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The highly anticipated v1.06 patch is here!

This is our largest patch to date and it includes all the fixes and additions we worked on throughout the holidays. Some of you may notice a few of these changes from playing on the Quinton Playtesting branch, which we've been happy to see your reactions to over on Discord!

Without further ado, here's the v1.06 changelist:


Overlapping items bugs fixed
Notifier in game feed for mutation damage
Tightened game feed text
Pelican does not get mini map icon at beginning of game
“Acquired item” text pops up correctly
Character sheet shows all advantages and disadvantages next to list of jobs
“Open Bag” key corrected in options menu
Fixed typo with one-handed and two-handed edge weapons in character sheet description
Fixed bug where the notepadopens on the player's HUD incorrectly when the user mashes the “I”
Fixed incorrect label of settings menu
Fixed typos with lightning rod text in item description
Fixed types with commas missing
Fixed health bar not dropping to zero in training tutorial
Fixed bug in tutorial where enemies display the unconscious meter incorrectly when the player respawns
Fixed typo in psionic detector description
Can read text in hover box over items in top row of inventory bag
Fixed bug with hovering over side-by-side items in bag not always showing description text
Can double-click to equip shields and armor in bag
Fixed equipping shield and two-handed weapons bug
Game log is smaller and can stay open during gameplay
Game log starts open
Game log names are colored for main player, companions and enemies
Fixed bug with damage roll game log text
Increased size of merchant bag
Updated socket sprites
Fixed bug where socket upgrades dragged onto items without sockets can disappear
Fixed formatting issues in character creation description text
Updated description for Action Turns in character screen for accuracy to ruleset


Pick up items with HUD menu instead of in world clicking
Fixed bug with items falling outside of walkable areas
Fixed bug with saving unconscious enemies
Fixed bug with dropped items having 1 durability
Fixed bug with bar keep merchant bag in Factus Core
Fixed bug with MFI scanners spawning in ground
Fixed bug with MFI scanners drifting too slowly
Fixed plasma guns not hitting crouched enemy
Rioters no longer start riots indoors
Rioters and police leave the area correctly after altercation instead of standing around
Fixed bug with cars driving through ground over ramped areas
Backup reinforcements from spotlights limited to 2 groups at once
Fixed error that occurred while using lightning rod on civilians
Fixed bug with walking through locker doors
Fixed bug with walking through lockers after opening
Fixed enemies that disappear in shadows incorrectly
Text shows on hover over locked doors that describes door health (fragile/sturdy/indestructible)
Loot drops further away from locker door to avoid colliding with locker itself
Fixed hover colors on body parts (bug introduced in 1.04)
Fixed bug with time passing incorrectly when talking to an evangelist
Fixed healing time passing incorrectly when healing with medic
Drones are created in bag inventory item panel instead of with item on ground (due to changes to item pickups)
Fixed pathfinding issues when clicking over water surface
Updated note at the Faith to accurately display puzzle colors
Fixed bug with healing from toxins through clinic dealer in Old Town
Fixed bug in beginning cinematic where thug runs across bridge after raised
Fixed debris appearing in wrong location when hitting object or wall
Increased volume of sound that plays when you hit objects to match other sounds
Fixed bug where player can bludgeon a box from a distance after switching from range action
Fixed bug with gang NPCs not turning hostile when you talk to boss


Fixed shadows not showing correctly in tutorial and in some areas of game maps
Drone companion plays correct animation while driving and talking
Fixed bug where dead NPCs show up with incorrect sprite after returning to an area
Fixed items clipping through floor


Fixed incorrect pain threshold stats included in roll for knockout attacks
Fixed bug with rolls for chemistry not calculating learning dice correctly
Fixed bug with rolls for hacking not calculating learning dice correctly
Fixed bug with rolls for social not calculating occult dice correctly
Fixed bug with rolls for repair not calculating learning dice correctly


Medic plays correct sound effect during dialogue
Fixed dialogue text error with Bottler and R4T boss
Companions virtue skills are separated to keep from going off screen during dialogue
Fixed bug where companion bag opens while talking about skills
Can talk to Faith Preacher now after ignoring them the first time
Fixed mismatched warnings from gangs that spawn in street after you infiltrate their base
Hustlefan: Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Mac])
That's kinda weird that the mac offline installer updated before windows. I was wondering why I had an update flag but no different version for Windows.
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
New update 2.10.1. No changelog.
high rated
KetobaK: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
New update 2.10.1. No changelog.
It was mainly all about the Enteral Embers DLC, hard to decipher what was changed as the patch log they are using is a running log.
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Kitaria Fables

Updated to 1.014 (In-game version number

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.


