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I just got an update flag for CARRION. No idea what's new or changed. I've read that modding features are going to be a thing soon so it might have to do with that.

previous version:
setup_carrion_1.0.0_gog_d7edc31bda5111ea9114c48508df2cca_(64bit)_(40383) - 111.85 MB

new version:
setup_carrion_1.0.0_gog_a88ceafc106911eb8400c48508df2cca_(64bit)_(42035) - 112 MB
Auto update was off and I had mass auto update with 0 MB each. Bug?
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Space Rangers 2 HD: A War Apart

==Changelog taken from Steam forums==

Changelog for Build 2.1.2400 (30 September 2020):

Bug fixes
- Fixed planetary battles bonus options – player can’t choose more frequent reinforcements on maps that doesn’t allow reinforcements at all;
- Fixed a bug which lead to displaying only one congrats text all the time after liberating a system for a pirate clan;
- Fixed scripted NPCs ships could be generated without money and with minimum starting equipment;
- Fixed a crash in female special agents missions;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

- Added new built-in mods: new graphics for Dominators (two versions: 15 and 30 FPS) and German language translation (replaces current language when activated, includes same text quests, as English translation)
- Added new features for modders
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Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra

Internal Update (19 October 2020)

added D-Pad support
fixed DirectDraw and slowdown problems on some systems

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Internal Update (19 October 2020)

fixed pause screen image quality
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Updated v. 1.29 to 1.29a
Galaxy 2020-10-17 (windows,mac)
Offline installers 2020-10-19 (mac,linux)
no changelog
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Updated to v2.1.1g (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Steam:
After spending the last week on the public beta branch, v2.1.1 is now live for everyone. Apart from a couple of minor bugs which I've now fixed, the latest update appears to be going down really well.

Thank you to everybody who switched over to the beta branch to test the new features, I appreciate all of your feedback!

I've posted the same information as appeared in the original beta announcement below, for reference.

New features - designed by you!

This update is crammed full of great suggestions that have come directly from the community. From an improved build menu interface to a button which allows you to toggle all your mods at once - this update is all about making it easier for you to play the game. A better interface allows you to concentrate on what's important - all of the fishies!

For a full changelog see the bottom of this post, but first let's take a closer look at the heavy hitters.

Perspective mode

I mentioned this in the last dev blog but perspective mode is now live!
It's a subtle difference but for those who find the orthographic camera mode disorienting, this small change will make the game much more accessible. For the rest of us, it's a matter of personal preference.

Collapsible build menu categories

I wasn't 100% sure about this feature prior to implementing it, but I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.
It's now possible to collapse individual categories in the build menu so that you're not looking at everything at once. Coupled with a button at the top which allows you to collapse/expand all the categories at once, it's now really easy to find a particular group that you're interested in.

I think this feature will be especially helpful to those players who have a lot of mods installed.

NB Don't forget about the search function though! If you know the name of what you're looking for, the search function is still the fastest way to find it IMO. Remember you can use the Enter key as a hotkey to start a search!

Tropical / Coldwater toggle

Another feature that I never considered until it was suggested by the community. There is now a toggle at the top of the animal build menu which allows you toggle between showing Tropical or Coldwater animals.
Given that these animals will never safely occupy the same tank, I can see how dividing them like this makes a lot of sense.

Improved growth icon

When you hover over the growth icon of an animal that isn't fully grown there is additional information now. As well as telling you how long until it grows up, it also lists any further stages of growth afterwards.
In addition the mechanic has been flipped around to make it easier to understand. Instead of an increasing count e.g. 0/3, 1/3. 2/3 etc. It's now just a simple day countdown. 3 days until growth, 2 days until growth, 1 day until growth.

It's a small thing, but in my testing it made an immediate impact on how easy it was to keep track of things.

Enable/Disable all mods button

Modding enthusiasts rejoice! You can now enable/disable all mods with the click of a single button at the top of the Modding Manager.

Extra mod stability

Another one for people who use a lot of mods. If a mods causes the game to fail to load, then all mods will be automatically disabled and the game reloaded.

This will at least allow players to get into the game. From there, they can re-enable mods one at a time (or in groups) via the mod manager to try to determine which mod is causing the issue.

