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Update 1.0.13 (1 July 2019)

Added option to reset skill tree: It is now possible to reset the skill tree of a character during the setup phase before the adventure begins. There's a cost attached to it and every time you reset a character the cost increases exponentially. We may change/adapt how exactly all this works again in the future.
No Bloodshed option: When active, the game removes or replaces blood and gore. It changes nothing in terms of gameplay, but simply removes some elements of gore.
Improved Dog Friendly option: When active, the dog friendly mode now in addition to removing sfx also makes the dogs disappear rather then die. We've also disabled any character prompts that may be seen as hurtful towards dogs.
Characters can now be leveled-up during the adventure setup phase: You'll now notice a little level-up indicator on characters that haven't had their level up choices picked. You may level them up by accessing the skill tree in the skills tab.
Fixed a bug that caused the loading screen in the final encounter in Adventure III to hang.
Improved start-up loading time: Especially on older systems the initial start-up time of the game should be improved now.
Damage calculation has been slightly tweaked. In most situations this won't be noticeable, but in some circumstances it can lead to a slightly increased damage.
Fixed a bug that caused the Damage Preview for punching to be wrong
Fixed a bunch of UI issues that caused the journal to not get updated. Amongst other issues, it fixes the problem that level-up selections weren't reflected immediately on the stats and skills.
Fix a bug that allowed the punch to explode barrels at a distance.
Fix a bug that showed the Damage Preview for enemies out of range sometimes
Fixed a crash bug that could occur in rare situations after loading from save game
Ambushes are now also correctly invalidated by Grenade damage.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash due to the No Bloodshed option in some situations.
Fixed a bug that caused the XP indicator to still show when characters were at max level.
Fixed a bug in the skill tree of Donut/Fenris.
Fixed a bug in LeFantome's skill tree that caused a glitch in some situations
Fixed a bug that caused infected to die twice when being killed with a bleed and triggering an explosive barrel at the same time.
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Prison Architect

Standalone installers for Clink update & hotfix are available now.

Fenimore Fillmore: 3 Skulls of the Toltecs

Update 1.5.2

No Changelog

Stronghold HD

Update 1.41 for MAC:

Stronghold Crusader HD

Update 1.41 for MAC:
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surfer1260: Prison Architect

Standalone installers for Clink update & hotfix are available now.
The 32-bit and 64-bit installers have been "combined" into one two-part installer.
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Slime Rancher

Patch 1.4.0c (1 July 2019)
- Corrected a few minor bugs related to dialog boxes getting stuck on the screen. This should fix most cases of this, but if you are still experiencing it please contact
- Fixed a graphical issue when running the game with OpenGL drivers.
- Other minor fixes.

Patch 1.4.0b
- Fixed a visual bug relating to the skybox
- Fixed an issue with Advanced Drones program assignment
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Offline installers have just been updated.

Pajama: Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.16 (Offline installers not updated as yet)

v0.91.16 Patch Notes
New feature of Action Bar: Action Group - 19 groups of action presets:
-- Weapon Attacks
-- Combat Maneuvers
-- Skill Actions
-- Misc Actions
-- Special Actions
-- Level-1 Spells
-- Level-2 Spells
-- Level-3 Spells
-- Level-4 Spells
-- Level-5 Spells
-- Level-6 Spells
-- Level-7 Spells
-- Level-8 Spells
-- Level-9 Spells
-- Damage Spells
-- Effect Spells
-- All Spells
-- All Non-spell Actions
-- All Actions
New feature of Action Bar: Unpack Selected Action Group - Can be used to add multiple actions to Action Bar at a time

New item: Healer’s Kit - Can be obtained through Arena/Adventure shops and loots by chance
Add 8 color variants for Backpack/Belt Pouch/Spell Component Pouch/Shoulder Bag

Fixed Arena mode crash bug caused by corrupted saves
Optimized loots of Supplies/Spell Materials/Containers, etc.
Optimized AI information prompts and other UIs
Optimized description of Bracers of armor

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder\saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.

