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I've got a 3 demos and a couple of games that have been updated, no idea what has changed, sorry:

Flooded DEMO ->
Card Shark Demo 1.0.2205311135_(64bit)_(56219) -> 1.2.2206161005_(64bit)_(56601)
Sacred Fire Demo -> 2.6.1_windows_demo_(56792)
Depth of Extinction 55.2.0_(55939) -> 55.3.0_(56562)
Gemini Rue 2.2_(56707) -> 2.3_(56795)
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Nie mogę sie zalogować na email żeby zmienić email musze wpisać jakiś kod który przychodzi na email na który nie moge sie zalogować jak mogę go zmienić??
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Dungeons of Edera

Hail adventurers!

Pushing out another hotfix with some bugs fixes and changes in enemy scaling.
Check out below for full details


Enemy Scaling based on equipment greatly reduced
Keybinding can now overlap
Aura Buff will now reset correctly when changing characters
Keybinding Image fix
Fix for arena boss
Fix to Mage AI targeting players out of sight
Dungeon Runner Portal spawn tweaks
Enemy Freezing bug fixed
Troll Animation hitboxes tweaked
Canyon missing quest item spawn fixed
Reset default keys now working correctly
Quest Reward now shows in center of UI
Other Minor fixes


Another hotfix coming out with more critical bug fixes and changes
Check out below for full details

Spider Boss movement slowed
Miniboss names are now different from Dungeon Bosses
Hub Travel Fix
Swap shoulder button added to keybindings
Additional Loading screens added
Overall package size slightly reduced
other misc fixes...
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Jerrse: Nie mogę sie zalogować na email żeby zmienić email musze wpisać jakiś kod który przychodzi na email na który nie moge sie zalogować jak mogę go zmienić??
Try the Polish language forum:
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

No Changelog
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Souldiers - now up to date 1.1.2

- Fixed ending scene sometimes getting stuck in a black screen.
- Fixed freezing and killing a Seeker Parasite sometimes not triggering the next wave of enemies.
- Revised a difficult jump section in Floating Module
- Added Deep Pyramid map fragment when possessing all Great Pyramid map fragments.
- Fixed selecting items while in bubble (useful when using D-Pad for player movement)


Quality of life improvements:
- Reduced loading times on Retry.
- Added resolution selection options to Options Video menu.
- Added new save statues and checkpoints around the game world.
- On retry, recover HP up to a certain % depending on difficulty (100% in Easy, 50% in Medium and Hard).
- Warm necklace no longer needs to be equipped to give protection from high temperatures, and now has more effects.
- Removed teleporter confinement restriction during the Great Pyramid arc.
- Statue checkpoint menu appears automatically after first activation to avoid confusion.
- Great Pyramid secret spinning doors are now marked in the map when on camera, no need to enter. Visited ones are marked different for extra clarity.
- Marked Great Pyramid's opened globus doors as opened in map.
- Revised some hard-to-do jumps in Sunken Laboratory.
- Mana bar is refilled when getting a skill sphere, so new skills can be tested.
- Readjusted sand platforms in Royal Scorpion combat for clarity.

Many bug fixes, including:
- Bugs leading to soft locks, falling into the void or unfinishable quests.
- Fixed some props/gameplay elements sometimes not appearing.
- Fixed maps from other zones being slightly visible in Great Pyramid and Forest of Fyr.
- Fixed volume of some ambience sounds.
- Fixed Archer Skirmish not working with hidden Nomad Thiefs and Battos.
- Fixed Archer Skirmish arrows sometimes getting stuck forever.
- Fixed Scout Parry stamina cost being way too high.
- Fixed Altera Punisher not detecting the player after retrying.
- Fixed Sunken Laboratory pressure jets not affecting pig bombs.
- Fixed Dark Sword being reachable without the bridge.

