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Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

Updated to 1.05(a) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

They've added the missing "Free Costume Set" DLC as you can read here:
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.441.5 to 0.444.1 for Windows and Linux (Mac isn't there yet at the time of writing, but should follow shortly, I'd assume)
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted by the developer in the forum:
0.444.1 - Access Denied

- When you launch the game for the very first time, you won’t be able to skip past photosensitive epilepsy warnings.
- Reworked XASER burn event visuals, removing rapidly flashing lights in favour of gentler ones to reduce risks of photosensitive epilepsy.
- Changed the visual cue of changing music for hearing-impaired players to be more subtle and clearer. It will now display correctly with portrait monitor orientation.
- If your ship is too heavy to decelerate before handing you the controls in the initial cutscene, the entry sequence will skip the final flip to allow it to use its main torch on the entire approach.
- If your ship has a big enough cargo hold to fit an entire THI Cargo Container or an NT Mining Companion, these drones will count as cargo and your salvage manipulator won’t try to reach for them.
- Renamed “unclassified” mineral filter to “unmarked” on the Geologist tab to make it clear that it means the ore nuggets that don’t have apprisal marks placed on them yet.
- Adjusted physical model of Conlido Cothon-212. Its cargo hold is now a bit narrower, with reinforced walls. This prevents both cargoes from piercing your cargo hold and a visual glitch that enabled you to see ore poking through the left side of the ship. As a consequence, the size of its cargo hold is a bit smaller.
- When adjusting Onboard Maintenance System with a keyboard or a gamepad, your cursor was not clearly visible.
- Audio subsystem could hit a division by zero, which flooded the logs with warnings and decreased performance.
- Hardware simulations of SPC Gungnir left charged asteroids floating around when you switched between simulations, electrocuting your simulated ship at the very start of a new simulation.
- Adjusted physics setting to make small collisions more accurate.
- Updated translations.
- Fixed typos.
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Dysmantle's Mac offline installer is now updated to "" (notice the b at the end)

I searched but could not find any changelog.

Windows version is still


Edit: They have pushed another update for Mac today, and instead of b, it is now B (
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Stardew Valley updated to v1.5.6.1988831614 (53038)

Changelog from Steam:

Very minor update 1/18/2022 3:00PM PST:

- Some minor fixes to player/horse placement after triggering an event on the farm on horseback. This should solve an issue that could cause a farmhand to be stuck in a wall after viewing Leah's 6-heart event.
- Fixed a minor typo where the text when being knocked out in the volcano was flipped between the Korean and English localizations.
- Fixed exclusive fullscreen mode being off-center/sized incorrectly when Window's zoom is not set to 100% on non-compatibility branch builds.
- Added a failsafe to the whe maximize/windowed toggle button on the title screen to clamp to the upper-right corner of the current display in fullscreen mode.
- Hotfixes are now properly be reflected in the ingame version number.
- Minor change to how the Stardew valley logo is scaled on the title screen for resolutions with lower screen heights.
- Minor change to removed the numerical hotkey displays along the top of the inventory screen menu when playing on a controller.
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The I of the Dragon

Patch 19 January 2021 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
- fixed cropped game screen on AMD RDNA architecture graphics cards
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Deadly Dozen
Offline installer updated to 1.04 AMD RDNA fix

GOG changelog:
" fixed cropped game screen on AMD RDNA architecture graphics cards "
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PC Building Simulator

Offline installer updated to v1.14.2 (19 January 2022)

Changelog from Steam

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue which caused the be quiet! Dark Base 900 case's Side Panels to only be selectable by their screws during first removal.
- Team Group CARDEA ZERO Z340 M.2 PCIe SSDs will no longer appear stretched when installed in the MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC motherboard
- Adjusted collision on the NZXT Kraken Z73 AIO to allow installation in significantly more cases.
- Adjusted collision on the GamerStorm Captain 360 EX WHITE RGB AIO to allow installation in significantly more cases.
- RAIJINTEK ELEOS RBW's bracket clips will now obey the laws of physics, preventing them from clipping through GPUs/heatsinks.
- Fixed an issue which prevented the MSI MPG Z590 Carbon EK X from connecting to custom water cooling in the InWin 925 case.
- M.2 drives can no longer be interacted with while the drive bay is closed on the ASRock Z390 Taichi motherboard.
- Improved the colour accuracy of the ZOTAC RTX 3070 Ti AMP Holo, 3080 Ti AMP Holo and 3090 AMP Core Holo GPU's.
- Corrected benchmark data for the Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 30-series bilibili GPUs.
- Reduced the number of clipping issues between cables and power supplies in the InWin A1 case.
- All liquid coolers in the ENKI series now flow in the same direction.
- Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion logo is now visible from more angles.
- Corrected the alignment of the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion logo.
- Fixed an issue which led to the Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P case clipping with SSD cables.
- AIO screws will now properly align when installed inside the Lian Li LANCOOL ONE Digital case.
- Fixed an issue which caused AIO cables to clip through the ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME motherboard when installed inside the Lian Li O11D XL-X case.
- Air coolers will now correctly return to starting positions before installation if partially rotated during the mounting process.