动作条新功能:动作组 - 19组动作预设:
-- 武器攻击
-- 战技动作
-- 技能动作
-- 杂项动作
-- 特殊动作
-- 1环法术
-- 2环法术
-- 3环法术
-- 4环法术
-- 5环法术
-- 6环法术
-- 7环法术
-- 8环法术
-- 9环法术
-- 伤害型法术
-- 效果型法术
-- 所有法术
-- 所有非法术动作
-- 所有动作
动作条新功能:展开选中动作组 - 可用来快速添加多个动作到动作条

新物品:医药箱 - 竞技场/冒险模式商店和掉落随机获得


注:当您遇到bug时,请将您的存档(游戏目录\saves)打包发送至 。对除错有极大帮助。
Wurzelkraft: Offline installers have just been updated.
Thanks - updated original post as well.
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surfer1260: Addionally, I got flags for :

Stronghold HD

No Changelog

Stronghold Crusader HD

No Changlog
According to the Mac installers were updated to 1.41
No changes for the Windows installers, they got this update already last year.
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mrkgnao: The 32-bit and 64-bit installers have been "combined" into one two-part installer.
Part 1 is the 32bit, Part 2 the 64bit installer. (Both files are identical except for the launch link.) They mislabelled the files a long time ago, and it seems as if they intend to transport the mistake through the times.
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mrkgnao: The 32-bit and 64-bit installers have been "combined" into one two-part installer.
surfer1260: Part 1 is the 32bit, Part 2 the 64bit installer. (Both files are identical except for the launch link.) They mislabelled the files a long time ago, and it seems as if they intend to transport the mistake through the times.
That's not the case. If you contact support and tell them they will fix this pretty fast. I complained about this constantly happening and the replied:

"This happens when the automatic system publishes updates and each time the product has to be manually edited.
Sorry for the inconvenience."

Edit: Regarding Prison Architect they obviously already changed it. At least in my library it shows one version "Prison Architect" and a second one "Prison Architect 32-Bit".

Kindoms and Castles has been updated to version: 115r12. (No changelog)
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Astrox Imperium
BUILD 0.0060 (26 June 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the dev here.
Standalone installer updated: 01 July 2019.


Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank
Update 1.97 (20 June 2019)

- Edited script re-applied in some scenes, fixing several spelling and grammar mistakes.
- Improved tavern interiors handling of auto-saving.
Standalone installers updated: 01 July 2019.


The Colonists
Patch 1.3.1 (14 June 2019)

- Fixed journey time costs for boats and trains, improving resource route calculations
- Journey times for each vehicle stop now display on boat and train panels
- Fixed potential stuck station stackbot if train hoppers weren't lined up
- Fixed sandbox panel not resetting fog of war toggle when territory toggle changed
- Added whitelist exporting to space port
- Fixed bug where resources which were rerouted to a different destination could potentially cause original destination buildings not to request a new resource and construction/production processes could stall
- Fixed bug which causes a train to become stuck when destroying a train station the train has a stop at
- Fixed Space Port ship getting stuck if game was reloaded whilst a stackbot was loading a resource to sell
- Fixed terrain weirdness when destroying track
- Fixed idle train notification not showing up correctly
- Added ability to pause and resume construction
- Builder bot now returns to printer when they complete construction
- You can now destroy a single road post outside a harbour if 'free road post placement' is turned on
- Added maximum tile adjustments when placing building (no more extreme walls)
- Added maximum slopes for farm fields
- Added warning if you try to upgrade Workshop L2 without yet researching Bread Making
- When destroying farm fields terrain is no longer auto-adjusted

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Patch (16 June 2019)

- Fixed issue with constructing fishing huts on steep slopes from previous build
- Lumberbots and Minerbots take more sensible routes home
- Fixed idle train notification not disappearing when destroying train

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Patch 1.3.2 (25 June 2019)

- Added two new single player missions to campaign
- Added leaderboards to custom maps in the Steam Workshop
- Added leaderboard section to map victory screen
- Added territory toggle setting for custom maps
- Map editor: shaft mine usability checks
- Map editor: trees and resources auto destroy when underwater
- Map editor: added option to clear all fish