Player class improvements:
- Reduced roll cooldown time.
- Increased player stamina regeneration rate.
- Set same initial HP of Archer and Wizard as Scout.
- Reduced mana cost of all classes' skills.
- Easier deflection of blue enemy attacks.
- Adjusted weapons' shard cost.
- Improved healing and mana recovery effects of Health and Restoration potions and Regeneration Vial.
- Improved necklaces' healing properties.
- Increased attack boxes of Scout air attacks.
- Archer arrows do reduced damage instead of missing if hitting far targets, and have bigger attack hitboxes.
- Easier Archer Skirmish attack execution.
- Reduced number of levels for each increase in Archer's number of arrows.
- Increased Archer bow damage.
- Increase Wizard's homing target detection area and damage.
- Increased Wizard mana regeneration rate, and reduced mana cost of detonating clones and Spellweaver attacks.
- Improved area and duration of Wizard 'Vital sproutling' skill.

Enemy revision:
- Major rebalancing of all enemies/bosses stats, revising health, damage, chance of negative effects, damage to shield, loot, elemental weaknesses/strengths and hitboxes for a fairer experience in all difficulty levels.
- Reduced evasive behaviour in flying enemies.
- Increased time between attacks in some enemies.
- Removed invincibility in some enemies, or changed it to elemental resistance.
- General revision of traps (flying darts, electric coils, turrets).
- Repositioned/removed enemies in some conflictive spots.
- Player-tracking turrets in Floating Module don't fire if outside the camera.
- Revised Golems' max projectile distance.
- Increased Enchanter delay between spawning minions, reduced maximum of simultaneous minions.

Other changes:
- Added Traditional Chinese localization.
- Restore health inbetween some multi-stage combats.
- Removed time freeze when effective attacks hit.
- Fire Temple torches don't turn off automatically anymore.
- Enlarged Pig Bomb's contact zone with switches for better feedback.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
Patch notes v2.8.30.26451:

- Fixed ghost lobbies
- Fixed adding a mod showing an error
- Fixed destroyed building reappearing after loading a solo game
- Fixed Navy color
- Fixed Ingame menu that could be opened in the escape menu
- Fixed conquest star difficulty not keeping the highest difficulty completed
- Fixed Conquest bonus reducing the cost of the WC decreasing the iron cost too
- Fixed Lynx AI difficulty on easy conquest
- Fixed Invader damage bonus on tower defense
- Fixed Squirrel notification being spammed
- Fixed Sheepfold producing food when the building is on fire
- Fixed Rapacious Exploitation: No longer spawns 4 Ghosts from an Ancient Graveyard and bonus from Forest and Circle of Stone should now be correctly applied
- Should be fixed : Lure issue where some animals could be stuck in a non attackable state (let us know)
- Fixed some issues for Hold the Line
- Fixed issue where burning buildings couldn’t be repaired if villagers were assigned to it
- Fixed issue with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters displaying “????”

- Helheim tile doesn’t have building slots anymore but you can build a tower
- Landvidi: you can now build a tower on it
- You can now report a player from the lobby list or in a lobby
- You can now mute messages and pings from a player in game by using the report button next to their names
- The end of the ranked season has been shortened
- GP System: The distribution of points at the end of the game has been tweaked

Known issues :

- Conquest reconnection button is present in the multiplayer menu
- Missing value in German for Negociator
Edit: Windows offline installer now updated as well.
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Hustlefan: Northgard

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Thanks for this as this time I didn't get an update flag.
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Updated to 1.7.16475 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

PART 1 / 3
Succubus Super Update

Hello Martyrs!

It's time for some juicy, new content for Succubus - a massive free update released together with a new paid DLC.

Check out the trailer!

Free game update includes:

- A new type of weapon with new executions - Whip
- New, alternative voiceovers for the main character
- Looped Dreams
- Bugfixing

Full patch notes can be found below.