The most common cause of the game failing to load was when a mod depended on another mod for extra animal food types, but this depended upon mod was not installed. If this specific case is detected by the game, it will now automatically insert "Orange Pellet" as the required food for the animal, rather than fail to load.

v2.1.0 changelog

- Added perspective mode.
- Added collapsible headings to build menu.
- Added coldwater toggle.
- Improved growth icon.
- Added a note about when certain breeding locations unlock to the breeding tooltip.
- Added a count to the messages when fry and eggs grow up.
- Added a bubble above the poster when it's not connected to a tank.
- You can now build walls up against the edge of all tanks.
- Staff don't prioritise tasks for which they have the required item quite as much. When comparing tasks, those which don't require the staff to fetch a new item are considered slightly closer than those that do require an item switch. Previously, they were considered infinitely closer and prioritised above all tasks that required an item switch.
- Increased performance of build menu.
- Slightly improved efficiency of some graphical operations. (More substantial performance improvements are still on the way!)
- Fixed bug where if a Biter caused the death of another animal, no cause would be shown in the resulting message.
- Added a message when a pregnant animal loses their baby (miscarriage).
- Corrected autofeeder food tooltip.
- Added light icon to lights when you select them.
- Fixed bug where center of feeding platform tank was wrong.
- Calcium reactor (and other external "aquascaping") no longer counts towards explorer count.
- Increased stability of camera to stop it going out of alignment. 'home'/'h' shortcut should always correct issues.
- Fixed bug where staff animation kept playing when assigned a single square zone.
- Fixed bug where water quality would go above 100%.
- Fixed bug where long necked turtle, dwarf crocodiles, green anaconda and manatee could not be eaten. IE They can be eaten now!
- Improved aeroplane objective on 5. Diamond River so that freshwater subcondition will only tick if the aeroplane is in a freshwater tank.
- You can no longer sell the aeroplane on 5. Diamond River.
- You can no longer sell the panther crabs on 5. Diamond River.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't search for communal animals.
- Fixed bug where guests got stuck in toilet.
- Fixed bug: "Tank not listed in Ledger for some Animals" - blue knuckle hermit crabs.
- Fixed bug in 4. Kairobi where the small beach tank did not start available.
- The random seed is used for more things in sandbox mode.
- Fix type in Chinese on 10. Megalopolis.
- Fixed bug where highlight in game world would persist when moving over UI.
- Vending machines no longer sell an item to a guest when they reach them if they have run out.
- Removed shadows from animals while placing them.
- Added 1st person tutorial to 3. Elmshorn.
- Added ledger tutorials to 6. Hartcliff and 2. Paskovka.

v2.1.1 changelog

- Fixed bug which occurred if W, A, S or D was held while transitioning out of 1st person view.
- Fixed issue where animals without a temperature requirement would not appear regardless of which temperature filter was selected. They now appear all the time.
- When a guest is selected, negative thoughts now appear with the number in red while positive ones appear green. This matches the color coding in the main guest thoughts list.
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Crystal Cave HD got an update:
Changelog from Steam

October 18th 2020


[FIX] Vacuum could pull you inside the terrain
[FIX] Deleting something in Level Editor via Shift+Click won't mark the level as "changed"
[FIX] Issue with binding custom actions to "Arrow" keys
[FIX] Secret Level minor issues
[FIX] D-Pad issues & inverse controls


[UPDATE] In the level editor, you can now place up to 5 Air Pumps and up to 5 Doors of each type, to allow more "Creativity" ;)
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Got an update flag for Cultist Simulator, but I can't see any apparent changes on the builds.
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Another update for Crystal Caves HD and a bump to version 1.21.
No changelog anywhere even on Steam.
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Grim Dawn has been updated.

Changelog for Patch Hotfix 1 (20 October 2020)

Increased % Health bonus for pets granted by Empyrion’s Guidance to 120%
Increased % Damage Modified bonus for pets granted by Might of Amatok to 16%
Increased % Offensive and % Defensive Ability bonuses for pets granted by Ulzuin’s Pact to 4%


Fixed an issue where the Leap attack animation could not be interrupted as early as other weapon combinations when dual wielding melee weapons.


Fixed an issue where the game would freeze when getting frozen (heh…) by enemies with the character sheet open.


Fixed an issue where Monster Totems could generate loot of higher level than the monsters it spawned.


