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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

No Changelog
Edit: ninja'd. :)
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Paradise Lost

Updated to CL12558.1414.Shipping (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
New Paradise Lost content free for game owners is here!

Do you feel the world of Paradise Lost left you wanting more? Take a peek behind the scenes and discover intriguing details from the development of the game in a digital art book. Listen to the soundtrack from Paradise Lost, composed by Magdalena Urbańska, and descend into the bunker once more.

The art book and soundtrack are free for game owners. If you don’t own the game, you can buy the soundtrack separately for $4.99.

Watch a new trailer

We’ve also released a new patch, bringing changes such as adding input rebinding and removing head bobbing.

See the full changelog:

- Removed head bobbing
- Created an input rebinding section in the menu
- Exposed CAS to the user for AMD
- Fixed the floating in Depression (after the last EVE mode)
- Fixed the default materials in Lucjan's cave in Depression
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Cyberpunk 2077

Updated to 1.23 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the official website:
Patch 1.23

Patch 1.23 for Cyberpunk 2077 is live on PC, consoles and Stadia.

You can find the list of changes below:

Quests & Open World

Space Oddity

- Fixed an issue where the "Open the package" objective could change location.

Gig: Family Matters

- Fixed an issue where Juliet's car could disappear on sight after completing the quest.
- Fixed a streaming issue in Juliet's house.
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to enter Juliet's house if the player didn't meet either of the Attribute requirements.

The Heist

- Fixed an issue where Jackie could go through glass.
- Fixed an issue preventing some guards from attacking the player.
- Fixed an issue where the "Search the Arasaka officer" objective could remain active after fulfilling it.
- Fixed an issue where the mech didn't spawn in the lobby.
- Fixed an issue where some Arasaka guards could clip through the door.
- Fixed an issue where some guards could spawn on player's sight.
- Fixed an issue where Arasaka officer's body could be unaccessible, making the player unable to loot the shard and blocking progression.

The Nomad

- Removed unnecessary button prompts.

The Hunt

- The news segment in the shard from River will now properly play audio.

The Beast in Me

- Fixed an issue where progression could be blocked if the player left Claire after the Santo Domingo race too early.

Queen of the Highway

- Fixed an issue where the Basilisk could clip through some of the trees.

Down on the Street

- Fixed an issue where there were no quest-related dialogue options when talking to Wakako.

Forward to Death

- Smoke and dust will no longer flicker when riding the Basilisk.

Gig: Goodbye, Night City

- Fixed an issue where progression could get blocked after rescuing Bruce if the player called Delamain.

Path of Glory

- Fixed an issue where V could get stuck in the AV if they stood at the landing spot before it arrived.

Gig: No Fixers

- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to open the door to Dakota's garage at the end of the quest.
- Fixed an issue where Iris could teleport instead of walking.

Getting Warmer...

- Fixed an issue where fixer's car could drive straight through the intersection instead of turning right.
- Fixed an issue where the prompt to use the coolant on 8ug8ear could still be selected while plugging her out, which could break the animation.
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to pick up 8ug8ear.
- Fixed an issue where NPCs could spawn underground, blocking progression.

Gig: Many Ways to Skin a Cat

- Fixed an issue where notifications from Regina regarding this gig could appear during The Heist.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to connect to the computer after failing the quest by destroying the van, which resulted in player getting stuck.
- Fixed an issue where progression could get stuck on the "Go to Revere Courier Facilities" objective.

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Where the Bodies Hit the Floor

- Fixed an issue where after collecting the information the next objective to send it to Regina wouldn't appear.

Cyberpsycho Sighting: On Deaf Ears

- Fixed an issue where after collecting the information the next objective to send it to Regina wouldn't appear.

I Fought the Law

- Fixed an issue where River wouldn't be present at the meeting spot before entering Red Queen's Race.


- Fixed an issue where after killing a NPC and stealing their car, their body could get stuck in the car.
- Adam Smasher will no longer receive damage during animations between his attack phases.
- Fixed an issue where dropping a NPC's body caused too much destruction.
- Cataresist cyberware should now work properly.


- Fixed Johnny's spectral appearance in various quests.
- Fixed various issues related to clipping in NPCs' clothes.
- Fixed appearance of rocks in the Badlands.