- Fixed an issue which caused the job 'Can you fix this' from to generate with some parts colliding.
- Changed cable pathing in the SilverStone P14 to prevent cables clipping through the case in the first career mode job of the game.
- Esports DLC:
- The ADATA Spectrix D60G RGB will no longer clip through objects and tables whilst in tournament areas.
- Adjusted the 'Disaster job' given by to fix an issue which prevented it from being completed.

IT Expansion:
- Corrected viewport boundaries of the Raijintek METIS case to prevent the camera clipping through workbenches in the first IT Expansion workshop.
- Monitors will no longer clip with certain cases whilst in assembly mode.


Astrox Imperium

Offline installer updated to b0.0128b

Build 0.0128b
* Fixed mining merc bug caused by new cluster resource nesting objects for map editing.
* Fixed bomber drones not able to carry bombs due to small cargo size.
* Fixed tactical turret overlay not showing while in tactical sensors mode.
* Adjusted ship resistance calculations in ship takeDamage function.
* Adjusted sandbox extra options tab scrollview.

* Fixed memory Leak on sandbox textures when scrolling through faces, factions and professions.
* Fixed hidden player ship options.
- Fixed bug with drone range ship bonuses not being applied to drone range stat.
- Fixed bug allowing you to use duplicate pilot name in sandbox, causing error.
- Fixed a few small spelling errors, item descriptions.
- Fixed items names of life support items levels 5-10.
- Fixed merc command list panel Toggle Tactical Stance button.
- Fixed garage mouse wheel scrolling bug that allows camera zoom when mousing over other ui panels.
- Fixed missing image for ecm-demi npc carrier.
- Fixed bug causing bad modules from npc ships to throw error.
- Fixed all npc ships and removed unwanted old modules and database id links to special items.
- Fixed bug causing cargo inventory to duplicate strange items after inventory error caused by crates with bad item ids.
- Fixed texture flicker bug causing small cluster rocks to ignore triplanular shader offsets.
- Fixed resource mining event asteroids from ignoring gamespeed when orbiting center of sector.
- Fixed npc miners without salvage modules trying to harvest salvage with mining lasers.
- Fixed overlapping bug caused on market by multidrag selling while buy order details open causing overlap.
- Fixed bug on university readout not showing the correct number of skill points available after training a skill.
- Fixed bug showing leftover tactical rings on map while warping with tactical sensors on.
- Fixed bug where merc is left in station panel when assigning to service.
- Fixed a bunch grammatical errors on the sandbox options descriptions.
- Fixed bug with power cable connection distance not properly set to ring range in tactical.
- Fixed short distance bug preventing transport mercs from grabbing ore from silos depending on angle of approach.
- Fixed bug with merc getting confused with transport and mining mercs when structure is super close to station.
- Adjusted a few los res textures for higher level resources.
- Adjusted torpedo modules in items_database for range and number of torps fired per cycle.
- Adjusted mining merc to look for the closest silo with free space available.
- Adjusted all sandbox coloration setting for generation of skybox colors and props.
- Adjusted missile damage for all missile ammunition in the item_database.txt.
- Adjusted torpedo damage for all torpedo ammunition in the item_database.txt.
- Adjusted skybox bubble size. Increased to twice the size to prevent prop overlap.
- Adjusted all combat ammo for combat module to stop mid flight when pausing the game.
- Added planet generation into the sandbox generation routine.
- Added market function that will allow NPCs to fill demand orders for profit when markup gets too high.
- Added all new props and distribution calculations for all props in sandbox generator.
- Added new sandbox panel for sandbox settings to the sandbox menu bar.
- Added new ability to cancel a warpgate request while the warpgate is charging.
- Added cancel warp button to targeting panel target display box when gate is charging.
- Added lifetime variable to torpedo ammunition. Is now set from items_database.
- Added new sandbox feature allowing you to save the current settings you have selected into a presets file.
- Added feature allowing you to load previously saved settings into the sandbox generator.
- Added mousewheel scrolling to garage ship details overview panel.
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Fight'N Rage