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Patch (29 June 019)

- Fixed bug where sometimes pausing and then resuming construction would result in the production resources not being sourced
- Minor tweaks to new missions (8 & 11)
- Fixed bug when capturing enemy Colony Ship entrance tile but not any of its building tiles
- Fixed cash victory condition bar graphic overflowing
- Fixed initial sheep farm tile not showing correctly
- Improved loading time if offline
- Fixed camera tracking trains when going over bridges
- Fixed order and numbering of campaign missions in sandbox map selection screen
- Added tips for transporting construction resources to train station and using unsupported bridges

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Patch (01 July 2019)

- Fixed issue when trying to destroy sheep farms
Standalone installers updated to latest version: 01 July 2019.
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A Light in the Dark
Update 1.1 (26 June 2019)

A Light in the Dark New Ending!

The newest ending of A Light in the Dark has been finished after a year waiting. We are appreciated for all the support and patient. The new ending is a free update. It can be enjoyed with updated version. In this update, there is not much in it, but the story is what we’ve been thing and considering for a long time. Hope you guys will like it.

[hints for new ending]

Achieved Endong0. (New ending is available when the main menu been re-new.)
Re-play Ending0 and select the hidden option. (Can load the previous data.)
Enjoy the ending film.
Standalone Win installer updated: 01 July 2019. Mac OS still at v.1.0.


Thea 2: The Shattering
Patch 2.0620.0519 (20 June 2019)

- Improved group strength evaluation and difficulty scaling - this should reduce the difficulty of Lightbringers on the starting islands (among other things)
- Added missing sound effects to several buttons
- Added morale per turn gain info to various screens
- Changes to UI to ensure support for ultrawide (i.e. 3840x1080) screens
- Fixed music not being played in a loop
- Fixed VO being played before the fight was concluded
- Fixed Load button's hit area on Load Game screen

This update will not break your saves :)
Standalone installer updated: 01 July 2019.


Vambrace: Cold Soul
Patch 1.09 (29 June 2019)

Greetings, fellow Adventurers! Team Devespresso here with yet another QOL update for Vambrace: Cold Soul. So, what's new?

- There were a number of inventory related bugs. This patch solves almost all of those issues.

Fast Forward Traps
- You may now Fast Forward the results of Trap Encounters by holding the Shift Button.

Item_Move Key
- A new function for moving items has been added to the inventory. Simply click the item and press the Shift key. Click anywhere else and press E to move the item there.

The Traitor Outcome Item
- An item in your room was supposed to be updated following Chapter 6's conclusion. That has now been fixed.

Renamed Items & General Text Updates
- We decided to rename the ultimate relic to Voltek Slug. This is due to its unique properties which actually makes it a more valuable item. The new item, on the other hand, has been renamed "Metal Slug." The Ultimate relic's graphic was also updated to reflect these changes. Furthermore, SystemText has been updated along with the stat changes for those relics. Skill names are fixed at the English one as well. Main Text has also been polished.

- Norihiko Hibino has been credited for his amazing engineering work on the Vambrace original game soundtrack.
- Hideyuki Sakurai of Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has also been credited for his work on the game's distribution in Japan.

Boss Slot Number
- Some people may have noticed that Septhis's slot number said "II" instead of "III" in the final fight. Well, this wasn't actually a mistake. His portrait was simply blocking one of the numerals. We fixed that.

Lyric Skin Glitch
- Some of Lyric's costumes, especially the 'Ghost Vigilante Uniform' had some odd animation glitches. Minho made some changes here, with her ankle and skirt so we hope that fixes all the costumes.

Comrade Campfire Dialogue
- Missing Dialogue was discovered for one of the comrades. This has been restored.
- Several additional dialogue glitches were also fixed.

- Also, don't forget to participate in our art contest! There will be some pretty neat prizes for the contestants including Steam keys for Vambrace, the soundtrack, and of course, having your work immortalized on our social media feeds. You can also submit your art through #VambraceArt.