Fixed an issue where Common and Rare helms could drop without a prefix below level 70, for real this time.
Fixed an issue where Enchanted Shoulders could not be crafted on characters below level 3
Component - Silvercore Bolts: added 100% Increased Armor Piercing
Faction - Bloodborer: increased % Armor Piercing to 100%, damage adjusted accordingly
Faction - Wrathguard: added 8% Physical Resist
Monster Infrequent - Sunherald’s Claymore: increased Fire damage modifier for Blast Shield to 120 and added 44 Fire damage modifier for Menhir’s Bulwark. Reduced Cooldown on the skill proc on higher level versions.
Rare Affix - Frostborn: increased Cooldown on the skill proc
Epic - Mythical version of the Carnage set has been added to the Forgotten Gods loot pool

Legendary Items

Death’s Reach: replaced bonus to Devouring Swarm with +2 to Shaman Skills
Ludrigan’s Sidearm: added 1-22 Lightning damage
Mythical Circlet of the Great Serpent: removed Cooldown Reduction modifier for Summon Blight Fiend and increased its Acid damage modifier to 45
Mythical Death’s Reach: replaced bonus to Devouring Swarm with +2 to Shaman Skills. Increased Duration modifiers for Bloody Pox and Devouring Swarm to +6s.
Mythical Dreadscorcher: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Fire Strike to 33%
Mythical Empyrion’s Mercy: added 4-32 lightning damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning
Mythical Essence of the Grim Dawn: reverted Chaos damage modifier change for Albrecht’s Aether Ray from v1.1.8.0
Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Savagery to 33% and increased bonus to Storm Spread to +3
Mythical Gildor’s Pulverizer: increased Pierce damage modifier for Grenado to 450
Mythical Hagarradian Enforcer: increased % Attack Speed to 20% and reduced Cooldown on the skill proc to 0.5s
Mythical Oathbearer: increased Pierce damage to 25
Mythical Rotdrinker Crest: added -4s Cooldown modifier for Summon Blight Fiend
Phasebreaker: increased Elemental damage to 17
Rotgheist Set: increased % Health to 14% and % Vitality Decay Duration to 150%. Added 10% Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Primal Strike from the Mask.
Rotgheist Chestguard: moved Vitality damage to the Emblem, replaced Health with 3% Defensive Ability
Rotgheist Emblem: replaced Vitality Decay Duration with Vitality damage from the Chestguard
Rotgheist Mask: moved % Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Primal Strike to the set bonus
Rotgheist Shoulderguard: replaced Health with 24% Stun Resist
The Cyclone Set: reduced Lightning damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning to 1-80
Cyclone Mask: increased Lightning damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning to 1-72 and increased its Fire damage modifier to 16
The Spellscourge Set: replaced % Weapon damage modifier for Devastation with 60 Physical damage and 3% Attack damage converted to Health modifiers

[Class & Skills]

Zolhan’s Technique: increased Attack Arc to 180 and Animation Speed by 18% when used with melee weapons. Number of Targets now scales with rank to 5 by rank 12, 7 by max ultimate rank. Increased Internal Trauma scaling with rank and increased its duration to 5s, but reduced its base damage. Now strikes with both weapons when dual wielding melee weapons.


Summon Hellhound: increased damage scaling with rank, particularly at ultimate ranks
Hellfire: added Fire damage


Tainted Power: reverted % Damage Modifier change from v1.1.8.0


Soul Harvest: increased Vitality damage for pets scaling at ultimate ranks
Will of the Crypt: increased Vitality damage scaling with rank at ranks 9+
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karnak1: Got an update flag for Cultist Simulator, but I can't see any apparent changes on the builds.
Mac, Linux installers also updated now
2020.9.p.1.bis to 2020.10.b.1

Thank you. I was looking for a game with beta branch.
EDIT: Decided to get Project Zomboid.

_____ _____ _____


Galaxy 2020-10-19 (windows,mac): 1.29b
Offline installer 2020-10-19 (windows): v. 1.29 to 1.29b
Offline installer 2020-10-20 (mac,linux): 1.29a to 1.29b
Offline installer 2020-10-20 (windows): 1.29b to 1.29a
no changelog

_____ _____ _____

Please add a forum for 7 Billion Humans.
Please link
Dungeons Dragons: Krynn Series to forum
Dungeons Dragons: Dark Sun Series to forum
Dungeons Dragons: Ravenloft Series to forum
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Hitman: Blood Money also got an update flag. But I can't see any changes.
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I keep getting update flags for Disco Elysium, but, unfortunately, no changelog.

The current game version is f204bc6c.
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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 just got updated to version 1.9.2. No changelog.
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Aquanox Deep Descent

Updated to 1.0b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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