options : Neutral city amount
-Total amount of various treasure types to be generated is now logged in debug mode.
-Fixed bug : fleeing as a defender next to a lake can cause fleeing onto the lake and drowning.
-Fixed bug : Stealth items require 5 Death books instead of 3.
-The "Auto" function in combat will no longer target enemies immune to a spell regardless of the Targeting Aid setting.
-Fixed bug : Militarist war declaration text from Maniacal wizards is sometimes empty
-Fixed bug : It was possible in 4 or fewer player count games for the AI to get targeted by elimination wars and retire/get removed early when that wasn't intended.
-Base RP cost of Spell of Mastery is now read from the spell table (spells.ini/dat) instead of being hardcoded, this applies at the beginning of the game.
-Ore percentages are now read from the external ORE.INI file instead of the hardcoded ore table.
-Chaos Channels no longer adds Fire Breath on ranged units, similar to the DOS version. However, it can still add Fire Breath to units that have Thrown, Gaze or Lightning Breath.
This change can be disabled in MODDING.INI, which enables Chaos Channels to roll Fire Breath on ranged units again.
-When a Monster Invasion event generates no monsters due to small map size, unlucky rolls, or all valid tiles being blocked by units, the event notification will not appear. If the amount successfully generated is fewer than 3 stacks of units, the word "many" will be replaced by "a few" in the event text.
-The AI will always prioritize targeting Drain Power at a wizard casting the Spell of Mastery higher than anyone else.
-When the AI could target a player who is casting Spell of Mastery with Drain Power, there is an additional, high chance to cast Drain Power, regardless of curse priorities.
-Volcano new ore generation probabilities are now read from ORE.INI
-Volcano revertion chance and terrain type is now read from ORE.INI
-Added MODDING.INI options : Wizard elimination feature
-When there are more than 10 Score Modifiers active, the scoring screen will not display them all, instead, a single line "Score Modifiers" will be displayed with the cumulative modifier.
-Knowing Spell of Mastery now makes all of the wizard's spells uncounterable, including overland spells and Spell of Mastery itself.
-Added MODDING.INI option to restore original Spell of Mastery behavior
-Adjusted AI to recognize the new Spell Blast/Spell of Mastery rules, depending on the modding.ini setting.
-Added MODDING.INI option : Total number of picks avalable for wizards
-Added MODDING.INI option : Maximal retorts allowed at the beginning of the game
-Added MODDING.INI option : Maximal total retorts allowed
-Added MODDING.INI option : Change the behavior of toggle buttons on the Production screen to display what becomes active after the button is pressed instead of what is active currently.
-Added right clickable help to the INFO menu describing each advisor.
-Added MODDING.INI options : Raider spawn frequency, Rampaging monster spawn frequency, Rampaging monster stack strength
-Hero data is now external in HeroData.INI.
-Building data is now external in Buildings.INI.
-Fixed bug : Melee attacks don't apply the suppression effect even though they should
-Adding the line "Disabled=True" to any spell in Spells.INI will have the same effect as "Everything Nice" has on curses. (Reminder : You have to delete the spells.dat file to force the game to recompile it!)
-Fixed bug : Diplomacy message after SoM War Declaration is sometimes empty
-Fixed bug : Stealth units are right-clickable in the UI even though they are not visible
-Added Guaranteed Early Rare Spell feature for wizards who have chosen 10 books in a single realm. Two rare spells can be selected. These two spells are guaranteed to appear for research before any other Rare spell the wizard has on their research list the same way as Create Artifact does for Artificer wizards. When Artificer was also chosen, Create Artifact appears first, then the two selected rare spells.
-Added AI code to pick guaranteed early rares for 10 book AI wizards.
-The AI will only delay researching Divine Order if they have 3 Chaos or Death books instead of 2.
-Rangers no longer require a Forester's Guild to build.
-Cities can now have up to 48000 population.
-Added MODDING.INI option : city maximal population cap.
-Fixed bug : After a Marriage event, map visibility is not recalculated.
-Fixed bug : Units that cannot be healed are affected by the Healing and Heroic Heart spell anyway
-Change Terrain now costs 28 MP
-Adjusted the effect of Abundance. New effect is :
Increases the base maximal population of the enchanted city to 18 but by a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9.
-Gaia's Blessing now removes Corruption faster. (20->25%)
-Gaia's Blessing now converts Volcano to Forest and removes it faster (10->25%)
-Gaia's Blessing now converts Swamp to Forest. (10%)
-Altar of Peace now costs 100 MP instead of 120 MP
-Sanctify now costs 50 MP instead of 70 MP
-Volcano terrain now counts as a Mountain (+7% production) for the owner's cities only.
(Volcanoes that appear naturally on Volcano terrain have no owner)
-The AI will use Raise Volcano to convert their own Desert and Swamp tiles in addition to their Tundras.
-Adjusted AI Change Terrain targeting to recognize the maximal population value set in modding.ini
-Adjusted AI Abundance targeting to match the new spell effect
-Inspirations RP cost is now 3200, casting cost is 150.
-Mass Healing RP cost is now 4000
-Holy Word RP cost is now 4800
-Prosperity casting cost is now 120, Gold Bonus is now 77%.
-Race data is now external in Races.INI
-Stream of Life and Nature's Cures can now heal units to full health even if they suffered excess damage over their maximal hit points due to losing a maximal hp boosting effect.
-Fixed bug : Magic Power settings had 1 level higher effect than intended (+0.25 power/tile more)
-Fixed bug : Your own nodes warped by your own Warp Node spell don't generate half the power twice, only once.
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The Riftbreaker: Prologue