Superhero Armors DLC

- 5 new armors based on popular heroines
- New weapon
- Heroic poses for the selfie mode

Full patch notes:

- Vydija will no longer wear excess pairs of wings during cutscenes
- bodypaints on models without tail now have proper back coverage
- fixes missing sounds for collectibles
- the bracelet of the Succubus took a more golden color
- fixed wrong texts showing when obtaining new collectible
- outlines filter doesn’t render the character model black anymore
- Vydija’s appearance now respects her model preferences during H-scenes on different levels

Vydija's Cave aka Main Hub

- as promised, the shop received some love and now it's its final version
- the statue of Agretha has been moved from the Amazon DLC, thanks to which the Succubus will no longer relax 'off the ground'
- enemies in the training area are now spawning properly (nobody dies on the path to the player)
- a lot of fixes regarding the MadMind Office set (collisions, mechanics, etc.)
- collision fixes for Fractal set
- the road to the throne has been cleared of annoying obstacles
- entering the cave menu now pauses any dialogues playing
- getting rid of a collision hole in Kethar's chamber from DLC (DotP)

Mountain of Pleasure:

- fixes for stretched textures
- patching collision holes on the stone skull and the rock arch in front of the final arena
- securing a collision trap at the climbing wall
- fixes related to streaming after entering a new part of the site
- visual fixes for the final cutscene

Arena of Sacred Blood:

- patching unnecessary holes in the environment

Slave Bridges:

- music playback fixes

The Great Kali:

- fixed a bug where the player could fall out of the level after completing a fight with skeletons
- getting rid of the invisible collision near medkits blocking the way
- changes to LoDs of low graphics settings. No more black shapes around due to errors in texturing

Dungeons of Blood:

- fixes and improvements in the operation of the marker showing the current mission objective
- camera improvements in the scene of entering the Abomination arena
- restoration of the skull above the entrance to the arena

Vortex Temple:

- Synchronized movements of the Succubus and Harpy during the cutscene
- Harpy statue now has proper destructible and physics
- the player will no longer be able to escape beyond the level limits after jumping from the platform above the arena with fireplaces
- removing the collision trap in the room with the main pentagram

Forgotten Lair:

- matching the underground meshes present in the final arena
- adjustment of the collision of fleshy roots in the cave with spiders
- collision fixes preventing the player from jumping beyond the level near the bridge

Brightlight of the Forest:

- the problem with loading large fragments of the map has been fixed
- changed collision to some roots and plants around the map
- rescaled or changed lava flowing through the level

Bridge of Chorts:

- the halved Chort will no longer disappear during tthe final cutscene
- lighting fixes in different parts of the level
- Kicking an enemy outside of the available area will no longer disrupt the awakening sequence of the Stone Amazons
- The Chort return to the fight during the final match in a level
- fixes on the placement of hanging martyrs
- the transition from which the Chort with the club enters the arena will remain inaccessible to players until all opponents are defeated

Kethar's Workshop:

- separation of Kethar's speech during a visit to his forge
- fixes for playing Kethar's dialogue (missing parts when visiting him several times)

Forest of Flesh:

- additional walls to prevent the player from accidentally falling out of the level

Mountain of Meat:

- fixes related to streaming after entering a new part of the site
- corrected collision of stone spikes at the gate
- adjusting the collision of the stone arch in front of the grotto with the tentacles
- the lowered gate has been deprived of an unnecessary additional pulla icon

Amazon Arena:

- corrections have been made regarding the dialogue between Vydija and Agretha
- added subtitles to Agretha’s voice lines during the fight
- the excess flowing lava was removed from view during the scene of victory over the Amazons
- the lava pouring on the level has been adjusted to the full dimensions of the arena
- adjusting the height of the invisible walls with the climbing sequence
- flaming skulls start dealing damage again during the climb
- getting rid of the unwanted transparent sphere present on the level
- securing a collision trap near the checkpoint

The Collector:

- enemies will no longer harass the player during the final cutscene

Nimrod's Palace:

- removal of invisible walls that obstruct the clash with opponents
- fixes for unnecessary holes in the environment
- securing collision traps occurring before the clash with Baphomet
- the interior of the lava flows flowing through the level has been protected from the eyes of the players
- fixes for the level of detail of the lava flowing near the base of the stairs leading to the throne room
- the silhouette and placement of the frozen Collector has been improved to make it blend in better with the surroundings
- Lava damage range and area fixes
- adapted moving area for the flying Baphomet
- adjusting the arrangement of objects visible during the camera flight during the final scene

The Legendary Warrior Arena:

- adding blood particles during the Kali killing scene
- fixes related to reading textures on the ranked version of the map
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Deep Sky Derelicts

Linux installers finally (as in 2 years later) have been updated to 1.5.4 which is now on par with Windows and Mac.