Hustlefan: DYSMANTLE

Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Mac])
Windows offline installer now updated as well.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been updated to 1.1.7c

The changelog has been posted here:

(Note that, like previous updates for this particular game, there's no update flag.)
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Devil Daggers
Mac offline installer now also updated to 3.2
high rated
Hustlefan: Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Mac])
BKGaming: That's kinda weird that the mac offline installer updated before windows. I was wondering why I had an update flag but no different version for Windows.
Dysmantle's offline installer for Windows is now updated to as well.
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Port Royale
Offline installer updated to AMD RDNA fix

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
Offline installer updated to 1.12 RDNA fix

GOG changelog for both games:
" fixed cropped game screen on AMD RDNA architecture graphics cards "
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karnak1: Port Royale
Offline installer updated to AMD RDNA fix

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
Offline installer updated to 1.12 RDNA fix

GOG changelog for both games:
" fixed cropped game screen on AMD RDNA architecture graphics cards "
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin

Same update.
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Shadow empire

Updated to 1.10.04

No changelog but here are the changes from Matrix forums

• Fixed bug with “New org” while all organizations where already present.
• Fixed crash with MNG>ASSET tab in empire without any Zones left
• Fixed crash during watching AI moves (Veldarr) (caused with a recent open beta)
• Fixed UI issue (caused with a recent open beta)
• Fixed weird multiple sea & glacier/ice lines at south and north edge of map in some cases.
• Fixed crash with random planet creation (caused with earlier open beta)
• Not much else as I want to soon get a stable open beta to make it the new official version
• Fixed crash on changing research target (caused with earlier open beta)
• Fixed crash with first displaying map after load game (caused with earlier open beta)
• Now a mouse over for worker happiness decline due to their salaries being not fully paid
• Also the drop of worker happiness due to not being paid is less steep if the difference between real and promised pay is smaller
• Fixed a potential crash with selecting the message for setting the research target for an organization
• The lava lakes on the minimap are now coloured red *
• Now showing the Customization Points in the Empire Dashboard
• Some map scroll speed improvements (especially in later game up to 33% faster)
• Added option to hide some map aesthetical gfx details to speed up map scroll speed by about 33% extra
• Fixed a rare crash in trade details report
• Fixed a crash when clicking on unit details directly after clicking “1” / hide units
• Blitzkrieg posture mouse over text has been fixed to properly indicate it is -30% on defensive attacks (not -50%) *
• Ultralight aircraft description updated (no rockets + no missiles now properly stated) *
• If no major regimes (left) relevant stratagems will no longer be generated.
• Preventing some -1 entry in the
• Fixed name error “twin heavy mg cupola” to just “heavy mg cupola” *
• Personal shield no longer takes damage if attval < defval, upon final draining of the shield it is killed. But this draining should take way longer now.
• No longer losing artillery unit if attacking from a hex with more than maximum units (16)
• Air HQs now also count for a Factions’ power base calculations.
• Bunker no longer counts as a BP producing asset in the demand for more of those assets count
• Updated and fixed anti-air values of MG, TwinMG and QuadMG *
• If you declare war on a human that has already surrendered this no longer wakes him up
• Fixed a rare crash (solops)
• Fixed a non-scrolling scroll bar in Management > Models Tab
• Traffic signs are removed now after you lose a hex with them on it
• You can now specify to do no research with the research target decision
• Mining techniques now under applied sciences org *
• No longer possible to build Xeno-Agri on a planet that got earth life introduced and without prior advanced alien life. *
• Fixed decision text for Zone Merger in cases with non-regime cultures in zones concerned
• Fixed crash with clicking “map” button in the combat setup popup window
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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Ys IX Patch 1.1.2 - Introducing Local Co-op

It has been a while, but today we are very happy to announce a major update to Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. The most important new feature this update introduces is local co-op. Two players can join together to not only fight monsters and explore dungeons (as in Ys VIII), but also explore the city of Balduq. Beyond co-op, this update also brings support for aspect ratios narrower than 16:9 -- which is particularly useful on e.g. the Steam Deck's 16:10 screen -- and a number of more minor bug fixes which we have accumulated since the release. These will be detailed at the end of this announcement.