Until next time,
Team Devespresso

Update (01 July 2019)

- We've added the Linux version of the game to everyone's accounts.
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mrkgnao: Looks good. I'll wait for this batch to settle and then prepare you another batch. Say next week. OK?
MarkoH01: I was afraid you would say something like that :D
Good luck.

99 Levels to Hell:
- Windows, Offline: gog-4 {2013-02-25}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2015-01-05}

Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders:
- Windows, Offline: 1.02 (lang fix) {2017-06-26}
- Windows, Galaxy: 1.02 {2017-12-01}

Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy:
- Windows, Offline: gog-8 {2014-01-20}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2015-01-14}

Avadon 3: The Warborn:
- Windows, Offline: 1.0.2 (gog-3) {2016-12-01}
- Windows, Galaxy: 1.0.2a {2017-05-18}

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga:
- Windows, Offline: gog-20 {2014-01-22}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2015-01-04}

Baldur's Gate 2 Complete:
- Windows, Offline: gog-12 {2014-01-22}
- Windows, Galaxy: ToB 26498 {2017-04-05}

Bard's Tale, The:
- Windows, Offline: 2.0 (gog-9) {2014-11-06}
- Windows, Galaxy: 2.0(A) {2017-09-27}

BIT.TRIP Runner:
- Windows, Offline: gog-2 {2016-04-22}
- Windows, Galaxy: gog-2a {2017-05-18}

Blackguards 2:
- Windows, Offline: 2.3 (gog-5) {2015-09-10}
- Windows, Galaxy: 2.3.9087 {2017-04-11}

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now:
- Windows, Offline: gog-28 {2015-09-16}
- Windows, Galaxy: 1.02A {2017-04-05}

Children of the Nile Complete:
- Windows, Offline: gog-4 {2013-04-08}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2016-02-11}

Crusader Kings Complete:
- Windows, Offline: gog-2 {2016-11-18}
- Windows, Galaxy: 2.1 {2017-01-23}

Cultures 2:
- Windows, Offline: Cultures 2: N/A {2015-02-26}
- Windows, Galaxy: Cultures 2: N/A {2015-05-08}

- Windows, Offline: gog-6 {2013-04-03}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2015-01-02}

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition:
- Windows, Offline: gog-4 {2016-11-18}
- Windows, Galaxy: gog-4a {2017-05-18}

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition:
- Windows, Offline: gog-1 {2017-02-08}
- Windows, Galaxy: gog-1a {2017-05-18}

Descent: Freespace Battle Pack:
- Windows, Offline: gog-7 {2013-04-10}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2015-01-13}

Deus Ex 2: Invisible War:
- Windows, Offline: N/A {2014-01-24}
- Windows, Galaxy: 1.2 {2017-04-11}

Divine Divinity:
- Windows, Offline: gog-21 {2014-01-23}
- Windows, Galaxy: N/A {2015-03-03}

Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition:
- Windows, Offline: 1.5 (gog-4) {2016-07-15}
- Windows, Galaxy: 1.05 (A) {2017-03-21}

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard:
- Windows, Offline: N/A {2013-04-03}
- Windows, Galaxy: 1.02.0001 {2017-10-05}
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Many GOG game updates have no official update flag.
I started to record it since Nov 2017. Only games I have are listed here. [1]

Report for Jun 2019:
Total updates: 54
Games updates: 34 (Some games have multiple updates, daily basis)
Flags I got: 41

76% updates have an official flag. 24% are missing.

All Pathfinder: Kingmaker updates have no flag.
If the game do not count, 91% updates have an official flag.

[1] Jun 2019 updates:
[2] May 2019 record:
MarkoH01: I was afraid you would say something like that :D
mrkgnao: Good luck.
Thank you. I'll do my very best :)
mrkgnao: ...
There might be fairly limited changes in those. Outside of the galaxy files the differences for Baldur's Gate Original Saga is just the lack of the GameuxInstallHelper.dll and a possibly changed sdb for win8. I'm not familiar with sdbs so its possible there is no functional differences there just a different hash.
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