Changelog 1.5.4 (Taken from Steam page):


Added a comparison view to examine equipment side by side in the inventory, and when looting and shopping. The default key shortcut for comparison is H and can be changed in game settings. To compare items in the inventory with equipped items, click on an equipment slot to filter the inventory view to compatible items, then click on one of the inventory items to enter the comparison view. You can also select an inventory item and click the Compare button (or press H) to see which slots the item can be equipped in.
Equipment can now be marked as junk (shortcut J).
Information about active room conditions is now shown when hints are toggled on in combat when playing with a controller.
Added an "Always require button press to advance dialogue" setting.


Taunt no longer affects targeting while the taunting enemy is invisible.
Fixed one of the quest routes in Heart Control not giving the correct dialogue option with the Sub-Governor.
Fixed an Arena bug that could make the last couple of fights unplayable.
Fixed issues with Morphate AI, including not using all available cards and being able to play Split when it shouldn't.
Fixed issue where the PDA button could be pressed while entering a room, which could cause problems depending on the timing.
Fixed an issue where disabled cards could still be played in some situations after interacting with the card selector panel.
Fixed Functionnaire/Transfer rank 3 energizing the user for an extra round.
Fixed Strategist/High Priority Target not granting focus stacks correctly on multi-hit attacks.
Fixed Chemist/Combat Stimulant description to read Self or Ally instead of Ally.
Fixed Polish description for Medic/Cleansing Buffer to read Self or Ally instead of Ally.
Fixed non-English descriptions for Hazard Protection to have 20 moves as the duration instead of 10.
Changed how Power Up works internally to make it more reliable and to show the effect in the targeting popup.
Fixed Scrapper/Manufacture to allow copying multiple cards if played more than once in a turn.
Fixed flipped mouseover image for the next class button in the class specifications screen.
Fixed values in the Functionnaire/Transfer card text to match the ability description.
The area around landings in the final ship is now scanned automatically upon entering the ship, to avoid confusion.
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Updated to 1.7.16475 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

PART 2 / 3
Succubus: Issabel Cosplay DLC and Shibari Update

Hello Martyrs!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the latest addition to the game Succubus, which was developed in cooperation with one of the most popular Polish cosplayers: Issabel Cosplay.

The DLC allows you to play the role of Issabel - whose 3d model, along with cosplay, will replace the default Succubus model. For the purposes of the add-on, Issabel lent not only her image but also made a full voiceover and designed new outfits and animations.

With the premiere of the DLC, Succubus also received a free Shibari Update with numerous fixes. Here are the patch notes:


- Added some missing lines to Agretha's VO option.
- Agretha's VO is not a default in-game anymore.
- Bat Succubus material is not T H A T stretchy anymore.


- Pesky martyrs do not wander alone in Looped Dreams anymore.
- Latex of Love localization string fix.
- Agretha can now handle all kinds of sausages better.
- Added localization for Whip.
- Restored missing teeth during selfie poses.
- Bat Succubus now should display the logo in gold instead of black.
- Fixed whips charged attack range.

Kethar's Workshop:

- Vydija now laughs in joy even with Agretha's voice.

Nimrod's Palace:

- Normalized most sounds volume.

As a general notice, we've updated Unreal Engine 4 to the newest possible version, and also experimented with some new systems and methods (a whole new DLC is based on them).

Hope we'll see each other in hell. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
Note: The Issabel Cosplay DLC isn't available yet!

Summer Update and DLC

Hello Martyrs!

The summer is here, time to kick back and relax a bit with the latest update for SUCCUBUS!

The free game update, in addition to introducing a tropical climate to hell, adds the long-awaited and much-requested "muscle slider", which allows you to add muscle mass to the main character.