Local Co-op
The local co-op feature allows two players to play Ys IX together, at every point in the story where more than one character is available.

Note that there is an in-game co-op setting which you need to enable in order for co-op to be available. Once this setting is enabled, the co-op player can drop in and out of the game using the "Start" (or equivalent) button on any non-primary controller, while the "Select" button on the secondary controller toggles the player ID indicators ("P1" and "P2") on and off.

Unlike Ys VIII, where co-op was mostly limited to combat, the second player is largely equivalent to the primary player in terms of capabilities in Ys IX, including movement and combat abilities, using Monstrum Gifts, discovering and triggering landmarks, enemies and events, opening chests, picking up collectibles, and initiating dialogue. Only interacting with menus and the map is restricted to player one.
Another significant improvement over the co-op feature in Ys VIII is that character switching is implemented individually for each player: that is, if there are 3 characters in the current party, players one and two can both independently switch to the currently-unused character without affecting each other.

Of course, given the experimental nature of this feature, there are some constraints and restrictions to keep in mind:

You need two controllers to play in co-op , and it is not possible to re-bind the controls for the second player.
There is shared camera control, and while the co-op camera code does its best to keep both players on screen, this takes some getting used to and requires a different approach to camera control than the single-player mode.
The co-op mode is experimental, and in select situations sequences of specific actions could lead to a softlock (e.g. triggering some device which closes doors with the character controlled by player 2, and then logging that player out). Please keep this in mind.

We have completed 100% of the game in co-op at Nightmare difficulty during testing, and I personally think that it is an incredibly enjoyable way to experience Ys IX.

Full Changelog
New Features

Local co-op support
Support for narrow aspect ratios
The "Equip Screen Supersampling" graphics setting now also applies to the "Ritual Relics" screen

Fixes and Improvements

Make sure that traps behave functionally the same at high framerates (>>60 FPS) as they do at the default framerate
Fix timing of fades after video playback before Grimwald battles
Fix spikes at Dry Moat Ruins boss not being shown with some settings
Fix crash on startup when no audio devices are available
Fix UI animation speed of Grimwald result screen at high FPS
Fix a long-standing bug causing NPCs to get stuck on some ceilings after wall run
Fix some English spelling issues
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Updated to 1.1.56 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Hotfix 1.1.57

Hey! Yarden GRIME director here,

This hotfix fixes an issue preventing controller players from interacting with the "Remake" button.
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All offline installers updated to Version 1.1.50


" Minor Features
The permissions list in the permissions GUI can now be localised.
Removed feature where reactor collision box would increase when connected to neighbouring reactor (character can now walk in-between connected reactors)

Fixed that biters could get stuck trying to attack an entity they were standing on. (100269)
Fixed issue regarding placing an electric pole over a ghost of an electric pole connected to an enabled power switch. (100388)
Fixed a crash related to units and mod events. (100947)
Fixed ghost entities of other forces being considered valid drop targets. (100880)
Fixed ghost electric poles connecting to electric poles of other forces. Neutral force is exempt from this fix, it can connect to everything. (100922)
Fixed that LuaEntity::disconnect_neighbour was unable to disconnect specified pair of electric poles when they were on different surfaces.
Fixed gate cloning related to opened state. (100862)
Fixed that on_game_created_from_scenario event didn't fire after pressing "Save and Play" from map editor. (100624)

Added LuaTilePrototype::check_collision_with_entities, false by default. If set to true - checks for collisions with entities before building or unearthing the tile.
Removed ReactorPrototype::neighbour_collision_increase. "
Mary Skelter 2

Updated to v1.02 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Version 1.02

- Fixed - Audio volume adjusted for door and footstep sfx
- Fixed - Vibration should now work correctly
- Fixed - Replaced Switch button in Jail Control
- Fixed - Tightrope Walking minigame no longer shows different prompts in tutorial compared to what is shown when actually playing.
- Fixed - Japanese audio no longer has a little crackle at the end of a line
- UI Change - Mary Skelter: Nightmares now has a Quit to desktop option in Camp Menu
- Feature - User is now able to scroll through Area Map locations using the Scroll Wheel
- Feature - User is now able to scroll Blood Ability slots in Customize menu with Scroll Wheel
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