Updated to 1.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Riftbreaker is now in beta!

Hello Riftbreakers!

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that The Riftbreaker is officially out of Alpha! We have completed the entire game’s structure and it’s playable from start to finish, which makes it… A BETA! To celebrate this fact, we are rolling out a new update to both our testers in the closed Beta and the generally available Prologue. The update has some sweet new tech, some of which you have never seen before. Let’s dive into the contents of this patch.

First of all, we are thrilled to tell you that as of today The Riftbreaker supports the brand-new AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technique (or FSR, for short). FSR is a technique that allows the game to render at a lower internal resolution and then upscales the image to your chosen resolution. FSR reconstructs the image to maintain as much quality as possible, and we think it does it really well. You can test it yourselves using one of 4 available presets - Performance, Balanced, Quality and Ultra Quality, all of which have different rendering resolutions. We’ve seen great results with this technique and encourage you to tell us how this option affected your FPS. FSR works on all GPUs, regardless of the manufacturer (AMD, Nvidia, Intel, or anything else that can run the game). This image upsampling technique is especially great if you want to run The Riftbreaker with raytracing effects enabled at very high resolutions or if you have a lower tier GPU that doesn’t run the game at 60FPS. Fidelity FX Super Resolution is available in both DX11 and DX12 rendering paths.

Another technological novelty that we are adding to the game is temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA). This technique uses temporal information to reduce the effect of ‘jagged edges’ that sometimes occurs during gameplay. The result is a very sharp, defined and detailed image at almost no cost. TAA is now the default anti-aliasing option for The Riftbreaker. It looks a lot better than FXAA that we used before and we think you are going to like it, too!

Apart from these new features, this patch also brings a lot of smaller changes to gameplay and balance. The full list of these changes is available at the end of this post. Please note that most of these changes affect only the Closed Beta version of The Riftbreaker, but the two most important ones - FSR and TAA are also available in The Riftbreaker: Prologue - available for free.


- We are super happy to announce that this version of The Riftbreaker supports the brand new AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technique. We have 4 different presets available - try them out and see how it affects the framerates and image quality. We are very happy with the results, and adding this technique is highly beneficial to players with less powerful PCs. Oh - it works on all GPUs.
- Temporal Anti Aliasing (TXAA) - We have added a temporal anti-aliasing technique to the game. It looks infinitely better than FXAA. This setting is always enabled.
- Automated Crafting is back - you no longer need to go to the crafting screen in the middle of the fight to get more grenades. The armory produces them for you at a constant rate.
- Added Statistics screen with lots of gameplay stats. It's not the final version, it looks bad, but it's functionally sound
- The headquarters are indestructible when being built for the first time.
- Optimized CPU usage, especially for longer playthroughs.