The Pickup

- Fixed an issue where one of the Maelstromers was T-posing.

Stability and performance

- Numerous crash fixes in animations, UI, scene, physics and gameplay systems.
- Memory optimizations and memory management improvements in various systems (reducing the number of crashes).
- Various console CPU optimizations.
- Memory and I/O improvement leading to fewer instances of NPCs with identical appearances spawning in the same area, and to improved streaming.


- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to click the upgrade button while playing with 1280x720 resolution.
- Fixed an issue where toggling the Windowed and Fullscreen modes with Alt+Enter made the game appear unresponsive.
- [Steam] Changing language settings to default will now set it to the language of the Steam client.
- A popup message asking to verify integrity of game data will now be displayed when incomplete or corrupted game data is detected.
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The demo for Gloomwood just recieved a update in GOG Galaxy. I've no idea what has been added or changed.

Version > Version 0.1.149
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X3: Terran War Pack

Updated from version 3.6 to 3.7 for Windows.

No changelog, but presumably this is the 1.2 update of the included Farnham's Legacy, which was released yesterday.

Changelog from the Egosoft forums:
Version 1.2 (447644) 2021-06-16

Added Access to command console for Managed Ships
Added Diplomacy hack to work on all enemy stations
Added Cargo Shielding to protect against equipment damage
Added Renaming of Marines/Pilots
Added Way to make PHQ invincible until packet up
Added Complex Planner to work with existing complexes
Added Whitelisting sectors
Added Station manager using your satellite network to avoid sectors with detected enemies
Added Station manager upgrade restrictions
Added Confirmation menu for Recycling
Added Diplomacy Hotkey
Added System to reward Flagship Blueprint or equivalent Quantum Processors
Added NPC stations to destination for Trade Distribution Run
Added Repairing of HQ via the HQ Repair Queue
Added additional discoveries (ships + weapons)
Improved Variation in Explorers Guild Rewards
Improved Ware display in Player Dock/Headquarters
Improved Balance of Dynamic Xenon Jobs
Improved Station Manager
Improved Discovery spawn locations to avoid planets
Improved Kogarasu Maru
Improved Boarding Pod production
Improved Tri-Beam Cannon production count
Improved Xenon Incursions
Improved Station Manager Salary for Complexes
Improved Dock/Free traders to get the economy moving better
Improved Marine Barracks training time
Improved availability of Build Command Software
Improved German localisation
Improved trade commands (buy/sell for best price) working with Blacklist
Improved energy resupply of Trade Commands
Improved LFL range for some Discoveries
Improved Build Complex command to use HQ Stocks
Fixed Military resupply working correctly with Player Docks Minimum Storage
Fixed NPC Building TOA getting stuck sometimes
Fixed Station Defence missions spawning ships behind HSAP
Fixed Being able to transfer marines between dock and undocked player ship
Fixed Buy/Sell ware command when homebased to ship
Fixed Intermediate wares usage in Trade Commands
Fixed New player ships default settings
Fixed Station Manager ignoring blacklist while scavenging/mining
Fixed Threat response after capturing/claiming ships
Fixed Heavy Miner variant display (Owl Miner XL)
Fixed Freeze from invalid entry in Explorers Guild Reward
Fixed Combat reports working OOS
Fixed Intermittent freezes from Threat Table
Fixed duplicate ware when using Collect Deployed
Fixed Trade Distribution run to ships with Transporter Device
Fixed Buying Drone Carriers give drone blueprint
Fixed Carrier Management menu unable to change some items
Fixed being able to remove a Drone from a Drone Carrier
Fixed Jump Beacons being selectable for agent tasks
Fixed Message spam from Explorer Deploy Satellites
Fixed HQ Loadouts applying Upgrades/Equipment
Fixed Blackmarket getting caught consequences
Fixed Drake Variant
Fixed Missing Relay Beacon Blueprint in custom start
Fixed Lasertower relations
Fixed Build Complex command not working with Mines
Fixed Build Complex command buying too many stations
Fixed Mining Command using drop off with Transporter device
Fixed Mining Command getting stuck when not enough cargo space
Fixed Supply Commands
Fixed Transfer freight with Drones
Fixed Terran Plot Argon path auto-completing
Fixed Issue in Terran Plot not rewarding player kills
Fixed RSM using wrong type for asteroids
Fixed Kite/Kite Vanguard
Fixed Marine Barracks upgrade progress
Fixed Orbital Laser Loadout
Fixed Graph Axis when displaying over 1billion
Fixed Collecting multiple passengers/marines
Fixed Not being able to use Cargo Bay Hacker after hack was aborted
Fixed Follow Ship mission setting wrong destination race
Fixed Atmospheric lifter using capital ship launch tubes
Fixed Script menu display with too many info lines (Complex Planner)
Fixed total counts in reports (Trade + Combat)
Removed HSAP's from Xenon Hub Gate Realignment
Removed Collect all wares from picking up discoveries
Removed Credits ware from Player Dock/Headquarters
Removed Emergency Jump from being triggered by repair laser
Removed Discovery points from asteroid if scanned remotely
Removed Nividium L Mine
N.B. a Linux update with Farnham's Legacy is likely once it has completely stabilized. A Mac version won't happen.
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Berzerk2k2: The demo for Gloomwood just recieved a update in GOG Galaxy. I've no idea what has been added or changed.

