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Ganni1987: Pillars of Eternity 2 has been updated. No changelog yet.

Linux download seems corrupted, installer is 7GB, old one was 20GB.
That's been fixed :)
HypersomniacLive: @Judas

Could you, please, fix the links to the Order of Battle: World War II and Regalia - Royal Edition fora?
Fixed :)
Ganni1987: I wonder what's going on with the Linux updates, all these games are out of date compared with their Windows counterparts:

Hand of Fate 2
Tangledeep (Installer says v1.15 but has v1.13 inside)
Darkest Dungeon

Everspace (DLC) - The latest update to Everspace accidentally packed the DLC (the DLC is just one file) within the main game, which has since been corrected, however that same DLC wasn't updated into it's own installer.
Overload was updated 2 days ago but there may be a file version misname issue.

Hand of Fate 2, Darkest Dungeon, and StarCrawlers are experiencing some technical issues of which all of the developers have been informed.

As for Tangledeep, I will ask our Linux techs about that one in case it's something on our side.