- Advanced resource veins have been added to survival mission (Uranium, Palladium, Titanium, Cobalt). You are guaranteed to have all rare resources available to you during each survival run.
- Completely rebalanced weapon and building costs.
- Added working Power Fists, Spears and Hammers. They are OP and unpolished, but you can try them out!
- Reduced wind turbine cost and increased performance - 40 carbonium, 12 energy per second. They're viable now!
- Comms hub lvl 4 and lvl 5 added - you can now upgrade it and set up a new hub after each HQ upgrade.
- Building limit added to ammunition storage.
- Repair consumable cooldown is reduced from 30 to 25.
- Added support for different cost values in different game modes to balance the survival and campaign.
- New models for small buildings - wind turbines, solar panels, energy storage, pumps.
- Massive number of balance tweaks in weapons and weapon mods.
- All upgraded weapons consume more ammo to match their power.
- Mods and upgraded statistics are more balanced (damage output) - some have been buffed, some have been nerfed.
- Rare element mine is less effective.
- Bestiary has been renamed to database, as it contains much more info than just animal descriptions.
- Click-and-drag wall-building has been tweaked to support longer walls and to get around corners a little better.
- Changes to resource drop rate types for some props with new group features.
- Sword slash ribbon now follows the actual model and can be used in other types of melee weapons - it's parametric now.
- Attachments with level numbers added to many buildings for easier identification.
- A lot of missing particle effects have been added to buildings.
- Inventory Screen tooltips improved in many places.
- New version of damage resist - if the player tries to melee an enemy invulnerable to physical damage, they will get staggered.
- The player can get stunned if they're hit really hard. Watch out!
- Improved effect for invisibility.
- Minerals are now mined in smaller chunks - 1 unit instead of 5. The rate stays the same - you still get 1 unit per 1 second of mining.
- The save button is blocked when the game is saving already.
- Props now get highlighted when they are hit.
- The mech has increased ammo storage.
- Reduced ammo consumption in shotgun.
- Updated game credits screen.
- A lot of cleanup for flora familiarity, specimens and localizations.
- Added highlight if an item is scannable.
- Reduced the number of gnerots on normal difficulty in survival_jungle.
- More resources on Hard and Brutal in Survival mode (removed negative multiplier) to compensate for fewer possible resource spawns.
- Minimum range added to artillery and heavy artillery towers.
- Reduced death penalty (funny every time)
-- weapons dropped on hard 2 -> 1
-- weapons dropped on brutal 3 -> 1
- Reduced environmental creatures' difficulty scaling on hard and brutal.
- Added new projectiles and effects to many new creatures.
- Dropped weapons are now autoequipped in the same slot they were dropped from upon pickup (if possible).
- Flora cultivator requires 10 water to operate.
- Updated crafting costs of most tech. (added advanced and rare resources to costs)
- Added new front drill animation to the player character (for treasure drilling)
- Sunrise and sunset tweaked slightly for performance reasons.
- Research descriptions added to all research items. Wildlife descriptions added to the database.
- Reworked a lot of the pipe resource system - should be a lot less buggy now.
- Excluded unused textures form the demo to save space.
- Heavy artillery now needs charged plasma to work. RIP Vinnymeta.
- Removed heat resistant floor from research (feature dropped).
- Light bloom effect has been optimized to consume less memory.


- New Footsteps and sounds for the mech (different floor types result in a different sound).
- New sounds for a lot of creatures.
- Mech servo sounds added.