Version > Version 0.1.149
Update 0.1.149 (17 June 2021)
- new disclaimer, video, screenshots and a new secret
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Interstellar Space: Genesis

Updated to 1.3.1 (galaxy only for now)


The AI now handles its civilian ships much more carefully and will avoid leaving them unprotected or in danger at all costs. This includes Assault ships.
The AI now refrains from entering into too many wars, especially in the early game and when they already have one war going.
The outposts and colonies lost by an AI to a conqueror will count a bit less for the AI's surrender purposes if those settlements did not belong to that AI originally (i.e. they were created and belonged to someone else and the AI had conquered them as part of its expansion).


The Auto-Fire weapon modification can no longer be equipped with the Point Defense modification. It was not functional in space combat already and its support was now also removed from the ship design screen. As a consequence, the Flak Cannon kinetic weapon doesn't allow auto-fire anymore, since it's a Point Defense weapon, and it was non-functional anyway.


The 'UI Scale' option's tooltip was revised to clarify what exactly gets increased, namely the icons and labels text of the galaxy map and system view.
The number of players displayed from which custom races are required to play 10 player sessions was updated to show 8 and not 6 if the player owns the Natural Law expansion, which brings 2 new playable races to the game.
Neutronium Shells' tooltip reworded to clarify that they boost kinetic damage but do not kill marines in the process (perhaps something to add in a next opportunity). [Hotfix]


Fixed a bug that was causing the ruins search process to hang when a ship was found in the ruins and the fleet had a leader without the explorer skill.
Fixed a performance issue when visiting many colonies in a row from inside the colony view, by making use of the 'Next Colony' option. This would result in a big frame rate drop when getting back to the galaxy map, which could last for several seconds, the more time the more colonies were visited. Also slightly faster leaving from the colony screen to the galaxy map now.
Fixed a glitch that sometimes could cause missiles to be left hanging in the battlefield that were not destroyed but also didn't move in very special circumstances involving PD weapons.
Fixed a bug that was causing a colony to suddenly vanish after eliminating a player from the game if that player had once established an outpost on the planet before that colony was established in it.
Fixed a glitch that was causing an incomplete display of a colony in the special and rare case where a colony had a lot of buildings built, and where several of those had been upgraded or scrapped and replaced by others. [Hotfix]
DawEdhel: Update 0.1.149 (17 June 2021)
- new disclaimer, video, screenshots and a new secret
Thanks for the info. :)
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Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 53137 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Hotfix and Improvements (17.06.21)

We’re always working to improve your game experience and we thank everyone for their feedback.