Updated to Build[220120] (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Minor update (220120)

I just removed the damage penalty by player amount on insane and unfair difficulties.
Most players even don't notice that, but when you play coop on insane or unfair difficulties, the characters endurance was way lower depends on how much players were involved, making that mode pretty unplayable, specially when you choose cpu partners.
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Noticed an update flag for Stardew Valley.

Version number is

(It's hard to parse these version numbers, particularly when the reasonably small components stay the same each time.)
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Severed Steel just recieved a huge new update in GOG Galaxy (Offline files follow later).

January Patch 3.0
Major Feature Additions

• 12 new levels
The highlight of this update. Many level editor features were made to support the experiences the levels wanted to create. The larger scale of the newer levels necessitated optimization of AI behavior, the benefits of which also carry over to the base levels.
• New cannon mode, meta grenade
Given the level reorder and properties of the initial campaign, players ended up entering the final level ‘The Wall’, with a brand new arm cannon type, immediately after unlocking it. The beam flamethrower arm cannon mode was initially also used in the ‘Estate’ level. The sudden confusing and underwhelming nature of the overcharged cannon necessitated the introduction of an improved late-game upgrade. The Meta Grenade has similar uses to the Plasma Grenade, but has more charges, no drop-off, faster travel speed, and more enemy damage. Rather than giving the player something different and unfamiliar in the final levels, we wanted to improve the player’s current ability to express themselves by increasing the usability of the standard arm cannon.
• Adds Specialist npc
A recolor of the standard enemy type, but with new guns, doubled movement speed and health, and crouches less often. The majority of enemy types in the game can be killed quickly, even without headshots. Making a tougher, faster, more aggressive enemy type fills a niche that the old enemy roster didn’t have. Their dropped weapons include a mix of new and underused guns, which mirror, but are an improvement upon, the standard enemy loadout.
• Added suppressed deagle
The only previous sidearm type weapon that was suppressed was a fast, high capacity, burst fire pistol. A slower weapon with the same damage as the deagle provides a sidegrade option.
• Added suppressed mac10
The smg class of weapons didn’t have a suppressed option, and a huge suppressor on a tiny gun looks cool.
• Added sawn off shotgun
A requested weapon by bloody, the sawn off is dropped by specialists and heavies. High damage, low range, low capacity weapons are fun. It is capable of 1 shotting a heavy enemy if enough pellets hit.
• Added lever action
Guns with manual actions are cool, a one armed protagonist who is also able to use such a gun is even cooler.
• Tweaked music throughout campaign
Many tracks created by Floating Door for the OST were unused. Adding new levels interspaced in the campaign provided the opportunity to revise the existing bgm.
• New achievements

Editor updates

• Editor Trigger Volume updates
> Trigger volumes can make events happen
> Added more sound choices to campaign volumes
> Trigger once only trips if objective valid

• Editor Prop updates
> Alphabetized id selection in editor
> Add new prop move action
> Added prop rotate action, can start and stop w/ action or start on spawn
> Added prop show action
> Shatterables can now take dmg before shattering
> Shattering object counts as destroying it for objective
> Add invuln related prop actions
> New no cannon damage flag (props take hp dmg but no cannon visual dmg)
> Add show health bar action for props

• Editor Action updates
> Add unlimited cannon ammo action
> Added kill all npcs action
> Added disable AI action
> Added bgm related actions: DropPitch, RaisePitch, StopMusic, PlayMusic, PlayIcePrison, PlaySolarpunk
> Added lighting related actions: some ambient light events, KillLights, RestoreLights
> Add new spawn wave action
> Added Portal turn off action
> Added kill all npcs action
> Added disable AI action

• Made rectangle selection more accurate
• Can set delay between campaign events
• Door and campaign markers snap on spawn
• Added more guns to editor spawns
• Enabled basic checkpoint setup