- Prevent empty research queue announcement if comms hub is not built yet.
- Fix for frozen mech dash pose.
- Detect and do not load incompatible game saves in order to avoid conflicts and crashes.
- Fix saves with non ascii characters in the file path.
- Print error code in save error popup instead of an error message.
- Creature navigation has been cleaned up - it now works much faster and consumes less memory.
- Limit character number in save names.
- Fix minimal time value in streaming options for consistency (from 30 to 15).
- Fixed damage in proximity and nuclear mines - advanced, superior and extreme. They used to do the same amount of damage.
- Fix building after loading while saved when building. Sounds weird, but if you encountered it, you know what it was.
- Hundreds of bigger and smaller fixes for various issues and crashes.

As always, we encourage you to join our Discord at and our stream at exorstudios. It's the best way to get fresh info on the game's development and also to get a chance for a Beta access key. (We're live right now, wink, wink)
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Space Haven

Updated from 0.12.5 to 0.12.6 on Windows, Mac and Linux

Patch notes from Steam:
* Added an option to change the audio output device in the game settings.
* Added new translations of in-game texts.
* Changed the power view mode generating information to a combination of the current output per second and how much it is of the maximum in a percentage.
* Fixed bugs.
Sorry to ask, but does somebody of you got the link for the GoG-feed of changes to the database (updated installers and such things)
I managed to delete the bootmark and google is not my friend right now...
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randomuser.833: Sorry to ask, but does somebody of you got the link for the GoG-feed of changes to the database (updated installers and such things)
I managed to delete the bootmark and google is not my friend right now...
randomuser.833: Sorry to ask, but does somebody of you got the link for the GoG-feed of changes to the database (updated installers and such things)
I managed to delete the bootmark and google is not my friend right now...
karnak1: This?
Thank you.
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ATOM RPG Trudograd

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 0.8.1 GOG ⇒ 0.9 GOG.
Update v.0.9

Greetings, friends!

As promised, today we present to you the fifth major content update for ATOM RPG: Trudograd.

In accordance with the previously published roadmap, v.0.9 gives you the ability to finish the main storyline and thus fully complete the game. Since save files will only be wiped when version 1.0 is released in autumn, you can complete your current playthrough now and see what the finale holds, without the need to start a new game.

Nevertheless, we really want to draw your attention to the fact that v.0.9 is far from the end of development, it’s still Early Access. By the time of the official release planned for autumn, the entire game, including the main storyline, will receive new editorial changes, sounds, 2D design elements, improvements to combat balance and much more. Not to mention the side content that will also be added to the rest of the game before the final release.

You can play and finish the game right now for curiosity’s sake and to see the ending, but to those of you who would like to avoid end-game spoilers and wish to enjoy the finalized, carefully crafted release version of the game, we recommend you wait for version 1.0 instead and take a bit of rest from Trudograd for the time being.

Now, some more details about the current update v.0.9: The completion of the main storyline entailed the appearance of new characters, quests, text adventures and locations, such as: Trudograd Dam, the Seventh Heaven district, the Razdor village. And, of course, we have not forgotten the existing locations, adding new quests and characters to them as well.

In addition, our team continues to work on completing and debugging game mechanics, as well as making changes to improve the gameplay. Many of them were inspired by your feedback and ideas:
• Work was carried out to optimize and improve the interface, the character's personal file, the window for modifying special armor and weapons;
• The system for displaying statuses has been redesigned;
• Improved inventory filter system;
• The quality of sounds and music has been significantly improved;
• Skill books now work for the whole party;
• The skill perk system (the new perks you get as you increase certain skills) has been finalized.

A complete list of changes included in the update is available below:
• The storylines for the Revolutionaries and the Police were continued and completed;
• Added 7 new locations (so far only with story missions);
• Added characters and quests for existing locations (Police Station, Grey Corner, Mikhalych’s Tavern);
• Added new types of random encounters;
• The existing random encounters have been improved;
• The amount of money and stock updates merchants get per day were increased;
• Added 10 new weapon modifications;
• Added 8 modifications for special armor;
• Changed the balance of firearms and melee weapons;
• Added a new unique melee weapon, available only to those with special armor;
• Improved ballistics mechanics for firearms and crossbows;
• Added ammunition causing the following effects: "Stun", "Burning", "Poison";
• Fixed a number of errors that caused a system message to appear;
• Fixed a number of bugs that caused the game to freeze;
• Fixed bugs related to special armor;
• Fixed a bug where the enemy could get between cells and not receive damage;
• Now markers of temporary locations disappear after you leave the location;
• Fixed many minor typos and bugs.