We’ve a new just deployed a new hotfix with the following changes:

A.I. Improvements:

- Easy A.I. is now easier on Campaign Maps and Skirmish Mode that use skirmish A.I.
- Medium A.I. is now easier on Campaign Maps and Skirmish Mode that use skirmish A.I
- A.I. aggression should now not diminish after 25-30 mins in-game

Map Improvements

Saved games will still work, but a restart of the map is needed to complete the challenges:

- Fixed a bug that could cause a softlock if the player lost both infantry squads before the first cutscene on the 3rd Usonia Campaign mission “Shifting Sands”
- Fixed a bug that caused the achievement to not successful complete when the reporter, Randolf, killed the Grimbart gatling mech on the 3rd Usonia Campaign mission “Shifting Sands”
- Fixed a bug that caused the achievement to not successful complete when all 42 crates are collected on the 4th Usonia Campaign “Jailbreak”
- Changed population limit on the 3rd Usonia Campaign mission “Shifting Sands” to 40 so the player can build mines in defence of the village
- Fixed a bug that could cause a softlock after the 3rd wave cinematic on the 2nd Saxony Campaign mission “No Man’s Land”
- Both weapon crates on the multiplayer/skirmish map “Oil Spill” contain grenades
- On the multiplayer/skirmish map “Deep Freeze” the mini-map now shows resource nodes or crates in lobby thumbnail

Improvements to Units

- Skybikes now have their HP reduced to 500
- Captain William Mason’s exosuit turret no longer gains health when relocating while captain is veteran.
- Captain William Mason now no longer plays his enter animation on loop when destroyed while entering a building.
- Lech Kos now stops visually charging when his ability ends without hitting an enemy (e.g. run into a wall or reached max range)
- Units that have attack abilities should now remember the target the ability was used on and attack the same target with their default attacks. Abilities that are not attacks should now remember their previous attack target and continue attacking it
- Usonia’s mech hunter “Stark” will now die correctly when it's destroyed while using its emergency shutdown ability
- Fixed Usonia’s mech hunter “Stark” ability showing the wrong cooldown time
- Usonia’s mech hunter “Knox” hardened frame ability now does reduce damage from indirect weapons
- Usonia’s mech hunter “Knox” hardened frame ability now has a visually disabled state which shows before the unit reaches veteran rank
- Fixed gameplay issues involving mechs and cutscenes on Saxony’s 7th campaign mission “The End of All War”
- If Mechs receive a new target, that they cannot currently attack (because it is out-of-range, out-of-sight or behind them) while they are currently preparing to shoot at their previous target, they will now no longer fire their prepared shot at the new, invalid target
- Lech Kos and Polania’s scout mech “Smialy“ now have their charge U.I. back to the Cone/Arc

General Improvements:

- When starting a right-click on an object or unit, the order will no longer be turned into a directional-move if the mouse is slightly moved and instead the original order is preserved
- Assigned default key shortcut for attack move to Y instead of Z. Z is still open tactical map
- Pressing Esc while placing a building or barricade now cancels the placement again, like it did originally
- Vsync toggle disables the target frame rate setting if activated
- Fixed an issue, that could cause aircraft-wrecks to float in mid-air

U.I Improvements and Party fixes:

- Joining another Group while already in Group should now be handled correctly.


- Some Graphic Fixes for example dissolve effect when harvesting mechs

Thanks again and keep that feedback rolling in. We're unable to respond to everything, but we do read and take it all in. Happy Gaming.
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A small hotfix update for Loop Hero went live today (Offline and GOG Galaxy). The game is now at version 1.1B. I've not found a changelog for this one yet.
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Backbone Prologue

Updated to "demo (2)" (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.


Hustlefan: Northgard

Updated to (Galaxy (Windows & Mac) & Offline Installer (Windows))

Changelog from Steam:

Update version v2.5.5.21897:

- Conquest battle "Helheim Invasion" is fixed. Invasions no longer come every month
Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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Deliver Us The Moon

Updated to 1.4.4a-RC-1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Delivering Patch 1.4.3

Dear astronauts,

Patch 1.4.3 is now live! The patch addresses various issues particularly related to the ongoing development of RTX. Since a lot of our players ran into RTX and video card related issues, we wanted to release a hotfix to make sure the game works well with the latest Nvidia drivers.

We upgraded our game to the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 to provide better RTX support. Also, we made several performance improvements, for example:

- New temporal AA algorithm and resolution upscaling.
- More and/or better LODs for many objects.
- Allow more textures in VRAM.

For more details and instructions on RTX, please make sure to visit our thread in the discussions.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you on the moon!

Best wishes from the KeokeN Interactive and Wired Productions teams!
Delivering Hotfix Patch 1.4.4

Dear astronauts,

Our latest hotfix 1.4.4 is now live!