Stunt Balancing

> Added 0.5 seconds to jump and double jump startup
Jumping from a flat surface gave a small amount of stunt, about 0.15 seconds, at the beginning and at the end of the jump arc. Both trigger because of the passive stunt status granted when being above 850 units of speed. The additional forced stunt time of 0.5 seconds allows the player to stay in stunt mode until near the apex of the jump. This allows a larger and more forgiving window to transfer from sliding or standing to wallrun, behaves more similarly to the stunt time granted from walljumping and doublejumping from a walljump, and overall allows for safer vertical movement.
> Kicking door gives 1.0 seconds stunt
> Leaving fan gives .5 seconds stunt
> Stunt timers now check that they won't interrupt an already longer running stunt timer before activating

Level Balancing

> Cleaned tutorial
> Added heavy to cafeteria
> Removed heavy from cybermed
> Added fan to prison
> Updated party mansion campaign
> Added checkpoints to party mansion
> Extended museum objectives
> Extended garden objectives
> Updated Wall geometry

Enemy Balancing

> Gave jetpacks backpack VO
> Jetpacks now use burst fire at all ranges
> Increased jetpack deceleration
> Decreased jetpack move cooldown time
> Mech now shatters any blocking props
> Added more weapons to ceo office, boosted boss health by 200
> Boosted mech hit sound
> Boosted triple threat and ng+ simultaneous npc limit to .5 starting number

Weapon Balancing

Many weapons felt underwhelming. Visual tweaks in randomized gun attachments and audio tweaks in gun sounds help distinguish them from each other. All smg type weapons, the most commonly used type in the game, received both a base ROF buff as well as a ROF buff while in bullet time. The DB12’s 2 shot burst fire was seldom useful, changing it into a full auto weapon fills a role not yet seen in the shotgun weapon type. The L86, as a weapon that is only placed in levels and not dropped by enemies, felt ineffective and boring, with rifle tier damage but horrible accuracy. Increasing its accuracy, ROF, and giving it the same ROF buff smgs have in bullet time makes it stand out as a powerful gun to use.
> Boosted smg ROF in bullet time
> Boosted eon rof by 50 and reduced mag size by 5, increased shot pitch
> Changed R-shotgun sound to match other shotguns more
> Increased db12 mag size by 4
> Tightened bulldog spread, altered sound to match other shotguns
> Doubled deacon volume
> More eon randomization options
> More advanced rifle randomization options
> Reduced bulldog mag size
> Db12 now automatic, reduced mag size
> Boosted l86 rof to 1000, reduced mag size to 60, gives smg bullet time properties
> Reduced l86 dmg
> Boost smg rof
> Adjusted p90 rof and sound
> Randomize zip sights
> Randomize ru2 sights
> Randomize m4 sights and grip
> Scale up up m4 model, combat rifle model, r-shotgun model, l85, 92f, db2
> Beef up db2 sound
> Moved db12 shoulder position
> Adjusted shotgun grip and sound

Quality of Life changes

> Doubled backpack charge radius
> Tweaked gamepad look/move options
> Added gamepad deadzone to l and r stick
> Elite’s cloak turn off if they are last standing
> Clamped slide tilt maximum
> Boosted cam follow speed while kicksliding in air
> Added shatter sound to shattering props
> If player has wide pulse cannon selected they still get to use meta for post museum levels
> Hide hand when no gun (hide ugly fingers)
> Added .7 seconds persistence to weapon ready state