In conclusion, we would like to say that our team is very grateful to you for your support, trust, feedback, criticism, advice and recommendations. Together we have come a very long way and we are sure that there are many more interesting things ahead of us! :)

Thank you for being with us! And let there be... ATOM!

Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.95 ⇒ 1.96.
v1.96 Release Notes

Ironclad Games and Stardock are pleased to announce the release of version 1.96 for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. This latest update includes a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements that players have been asking for.


• Fixed exploit that would allow players to build extra free capital ships at game start.
• Updated the damageUpdater code to refresh more frequently. Damage now applies faster (closer to actual impact) and may resolve various issues besides being generally good.
• Fixed Social Specialization and Industry Specialization planet upgrades from not applying their population growth modifiers.
• Updated stat type counters: Colony capital ships are now counted under Utility2, siege units under Utility1 and actual utility ships under Utility0. Updated related strings to match.
• 'Mad Dark Fleet Titan' event has been updated - will now only appear after at least 1 hour of gameplay and will send out scouts and warnings to herald its arrival. Thanks to Goafan42!

• Fixed Counter-Deployment (TEC Loyalist) technology not working.
• Changed Hoshinko's Demolition Bots ability to affect corvettes.
• Changed Marza's Radiation Bomb ability to affect corvettes.
• TEC Rebel titan's Explosive Shot and Overcharged Explosive Shot abilities will now affect titans.

• Changed strikecraft to no longer gain a buff from Assimilated Populace tech.
• Fixed Acclimatization of Will tech to work as intended.
• Titans are no longer affected by Iconus Guardians' Repulse ability.

• Changed Vasari Loyalist titan's phase missiles to Physical damage type.
• Changed Stilakus Subverter's Distortion Field ability to affect corvettes.
• Fixed Vasari Loyalist Jump Stabilization tech to now properly affect friendly and enemy ships.

• Borderless Window mode has been added and can be found under Video Options.
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Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.10.2951-2 ⇒ 1.10.2964.
New patch 1.10

Dear community,

we have worked on improving Carcassonne with bug fixing and several quality of life improvements, like the pretty useful "Meeple Outline"!

Here is the patchnote for this update:

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug when opening the achievements screen the first time
• Fixed a bug when exiting the current online game when another game is forfeited due to time-out.
• A corrupted save file no longer blocks the loading process but reset to default values
• Dragon phase do not play the correct number of turns if a player is swapped by a bot during online games (timed-out or replaced by auto-play) is fixed

• Adding the option "Meeple Outline"
• In-Game animations speed is adjustable (4 levels)
• Removal of option "Meeple bounce" toggle (always active)
• Option screen has been reworked with pictograms
• An indicator is displayed with different levels when the connection to the network becomes unstable
• Greatly improved online connection stability
• Game no longer reload after a short connection loss or when resuming from background
• Online game chat history is available when resuming an online game
• Optimized performance of the chat screen (lobby and in-game) for low-end devices
• AI performance optimization when playing with the "Inns & Cathedrals" expansion
• Significant AI performance optimization during the dragon tiles placement when playing with the "Princess & Dragon" expansion

Thank you very much for all your feedback and have fun playing Carcassonne!
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Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 53138 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the developer's website:
New Operation Eagle 2v2 Map “Beachfront Stronghold”!

This coastal fortress is the first line of defense against invaders from the sea. Gaining control over this war-torn area with its fresh wounds from previous battles is a big challenge, but vital for victory.

You’ll notice on the minimap one player from each team controls a forward AA, watching the skies for those early forays.

This new map is available to all players with the Operation Eagle DLC. If you don’t own the Add-on, you can still play it via ranked and multiplayer as well as skirmish mode if another play who owns Operation Eagle hosts the game.
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art of rally

Updated to 1.2.0b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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