Summer Update includes:

- 10 new bodypaints
- New tropical customization for Main Hub
- Tropical look for the two arenas in the game
- New animation of the "looped dream" type
- New functionality in customization
- Muscle mass slider
- Bugfixing (patch notes below)

As usual, the free update is accompanied by a paid DLC - "Bikini Armors" will allow you to blend in nicely with the brand new climate using one of 5 new armors.

Patch notes:

General Changes:

- Remapped Vidija's skirt (the black one)
- to fit her better and be less transprent in cutscenes (not to see less, just the graphical glitch, duh)
- Remapped Queen's outfit the same way as above
- Weapons you took on levels are no longer stuck with you in Main Hub
- Weapons you took on levels no longer occupy your hands in Main Hub
- Issabel's outfits now fit our main protaginist(res) way better
- Much better visability in looped dreams due to light system changes. Less blur and bloom, way more clearance

Vydija's Cave:

- Orgy setting no longer contains levitating succubi (how did we get here?)

The Great Kali:

- Now blood covers all the puddles fully

Brightlight of the Forest:

- Lava is flowing now, no floating
- Jumping off the map is off-limits now! You can never leave!

Dungeons of Blood:

- Added missing text when entering the boss arena

Kethar's Workshop:

- Cutscenes should now always show players equipped armor when level is played MORE THAN ONCE

Vortex Temple:

- Tentacles near the room where staff is are no longer hanging out in the open air

Infested City:

- Candles and lights are now fully synchronized

Forest of Flesh:

- Shadows no longer flicker when coming closer to doors
- Martyrs are no longer stuck near the hammer-temple entrance

Ice Island:

- Greatly improved boss pathing

Nimrod's Palace:

- Moved some collisions near rocks and stones so it's no longer possible to glitch through them
- It is no longer possible to fell out of the map after the climbing sequence

Comics Arena:

- Agretha now has her sword in the cutscenes

Oh yeah, and uhm. We've encountered some 'problems' during the last fixes to DLC content.
As was stated we've fixed some stuff and then received feedback that players do not see any of stated changes.
The issue seems to be resolved now and you'll receive all updates regarding DLCs content.

Put some bikini on, we've got a whole summer to enjoy! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
Note: The Summer Armors DLC isn't available yet!
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Updated to 1.7.16475 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

PART 3 / 3
Summer Update Hotfix

Okay, I'm back. Here, take it! What? You don't know what it is? It's um, "hotfix". What do you mean by "But why?"? I heard you cry here and there about some things and decided to help you! Well, it's summer and I guess I'm getting kinda soft.

**H O T F I X**

- Issabel's hair no longer clips through Vydija's massive forehead;
- All Tight Armors are remapped for new muscle morph;
- Adjusted censorship on bikini armors (aka - removed it);
- Vydija's beach interaction is no longer available when the summer sky is not used to prevent the bug of floating in the middle of nowhere,
- Lockit bug perished in flames;

Untill the next time my Martyrs!
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Updated to 42507_446 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Change list:

- Added Ukrainian Language
- Added Corsair and Asus features
- Credits are updated (Community Beta Testers Added)
- Some small bugs fixed
- Localisation updates
- DLSS setting don't save issue fixed
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ConsulCaesar: Thanks for this as this time I didn't get an update flag.
You're welcome! :)
And while we're on it - here's another one:


Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
Patch notes v2.8.31.26467:

- Fixed GP system issue where players lose points even if they won a game

Known issues:

- Ghost lobby still present (PM Tymothee if you encounter it with as much information as possible, that will help us to definitively fix the issue)

For the loss of the GP you can also PM Tymothee with your in-game tag to recover any points lost.
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Syberia: The World Before

Updated to 1.2.40404 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch #4: New languages + fixes

Hello Adventurers,

The Patch #4 for Syberia - The World Before is now live! Here is the full patch note:

- Added support for Czech and Dutch languages.
- Corrected Japanese and Korean translations.
- General improvement on the font management, especially on smaller screens.
- Fixed an issue linked to the objectives that could lead to a blocker during the landscape comparison puzzle.

We hope these changes will bring you a better experience.