• AI Optimization
Many of the new levels are larger and have higher enemy counts than previous levels, using enemy spawners was necessary to reduce CPU load, tweaking and optimizing spawner properties became necessary. Many older levels did not feature extremely long sightlines, so AI detection and behavior was adjusted to reduce excessive CPU use from AI pathfinding to distant players.
> Performance tweak to enemies spawned in during level, no longer spawn in immediately awake
> NPCs return to spawn and sleep when cant find player
> Reduced NPC sight range for all except sniper
> Turn off npcs sight when player is far away
> Lowered max npc count for auto waves
> Capped npc rof
• Fixed being able to kick open locked doors when enemy was behind
• Throwing weapon no longer immediately detonates objects
• Fix ui bugs with trigger volumes and props
• Explosion debris decal now displays in all angles
• Fixed issue where objectives would become physics objects
• Markers with ids no longer used for random spawning
• Fix for first events not working on lvl reset
• All objects with id get deleted on lvl reset now
• Props with id dont get physics check
• Invuln props don't get cannon edits
• Fix for chunks getting unhighlighted when shot
• Fixed shockwaves letting player pickup gun from far away
• Ensure health bar for props removed on death and unload
• Fixed mech from hurting self with rockets
• Fix for player climbing up stairs when diving
• Slide legs now properly tilts depending on camera direction
• Removed kick prompt from prototype
• Hide rtx toggle when no rtx launch is chosen
• Fixed double doors exploding when kicked
• Fixed bug where explosives would drain double hp per hit
• Fixed bug where firefight music wouldn't play if title track was still fading
• Fixed explosive rounds not penetrating glass
• Fixed bug with waves spawning on markers w/ id
• Fixed replaying levels with checkpoint
• Attempt optimize fire
• Fixed issue when gun preview would drain frames in gameplay
• Toned down spark and plaster particles
• Reduced plaster particle lifetime
• Reduced memory usage of some ui elements
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Dungeon Siege Collection:
1.11.1 AMD RDNA fix 2022-01-14
patch and new build
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Mary Skelter 2

Version 1.03 - Jan 21 2022 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
- Fixed - Some issues with reported resolutions for Ultrawide monitors
- Fixed - Made improvements to the loading screen tips
- Fixed - It is once again possible to purge characters in batches
- Fixed - Fixed issue with the mouse wheel in the change jobs menu
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Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game

Updated from 2.5.8 to 2.5.9 for Windows (Mac and Linux presumably to follow shortly).
Demo also updated, for the moment only for Linux (Windows and Mac presumably to follow shortly).

Changelog, posted by the developer in the forums:
Hello everyone, this update is focused on quality of life improvements:

1) text reveal animation settings - control the speed, turn it ON/OFF

Not everyone reads at the same speed as others, especially when English isn't a native language. This setting will allow you to set the speed at which text appears to your own liking, letting everyone experience the story at their own pace.

2) We've also improved how the game handles old saves. There was a bug with incompatible (old) save files when certain updates got pushed, causing an infinite loading screen. The game will now scan your save file to see if it is compatible with the current version, and if it isn't compatible, the game will not try to load.

3) And last but not least, story flow in several scenes is improved (e.g. the scene when Wid asks you whether you accept the watch post, there was an edge case when packing your thing was duplicated, etc.).

Work continues on the brand new Act 2 scenes. Thank you for your support and patience.

Kind regards,
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HROT (Demo) is updated to version 0.4.7.

Changelog from steam:

- full replacement of temporary stock music with the original HROT soundtrack composed by Sjellos (known for Hotline Miami 2)
- a lot of textures improved
- added hydrants
- 2 critical bugs fixed
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Foundation Patch

Patch fixes a number of issues that have surfaced lately. Here’s the complete rundown:



Buildings using production recipes had doubled outputs
Ressource tracker: simple production buildings had the wrong input icon in certain cases
Cows walk animation was missing: they are back to being gracious while moving around!
Some mods were not fully displayed in the "Installed mods" window
Even more updated localizations for builders all around the globe!


Work assignation dropdown could appear partially out of screen
Updated Tavern and Luxury needs descriptions
Updated Treasury description
Added description for public lounge
Restored unlockable button sound
Adjusted building description style
Adjusted time string readability
Adjusted Warehouse and Granary refuse icon color


Fail to load corrupted saves instead of crashing
Avoid crash when unassigning the bailiff's office part function from the monument while the bailiff mission window was open
Avoid crash when a quest instance is not linked to any asset quest anymore (on load of a savegame)
Avoid crash when inputting (way) too many characters in any text editor (villager name, monument name, quote, etc...)
Avoid crash when logging an error related to wrong building function type on workplace
Avoid rare crash while switching job
Avoid crash when starting more than one game with certain mods
Avoid a bunch of useless logs
Avoid crash when closing game during certain loading steps
Avoid crash with some usage of resource tracker from mods


Possibility to remove Need type per villager status
Expose COMP_AGENT:setProfile()
Gatherer can produce multiple resources even if one resource `isFull`
Call of parent function for extendable class in Lua
Mod components now have last priority (for init, update & enable order). This ensures core game components are ready to be interacted with from mods
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