- Improvements on the RTX changes we made in 1.4.3.
- Fixed a big blocker in the Launch Sequence

Best wishes from the KeokeN Interactive and Wired Productions teams!

UnMetal Demo

Updated to 0.4.15 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog
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art of rally

Updated to 1.2.0 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
This 1.2.0 update has been 6-months in the making and features a full-UI re-design by Jamie Churchman, the artist from Mini Metro, including the much requested Dark Mode and UI scaling. We've also brought our own cross-platform leaderboards online with downloadable ghosts, which means that they'll be starting from fresh.

More highlights are updated AI times, better low-end torque on all cars and better performance.

We've been working full-time on the game since it launched in September and are continuing onto more locations even after Kenya!

We hope you enjoy this update and stay tuned for the Kenya Update dropping later this Summer!

Check out the exciting Polacolour update trailer by clicking here


- huge re-design of the UI and also dark mode and UI scaling
- cross-platform leaderboards with downloadable ghosts of anyone you see on the leaderboard
- car physics body collider is less bouncy
- lowered the maximum torque rpm for all cars.
- raised the rev limit for group 2 cars and vans.
- updated baseline ai times
- rain ai times use faster times from the wet leaderboards
- dynamic resolution scaling when running the game in DX12 (need to use this launch option: -force-d3d12) Setting Game Launch Options Disclaimer: DX12 may not be fully stable, which is why the default is DX11


- optimized grass shader
- optimized vegetation cutout shader
- lighting for all times-of-day have only one light instead of multiple lights for better performance.
- stages now use ambient light from the skybox instead of a gradient, which gives equal or better lighting to the previous multiple directional lights and also doesn't tint the dust/smoke blue.
- updated localization for new terms and also fixed some existing terms
- road bumps have been toned down as they were throwing the car at high speeds
- last used cars and liveries are now saved between runs so you no longer need to cycle through and pick your favourite every time


- the pebble v1 now has 5 gears
- dirtiness should now be correctly carried over from each stage.
- fix hammer v3 light position
- fix hammer v3 red livery
- fog lighting doesn't cast shadows and they weren't noticeable before anyways, which gives a performance boost
- fixed class video compatibility issues
- fixed missing transmission sfx on some cars
- time attack last played settings now load correctly
- possible fix for changing song during a race causing a skip in gameplay
- fix bug where using photo mode after changing language mid race could lead to a crash
- fix for controller vibration issues with multiple controllers plugged in
- fix screen fades not working correctly on super wide monitors
- fix bug where one weather type would be applied to all stages of the same name in custom rally

And if you've enjoyed the game and can spare a moment for a review it's much appreciated!
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Space Haven

Updated from version 0.12.4 to 0.12.5 on Linux and Mac (Windows got updated ~2 days ago)

Changelog, from Steam (with the developer posting a link to it in the forums)
Patch Notes for Version 0.12.5

* Created a tile-sized cage as a mouse selector in drafted mode to make it more clear where the selector is in the isometric world.
* Added tooltips for character skills, attributes and rates.
* Modified the user interface for the transfer tab, when transferring resources between ships.
* Added a sound for hyperspace jumps. The sound will be played as an ambient type of sound, both when player ships and NPC ships jump into sectors.
* Added a sound for the jukebox when set to play by a crew member.
* Lowered volume on the character whistle sound.
* Lowered volume on the Arcade Machine sound slightly.
* Tweaked the power node drainage information in the power view mode.
* Added indicators to the character info boxes, giving information on the current whereabouts of the character.
* Increased the comfort value of the single bed, to make it more comfortable than bunk beds.
* Modified the scenario guide step related to building a navigation console and two hyperium hyperdrives.
* Balancing: Halved energy usage of industry facilities, doubled the default production time and modified industry skill levels to have a more significant effect on production speed.
* Balancing: Reworked the weapons skill to have more impact on accuracy, in combination with the perception attribute.
* Balancing: Buffed Assault Rifle in terms of cooldown and damage.
* Balancing: Buffed SMG in terms of cooldown.
* Balancing: Different type of weapons also affect accuracy. The Accuracy rate tooltip will list all effects.
* Balancing: Worked on many other skills to have more impact on tasks they are linked to.
* Fixed translation UI issues.
* Fixed bugs.